Timeline of Earth-2 (1950s to 1970s)

  • Kathy Kane marries Jackson Carson, and retires as Batwoman as she raises her son.
  • King Standish marries his longtime adversary, the Witch. [Doctor Occult and the Seven: Family Legacies]

April, 1950

  • Superman is confronted with his first Kryptonian menace, three super criminals (led by Mala) who had been shot into orbit by his father, Jor-El, and thus survived the destruction of the planet. Note: this is the last time the contention is made that everyone on Krypton has had the ability to run at super speed and leap an eighth of a mile, etc.

July, 1950

  • The Justice Society returns after being mysteriously absent from the world for a year, during which crime raises meteorically and rumors of a third World War abound. Their absence is explained by the emergence of four ancient kings with great telepathic might from an archaeological dig; the Four Kings placed the JSA in suspended animation and put into motion a scheme to take over the planet. [All-Star #52]
  • In an alternate timeline, Gary Concord is on the verge of creating a chemical so powerful that he would use “its very frightfulness to force man to peace;” a catastrophic world war strikes the United States and bombing raids struck Concord's lab, knocking scores of chemicals to the floor. The volatile mixture creates a foam that engulfs the trapped Concord. [All-American #8] [Sheldon Mayer & John Blummer]

August, 1950

  • After an inventor is killed by a gun operating by itself, the Justice Society learns that the murder weapon has fallen through a time-chute. [All-Star #53]

September, 1950

  • The Justice Society must solve the mystery of a crime wave that strikes cities when a circus passes through them, though the circus is in performance at the times the robberies are being committed. [All-Star #54]
  • The Earl of Wordenshire and his son Cyril have first case publicised in America as the Knight and the Squire. [Batman #62]
  • Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor has first public case. [World's Finest #49]

October, 1950

November, 1950

  • November 9: The Justice Society of America celebrates its 10th anniversary at its original New York City headquarters, to great fanfare. Madame Mayhem, traveling in time from 1986, creates an alternate timeline when she causes the entire team to be placed in suspended animation for decades. In the main timeline, the anniversary is held without incident. [“Showcase: Miss Terrific: The Return of Madame Mayhem, Chapter 1: Suspended in Foam”]
  • November 11: Dinah Drake (Black Canary) and Larry Lance are married. Johnny Thunder, still in love with her, is unable to enter the church for the ceremony. [“This Canary Is a Bird of Prey,” DC Special Series #10 (1978); “The Doppelganger Gambit,” Justice League of America #220 (November, 1983)]
  • Johnny Thunder is abducted and brought to Badhnisia against his will, where he is forced to serve as that island nation's king for the next three years. [“The Rescue of His Majesty, Johnny Thunder,” The Superman Family #204 (November-December, 1980)]

December, 1950

  • The Justice Society is summoned to the 31st Century to do battle against the Chameleons, green-skinned beings who have the power to resemble any human being at will. [All-Star #56]
  • Wesley Dodds (the former Sandman) gives up his search for the missing Lee Travis (the Crimson Avenger) and lives in despair and guilt over inventing the silicoid gun that transformed Sandy Hawkins into a silicoid monster, forcing him to keep Sandy imprisoned and unconscious for years while he fails to find a cure for his condition. His dreams have become constant nightmares since. Wes has a psychiatrist named Dr. Raymond Baxter hypnotize him into forgetting about his career as the Sandman and everything connected with it, giving him a cure from his horrible dreams. Dian Belmont takes care of him, as the only one who knows the full truth behind it, and asks his friends in the JSA (such as Rex Tyler, the former Hourman) to respect his wishes by allowing him to forget that he was ever the Sandman. [“Whatever Happened to the Sandman?” DC Comics Presents #42 (February, 1982)]
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy is killed in a car accident. His place on the House Un-American Activities Committee is taken over by Senator John O'Fallon, who decides to investigate the Justice Society of America. Since O'Fallon follows closely in McCarthy's footsteps, this era of communist-hunting becomes known as McCarthyism. Note: In the real world, McCarthy died in 1957. [“I Accuse,” America Vs. the Justice Society #1 (January, 1985)]
  • Doctor Occult battles a vampiress named Rosa and other vampires in San Francisco. Tracing their origin, Doctor Occult reaches Grim Island and meets Doctor Mist of Earth-1, Captain Marvel of Earth-S, Margo the Magician of Earth-X, and Yarko the Great of Earth-4. Together, the mystical heroes of five Earths confront Gareth to stop his island from being a menace to each of their worlds as a gateway to Hell. After a short battle commences, a time-traveling Abby Cable of Earth-1 from 1987 convinces Gareth to allow the other mystics to help him ward off the forces of Hell by founding a new school of magic called the Grimoire Academy to defend five Earths from a demonic invasion. Doctor Occult becomes one of the school's founding fathers. Grim Island is renamed Grimoire Island. [“Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers”]

January, 1951

  • A criminal mastermind, the Key, captures four detectives in different parts of the globe, and the Justice Society sets out to capture him and free his captives. [All-Star #57]

February, 1951

  • After nearly being killed by Eliminations, Inc., the JSA is called to appear before Congress on charges of consorting with a foreign agent. When Senator John O'Fallon asks them to unmask and reveal their true identities, the JSA opt to disappear dramatically from the hearing and disband. Note: Vandal Savage, in prison at the time, has claimed responsibility for the JSA's retirement; it is unclear whether this is true or just braggadocio on Savage's part. []
  • Edmund Blake, now 15 years old, joins Gateway City's Fair Play Club and is devastated when he hears of the JSA's retirement. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]
  • Days after her retirement as Black Canary, Dinah Drake Lance and Larry Lance learn she is pregnant with their child. [“The Doppelganger Gambit,” Justice League of America #220 (November, 1983)]

March, 1951

  • Swedish hero Wingman has first public case as Batman trains him. [Batman #65]

April, 1951

August, 1951

  • Robotgirl has first public case. [Detective Comics #177]

October, 1951

  • Dinah Laurel Lance is born to Larry and Dinah Lance. [“The Doppelganger Gambit,” Justice League of America #220 (November, 1983)]
  • Helena Kosmatos (the former Fury) visits Paradise Island for three years as part of her academic studies. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]

January, 1952

  • Halk Kar (Earth-2 counterpart of Mon-El) has adventure on Earth [Ed Hamilton & Al Plastino] [“Superman's Big Brother,” Superman #80 (January-February, 1953)]
  • The Grimoire Academy of Applied Learning on the multi-dimensional Grimoire Island opens its doors to students from Earth-2, Earth-1, Earth-S, Earth-X, and Earth-4. This school is built and founded by the 16-year-old prodigy Gareth Gallowglass of Earth-1, Doctor Occult of Earth-2, Doctor Mist of Earth-1, Shazam of Earth-S, Margo the Magician of Earth-X, and Yarko the Great of Earth-4,who each contribute their knowledge and experience to the curriculum. [“Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers”]

February, 1952

March, 1952

  • Tharka, the Superwoman of the planet Zor, has adventure on Earth. [Superman #81]

June, 1952

  • Escaping from prison, the Wizard gets his revenge on Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance) by cursing her eight-month-old daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, with an uncontrollable ultrasonic scream. Larry and Dinah Drake Lance spend the next year and a half trying to keep the baby from destroying everything when she cries. Note: The Wizard claims he's been languishing in prison since the Injustice Society of the World was arrested, placing this incident shortly before he casts a spell on Superman. [“The Doppelganger Gambit,” Justice League of America #220 (November, 1983)]
  • After Colonel Future hires the Wizard to eliminate Superman, a spell causes Clark Kent to forget his identity as Superman for nearly a year. When no one believes that he's responsible for Superman's disappearance, the Wizard loses his confidence and is unable to cast another spell for over a year, eventually becoming a derelict under the pseudonym of Frederick P. Garth. [“Superman Takes a Wife,” Action Comics #484 (June, 1978)]
  • Al Pratt marries Mary James; the Atom, Hawkman, Mr. Terrific and Wildcat discover that the Mystery Squad, the new popular superhero family team, are actually robots built by an other-dimensional larvae-brother of Mister Mind. [“The Atom: Times Past, 1952: Mystery Squad”]

July, 1952

  • Joanie Swift becomes the queen of speed [Adventure Comics #181]

September, 1952

  • Jake “Bobo” Benetti, a super-strong bank robber, learns about an attempted assassination of Starman by the Gambler, the Fiddler, and the Icicle, and arranges to save Starman's life with the help of the Shade. [“Secret Origins: The Goon”]
  • Richard Carter becomes Mysto, Magician Detective.

May, 1953

June, 1953

  • Clark Kent marries Lois Lane. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Lois discovers that Clark is Superman when he is targeted for death by Colonel Future's men but escapes an assassination attempt completely unscathed. After Lois tracks down the Wizard, who is now a derelict, she convinces him to publicly bring back Superman, which he does. Superman then arrests the Wizard, sending him to jail. Now having recovered his memories, Clark assures Lois that he's still her husband even if they married while he didn't know he had a secret identity. From this point on, they work together as “Mr. and Mrs. Superman.” [“Superman Takes a Wife,” Action Comics #484 (June, 1978)]

July, 1953

August, 1953

  • Fred Venable briefly becomes the Human Target. [Detective #201]

September, 1953

  • Clark Kent becomes the managing editor of the Metropolis Daily Star after the retirement of George Taylor. [Superman Family #197]

November, 1953

  • Superman rescues Johnny Thunder from the Badhnisians. Johnny Thunder regains control over the Thunderbolt for the first time in years. [“The Rescue of His Majesty, Johnny Thunder,” The Superman Family #204 (November-December, 1980)]

December, 1953

  • Lana Lang becomes Insect Queen [Superman Family #213]
  • After trying everything they can to reverse the effects of the Wizard's curse on their now two-year-old daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, Larry and Dinah Drake Lance finally seek out Johnny Thunder's help. The Thunderbolt takes Dinah Laurel with him to the Thunderbolt Dimension, where the Wizard's spell has no effect, and the toddler is placed in suspended animation, sleeping and dreaming for the next 15 years as her body matures. Thunderbolt causes Larry and Dinah, and all their friends (as well as the Wizard), to believe that Dinah Laurel has died. Note: This must be placed after Superman brought Johnny Thunder back to America from Badhnisia, where he had been forced to rule as their king, meaning that quite some time has passed since the Wizard cursed Dinah Laurel Lance. [“The Doppelganger Gambit,” Justice League of America #220 (November, 1983)]
  • Edmund Blake, while a page boy in famous “Television Town”, helps visiting Wonder Woman (still active) and Black Canary (in semi-retirement) save a man's life from criminals [All-Star #48]

June, 1954

  • Sioux Indian Great Eagle and his son have first case publicized in Gotham as Chief Man-of-the-Bats and Little Raven. [Batman #86]

July, 1954

  • Edmund Blake, now 18 years old, figures out the Atom's identity and begs Al Pratt to start training him to become a crime-fighter himself. The training continues for about a year. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]

September, 1954

  • Edmund Blake begins attending Harmouth College.
  • Superman briefly becomes Mental Man [Action Comics #196]

November, 1954

December, 1954

  • Senator John O'Fallon is censured by the Senate for helping to instigate a culture of fear and paranoia during the McCarthyism era. O'Fallon dies not long afterward under mysterious circumstances.

