Timeline of Earth-2 (prehistory to 1920s)

c. 1 million B.C.

  • A super-civilization exists on Earth, powered by atomic energy. About one million years before 1949 A.D., the Fire People of the Yellow Comet destroy all human life on Earth except for a small remnant of survivors who become primitives. [All-Star #49]

c. 500,000 B.C.

  • The Lord of Order later known on Earth as Nabu the Wise is born around this time on the planet Cilia. [Doctor Fate, More Fun Comics #67 (May, 1941)]

c. 100,000 B.C.

  • A highly advanced super-race located in deepest Africa mysteriously dies out, ruled by four kings given by their brilliant scientists the powers of telepathic control and teleportation. Senor Prince, Mr. Monarch, the Masked One, and Mr. Crown survive in suspended animation until 1949. Note: This civilization is specifically not Atlantis but an unnamed one that was probably wiped out long before Atlantis was founded. [All-Star #52]
  • The Nyarl-Amen Dynasty exists around this time, a worldwide empire ruled from Nyarl-Amen's sea city beneath the waves and populated by fish-men who have human bodies with fish heads and wield tridents that shoot bolts of lightning. Note: The Nyarl-Amen Dynasty is said to have existed 50,000 years ago in one instance, and 100,000 years ago in another, but it fits better as a more ancient civilization. [Doctor Fate, More Fun Comics #65 (March, 1941)]

c. 50,000 B.C.

  • Cro-Magnon Vandar Adg is bathed in the radiation of a newly fallen meteor, unknowingly making him immortal. He adopts the name Vandal Savage. Nearby, Vandar Adg's sworn enemy, a member of the unique prehistoric tribe who were indeed the world's very first metahumans, is also affected by the radiation on this the day of what was intended to be their final confrontation; this man becomes Immortal Man with the power to come back from the dead in a brand-new body, complete with certain powers provided by the amulet he wears on his neck.
  • A caveman named Rog dons a mask made from the head of a saber-tooth tiger to fight evil in the Stone Age as “probably the world's first lawman,” Tiger Man. [Batman #93]
  • The time-lost 20th century hero named the Star-Spangled Kid hides for a short time from a tribe of prehistoric men. He is rescued by Aquaman, Wildcat, and the Earth-1 Green Lantern. [“And One of Us Must Die,” Justice League of America #102 (October, 1972).]
  • Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Professor Zool, the Holliday Girls, and Giganta are all thrown into the past from 1944 by Professor Zool's “electronic evolutionizer”. They encounter Queen Darla and King Aros, and aid them against Giganta's treachery. [Wonder Woman #9]

c. 30,000 B.C.

  • The continent of Pacifico (also called Mu) exists in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and a great scientific civilization exists there. [2nd story, Superman #4 (Spring, 1940)]

c. 10,000 B.C.

  • In ancient Atlantis, Vandal Savage founds a secret society that is a forerunner of a separate later group, the Illuminati.

9,638 B.C.

  • Atlantis is a super-scientific city with all manner of flying crafts and modern weaponry, ruled by Queen Atlantea. Just as Atlantis under Atlantea's direction prepares to conquer all the nations of the world, Green Lantern arrives for a brief visit just in time to witness Atlantis sinking into the sea and being utterly destroyed in the cataclysm. [All-Star #53]
  • When Atlantis sinks, a large portion of it survives when it is trapped by a large air pocket beneath the crust of the Earth under the Atlantic Ocean. This Atlantis eventually becomes home to a race of large, Amazon-like females acting as its rulers and warriors, and smaller, weaker men. [Wonder Woman #8]

7,049 B.C.

  • Wonder Woman travels back in time from the year 1951 to the ancient kingdom of Mu to stop the destructive bombing of Paradise Island in the present. She battles Prince Ghu. [Wonder Woman #49]
  • Shortly after this encounter, Mu sinks, only a thousand inhabitants of the island surviving in suspended animation, reviving in 1947 to battle Hawkman.

c. 7,000 B.C.

