Amazing-Man, alias Will Everett, is an African-American superhero who was a member of the All-Star Squadron in the 1940s.

Will Everett was a promising young African-American Olympian who had competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Upon returning to America, however,

By 1942, Everett was working as a janitor at a laboratory owned by Dr. Terry Curtis. During an accident involving the explosion of some equipment to which he was exposed (developed by the criminal mastermind the Ultra-Humanite), Everett quickly developed the ability to mimic whatever properties he touched. For example, if he touched steel, then his body became composed of steel.

Under the alias of Amazing-Man, at first he was employed by the Ultra-Humanite as a henchman along with Curtis (as Cyclotron) and Deathbolt. However, his sympathies soon swayed towards the side of good after repeated exposure to the All-Star Squadron, a team of both Golden Age characters and retroactive characters like himself, with whom he joined to defeat his former employer's machinations. He then served a lengthy stint as a member of this voluminous mystery-man organization.

In February 1942, the Squadron helped Everett defeat the bigoted villain in his home town of Detroit, the Real American, who turned out to be an android supplied by the Monitor. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amazing-Man was one of a group of heroes chosen by the Monitor to stop the Anti-Monitor's quest for destruction.

In 1966, Will Everett became a hero once more under the identity of the Bronze Wraith and joined the Justice Experience based in San Francisco. 1)

Although his personal life is largely unknown, Everett did have a son named Will Everett Jr. His grandson, Will Everett III, inherited a form of his father's powers and can attain the powers of any meta-human in his proximity for a short time; he became the hero Paragon in 1986. 2)

Will Everett is currently retired. In 1988, Everett was diagnosed with cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy.

Amazing-Man is capable of transforming himself into a living, breathing facsimile of any material that he touches.

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