January, 1955

February, 1955

  • Libby Lawrence Chambers becomes pregnant. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation; Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]

April, 1955

May, 1955

July, 1955

  • Edmund Blake, now 19 years old, dons the costume of the reformed villain Mister Alpha and becomes the heroic Mister Alpha II. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]
  • Selena of Atlantis is given permission by King Arthur (the former Aquaman) to visit the surface world as Aqua-Girl. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]
  • Rick Nelson, son of the criminal Mister Who, uses his father's Z Solution to gain powers and becomes the hero Z-Man. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]
  • Chuck Lane (the former Jester) trains his adopted son Charles Lane to become the new Jester. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation]

August, 1955

  • Selena (Aqua-Girl) goes to live with Johnny and Libby Lawrence Chambers (Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle), and Johnny begins training her to fight crime. Helena Kosmatos (Fury) returns to Man's World after spending three years on Paradise Island and also lives with the Chambers. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 1: The Lost Generation; Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]
  • Charles Lane's girlfriend, Deena Loomis, begins pressuring him to be a criminal. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]
  • [Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Blake and the Revenge of the One-Handed Man]

September, 1955

  • Stretch Skinner's son Sammy Skinner becomes the hero Bearcat, inspired by his father's best friend, Wildcat. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]

October, 1955

  • Mister Alpha II meets Bearcat and Z-Man, and they become friends and allies. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]
  • Bruce Wayne marries Selina Kyle. [Superman Family #211]
  • The Prankster and his daughter are confronted by several heroes who show up to capture him after the theft of special gems: Mister Alpha II, Bearcat, Z-Man, Johnny Quick, Fury, and Aqua-Girl. Chuck Lane calls his adopted son Charles Lane to become the new Jester for the first time in public, but when he arrives to find that his girlfriend Deena Loomis is the Prankster's daughter, he helps her to escape. The other heroes capture the Prankster, and Johnny Quick announces the formation of a new team of heroes called Team Justice. But when Libby Lawrence Chambers has a miscarriage, Johnny decides to retire from heroics for good. The other members of the new team decide to carry on without him, and they elect Fury and Mister Alpha II to co-lead the Civic City-based team, whose founding members comprise Aqua-Girl, Bearcat, Fury, Mister Alpha II, and Z-Man. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 2: Triumph and Tragedy]

November, 1955

  • Hop Harrigan marries his old girlfriend, Geraldine (Gerry) Nolan. Note: Although Gerry's last name was never revealed in the comics, Hop's girlfriend was named Gail Nolan in the Hop Harrigan radio show. [Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: The Three Blakes, Epilogue: A Happy Ending]

April, 1956

  • Elisabeth “Betty” Kane, grown-up niece of Kathy Kane, becomes Bat-Girl, and becomes a non-serious love interest for Robin for a time. [Batman #139]

September, 1956

  • Charles Lane and Deena Loomis become the criminal duo known as Punch and Jewely, using the stolen special gems as weapons. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 3: Triple Trouble]
  • Mister Alpha II fights the Invisible Band and meets the Spectress, alias Nelly Poplaski, daughter of Percival Popp the Super-Cop; she joins Team Justice. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 3: Triple Trouble]
  • Will Everett becomes Amazing-Man once again to battle the new Real American. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 3: Triple Trouble]

April, 1957

  • Superman briefly becomes Lightning-Man. [World's Finest #89]
  • The Club of Heroes, an international team of mystery men, is founded (Batman, Superman, the Gaucho, the Legionary, the Musketeer, the Knight & the Squire). [World's Finest #89]

June, 1957

  • Bruce Wayne briefly becomes Starman II. [Detective Comics #247]

September, 1957

  • September 7: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have a daughter, Helena Wayne (Huntress II).
  • Mister Alpha II, Bearcat, and Z-Man battle Mister Zero. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 3: Triple Trouble]

October, 1957

  • Team Justice battles the Brain Wave alongside Bat-Girl. They defeat Starman II, Lightning-Man, and Mental-Man, who are revealed to be the mind-controlled Batman, Superman, and Aquaman. Bat-Girl joins Team Justice, along with Liandly (who goes to live with Clark and Lois Kent) and the shape-changer called Enigma. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 3: Triple Trouble; Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 4: Conspiracy and Corruption]
  • Edmund Blake, in his final year at Harmouth College, is racing for his college in the Harmouth-Vinton Crew Race, when an excursion steamer overturns; he and his fellow students save the people, with the help of the Atom and Hawkman, who are visiting. [All-Star #48]
  • Senator John O'Fallon dies in a mysterious house fire. Afterward, his son Andrew K. (A.K.) O'Fallon blames the Justice Society of America for his death, devoting the rest of his life as publisher of the Capitol Globe in Washington, DC, to smearing the JSA's reputation whenever he can. [“Witness for the Persecution,” America Vs. the Justice Society #1 (January, 1985)]

April, 1958

May, 1958

June, 1958

  • Jimmy Olsen uses an Indian talisman to create the perfect mate for Superman, not knowing he is already married in his Clark Kent identity to Lois Lane, causing Super-Girl to be created. At this time Power Girl travels back in time from 1986 using Per Degaton's time machine. She battles the magically created Super-Girl, and the two team up to defeat the original Psycho-Pirate (Charley Halstead). Super-Girl accompanies Power Girl as she leaves this time. [“Power Girl: Kara's Quest, Chapter 3: Second Childhood”]
  • Dick Grayson goes on a spontaneous trip to Mexico with his girlfriend and fellow law school graduate, Rachel Murry. While there, they impulsively get married. While on their honeymoon in Mexico, unbeknownst to Dick, Rachel becomes pregnant with their child. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March, Chapter 10: The Summer of 1958”]

July, 1958

  • Kathy Kane Carson becomes Batwoman briefly to help out Batman against the Iron-Hat Ferris mob during Robin's absence. But when she is poisoned, Batman has Prof. Carter Nichols send him back through time to the year 964 A.D. on a quest to find an antidote. There, Batman meets Jon the Viking Prince, and together the two men battle Immortius (their third battle from the villain's perspective). Then Batman is sent back through time to the age of Camelot, where he meets the Silent Knight and battles Immortius again. Finally, Batman is sent back to ancient Rome, where he meets the Golden Gladiator and battles Immortius (their first battle from the villain's perspective). Batman then returns to the present and cures Batwoman. The traumatized Kathy Carson never again dons her Batwoman costume until the 1980s and prefers to forget this incident. [“Batman: Times Past, 1958: The Brave and the Bold”]

August, 1958

  • Dick and Rachel Grayson return to Gotham City and tell Bruce and Selina Wayne (Batman and Catwoman) that they are married. They begin planning to hold a public wedding ceremony for friends and family. But when Dick reveals his secret identity of Robin, Rachel is unable to accept his chosen career as a crime-fighter and becomes very upset; Rachel's parents were killed in a car crash, and she didn't want Dick to risk his life on a regular basis. Rachel leaves without telling anyone the next morning, leaving a note behind explaining that their relationship was over. The marriage is quietly annulled shortly after. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March, Chapter 10: The Summer of 1958”]

September, 1958

  • Unable to cope with being abandoned by his wife Rachel, Dick Grayson has Prof. Carter Nichols hypnotize him into forgetting that he'd ever been married. Instead, he believes that Rachel left because he would not marry her. Now able to move on, Dick gets his first job at a law firm and resumes his crime-fighting career as Robin. Meanwhile, Rachel Murry begins a relationship with her friend from law school, Maury Levine. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March, Chapter 10: The Summer of 1958”]
  • The Black Shadow Society, a group of evil mystics from the Shadow Realm, secretly uses the stolen ova of Rose Canton and claim to impregnate several eggs with the stolen semen of a number of superheroes, including Green Lantern, but the project is apparently a complete failure. Note: It is likely that the Black Shadow Society were partly lying about their experiment; although they may have gained Rose's ova, it's unlikely, if not impossible, that they could have somehow gained semen samples from several super-heroes, most of whom were retired throughout the 1950s and most of whom had secret identities unknown to anyone else, though it is known that they did obtain genetic samples from some super-villains and a few All-Star Squadron members. The real story has yet to be told. [Showcase: Jade and Obsidian: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden; Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame]

January, 1959

  • Space pirates travel from an alternate timeline of 2000 A.D. to convince the public that Superman is an escaped criminal from their time. [Superman #128]

March, 1959

  • Power Girl travels back in time from 1986 using Per Degaton's time machine and is captured by Alexei Luthor and Redstar. Luthor creates a duplicate of her, but Power Girl has already been magically transformed into a twelve-year-old due to a spell by the Yellow Peri, and the duplicate is an infant who ages slowly. Power Girl is exposed to red kryptonite and loses her memories and powers. As a normal 12-year-old girl, she is adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers, who name her Karen Danvers. She lives as an amnesiac but otherwise normal girl for the next three years. [“Power Girl: Kara's Quest, Chapter 2: In Search of Superman”; “Power Girl: Kara's Quest, Chapter 3: Second Childhood”]
  • Around this time, Rachel Murry marries Maury Levine, then gives birth to her daughter with Dick Grayson, Rachel Levine. Little Rachel is raised by Maury and Rachel Levine without knowing the identity of her real father. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March, Chapter 10: The Summer of 1958”]

June, 1959

  • Power Girl is sent back in time from 1986, where she meets Liandly, who transforms her appearance into that of Lightning Girl. As Lightning Girl, she fights the energy-being called Zor, in the body of the mystic Bandar, alongside Team Justice. [World’s Finest: Time Bomb, Epilogue: Kara and Liandly]

September, 1959

  • September 15: Prior to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's first visit to the United States to meet with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mister Alpha II discovers that the Real American is actually a group of men using the identity. With Superman's backing, Team Justice is set up as additional security at the summit meeting. The Real American attacks, and Team Justice defends the world leaders there. The Real American is revealed to be a Soviet agent called Stalnoivolk, who planned to assassinate Khrushchev. Neptune Perkins, now a U.S. senator, reveals that a group of disaffected congressmen also planned to use the Real American to assassinate Eisenhower for their own agenda. Disgusted by the whole affair, Mister Alpha II and Fury quit, disbanding Team Justice, and Edmund Blake puts crime-fighting behind him to focus on his career, while Helena Kosmatos returns to Paradise Island. Liandly returns to her own dimension. Aqua-Girl returns to Atlantis. Bearcat retires, and Sammy Skinner joins his father's private detective firm. The Spectress retires. Z-Man vows to keep crime-fighting solo, and he does so for a while afterward. Bat-Girl continues occasionally crime-fighting alongside Batman and Robin until she disappears sometime in 1960. [Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Chapter 4: Conspiracy and Corruption]
  • David Knight is born to Ted (Starman) and Doris Knight in Opal City around this time.
  • Frances Kane is born in Blue Valley, Nebraska; her true father's identity is unknown. [Showcase: Jade and Obsidian: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden; Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame]
  • Prince Arthur is born to Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Queen Mera in Atlantis around this time.
  • Jesse Chambers is born to John and Libby Chambers (Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle). [Infinity Inc: A Question of Trust]
  • Karla DeVoe, daughter of Clifford DeVoe (the Thinker), is born; she grows up to be the super-villainess known as Medulla. [Infinity Inc: A Question of Trust]

February, 1960

  • February 13: Cameron Chase is born in San Francisco, the daughter of Steven Chase (Acro-Bat of the Justice Experience) and Marie Gaither Chase.