  • Osira and Hefnakhti arrive on Earth from the stars and bring a kind of peace to the world. Eventually they settle in ancient Egypt and found the Egyptian empire there. [“This War Has Been Cancelled,” Wonder Woman #231 (May, 1977); “A Duel of Gods,” Wonder Woman #232 (June, 1977)]

c. 4,000 B.C.

  • Bobby and his sister Binks are looking into the “Magic Crystal of History” when suddenly they find themselves in ancient Egypt. They encounter King Tut and observe the Great Pyramid being built. [More Fun #1]

c. 3,500 B.C.

  • The Lord of Order known as Nabu the Wise is exiled to Earth from the planet Cilia, landing in the region later called Mesopotamia. There Nabu dons a human form and becomes a guardian of mankind for centuries.

3,354 B.C.

c. 3,000 B.C.

  • A race of bird-people inspire the Egyptians to create their mythology. These bird-people leave to establish Feithera.
  • Osira and Hefnakhti are overthrown by an Egyptian priest named Anankh, who conspires to drain their energies and imprison them in a pyramid for at least 3,000 years. Note: This may take place circa 1,000 B.C. [“This War Has Been Cancelled,” Wonder Woman #231 (May, 1977); “A Duel of Gods,” Wonder Woman #232 (June, 1977)]

c. 2,700 B.C.

  • Vandal Savage is a king in ancient Sumer. [Flash #137]

26th century B.C.??

  • In Egypt, the time-lost 20th century hero named Stripesy is forced into slavery for a few weeks before he is rescued by Hourman, Starman, and the Earth-1 Batman. [“Showcase: Stripesy: Times Past, 1948: Danger in Ancient Egypt”; “The Hand That Shook the World,” Justice League of America #101 (September, 1972).]

c. 2,580 B.C.

  • Vandal Savage and Kulak both pose as Cheops (Khufu), ruler of Egypt. Vandal Savage purportedly rules Egypt from 2551 to 2528, ordering the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. He apparently continues his rule by masquerading as his own son, Khafre. [Flash #137]

2,209 B.C.

2,030 B.C.

  • In the Egyptian city of Bubastis, the mad priest Khalis slays the followers of Bast in the name of the god Anubis, who grants Khalis the Amulet of Anubis as a reward for his service. Using the Amulet to take control of an army of slaves, Khalis forces them to build a mighty pyramid in homage to Anubis. Finally, one day Nabu the Wise arrives and defeats Khalis, stripping him of the Amulet, and the slaves mummifies Khalis alive. Anubis vows that Khalis will know “life-in-death” (as a living mummy) for all time until he has recovered the Amulet of Anubis. [“Dr. Fate,” First Issue Special #9 (December, 1975)]

c. 1,500 B.C.

  • Green Arrow travels back in time to meet Diana the Huntress [Adventure #111]

1,567 B.C.

  • In Egypt, Prince Khufu-Maat-Kha-Tar and his beloved Chay-Ara are assassinated by Hath-Set, priest of the god Anubis. 3,500 years later, they will be reincarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders.

c. 1,300 B.C.

  • The Greek goddess Aphrodite creates a new, all-female race of Amazons approximately 2,500 in number, led by Queen Hippolyta and living in the city of Themiscyra in the nation of Amazonia on the Black Sea in what is now Turkey. After Hippolyta is humiliated by Hercules, the goddess transports the Amazons to Paradise Island, where they have no further contact with “Man's World” for more than 3,000 years. While on Paradise Island, the Amazons do not age and are effectively immortal. Note: The Earth-2 Amazons never used the incorrectly spelled name of Themyscira (should be Themiscyra) for Paradise Island. [All-Star #8]

Circa 1,250 B.C.

  • The spirit of 18th century pirate Cap'n Skull inhabits his direct ancestor Paris, prince of Troy, and abducts Helen, beginning the Trojan War. [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]
  • After Paris (possessed by Cap'n Skull) slays Achilles, the Spectre from 1967 A.D. defeats him by numbing him with natural gas long enough for Philoctetes to kill him with an arrow. The Spectre takes Cap'n Skull's ghost back into the time vortex. [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]
  • The time-lost 20th century hero Speedy is transformed by Circe into a centaur for a few weeks before he is cured and rescued by the Red Tornado II, the Earth-1 Flash, and Zatanna. [“Showcase: Speedy: Times Past, 1948: Transformations”; “And One of Us Must Die,” Justice League of America #102 (October, 1972).]

c. 1,190 B.C.

  • The Amazons take it upon themselves to rescue abandoned Spartan female babies, transporting them to the distant planet Infanta. Abandoned male babies are taken to the planet Duxo by agents of Mars. [Wonder Woman #37]
  • The Amazons banish the sorceress Circe to the planet Sorca. [Wonder Woman #37]
  • Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Professor Zool, the Holliday Girls, and Giganta travel to Amazonia from 1944 (a detour on their way back from c. 50,000 B.C.) and help the Amazons defeat a Greek invasion force led by Odysseus and Achilles (who evidently survived the Trojan War on Earth-2). [Wonder Woman #9]

c. 1,050 B.C.

  • People of ancient Babylon revere a hero named Zorn. [Batman #102]

c. 350 B.C.

  • Alexander the Great is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3]

331 B.C.

  • Per Degaton travels back in time from 1947 to help the Persian king Darius defeat Alexander the Great in the Battle of Arbela, changing history. The JSA later travels back in time to thwart Degaton, restoring history to its original course. [All-Star #35]

c. 300 B.C.

  • After 3,000 years of battling the forces of Chaos on Earth, Nabu the Wise's human shell is worn out from service. In an attempt to heal his psychic wounds, this Lord of Order places himself in suspended animation for more than 2,000 years in an Egyptian-style pyramid built in the Valley of Ur in Chaldea. [“This Immortal Destiny,” DC Special Series #10 (1978); “The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate,” All-Star Squadron #47 (July, 1985)]

c. 225 B.C.

  • The Crimson Avenger and Wing land in China, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, and help defend against a Japanese invasion before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8]

84 B.C.

  • The Winds of Time send Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls to Rome from the year 1946. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor follow, and Wonder Woman battle General Lucius Cornelius Sulla. [Wonder Woman #17]

71 B.C.

  • The Atom and Hawkman briefly visit ancient Rome and inadvertently spurn Spartacus to begin his rebellion. [All-Star #53]

51 B.C.

  • Wonder Woman travels to China from 1949 to investigate a Chinese mummy found carrying an Amazon shield. While there, she stops a Tartar invasion of China and builds the Great Wall of China for protection. [Wonder Woman #37]

Late 1st century B.C.

  • Vandal Savage rules Rome, adopting the identity of Gaius Julius Caesar. He later fakes his own death in 44 B.C. Note: It's possible that Vandal Savage shared Caesar's identity with the real Caesar.
  • The Vigilante, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meets Caesar in the period before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8]
  • In 50 B.C., Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls are transported to Rome from the year 1946 by a “time monster.” Wonder Woman meets Julius Caesar and helps him defeat a band of renegades attacking Rome. [Wonder Woman #20]
  • The Starheart falls in China as a green, glowing meteorite. It is found by a blacksmith named Chang, who fashions it into a lantern. When Chang is killed by superstitious neighbors, the lantern slays his attackers with a burst of energy.

1st century A.D.