Summer, 1960

October, 1960

  • When archeologist Jim Rock, Jr. uncovers the tomb of Malignon, Lord of Pain, inadvertently freeing this powerful Lord of Chaos, Malignon possesses his body. Sensing the entrance of Malignon, Dr. Kent Nelson follows the trail through the dimensions to the Helm of Nabu, the original helmet he once wore as Doctor Fate, and reclaims it, escaping from a possible trap by Kulak. Doctor Fate thus regains his original power, accompanied by a loss of Kent's identity. Malignon's appearance also causes disaster around the world. Superman battles massive rats in the subway system of Metropolis. Batman, Robin, and Bat-Girl stop a plague of insects swarming over Gotham City. Green Arrow II and Speedy II battle a group of maddened people in Star City. Finally, Doctor Fate and Hawkman battle Malignon, who is only defeated when his host, Jim Rock, Jr., takes his own life. [“Doctor Fate: Children of Fate, Chapter 1: Spawn of Wotan”; “Doctor Fate: Children of Fate, Chapter 2: The Menace of Malignon”]
  • Around this time, a black superhero called the Jinx begins operating in Chicago. [Dragon Knight: History Lesson: The Jinx]

February, 1961

  • Bat-Girl (Betty Kane) goes missing after her last known case.

July, 1961

  • Barry Allen travels to Earth-2 from Earth-1; first human alternate-Earth encounter since 1950.
  • Karen Danvers regains her super-powers, true age, and memory and becomes Power Girl once more. Together, she and Karen's adoptive father Fred Danvers retrieve Power Girl's infant duplicate from Alexei Luthor and Redstar (who is killed). Fred and Edna Danvers adopt the infant duplicate and name her Karen Danvers. The Danvers raise Karen as a slowly aging but otherwise normal, non-powered girl in England, where she grows up to gain powers and become the super-powered menace called Nike II. [“Power Girl: Kara's Quest, Chapter 3: Second Childhood”]

November, 1962

  • On Earth-1, the Justice League of America meets the Tornado Champion. [JLA #17]
  • Albert Elwood, a “crackpot inventor,” briefly becomes an inept hero, the Crimson Avenger II. [World's Finest 131]

December, 1962

  • Wonder Woman finally marries Steve Trevor. [Wonder Woman #300]
  • The Jinx retires from crime-fighting in Chicago after a short career. [Dragon Knight: History Lesson: The Jinx]
  • Geri Sloane is born to Terry (Mister Terrific) and Lysette Sloane in Gateway City around this time.
  • Debbie Blue Perkins is born to Senator Neptune Perkins and Miya Shimada Perkins around this time.

March, 1963

  • JSA members are captured by Vandal Savage in a revenge plot; they are rescued by Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, and decide to officially revive the JSA. [Flash #137]

July, 1963

  • In their first official meeting in 12 years, the Justice Society of America is challenged by their old enemies the Fiddler, the Wizard, and the Icicle to try to stop them as they commit a trio of million-dollar robberies as the Crime Champions. Unfortunately, thanks to the JSA members being rusty after such a long retirement from regular crime-fighting, the Wizard defeats Green Lantern and Black Canary, the Fiddler defeats Hawkman, the Flash, and the Atom, and the Icicle defeats Hourman and Doctor Fate. The Flashes of Earth-2 and Earth-1 are both caught in vibratory traps left behind by the super-villains on their respective Earths, since they alone have already traveled between their Earths and would recognize other-Earthly villains. The trio of Crime Champions of Earth-2 meets with the trio of Crime Champions from Earth-1 (Felix Faust, Chronos, and Doctor Alchemy), switching places with them so they can spend their loot, since each group is unknown on the other Earth. On Earth-1, the Fiddler, the Wizard, and the Icicle decide to masquerade as the Earth-1 Crime Champions as they rob Casino Town, then challenge that world's Justice League of America to try to take their loot from them. The JLA then falls into the traps they set up and are imprisoned in their headquarters, forcing them to use a magic crystal ball to contact first the Earth-1 Flash and then the JSA on Earth-2 for help. The JSA is transported to Earth-1 via the crystal ball, and they remain their to fight their enemies after easily escaping a trap not meant for them, while Doctor Fate sends the JLA to Earth-2 to fight the Earth-1 super-villains. While the Green Lanterns of both Earths set out to rescue the Flashes of both Earths, the JSA head out to stop the Crime Champions of Earth-2, who have resumed their own identities while embarking on crime sprees on Earth-1. Hourman and the Atom confront and capture the Fiddler at the Clayville Natural History Museum. In Three Corners out west, Doctor Fate catches the Icicle in the midst of stealing priceless works of art at an open-air art gallery. Hawkman and Black Canary stop the Wizard as he makes his getaway after robbing a jewelry store in Alfalfa City. Meanwhile, the JLA fights and captures the Crime Champions of Earth-1 while on Earth-2. But when the Green Lanterns reach the Flashes and manage to free them, a prearranged spell boosted by the power rings causes both the JSA and the JLA to be imprisoned in airtight magical cages in outer space. Using teamwork, the two teams soon free themselves and head back to Earth-2, where the two teams of Crime Champions have joined forces. Realizing that the JSA and the JSA have escaped, the Crime Champions are unsuccessfully attempting to escape to a theoretical Earth-3 when the combined JSA and JLA arrive and capture them all. Before the JLA returns to Earth-1, both teams vow to keep in touch. Note: The JSA has modernized their headquarters since they were last active in 1951. The JSA's revised bylaws now call for a rotating membership of seven chosen by lot. Hourman wears a radio belt. Hourman has improved his Miraclo pills over the past twenty years to give him even greater powers than before (and presumably fewer side-effects). Black Canary wears a special gadget kept in her neck-band called the Canary Amulet, which contains a glass that projects a burning ray. [“Crisis on Earth-One,” Justice League of America #21 (August, 1963); “Crisis on Earth-Two,” Justice League of America #22 (September, 1963)]

August, 1963

  • The second incarnation of the Seven Shadows team is formed in Chicago. Its membership is mostly unknown, except for one member called Man-at-Arms (Wally Bukowski). This team is short-lived.

November, 1963

  • Nov. 14: Hector Hall (Silver Scarab) is born to Carter and Shiera Hall in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Edmund Blake, now a rising young naturalist in an unexplored part of Australia, discovers a hidden valley with prehistoric animals, including the macropidae gigantis (giant kangaroo); Green Lantern and Dr. Mid-Nite, on a world tour (due to the JSA's coming out of retirement), stop by to visit Edmund and rescue him and his exploring party. [All-Star #48]
  • President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is assassinated (November 22).

December, 1963

  • Edmund Blake and the Flash rescue his fiancee, Joan Nevins, from her neighbor Steve Somers, who was obsessed with her, just before Christmas. [All-Star #48]
  • Norda Cantrell, son of Dr. Fred Cantrell and Osoro and the grandson of Worla, is born (hatched) in Feithera as a human-Feitheran hybrid. His godparents are Carter and Shiera Hall – Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Shortly before Norda's hatching, Worla imbues the pre-born Norda with the mystical power of Thoth so that he can battle the evil that is in Hector Hall when it comes to full fruition more than twenty years from now. Note: Norda was born only a few months after Hector Hall.
  • Charley Halstead, the original Psycho-Pirate, passes on all his knowledge of human emotions and how to manipulate them to his cellmate, Roger Hayden, before dying from an unnamed disease. Hayden uses this knowledge to later become the new Psycho-Pirate. [“Perils of the Psycho-Pirate,” Showcase #56 (May-June, 1965)]