  • The Roman centurion Longinus uses his spear to pierce the side of Christ as he hangs on the cross. In future years it becomes known as the Spear of Destiny. [Weird War Tales #50/John 19:34.
  • The Roman emperor Nero is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3]
  • Wonder Woman travels to Britain from 1946 to help Queen Boadicea battle Roman soldiers. [Sensation #60]

c. 450

  • Doctor Mid-Nite and Wonder Woman, time traveling from 1950, briefly encounter Attila the Hun. [All-Star #53]
  • Attila the Hun is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3]

mid 6th century

  • The era of King Arthur and Camelot.
  • The Shining Knight enters suspended animation and awakens in the 20th century. He eventually (with the help of Merlin's magic) begins to make periodic jaunts home from 1947 on, and takes a young man named Butch as his squire.
  • Wonder Woman travels to Camelot from 1952 and helps King Arthur defeat the evil Merlin (possibly Vandal Savage posing as him) and rescue Queen Guinevere [Wonder Woman #54]
  • The JSA travel to Camelot from February 1977 and battle (the 20th century) Vandal Savage, who masquerades briefly as King Arthur. [All-Star #65]
  • Batman visits from 1946 and is knighted by Arthur after clearing Merlin of a charge of treason and revealing Mordred as a spy for Morgan Le Fey. {Batman #36]
  • Wildcat visits after being given an elixer by a mysterious dwarf.

8th century

  • Arak and Valda have adventures [Arak #1-50]

c. 10th century

  • The Crier, a villain of ancient Baghdad who always weeps as he steals, plunders the city [Batman #49]
  • The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, are on hand when Leif Ericcson and Eric the Red discover North America before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8]
  • The time-lost 20th century gunslinger named the Vigilante defends himself against American Indians for a some time before he is rescued by Black Canary, Johnny Thunder, and the Earth-1 Green Arrow. [“And One of Us Must Die,” Justice League of America #102 (October, 1972).]

11th century

  • In Persia, Vandal Savage's secret organization, formed in ancient Atlantis, takes the name “the Illuminati”.
  • About the year 1070, the followers of Hassan Ibn Sadah, founder of a sect of assassins, slay many high-ranking men in Persia. The line continues until the year 1940 when Ibn Sadah's descendent is executed by Hawkman. [Flash #5]
  • In 1086, Wonder Woman travels from 1955 to the kingdom of Prince Alain to restore him to the throne and defeat the Black Baron [Wonder Woman #72]

late 12th century

  • In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor. He is visited by the golden age Flash briefly as well as Batman and Robin from 1946 briefly [Detective #116].
  • The time-lost 20th century archer named Green Arrow poses as Robin Hood before he is rescued by Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wonder Woman. [“Green Arrow: Times Past, 1948: The Ballad of Green Arrow”; “The Hand That Shook the World,” Justice League of America #101 (September, 1972).]

13th century

  • The Mongol warrior named Temujin becomes Genghis Khan, becoming the prince of the Mongols and leading their invasion of China. He twice, in the early 1160's and year 1237, encounters a time-traveling Flash, who saves his life and is rewarded with his sword. [intended for All-Star #58, unpublished; synopsis appears in The All-Star Companion].
  • Genghis Khan is also brought from this era to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3]
  • The time-lost 20th century hero named the Shining Knight loses his memory and serves under Genghis Khan for some time before he is rescued by the Sandman, the Earth-1 Superman, and Metamorpho. [“The Hand That Shook the World,” Justice League of America #101 (September, 1972).]
  • Vandal Savage impersonates Khan for a period, later claiming to be the man himself. [Flash #137]
  • Roger Bacon travels from 1255 to June, 1955 to discern whether the future will be good or evil. [Detective #220]
  • Wonder Woman travels from 1948 to the kingdom of Barania in the year 1270 to stop Count Gaston from killing the country's rightful ruler, King Philippe. [Wonder Woman #27]


  • The Flash and Black Canary briefly visit Samarkand and encounter Tamurlane, from June 1950. [All-Star #53]

c. 15th century

  • A scholar named Galio finds the Four Wonders of Alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixer of Youth, the Universal Solvent, and the secret of Perpetual Motion. [All-Star #42]
  • In Mexico, the time-lost 20th century hero named the Crimson Avenger loses his memory and, for a few weeks, is convinced he is the Aztec war god Huitzilopochtli. He is cured and rescued by Dr. Fate, the Earth-1 Atom, and the Elongated Man. [“The Crimson Avenger: Times Past, 1948: Losing Myself”; “The Unknown Soldier of Victory,” Justice League of America #100 (August, 1972).]
  • The Shining Knight, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meets Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo builds a time machine that Sir Justin uses to rescue the other timelost 7SoV. [Leading #8]
  • In the late 1400's, using the time machine of his own design, Leonardo Da Vinci brings Wonder Woman to Florence from 1953 to end the rule of the evil Duke Perilosa. [Wonder Woman #57]
  • In 1451, Wonder Woman travels to Mainz, Germany from 1954, where she saves Johannes Gutenberg's printing press from being destroyed by criminals. [Wonder Woman #69]
  • In 1492, Vandal Savage orchestrates the election of Rodrigo Borgia to the Papacy, and Borgia becomes Pope Alexander VI, one of the worst popes in history.
  • In 1492, Wonder Woman travels back in time from 1954 and prevents Christopher Columbus' ships from being destroyed by a prehistoric water dinosaur. [Wonder Woman #69]


  • Vandal Savage replaces the real Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, and marries Lucrezia Borgia in order to become closer to the Borgia clan for his own purposes.


  • Vandal Savage, as Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, murders his wife, Lucrezia Borgia, covering up her death by claiming it was due to complications after the birth of their last child. In reality, he killed her after securing one thing he'd sought from the Borgias – a star sapphire said to have mystical powers. Savage remains in this identity for another 15 years, using it to plot intrigue, until he fakes his death in 1534 and leaves the country for Spain to establish the new identity of Vandalo Salvaje, eventually becoming admiral of the Spanish Armada.


  • Wonder Woman travels from the year 1954 to the kingdom of Sardonia, where she impersonates Queen Niana. [Wonder Woman #63]


  • Wonder Woman travels to Tegurana Island from 1955 to rescue John Keigh from natives. [Wonder Woman #72]
  • Hawkman visits the astrologer Nostredamus, seeking his crystal ball. [intended for All-Star #58, unpublished; synopsis appears in The All-Star Companion].


  • Jon Valor becomes the Black Pirate. [Sensation #1]
  • The Lord of Time briefly transports him to 1978 to battle the JLA and the JSA. [JLA #159]
  • As Vandalo Salvaje, admiral of the Spanish Armada, Vandal Savage leads the Spanish Armada in a failed campaign against Sir Francis Drake.


  • The events of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. Green Arrow and Speedy, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meet the Three Musketeers before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8]
  • At this time also, Superman, Batman and Robin (1696 in the story) travel back in time through the use of Prof. Carter's ray in 1956 and help the Three Musketeers out. [World's Finest #82]


  • The pirate Capt. Storm buries a fortune in jewels on land that will become the site of the Holliday College for Women in Washington, D.C. [Wonder Woman #48]


  • For years a religious sect in a small town in provincial England worships the demon Nawor, but their prayers remain unanswered until a man named Zebabeb Dodson discovers that they have been worshipping Nawor incorrectly, and they must use certain ancient talismans in order for their pleas to be heard. But before they can secure those talismans, the demonologists are driven out of their homes by angry villagers, and they flee to the new world. Avoiding the colonies of Jamestown, Plymouth, and Charlestown, the colonists sail down a long, broad river and on a strip of land establish Rood Point. The colonists befriend a tribe of Native Americans in order to steal ancient talismans needed for worship, but when the theft is found out, they are attacked. Before they are slaughtered, Dodson appeals to Nawor for help, but the demon only has the power to restore four of them to life for one day each century. The colonists are wiped out, and Rood Point is left abandoned for at least another century before Gateway City is founded at the site. Note: Rood Point is known as the Old Quarter of Gateway City by the 20th century. Rood Point is loosely based on the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina, which is the state in which Gateway City resides (see The Spectre #1), and is likely located along the Chowan River. [“Pilgrims of Peril,” The Spectre #6 (September-October, 1968)]


  • Wonder Woman travels to Puritan America from 1948 to rescue one of the Holliday Girls who has arrived in the era and been convicted of witchcraft. [Sensation #73]