July, 1964

  • After the Justice League of America of Earth-1 defeat the Crime Syndicate of America of Earth-3 while on Earth-1, only to be defeated by the CSA while on Earth-3, the CSA decides to fight the JLA the neutral ground of Earth-2. Imprisoning the JLA members in their Secret Sanctuary on Earth-1, the CSA travels to Earth-2 to defeat the Justice Society of America before they can help the JLA. By this time, however, the JSA has sensed that they were spied on from Earth-3 and soon discover via Doctor Fate's crystal ball that the JLA of Earth-1 has been defeated. Fate temporarily disrupts Power Ring's paralyzing trance placed on the JLA, who warn the JSA about the CSA. The JSA are soon attacked in their own headquarters by the CSA and fight back, but are careful not to physically contact the Earth-3 super-villains, lest they be transported to Earth-3. Hawkman fights Johnny Quick and manages to knock him out. Doctor Fate batters Power Ring into unconsciousness after their battle. Doctor Mid-Nite outwits Owlman, who is knocked out when he falls into a pit. Black Canary avoids Superwoman's magic lariat, managing to pin her down using martial arts before binding her with the lariat. Starman battles Ultraman in outer space and only manages to defeat his powerful foe by tricking him into stealing an antimatter duplicate of his cosmic rod, which explodes and knocks Ultraman out. Unfortunately, each JSA member finds themselves transported to Earth-3 upon their individual victories, where they are imprisoned, thanks to a prearranged scheme by Owlman and Power Ring. The CSA then return to Earth-2 and draw the JLA there for their last battle. The JLA manages to outwit and defeat the CSA, then discover that if the JSA is ever freed from their prison on Earth-3, a special device will automatically cause Earth-2 and Earth-1 to explode. The Earth-1 Green Lantern imprisons the CSA in a power ring-created prison in the Limbo dimension between universes. Then the JLA travel to Earth-3, where the Earth-1 Green Lantern channels the destructive force to destroy two dead worlds in outer space instead of Earth-2 and Earth-1, and the JLA frees the JSA from imprisonment, allowing each team to return home. Note: Doctor Mid-Nite uses a distortion blackout bomb that causes a foe that can see in the dark to see him a few feet away from where he really is. Doctor Mid-Nite somehow blasts a deep hole in the ground, but how he accomplishes this so quickly and apparently soundlessly is never explained. Black Canary uses a cold pill that freezes a foe's vocal chords. Starman's cosmic rod (the successor to the gravity rod) can accomplish many new feats, including transmuting matter. The JSA's headquarters is referred to as their Secret Sanctuary and appears to be a headquarters in the countryside similar to the JLA's Secret Sanctuary on Earth-1, rather than a building in Gotham City. Possibly this was a new headquarters the team used temporarily in 1964. The presence of Doctor Fate's crystal ball implies that it could be the Castle of Destiny that Fate once used in the 1940s as a second headquarters. [“Crisis on Earth-Three,” Justice League of America #29 (August, 1964); “The Most Dangerous Earth of All,” Justice League of America #30 (September, 1964)]
  • During the Crime Syndicate of America case, other Justice Society of America members are busy with their own cases. The Flash and the Atom rescue a group of mathematicians from an other-dimensional villain called Trigonomo, a mathematical progression made self-aware. Wonder Woman was overseeing the annual parole hearing on Transformation Island. Wes Dodds was still retired as the Sandman. After delivering the Puzzler to prison, Superman battled Martler, the Martian dictator who attempts to escape after being marooned on an asteroid for 15 years, and rescued Green Lantern after he'd been captured. Batman was attending, along with Robin and Batwoman, a banquet held in his honor commemorating 25 years of fighting crime in Gotham City. Wildcat was a judge at a boxing event. Johnny Thunder and Mister Terrific attended Johnny Thunder Day in Citrusville, Florida, where they battled the Gambler, who came up with the fake holiday, and the Wizard, who had captured the Thunderbolt with the Glastonbury Wand. And the Hourman was recuperating with a sprained wrist after battling the Icicle and his Frost Giants a week earlier. [“Justice Society of America: Times Past, 1964: Missing in Action”]

October, 1964

  • October 12: Albert Rothstein is born to Terri Rothstein (nee Kurtzberger). [Infinity, Inc. #27]
  • Alan Scott marries Alyx Florin (Rose Canton, a.k.a. The Thorn), who disappears and is presumed dead on their wedding night.

December, 1964

  • Hippolyta “Lyta” Trevor is born to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. [Wonder Woman #300]

January, 1965

  • January 17: After a passing asteroid pulls the power ring-created bubble containing Solomon Grundy off a distant planet after many years of imprisonment there, Grundy steers it to crash on Earth, and Grundy returns to Slaughter Swamp, which has been irradiated by radioactive waste from the Tyler Chemical Company. Warned by his crystal ball, Kent Nelson becomes Doctor Fate to investigate. Meanwhile, Rex Tyler learns about the intruder in the radioactive marshes and investigates as Hourman. The two heroes fight Grundy, but Hourman ends up accidentally sabotaging Doctor Fate's efforts, allowing Grundy to defeat them and stalk away. A strange effect of radioactivity and magic causes wooden objects to trail in his wake as Solomon Grundy reaches Gotham City and begins robbing a bank to successfully attract his enemy Green Lantern. After a battle, Grundy knocks out Green Lantern with a barrage of wooden objects. When Doctor Fate and Hourman arrive to stop Grundy from killing Green Lantern, they are suddenly compelled to fight, and knock each other out. Grundy's old gang, having heard of his return, rendezvous with him and convince him to help them rob a jewelry store. When Fate and Hourman come to, they realize that their powers, combined with Grundy's radioactivity, is what caused them to be at each other's throats. While Hourman stops the jewelry store robbery, Fate reaches Grundy and tricks him into revealing where Green Lantern is by creating a magical duplicate of Green Lantern. Discovering that Grundy has used the swamp's radioactivity to transform Green Lantern into a hulking monster like himself, Doctor Fate uses his magic to restore Green Lantern to normal. When Grundy refuses to fall, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate combine their powers to create a new force bubble to imprison Grundy, sending him into orbit around Earth. Note: By this time Kent and Inza Nelson, now married, have begun living in the Tower of Fate outside Salem, Massachusetts, which Doctor Fate also uses as his headquarters. Kent Nelson is now an archeologist. Rex Tyler now lives in Gotham City and is president of the Tyler Chemical Company, formerly Bannerman Chemical. Alan Scott is now president of the Gotham City Broadcasting Company. [“Solomon Grundy Goes on a Rampage,” Showcase #55 (March-April, 1965)]

March, 1965

  • The published adventures of Immortal Man begin. Note: The fact that Immortal Man's origin is later linked with the origin of Vandal Savage, an Earth-2 character, places Immortal Man on Earth-2. It should be noted that Immortal Man followed Vandal Savage to Earth-1 in order to foil his schemes, but he was not native to Earth-1. [Strange Adventures #177]
  • At a dig sponsored by Rex Tyler in a remote area of Asia Minor, Archeologists Kent and Inza Nelson uncover the Masks of Medusa, which are able to manipulate emotion, and were supposedly the basis for the legend of Medusa. Returning to America, Kent and Inza are introduced to Rex's fiancee, actress Wendi Harris. Psycho-Pirate II (Roger Hayden) secretly uses the Medusa Masks to manipulate Wendi into stealing them for him, and soon after she breaks off her engagement to Rex. Infusing himself with the Medusa Masks' power to manipulate emotion, Psycho-Pirate robs a bank and wards off Doctor Fate by causing him to magically create duplicates of his old enemies Wotan and Mayoor to fight. Learning of the bank robbery, Hourman investigates and soon finds Psycho-Pirate and his gang robbing an outdoor art museum display but is manipulated into helping him. Teaming up, Doctor Fate and Hourman track Psycho-Pirate's gang to a seacoast mansion, where Psycho-Pirate causes them to be afflicted by several phobias, then fight each other out of jealousy. After Wendi's name is cleared and she once again agrees to marry Rex, he reveals to her that he's Hourman. Note: Psycho-Pirate is nicknamed the Emir of Emotion. [“Perils of the Psycho-Pirate,” Showcase #56 (May-June, 1965)]

July, 1965

  • July 20: Todd Rice and Jennie-Lynn Hayden, son and daughter of Alan Scott and Alyx Florin (Rose Canton), are born in Milwaukee, Illinois. Note: Although their birth-date was originally placed in 1966, an amendment was made in the letters column of Infinity Inc. #12 when it was pointed out that Jennie-Lynn and Todd would both be too young to have already graduated high school with their average grades, and Jennie-Lynn would certainly not have had enough time to be in college for a full year before December, 1983. [Infinity Inc. #12]

October, 1965

  • October 10: During a seance meant to uncover the location of a lost fortune, the Spectre is released from the body of Gateway City Police Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan (who has aged very slowly since the 1940s, with only a white streak in his hair) for the first time in 20 years, just in time to stop a bomb tossed by criminals seeking revenge on Corrigan from killing everyone in the room. Soon after, Corrigan is ambushed by mob bosses Rocks Parker and Tuffy Cooper, who are stopped from shooting him down by the Spectre in his first appearance in two decades. The Spectre searches the mystical hotspots of the world for the reason he was imprisoned for so long, but is interrupted when he saves Corrigan's life from the Adirondack Mob. Sensing that the same force that had trapped him is overwhelming him again, the Spectre returns to Corrigan's body after telling him the source of the mystic energy is emanating from Paul Nevers in Mountain City. Investigating Nevers, Corrigan learns that he was a small-time crook who had suddenly began pulling off spectacular crimes, thanks to supernatural powers. Traveling to Mountain City, Corrigan tracks down Nevers after he robs a bank, then resists a force urging him to shoot him. As the Spectre leaves Corrigan's body, the astral being called Azmodus leaves Nevers' body, explaining that he left the world of his astral plane 20 years ago to come to Earth, where he entered his original host-body and found himself trapped there, just as the Spectre was trapped in Corrigan's body, since their astral energies cancel each other out. After his human host died, both Azmodus and the Spectre were freed, and Azmodus was able to return to Tholagga, land of astral evil, where he found a silver bullet imbued with ultra-evil powers in the Temple of the Black Gardens. Bringing the bullet back to Earth, Azmodus planned for Corrigan to shoot Nevers with the bullet, which would simultaneously trap the Spectre in Corrigan's body for all time while also completely freeing Azmodus. Now Azmodus challenges the Spectre in a fight to the finish, spirit against spirit, while Corrigan and Nevers engage in their own fight. Just as Corrigan manages to knock out Nevers, Azmodus is weakened, allowing the Spectre to drain his astral powers and subdue him. The Spectre then traps the inert and unconscious Azmodus for all eternity in no-time and non-space, but not before Azmodus reveals that he has already arranged for his master (the evil Shathan, lord of Dis) to carry on for him. Note: At this time the Spectre is shown to be more of a mystical warrior rather than an avenger, since he now never kills his opponents and even goes out of his way to save them from being killed. Possibly the time trapped in Jim Corrigan's body has somehow tempered the spirit of vengeance part of him. [“War That Shook the Universe,” Showcase #60 (January-February, 1966)]

December, 1965

  • December 8: Wesley Dodds' memories of being the Sandman are jarred when gangster “Snooze” Simpson, whom he put in prison in 1947 as the Sandman, attempts to exact his revenge with the help of the daughter of Dr. Raymond Baxter, the psychiatrist who hypnotized Wes into forgetting that he was the Sandman back in 1950, since she learned Wesley's secret identity then while still a teenager. Wesley finally remembers being the Sandman when Sandy Hawkins' full name is mentioned. The Sandman comes out of retirement, builds a new Sand-Car out of a sports car, invents a sand-gun with the ability to form stone and glass shapes out of sand, and rejoins the Justice Society of America. He also secretly begins trying to find a cure for Sandy, who was accidentally transformed into a silicoid monster in 1947, but is unsuccessful for almost a decade. Note: Although this story is published in 1982 and apparently takes place shortly before issue #47, it must take place sometime before the Sandman's return to the JSA in Justice League of America #46. [“Whatever Happened to the Sandman?” DC Comics Presents #42 (February, 1982); “Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two,” Justice League of America #46 (August, 1966)]
  • Around this time, the Justice Experience is formed in San Francisco, composed of the following members: the Acro-Bat (Steven Chase), the Bronze Wraith (Will Everett, the former Amazing-Man), Major Flashback, Mister Action, the Manx, Plasticman II (Marty O'Brien, son of Plastic Man), and Song Bird. Note: All members except Bronze Wraith and Plasticman are later murdered by Emil Trapp in 1968. [“Wildcat: The Chase”]
  • Charlie Bullock is born early this year. He has an older brother who had joined the U.S. Army by 1979 and should not be confused with his older cousin by the same name who became Blackwing in 1982.