  • Keith Everet, the Earl of Strethmere, is killed by a band of itinerant rogues. [Sensation #1]


  • Captain Skull, pirate captain of the ship Bonny Venture, begins robbing and looting in the vicinity of the Caribbean Sea and off the Carolina coast. He is active until 1764. [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]


  • A time monster sweeps Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the Holiday Girls to Charleston, South Carolina from 1946. Wonder Woman defeats a band of pirates while there. [Wonder Woman #20]
  • A member of the Drake family begins service “in the original London police – the Bow Street Runners, under John Fielding,” initiating a nearly two-hundred year family tradition in law enforcement. [DC Special Series #10]


  • Cap'n Skull, pirate captain of the Bonny Venture, buries his treasure near Rood Point on the future site of Gateway City in North Carolina. He is soon drawn forward in time to 1967, where he inhabits the body of his descendant, Ambassador Joseph Clanton, before battling the Spectre throughout time as he possesses the bodies of several ancestors. Note: This story indicates that Gateway City is located near the coastline rather than very far inland. It is likely located on the Carolina coast, probably in North Carolina (see The Spectre #6). [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]


  • American colonist Jeremy Coe is the first known man to use the batcave as his headquarters as he attempts to avert warfare between colonists and Indians while disguising himself. [Detective #205]


  • In the extinct colony of Rood Point near Gateway City, the ghosts of four colonists come to life for one day in search of four ancient talismans, but only manage to find three of them before fading away once more to wait for another hundred years to pass. [“Pilgrims of Peril,” The Spectre #6 (September-October, 1968)]

18th century

  • Abel Adams becomes Captain Lightfoot, and confiscates shipments of contraband guns to help avert warfare between the colonists and Indians. [Batman #79]
  • Elizabeth Lynn becomes Miss Liberty (ancestor of Libby Lawrence/Liberty Belle).
  • The Lord of Time briefly transports her to 1978 to battle the JLA and the JSA. [JLA #159]


  • Wonder Woman travels to Boston from 1954 to prevent British agents from stopping Paul Revere's ride [Wonder Woman #69]. She also travels to the American West from 1951 to discover why a totem pole carved in this year bears her likeness. [Wonder Woman #47].


  • On July 4th, Uncle Sam, the Spirit of America, is born from the spirit of a slain American named Samuel.


  • Suspecting that a friend's hatred of men stems from a past life, Wonder Woman travels to Scotland from 1947 to learn the cause. [Comic Cavalcade #24]


  • The events of Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein.


  • As Marshal Sauvage, Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Napoleon. [Flash #137]
  • During this period, Napoleon is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3]

Late 19th century

  • Hannibal Hawkes becomes the Nighthawk.
  • The Masked Ranger has first public case [Jim Chambers] [More Fun #36]
  • The man known as Rodeo Rick briefly becomes the Masked Stranger. [Western #58]


  • Using the magic sphere, Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons learns that she will one day have a daughter who will be known as Wonder Woman in the world of men. Seeing that women in the South American city of Cochabamba are about to be destroyed by conquistadores, Hippolyte summons Wonder Woman to help them. [Sensation #70]


  • The events of Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket; Arthur Gordon Pym finds the Dzyan.


  • Don Fernando Suarez becomes the original El Castigo, the Whip.
  • After Etta Candy has been swept back in time from 1946 to the Old West, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor follow and rescue her. [Wonder Woman #17]


  • Captain Rip Carter, the “White Dragon”, liberates China.


  • August 1: The Globe Leader newspaper of New York City publishes its first issue. [“The Old-Fashioned Crimes,” Detective Comics #73]


  • The Daily Star newspaper is founded in Metropolis. Note: In the original story, this newspaper is the Daily Planet, but Earth-2's version of the Daily Planet is named the Daily Star. [World's Finest Comics #13]


  • Wonder Woman travels from 1949 to the western town of Twin Peaks to learn how her name was written in a diary from that year. Once there, she battles Jabez Dexter. [Sensation #87]


  • Arthur Gordon Pym becomes Captain Nemo.