January, 1966

  • January 6-7: In Gateway City, a window-washer slips and falls, but his life is saved in exchange for his shadow, the latest of several such bargains, which include a Mongolian bandit in the Gobi Desert, spelunker Andre Vosin in France, and world-renowned big game hunter Olive Morell in Africa. Detective Captain Jim Corrigan and the Spectre both notice that the man has no shadow. Sensing an evil aura in the man, the Spectre follows him and is soon drawn into his body by ectoplasmic magnetism. Finding the missing shadow within, the Spectre battles it and is quickly thrown into the psycho-matter dimension of Dis, where he is attacked by other spirit beings such as Tsathhala of the Hundred Seas and Ahriman of the Windy Worlds, who seek to invade Earth's dimension. Becoming millions of light years large, the Spectre escapes them and is able to return at normal size to Gateway City. There the Voice speaks to him, telling the Spectre that Shathan the Eternal has attempted to destroy him, and tells him to go back in time to the beginning of all things to discover how Shathan began. Returning to the creation of the universe at the Big Bang, the Spectre witnesses how an explosion creates his universe, while an implosion creates the evil and malignant psycho-matter universe of Dis. There Shathan ruled the demonic inhabitants of that universe, but sought over time to dominate the physical matter universe as well, using Earth as a stepping-stone. But even as Shathan sent evil mental images that influenced human history, the forces of good brought up great men such as Moses, Peter, Buddha, and Mohammed to lead the way of goodness and push back the evil. Centuries later, Shathan sends his personally trained deputy Azmodus to Earth to pave the way for his own appearance, despite being defeated by the Spectre. Now, by taking human shadows, he has created a loyal following of people whose belief in Shathan cause him to exist on Earth. In the present, the Spectre saves Corrigan's life after Shathan tries to kill him twice, and the Spectre realizes he's being kept busy so that Shathan can assemble his followers, whose shadows he owns. Unfortunately, the Spectre tracks down Shathan after his followers have caused him to manifest in a long-forgotten temple. The Spectre attacks Shathan, and the two battle throughout the universe until the Spectre brings him back through time to October 30, 1961, to drop him in the middle of a 57-megaton thermonuclear bomb, then to the Tunguska explosion of June 30, 1908, and the volcanic explosion on Krakatoa on August 21, 1883. Finally, the Spectre brings Shathan back to the beginning of time, where Shathan's body is hurled outward to be spread across the vast universe for all eternity. Back in the present, the Spectre returns Shathan's former followers, their shadows restored, to their homes. Note: The Spectre's battle with Shathan the Eternal is said to be his greatest battle, and may also be the reason he was created in the first place. [“Beyond the Sinister Barrier,” Showcase #61 (March-April, 1966)]

February, 1966

  • February 7: Rick Tyler, son of Rex Tyler and Wendi Harris, is born.
  • February 28: Yolanda Montez, daughter of Juan and Maria Montez, is born a mutant with cat-like powers, thanks to Dr. Benjamin Love. Ted Grant (Wildcat) is Yolanda's godfather. [Infinity Inc. #18]
  • February 28: Carcharo is born a shark-like mutant able to swim and breathe underwater, thanks to Dr. Benjamin Love. [Infinity Inc. #18]
  • February 28: The six members of Helix – Mister Bones, Penny Dreadful, Tao Jones, Arak Wind-Walker, Baby Boom, and Kritter – are born as mutants with various powers, thanks to Dr. Benjamin Love, who kidnaps them and raises them in isolation in a house in Bakersfield, California. [Infinity Inc. #18]

March, 1966

  • Doiby Dickles leaves the Earth to marry an alien princess from the planet Myrg. [Green Lantern #45]
  • “Q-energy” is brought from Earth-2 to bedevil the Earth-1 Green Lantern. It had also been used offensively in 1962 against the Earth-1 Flash [Flash #132] and against the Earth-1 Superman [Superman #204]. Note: The nature of “Q-energy” remains mysterious, but the Green Lantern tale is the only one in which its dimension of origin has been revealed.

June, 1966

  • June 26: On the anniversary of the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne shows his nine-year-old daughter Helena Wayne his Batman costume, revealing his secret identity to her and making her promise not to talk about it outside the immediate family. Note: Although Helena's age at the time of this flashback is not revealed in this story, it seems likely that Bruce Wayne would choose to tell her the truth about himself once she reached the same age as Bruce was when his parents were murdered by Joe Chill. [“Karnage is the Name,” Wonder Woman #286 (December, 1981)]

August, 1966

  • August 1: When gambler Ace Chance is murdered by mobsters for an unpaid debt, the Spectre attempts to save his life by entering his soulless body and revitalizing it, but when his soul returns to find his body occupied, he instead takes Jim Corrigan's body and erects a supernatural barrier of sinister energy to keep the Spectre from returning. As Corrigan, Chance quits the Gateway City Police Department and begins wooing Mona Marcy, the world's wealthiest woman, while the Spectre empowers himself with good radiation from good deeds. Note: Ace Chance likely absorbed his supernatural powers from Jim Corrigan's body, since an ordinary human soul would not possess such abilities. [“The Ghost of Ace Chance,” Showcase #64 (September-October, 1966)]
  • August 31: After a whirlwind courtship, Ace Chance as Jim Corrigan is ready to propose to Mona Marcy when the Spectre returns and pierces the evil barrier, removing Chance's ghost from Corrigan's body. But Chance, who has already learned much from the evil energies of Earth, uses his supernatural powers to summon foes – basilisks, occultists of the chapel of Secaire armed with an unholy sistrum, lunar sword, Paracelsus' trident, and the great ring of Gyres, the witches and warlocks of Earth who envelop the Spectre in flame, and the winged elemental demon god Soraboru – to battle the Spectre. After draining Chance's powers, the Spectre brings him to the hospital in which his body is being kept alive, only to realize that Chance (using the last of his power) has teleported Corrigan's body there and made him look like Chance. Removing the illusion from Corrigan, the Spectre returns Chance's soul to his body and returns him to the hospital. Corrigan must then cancel his resignation from the police department and deal with Mona Marcy, who expects him to propose. Note: Jim Corrigan continues dating Mona Marcy at this point on, since she is still his girlfriend as of The Spectre #2. [“The Ghost of Ace Chance,” Showcase #64 (September-October, 1966)]

December, 1966

  • The last published adventure of Immortal Man. [Strange Adventures #198]

March, 1967

  • March 26: In the Tower of Fate, Doctor Fate's crystal ball picks up an evil emanation extending through all space and time. Fate tracks its source to the far future and learns that it is now in Central City on Earth-One. Visiting the Flash in Keystone City to find that Doctor Mid-Nite is visiting him, Doctor Fate tells them of his discovery, and the Flash suggests that they travel to Earth-One in their civilian identities of Kent Nelson, Jay Garrick, and Charles McNider to warn the Flash of Earth-One (Barry Allen) of this threat. Discovering that the Earth-One Flash is under a spell by Abra Kadabra that causes him to be blind to all crimes, Fate attempts to remove it without success, but is able to reveal Abra Kadabra's target for tonight. The three heroes from Earth-Two then provide invisible assistance to the Earth-One Flash as he fights a group of criminals and Abra Kadabra while still unable to see them. After Doctor Fate tricks Abra Kadabra into removing the spell from the Earth-One Flash, he is able to defeat the villain. [“The See-Nothing Spells of Abra Kadabra,” The Flash #170 (May, 1967)]

May, 1967

  • Robin joins the JSA in place of the semi-retired Batman. The JSA battles four powerful new super-villains – the Smashing Sportsman, Gem Girl, Money Master, and How Chu – given super-powers by black spheres from an ancient parallel universe. Johnny Thunder has his Thunderbolt bring four JLA members to assist the JSA to defeat the villains before the black sphere fully take control over their bodies, thus making them unstoppable. Discovering their weaknesses, the JSA and the JLA extract the black spheres and defeat them. [“The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two,” Justice League of America #55 (August, 1967); “The Negative-Crisis of Earths One-Two,” Justice League of America #56 (September, 1967)]

September, 1967

  • U.S. Ambassador Joseph Clanton is shot by a sniper in Gateway City before he can attend the world treaty meeting in Switzerland, which is crucial to prevent another world war from breaking out. After doctors at Gateway City Hospital perform a life-saving operation on the ambassador, the ghost of his ancestor, the pirate Cap'n Skull, takes over his body and runs rampant. The Spectre discovers that he is unable to touch Skull, but while attempting to return him to the year 1751 from which he was drawn, Cap'n Skull breaks free and travels back through time to inhabit the bodies of a few of his ancestors, including the robber baron Sir Guy the Cruel, the wicked Roman Emperor Commodus, and Paris the prince of Troy. After finally taking Cap'n Skull back to his own time and body, Clanton returns to normal and is able to travel to Switzerland and secure the world treaty that saves the world from plunging into another world war. Note: This story indicates that Gateway City may be on the Carolina coast, placing it most likely in North Carolina. [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]

January, 1968

  • January 15-17: When power emitted during a battle between two other-dimensional sorcerers, it reaches Knickerbocker City on Earth through a portal to enter the body of small-time crook “Sad” Jack Dold, formerly of Gateway City. When Wildcat tries to stop him from robbing a museum with the rest of his gang, Dold discovers that he now has vast magic powers such as mind over matter and the ability to force others to bend to his will, and uses his power to bring Wildcat to a boxing stadium, where he overcomes the hero in the boxing ring before a huge crowd and a TV audience. Having seen the fight on TV, the Spectre arrives and brings Wildcat back to his home after the spell has worn off. Meanwhile, Dold returns to Gateway City to get revenge on everyone, creating a gaudy costume for himself and planning to drop an atomic bomb on the city. Spotting him, the Spectre muffles the explosion and turns it back on Dold, who diverts it into outer space, then keeps up the attack until he is able to draw out the mystical other-dimensional power from him. Journeying to the edge of time and space, the Spectre deposits the power there before returning to deliver Dold to jail. Note: This story establishes that Ted Grant, who has never married, is the ex-heavyweight boxing champion of the world and is now a wealthy man thanks to his boxing championship. [“Hang 'Em Up, Wildcat, You're Finished,” The Spectre #3 (March-April, 1968); “Menace of the Mystic Mastermind,” The Spectre #3 (March-April, 1968)]

February, 1968

  • Ted Grant (Wildcat) opens up Grant's Gym in Knickerbocker City, using his years of experience to begin training youngsters, after the Spectre suggests he focus his efforts outwardly rather than inwardly. Note: This takes place in an epilogue set weeks after the main story. [“Menace of the Mystic Mastermind,” The Spectre #3 (March-April, 1968)]

March, 1968

  • A boy named Hamilton Benedict is struck by a comet-like energy blast that turns out to be a malevolent being that takes over his body and possesses great power. The next day, as Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan investigates the boy's disappearance, the Spectre combats a series of unusual disasters such as a tornado and a plague of locusts before he discovers that the boy is causing them. The Spectre soon discovers he cannot remove the power without also removing the boy's life-force, which would kill him. Tracking the source of the evil, the Spectre discovers that it has visited several worlds, infecting each one with evil and causing whole civilizations to destroy themselves. Returning to Earth, the Spectre battles the boy on the astral plane and is nearly destroyed. Corrigan tries to convince the Spectre that he must stop the boy for the world's sake despite the risk of killing him. But the Spectre refuses to kill the boy, which results in the evil fleeing the boy's body, unable to feed. Corrigan guesses that, on each world it targets, the evil tricks the greatest force for good (in this case the Spectre) to become an ally of evil, but this is the first time it failed. Hamilton recovers and is brought home to his parents. [“Stop That Kid Before He Wrecks the World,” The Spectre #4 (May-June, 1968)]

May, 1968

  • When a drifter discovers a gun containing a magic bullet, and it is absorbed into his skin, he becomes a giant monster nicknamed Bright-Eyes because of the light emanating from his eyes. When he attacks the people of Gateway City, the Spectre tries to stop him but only ends up terrifying the populace as his powers are strangely drained away. Ordered to bring the Spectre in for being a public menace, Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan is present when the Spectre finally defeats Bright-Eyes, returning him to normal. Then the Psycho-Pirate reveals that he was behind the public panic over the Spectre, and tells them that, thanks to a magic globe stolen from a hermit in Northern India, he has been draining the Spectre's powers in order to get rid of the magic mask Doctor Fate placed on him to nullify his powers. Now free, Psycho-Pirate tells the drifter to kill Corrigan, only for the drifter to go crazy and attack the villain, since the drifter turns out to be Gat Benson, the same man who murdered Corrigan in 1940. An enraged Corrigan knocks them both out and revives the Spectre before taking the criminals to jail. [“The Spectre Means Death?” The Spectre #5 (July-August, 1968)]

June, 1968

  • Archeologists succeed in raising the island of Atlantis from the Atlantic Ocean. Note: This island contains a rather well-preserved city of Atlantis, which remains above the waves until 1976, but it is just one of several Atlantean cities. [“The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado,” Justice League of America #64 (August, 1968)]
  • Tornado Champion becomes Red Tornado II, joins the JSA (after some initial confusion over whether s/he was original member “Ma” Hunkel). [JLA #64]

July, 1968

  • In Gateway City's Old Quarter, the ghosts of four colonists come to life for one day and attempt to use four ancient talismans to restore themselves to full life with great wealth and power. The Spectre battles the demon Nawor from the realm of Geimpo, while Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan fights the ancient cultists to stop them from opening a gateway to Geimpo. Upon Nawor's defeat, the cultists turn to dust, never to be restored again. [“Pilgrims of Peril,” The Spectre #6 (September-October, 1968)]

August, 1968

  • August 16: Dr. Emil Trapp begins murdering the members of the Justice Experience, beginning with Steven Chase (Acro-Bat), father of Cameron Chase.

September, 1968

  • September 7: Returning from a JSA meeting, Hourman visits the subterranean vault of the Tyler Chemical Company where he keeps his civilian garb, only to encounter a thief named Dick Arnold wielding a weapon allowing him to pass through the vault. Having stolen top-secret blueprints, Arnold fights Hourman, and when his weapon the Metalizer drops to the ground, it goes off and bathes Hourman with deadly radiation. Thinking Hourman is dead, Arnold flees in terror, knowing that the law and the JSA will go all out to catch his murderer. Meanwhile, Hourman realizes that he is still half-alive thanks to the Miraclo in his blood, but he will fully die within the hour expires unless he can retrieve the Metalizer and cure himself with it. Using a temporary ability to track the radiation, Hourman first discovers that the Metalizer and the stolen blueprints were thrown off a bridge, since they were evidence connected with Hourman's supposed murder, then tracks down Arnold and captures him. Hourman quickly develops a cure from the irradiated cash just before his Miraclo charge wears off, then delivers Arnold to the police. [“The Hour Hourman Died,” The Spectre #7 (November-December, 1968)]

Fall, 1968

  • Jack Knight is born to Ted (Starman) and Doris Knight in Opal City. [Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 1: Sins of the Father]

November, 1968

  • November 4: Returning from a long voyage through the astral plane, the Spectre is nearly drained of energy when he attempts to return to Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan's body. When Corrigan insists that the Spectre stop the armed criminals who are about to kill him first, the Spectre recklessly blasts them with a spell that causes them to fall asleep, and accidentally also strikes a passerby. That night, the Spectre is summoned before the Voice, who reprimands him for his recklessness and gives him an unknown weakness that will manifest during times of stress and will change from time to time. [“The Parchment of Power Perilous,” The Spectre #8 (January-February, 1969)]
  • November 7: During a routine case, Detective-Captain Jim Corrigan is nearly shot in the back by a criminal when the Spectre shows up and destroys him with bolts from his eyes. When Corrigan argues that he has no right to kill, and refuses to allow the Spectre to return to his body, the Spectre ends up knocking out Corrigan while attempting to forcefully return. The Spectre is summoned before the Voice to account for his actions and is told that his mission on Earth must be ended immediately. When the Spectre appeals for mercy, he is given another chance, but now must be chained to a book called the Journal of Judgment, whose tasks he must fulfill in order to return to his previous standing. From this point on, the Spectre must review those mortals whose names appear in the book and pass judgment on them, occasionally issuing a warning to them. Note: This story takes place a few nights after the previous issue. After this point, the Spectre does not return to the Earth-Two Jim Corrigan's body until after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. [“Journal of Judgment,” The Spectre #9 (March-April, 1969)]
  • Amanda Mason Martin, daughter of Bill Martin and Myra Mason Martin, is born. She will grow up to become the new Star Sapphire.

April, 1969

  • A stage magician named Frederick Foost, while fighting his assistant Willard after a failed outdoor performance in a small town, is summoned before the Devil, alias Beelzebub and Mister Scratch, who offers him, in exchange for his soul, great power in a talisman called the Abracadoom. Although the Spectre appears to warn Foost from making the bargain, the magician does so anyway and is warned by the Devil to never come within six feet of an identical talisman called the Abracadeath. In three months Foost has become a successful performer with sold-out shows. A week later, when given the opportunity for a command performance before the royal family of Marlovia, Foost uses his magic to cause them to vanish, then impersonates Count Lagos to become the sovereign ruler of Marlovia. The Spectre withholds his judgment, as Marlovia prospers under his reign over the next few months, and the previous rulers were harsh. When Marlovia is attacked by a neighboring country, Foost uses his magic to defeat its army. Contacted by the prime minister of the attacking nation, Foost agrees to meet with him, planning to use the Abracadoom to take control over him. When Foost pays no heed to the Spectre's final warning, he meets the prime minister only to learn that he is his old assistant Willard, who possesses the Abracadeath. Since the Abracadoom and the Abracadeath are brought within six feet of each other, both men are instantly killed and claimed by the Devil. Note: This story takes place over several months in the present, possibly from November, 1968, to April, 1969. [“Abraca-Doom,” The Spectre #9 (March-April, 1969)]
  • Beth Kane is born in California. The granddaughter of Batwoman (Kathy Kane), she will grow up to become Flamebird.
  • Bonnie Jones-Carter is born in Star City to James Elliot Carter and Cissie Jones-Carter. The granddaughter of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Bonnie King (Miss Arrowette), she will grow up to become the heroine Arrowette.
  • Beth Harper is born in Star City. The granddaughter of Jim Harper (the Guardian), she will grow up to become the heroine Flare.
  • The Spectre completes his tasks in the Journal of Judgment, freeing him from the book once more. However, sometime after this, the Spectre is condemned for an unknown trespass to reside in a crypt, able to leave only when he is summoned. [“Where Valor Fails, Will Magic Triumph?” Justice League of America #83 (September, 1970)]

July, 1970

  • July 18: An alien named Creator2, tasked with building a new planet for his clients, plans to destroy two planets for their raw materials. Capturing Red Tornado, Creator2 uses him to bring Earth-Two and Earth-One together to occupy the same space, thus destroying both. In order to remove resistance, Creator2 causes calamities to befall members of the Justice Society of America, which causes their counterparts in Earth-One's Justice League of America to experience the effects of those calamities. Doctor Fate summons the Spectre to save the Earths from being destroyed. Traveling to the Netherspace between Earth-Two and Earth-One, the Spectre uses his ectoplasmic body to block them from merging into the same plane of existence. Meanwhile, Doctor Fate destroys Creator2's ship, freeing Red Tornado. But as the Earths are pulled apart as Earth-One returns to its own universe, the Spectre is torn apart and seemingly destroyed. Now that the Spectre has atoned for a past trespass, he is finally freed. Note: Since the Spectre appears as a regular JSA member in issue #82 during a time when he can only leave his crypt when summoned, he must have been summoned by Doctor Fate prior to the meeting, then returned to his crypt after a short time, only to be summoned once more in issue #83. [“Peril of the Paired Planets,” Justice League of America #82 (August, 1970); “Where Valor Fails, Will Magic Triumph?” Justice League of America #83 (September, 1970)]
  • Vandal Savage works in a series of biochemical projects, including Project Telemachus. In that project, Savage collects DNA samples from his “encounters” with the JSA and the JLA. Egrin Wahrman grafts these samples to the DNA of a child who already had metagenetic potential: Grant Emerson, the son of Al Pratt kidnapped at birth and replaced with a stillborn child.
  • Kal-El is born on Krypton-Prime and soon sent to Earth-Prime as a baby, where he is adopted by Jerry and Naomi Kent and named Clark Kent. He will grow up to become the hero Superboy.
  • Jason Todd is born in Gotham City. He will grow up to become the hero Batwing.
  • After a few months of nonexistence, the Spectre's astral body is restored and brought before the Voice, who forbids him from returning to Earth-Two, but gives him a new mission to fight evil on Earth-One, where he is eventually bonded to Detective Jim Corrigan of the New York Police Department on Earth-One when he is murdered and brought back to life in February, 1980 (Earth-One time). Meanwhile, Jim Corrigan of Earth-Two is restored to the age he was in 1940, and his memories of being the Spectre are subdued so that he is no longer traumatized by the Spectre's actions. Disoriented by the experience, Corrigan is found wandering through Gotham City by Andrea Winslow, who helps him to get back on his feet. Corrigan soon joins the Gotham City Police Department, and he and Andrea begin dating. [“The Spectre: Lingering Spirit, Chapter 1: A Necessary Connection”; “The Wrath of the Spectre,” Adventure Comics #431 (January-February, 1974)]