  • In Gateway City's Old Quarter, the ghosts of four colonists come to life for one day and locate the fourth of four ancient talismans, but run out of time before they can use them, fading away once more to wait for another hundred years to pass. [“Pilgrims of Peril,” The Spectre #6 (September-October, 1968)]

late 1870

  • Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Prince Otto Von Bismarck, the premier and later chancellor of Prussia. Savage orchestrates Bismarck's victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871) and consolidation of the German states. [Flash #137]


  • Cyrus Gold is murdered in Slaughter Swamp near Gotham City. His corpse later is reanimated as Solomon Grundy. [Alfred Bester] [All-American #61]
  • December 25: Hugo Danner is born to Abednego and Matilda Danner in Indian Creek, Colorado. Thanks to his scientist father's experimentation on him, Hugo displays super-strength, super-speed, and invulnerability over the next few years. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


  • Bucko Benjamin of Gateway City, one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, is a hero of the Spanish-American War. A statue of Bucko Benjamin is later erected in Gateway Park in Gateway City. [“The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull,” The Spectre #1 (November-December, 1967)]


  • On December 31st, Zator, a member of a group of mystics called the Seven rescue two infants – a male named Osgood Armsby and an unnamed female – from sacrifice to the evil extraterrestrial being Koth by a cult in Missouri. The two infants are raised in another dimension and as adults take the names Doctor Occult and Rose Psychic.


  • Jules Verne travels from here to March 1956 to assist Batman and Robin in constructing a weapon capable of defeating the villainous Simak [Batman #98]


  • Professor Challenger's and Lord John Roxton's expedition to The Lost World, as related by Edward Malone (edited by Arthur Conan Doyle).
  • Wonder Woman travels to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina from 1954, where she smashes a meteor that is about to destroy the Wright Brothers plane. [Wonder Woman #69]


  • Alex Olsen, the 16-year-old son of Cyrus Gold (adopted by shopkeeper Bartholomew Olsen who married his mother, and raised in Metropolis with his step-siblings) is murdered by the same man who murdered his father. His corpse is later reanimated as Kid Grundy. [“Junior JSA: The Junior Injustice Society”]


  • January 17: Kent Nelson is born in the United States to Swedish archeologist Dr. Sven Nelson and his American wife Celeste.


  • Perkins (Arthur Gordon Pym) builds Leviathan which is used to sink the Titanic.
  • Hugo Danner graduates from high school in Indian Creek, Colorado, and heads to the Eastern college of Webster University, where he joins the football team. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]
  • Anna Blake marries John Munro.


  • March 11: Lee Walter Travis, the future Crimson Avenger, is born. [1976 Super DC Calendar; Infinity Inc. #11]
  • Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie first cross paths with Dr. Fu Manchu. [The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu]
  • Hugo Danner accidentally kills a man during a college football match; he leaves Webster University and begins traveling. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


  • July 28: The Great War (World War I) breaks out with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia.
  • Hugo Danner, while traveling through France with his best friend Tom Shayne, joins the French Foreign Legion to fight in the Great War. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


  • Bruce Wayne is born in Gotham City to Thomas and Martha Wayne. [America Vs. the JSA #1]
  • Charles McNider is born in New York City to Matthew McNider. [What's My Motivation?; Death Has Many Doors]
  • Ted Knight is born in Opal City.


  • February 29: Kal-L is born on Krypton to Jor-L and Lora.
  • September 22: Kara Zor-L is born on Krypton to Zor-L and Allura.


  • Captain Desmo, while still in his teens, leads a flight of Allied planes during World War I, becoming known as a fearless fighter. [New Adventure Comics #26]
  • June 16: Krypton is destroyed when the planet explodes.
  • Kal-L is saved when Jor-L sends him in a rocket-ship to Earth, a trip that takes only a few days. Landing on Earth near Smallville, he is rescued by an elderly couple named John and Mary Kent, who leave him at an orphanage, then return to adopt him and raise him as their son, Clark. Clark Kent does not learn of his alien origins until 1949.
  • Kara Zor-L is saved when Zor-L sends her in the Symbioship to Earth, a trip that takes nearly 60 years, during which time Kara ages only 20 years and experiences her those twenty subjective years in a virtual reality in which she grows up on a Krypton that did not explode. Kara does not reach Earth until 1974.