October, 1971

  • Seeking to remove his vulnerability to magic, Superman of Earth-One travels to Earth-Two to meet Doctor Fate. As Dr. Kent Nelson, one of America's top surgeons, he has received at Weatherby Free Clinic a new patient who turns out to be an alien. Bringing the alien back to the Tower of Fate, Doctor Fate extracts images of Stonehenge and a Mayan temple in the Yucatan jungle. While Superman heads for Stonehenge, Fate visits the same Mayan temple where he once fought his old enemy Mayoor. There he sees an alien hovering in place who attacks him with giant plants before fading away. Meanwhile, Superman visits Stonehenge to find another hovering alien who attacks him with a giant created from sand before also fading away. Doctor Fate and Superman of Earth-One are soon kept busy with natural disasters including tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, and Fate discovers that these are caused by the continents being forcefully moved together. Piercing the unconscious aliens' mind, Fate and Superman learn that his name is Ghan Uu, one of the Buudak, high lamas of an ancient alien race. Having sought Nirvana for untold eons, the Buudak plan to create the ultimate energy by forcing Earth's continents together during a perfect cosmic junction, thus giving themselves ultimate power. Doctor Fate and the Earth-One Superman reach the focal point of the junction at the Valley of Ur, where all three Buudak have gathered. Fate grants his added power to Superman, enabling him to attack the Buudak, who disappear when their magic backfires on them. Forging mystic chains, Fate gives them to Superman, who uses them to pull the continents back to their rightful positions. Having saved the Earth, Superman of Earth-One asks Fate to make him invulnerable to magic, only to change his mind since his vulnerability gave him an advantage in this case, and he returns to Earth-One. Note: This story establishes that Dr. Kent Nelson is still a medical doctor, or at least has resumed his profession, and works at Weatherby Free Clinic. Dr. Nelson is considered to be one of America's top surgeons by now. [“Peril of the Planet-Smashers,” World's Finest Comics #208 (December, 1971)]

June, 1972

  • Seven Soldiers of Victory return; apparent death of Red Tornado II. [JLA #100-102]

October, 1972

February, 1973

June, 1973

December, 1973

  • Doris Knight, wife of Ted Knight (Starman) dies. Note: While Starman says that his wife died “a couple of decades back” in America Vs. the JSA #3, it's likely that he was obfuscating the facts to protect his secret identity, since we know Doris lived until 1974. [America Vs. the JSA #3; Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 1: Sins of the Father]
  • Jim Corrigan marries Andrea Winslow. [“The Spectre: Lingering Spirit, Chapter 1: A Necessary Connection”]

April, 1974

  • April 11: Kara Zor-L, having physically aged only 20 years since Krypton's explosion, arrives on Earth and is found by her cousin Superman (Kal-L), who decides to keep her existence a secret until the right time. Kara lives in Superman's Secret Citadel in the mountains for the next two years, learning how to live amongst humans and being trained by Superman in the use of her powers. She acts as Superman's “secret weapon” occasionally but keeps herself from being seen by anyone. Note: The date of April 11 is taken from the 1976 Super DC Calendar, which incorrectly placed that date when Supergirl arrived on Earth-1; we believe this date is correct for Power Girl's arrival on Earth-2. All-Star Comics #58 states that Power Girl's existence was kept a secret for longer than Earth-1's Supergirl. Since Supergirl was kept a secret for one year and four months on Earth-1's compressed timeline, Power Girl must have been kept a secret for two years, from April, 1974, to April, 1976.

July, 1974

  • During the annual JLA-JSA meeting, Sandy (who had been transformed to a silicoid monster) escapes from his cage and apparently rampages for a while using new powers before he regains control of himself and explains that although he was transformed and temporarily unable to speak, his mind was normal, and he was trying to save New York City from a dangerous fault line. Wes Dodds (the Sandman) turns Sandy over to Dr. Price at York Hospital for treatment, not realizing that Dr. Price plans to use Sandy's earthquake-generating powers for his own evil uses. [“The Creature in the Velvet Cage,” Justice League of America #113 (September-October, 1974); “Whatever Happened to Sandy, the Golden Boy?” DC Comics Presents #47 (July, 1982)]

March, 1975

  • York Hospital is destroyed when Dr. Price taps into the earthquake-causing powers of Sandy Hawkins' silicoid body, and both he and Sandy are believed to be dead. [“Whatever Happened to Sandy, the Golden Boy?” DC Comics Presents #47 (July, 1982)]

April, 1975

  • After learning of the destruction of York Hospital, where he placed Sandy Hawkins under the care of Dr. Price, the Sandman goes in search of his former ward, refusing to believe that Sandy is dead. Meanwhile, Dr. Price has become a costumed super-villain calling himself the Shatterer, using Sandy's silicoid body to cause earthquakes to hold the city ransom. Sandman tracks down the source of the earthquakes, defeats the Shatterer, and frees Sandy. Then the Sandman, gambling that a carbon-based explosion might transform Sandy back to normal, successfully restores Sandy to human form, and still with the body of a 16- or 17-year-old young man, even though he is chronologically 50 years old. Sandy uses what are apparently the last vestiges of his earthquake power to create a rift that swallows up the Shatterer after the super-villain attempts to kill them both. The Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy begin a new series of infrequent adventures over the next few years, while Sandy continues his broken education. Note: Although this story seems to follow directly after the Sandman story in issue #42, it is evident that the events of #42 must take place before the Sandman's return to the JSA in 1966, while this story must take place some years after the events of Justice League of America #113. [“Whatever Happened to Sandy, the Golden Boy?” DC Comics Presents #47 (July, 1982)]

August, 1975

  • Through his crystal ball, Doctor Fate discovers that the Earth-One universe is doomed. Learning that Iris Allen, wife of Barry Allen (the Flash of Earth-One), suffers from an affliction that will cause the universe to be destroyed if she comes into contact with her husband Barry Allen's super-speed aura, Fate arranges for the Flash (Jay Garrick) to kidnap Iris from Earth-One and bring her to Earth-Two, keeping her at Jay and Joan Garrick's home in Keystone City for two weeks. Doctor Fate casts a spell that keeps the Flash of Earth-One too busy on his Earth to continue his search for his wife Iris, causing him to briefly think another woman is his wife, while a huge mystical hand attacks him until he manages to defeat it. Unable to cure Iris, Fate sends her to the 30th century timeline where her true parents live, and where they may be able to find a cure that will enable her to rejoin Barry. Doctor Fate then tries and fails to thwart the Earth-One Flash from visiting the 30th century himself. Thus, after the Earth-One Flash reaches the 30th century and spots his wife, Fate manages to transmit the truth to his mind just before he makes contact. Unfortunately, a chain reaction still begins that would cause a cataclysm, until Professor Zoom the Reverse-Flash appears and stops it himself, revealing that he caused Iris' affliction in order to keep her away from Barry and force her to marry him to save the universe. The Flash of Earth-One soon learns how to cure Iris by observing the Reverse-Flash, and defeats the villain before bringing his wife back to the 20th century to finalize her cure. [“Nowhere On the Face of Earth,” The Flash #236 (September, 1975) and “The 1,000-Year Separation,” The Flash #237 (November, 1975)]
  • The Spectre briefly returns to Earth-Two to appeal to the Voice and save the lives of several Justice Society of America members. [Justice League of America #124]

September, 1975

  • At age 18, Helena Wayne enters Harvard Law School, where she spends the next three years until graduation. [“Together Again, for the First Time,” Wonder Woman #284 (October, 1981)]

Unspecified month in 1976

  • Stellar Studios films its last motion picture, Warhead, before shutting down the studio. [“Solomon Grundy Goes Hollywood,” Infinity Inc #3 (June, 1984)]

February, 1976

April, 1976

  • The Justice Society must stop three disasters across the world, or a chain reaction in the biosphere will destroy all life on Earth. The problems are the work of Brain Wave, but the JSA are joined by the Star-Spangled Kid and a newly-revealed heroine, Power Girl (Kara Zor-L). As Brain Wave finds his old teammate Per Degaton and builds him a new body, the Justice Society and Super Squad (Robin, Star-Spangled Kid & Power Girl) attempt to deal with his worldwide disaster campaign. [All-Star #58-59]

August, 1976

  • The JSA teams up with the JLA of Earth-1 and Shazam's Squadron of Justice of Earth-S against King Kull's army of super-villains which seek to destroy all three Earths after King Kull takes over the Rock of Eternity. Atlantis (which had recently risen to the surface as a small continent) is sunk back into the ocean once more, although the Atlanteans survive due to the air in their subterranean world. [JLA #135-137]
  • In an untold adventure, Batman and Robin have their very last case together when they battle Cat-Man and the communist spy Ho Chi Minx. [“Red Robin: The Dark Knight Returns, Chapter 1: The New Dynamic Duo”]
  • Dick Grayson leaves for Madagascar as part of his U.N. envoy duties for several months.
  • Selina Wayne (nee Kyle, the former Catwoman), the wife of Bruce Wayne, is killed by a criminal in order to save Batman's life. Bruce Wayne burns his cape and cowl of the Batman, never to wear them again. [DC Super Stars #17]
  • Alfred Beagle retires as a butler to return to the theater, specifically as the director of the New Stratford Repertory Theatre in a small community outside Gotham City. [“By Dusk's Dying Light,” Wonder Woman #294 (August, 1982)]
  • August 24: As several members of the JSA attend a dinner being held in their honor at the White House, the children of the JSA (Albert Rothstein, Lyta Trevor, Hector Hall, & Rick Tyler) get into some mischief of their own. Note: This story takes place near the end of the summer before school, so it must be August. [“Memories,” Infinity, Inc. #27 (June, 1986)]

November, 1976

  • Thanks in part to the recognition he receives for his detective work in bringing Bill Jensen to justice for the murder of his business partner, Bruce Wayne becomes the Police Commissioner of Gotham City, succeeding the retiring James W. Gordon. [All-Star #66; “Only Legends Live Forever,” Adventure Comics #462 (April, 1979)]
  • Dick Grayson returns to the U.S. from his diplomatic trip to Madagascar. He is then appointed the U.S. ambassador to South Africa (which he visited as a U.N. envoy some months earlier), and he resigns from full-time membership in the JSA as Robin. [All-Star #66]

December, 1976

  • The JSA begins using the Sky-Skimmer for travel in flight. The Justice Society is attacked by a super-villain wielding a metal axe and fire, who calls himself Vulcan. Vulcan gravely injures Dr. Fate in battle, and the Justice Society, Power Girl, and Star-Spangled Kid must find a way to stop him. [All-Star #60-61]
  • Hourman comes out of retirement just as, while the Justice Society fights to save Dr. Fate's life, a new menace appears in the form of the ancient sorceror Zanadu, who kidnaps Hawkman's wife and threatens Japan. The Justice Society find that they can do little to sustain Dr. Fate's life as they face attacks from Zanadu, Solomon Grundy, and the Fiddler. Superman gives up his JSA membership, transferring it to Power Girl; the Star-Spangled Kid also becomes a full-fledged member. [All-Star #62-63]
  • After several weeks of working on it the Star-Spangled Kid completes his creation of a Cosmic Converter Belt, adapted from Starman's Cosmic Rod. The Shining Knight gets the Justice Society to return with him to the time of ancient Camelot in the 6th century AD, which is besieged by what appear to be Roman soldiers–but which are really robots controlled by Vandal Savage, who intends to steal Superman's power to reignite his lost immortality. Green Lantern, meanwhile, comes under the sway of an evil manipulator (Psycho-Pirate) after Alan Scott loses the Gotham Broadcasting Company to a repossession. After Vandal Savage is defeated he is abducted by two shadowy figures and does not return to Earth-2 for almost a decade. [All-Star #64-65]
  • At some point during this year, Mike Dugan, son of Pat and Maggie Dugan, is born. [Infinity Inc. #11]

July, 1977

  • The Injustice Society has captured Hourman and Wildcat, and challenges the Justice Society to free them in battle after they return from the 6th century from their last case. Dr. Fate returns to assist the JSA after recovering from near death after some weeks, and they defeat the Injustice Society members. Then the Justice Society rescues Wildcat from the Underlord, a subterranean despot who seeks to stop the surface world's plundering of his resources and who had allied himself with the Injustice Society. [All-Star #66-67]
  • After their defeat, members of the Injustice Society (the Wizard, the Fiddler, the Icicle, and the Thinker) decide to try a different tactic, reasoning that they're psychologically conditioned to be beaten by the JSA again and again. The Fiddler opens up a dimensional portal to Earth-1 and sends the Wizard there, where he becomes a founding member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, but slowly loses his powers, until he replaces them with the sorcerers' treasures, and eventually becomes the leader. [“The Plunder Plan,” Secret Society of Super-Villains #12 (January, 1978); “Attend or Die,” Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 (June, 1976)]

August, 1977

  • Green Lantern, under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate, wrecks a Gotham airport and battles the rest of the Justice Society. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne issues an All-Points Bulletin for the arrest of the JSA. [All-Star #68]
  • While visiting Earth-1 a handful of JSA, as well as JLA, members are abducted from the 20th century by the evil wizard Mordru and brought to the 30th century, where they are used as pawns with the Legion of Super-Heroes so he can summon the arch-demons Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast. The three demons overtake Mordru but are divided in opinion for the first time ever; they each use the champions of the LSH (Abnegazar), the JSA (Rath), and the JLA (Ghast) to battle each other for supremacy. [JLA #147-148]
  • The Justice Society return from their mission with the Justice League only to find Bruce Wayne ordering their arrest, and five of their teammates there to enforce it. It is then revealed that Wayne is also under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate in his actions, and Dr. Fate frees him. [All-Star #69]
  • On the first anniversary of the death of her mother, Selina Wayne (nee Kyle), Helena Wayne publically debuts as the Huntress. As the bulk of the Justice Society members go their various ways, only Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat are left to cope with the Strike Force's attack on a Gotham bank, until the Huntress appears to aid them. Star-Spangled Kid is kidnapped by the Strike Force, and discovers that its leader is his own nephew; after his nephew is defeated the Star-Spangled Kid resigns from the JSA in order to put his life back together again. Alan Scott begins working as an engineer at Keystone Research Labs in Keystone City. [All-Star #70-71]
  • Power Girl battles a gang of costumed crooks menacing Gotham City, but is ill-equipped to deal with the attack of the Symbioship, which brought her from Krypton to Earth and seeks to capture her and force her back into an illusion of life on Krypton; she destroys it to defeat it. Reporter Andrew Vinson of the Daily Globe and Wonder Woman help Power Girl to establish a new identity for herself as software specialist Karen Starr, who gets a job working for the Ultimate Computer Corporation. The Brain Wave has captured Flash and Green Lantern and has seemingly eradicated Keystone City, and threatens to do the same to other JSA members' home cities unless the heroes are surrendered to him for execution. [Showcase #97-99]
  • The Huntress becomes the newest member of the JSA, replacing the absent Star-Spangled Kid, and the JSA is back to seven members (Flash, Green Lantern, Wildcat, Power Girl, Huntress, Hawkman, Doctor Fate) [All-Star #72]

December, 1977

February, 1978

  • The Huntress travels to Earth-1, where she meets the Earth-1 Batman, Robin, Batwoman, and Batgirl, and assists Batwoman and Batgirl in capturing the Earth-1 Catwoman and Poison Ivy. [Batman Family #17 (May, 1978)]

April, 1978

  • While the Justice Society tries to capture the Thorn and save the life of Wildcat, whom she has poisoned, the Huntress faces her villainous namesake in the JSA headquarters building. With Wildcat dying from poison, the Justice Society must find a way to save him while fighting the Thorn, the Huntress, and the Sportsmaster. Hawkman begins wearing a new hawk-helmet. [All-Star #72-73]

June, 1978

  • June 8: Helena Wayne (the Huntress) graduates from Harvard Law School just four months shy of 21 years old. A legal prodigy, she is immediately made a partner in the law firm (or public interest research group) of Cranston and Grayson – now renamed Cranston, Grayson, and Wayne – which specializes in consumer law. [“A Choice of Destinies,” Batman Family #18 (June-July, 1978)]
  • The Master Summoner tells the assembled membership of the Justice Society (minus Mr. Terrific, Wildcat, Batman and the Spectre) that, unless they “act wisely and well”, a cosmic imbalance will destroy their Earth. [All-Star #74]

July, 1978

  • The Wizard convinces the Secret Society to go along with his plan to eliminate the Justice Society members one-by-one from Earth-2, where they now reside, starting with the less powerful members. They are successful in capturing the Atom (beaten by the Blockbuster), Dr. Mid-Nite (captured by the Reverse-Flash and the Floronic Man), and Mister Terrific (beaten by the Blockbuster). Then the five main members of the Secret Society attack and capture Mr. Terrific on Earth-Two. [Secret Society of Super-Villains #15, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2, “Justice Society of America: Times Past, 1978: The Redundant Rogues”]
  • The Lord of Time attacks the annual JLA-JSA meeting with five heroes from Earth-One's past (Jonah Hex, Viking Prince, Miss Liberty, Black Pirate, Enemy Ace). (July 15th) [JLA #159-160]

August, 1978

December, 1978

  • In Blue Valley, Nebraska, 19-year-old Frances Kane manifests her magnetic powers for the first time, causing a car accident that kills her father and older brother. Unknown to anyone at the time, her latent powers were awakened by Nuclear the Magnetic Marauder, whose intentions for doing so remain unknown. [Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame]

February, 1979

  • Robin reveals to the Huntress that he knows her secret identity of Helena Wayne, though Bruce Wayne is supposedly unaware of her secret. [Adventure Comics #461]
  • Bill Jensen, an escaped convict who suddenly possesses great magical power, begins threatening all of Gotham City from the top of one of the Twin Towers, demanding that Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne present himself. As the JSA comes forward to battle his newfound power and find themselves unprepared for it, Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl of the Batman for the first time since his wife's death. As the Batman and Jensen battle, Jensen recognizes Wayne through his ripped mask, and his hatred caused the magical energies to kill himself and Wayne at once as the Huntress looked on. Bruce Wayne is buried the very next day in a huge public ceremony, as his other identity of the Batman was exposed to the world. Helena makes Dick promise never to become the Batman himself. Note: As revealed in America Vs. the Justice Society #4, Bruce Wayne secretly had cancer and would have died within the year, explaining why he was ready to sacrifice his life so readily, rather than find another way to defeat Bill Jensen. [Adventure #461; “Only Legends Live Forever,” Adventure Comics #462 (April, 1979)]
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Fate leads a few JSAers to investigate the source of Jensen's sudden magical powers. After a search in which they are overcome by magical creations, they learn that the sorcerer Fredric Vaux was responsible for granting Jensen the power to kill the Batman merely as one step in his plans. Vaux also attempted to erase the memories of the populace of the world that heroes ever existed, causing the the Batman to be forgotten by all, even erased from material records. After Vaux was defeated, Dr. Fate used Vaux's spell to his advantage to erase the memory of Bruce Wayne and the Batman being the same individual, thereby also preserving the secret identities of Robin and the Huntress [“The Night of the Soul Thief,” Adventure Comics #463 (June, 1979]
  • Clancy O'Hara, Gotham City's longtime Police Chief, is appointed as Police Commissioner of Gotham City after Bruce Wayne's death. [“Always Leave 'Em Laughing,” Wonder Woman #281 (July, 1981)]

April, 1979

  • Ted Grant, whose wounds have now fully healed, goes out at night and, as Wildcat, stops a man from being robbed with the help of a teenager named Charlie Bullock. Wildcat is inspired enough to leave the JSA and reopen Grant's Gym in order to start training the next generation of heroes like him. [Adventure #464]

August, 1979

  • The JSA searches Gotham City for a poison capsule stolen by blackmailers which has the ability to kill everyone in the city. Mr. Terrific shows up to rejoin the JSA just in time for the annual teamup with Earth-1's JLA. [Adventure #465]
  • Death of Mr. Terrific, slain by the Spirit King, possessing the body of Jay Garrick. Note: Mister Terrific's death is stated to occur six months after Batman's death. [JLA #171]

October, 1979

  • Norda Cantrell, now 15 years old, travels all the way from Feithera to Washington, D.C., where he meets his dying grandmother, who thinks he is his father, Dr. Fred Cantrell, come back as an angel. After getting struck by a bullet, Norda then meets his godparents, Carter and Shiera Hall, and their son Hector, in Westchester County, New York, who nurse him back to health and bring him back to Feithera.

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