  • While fighting in the trenches, Hugo Danner's entire squad is wiped out. Hugo goes crazy and lets loose for the first time, using his super-strength to slaughter the opposing Germans. He awakes in the hospital and determines to slay Kaiser Wilhelm to end the war, but the Armistice is called that ends the war. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]
  • November 11: The Great War (World War I) ends with the Armistice.


  • April to Autumn: Hugo Danner, now working as a bank clerk, uses his super-strength to free a trapped man locked in a safe. Instead of receiving thanks, he is arrested and interrogated by police, who want to know how he opened the safe. He escapes and takes to the road. Eventually, he returns to Indian Creek, Colorado, and is present when his father Abednego dies. Hugo finds the scientific notebooks describing the procedure that had given him his powers. Hugo makes love to his old girlfriend, Anna Munro, and she becomes pregnant. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


  • Hugo Danner confronts the corrupt lobbyist Melcher in Washington. Gives aid to the disarmament fight. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]
  • Noted Swedish-born archeologist Sven Nelson, accompanied by his twelve-year-old son Kent Nelson, conducts the British Museum-sponsored excavation of an Egyptian-style pyramid in the Valley of Ur in Iraq (known to archeologists as Mesopotamia), hoping to find clues to prove his theory that people from another planet built both the pyramids of Egypt and the ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Upon opening the sarcophagus of Nabu the Wise, Kent inadvertently releases poison gas, which immediately slays his father. Taking pity on the boy, Nabu removes the boy's grief over his father's death with a touch, then takes him to a hidden dimension and schools him in the ways of mysticism and the secrets of the universe for the next fifteen years. [Doctor Fate, More Fun Comics #67 (May, 1941); “Dr. Fate,” First Issue Special #9 (December, 1975); “This Immortal Destiny,” DC Special Series #10 (1978); “The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate,” All-Star Squadron #47 (July, 1985)]
  • August: Arnold Munro is born to John and Anna Munro (although his real father is Hugo Danner) in Indian Creek, Colorado. Arn inherits the same super-powers of his father.


  • Hugo Danner meets with radical Skorvsky and fails to save the lives of Davidoff and Pletzky, who are executed by the state. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]
  • Winter: Hugo Danner joins Prof. Daniel Hardin's expedition to the Yucatan. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


  • July: Prof. Daniel Hardin discovers that Hugo Danner possesses super-powers when Hugo saves his life. Shortly thereafter, Hugo Danner is struck by lightning and supposedly dies. In reality, he takes this opportunity and fakes his death by replacing his body with that of a dead native also struck by lightning. [The Gladiator, by Philip Wylie]


June, 1924

December, 1924


December, 1926

  • December 13: Sylvester Pemberton is born. [All-Star #70; Infinity Inc. #19]


  • Bruce Wayne dons a red and green medieval-inspired costume and the nickname of Robin as he assists police detective Harvey Harris while being trained to be a detective. [Detective #226]


  • April 10: Dinah Drake is born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Drake.
  • September 26: Sanderson “Sandy” McGann Hawkins is born.
  • November 11: Richard “Dick” Grayson is born to John and Mary Grayson. [Last Days of the JSA]


  • Jason L. Rogers, who has a split personality, becomes the criminal Monster for the first time but does not realize he and the villain are one and the same. The Monster and his hired guns rob his own factory, murdering the watchmen in the process. After his wife sees a homemade movie of herself and Rogers, she dies of fright as she realizes that Rogers must be the Monster. After showing the same movie at his club, Rogers loses all of his friends and vows never to show that film again. [“The Movie that Changed a Man's Life,” All-Star Comics #20 (Spring, 1944)]

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