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Each of the following alternate timelines shares the same past as the main Earth-1 timeline but diverges at some point. Wherever possible, the point of divergence is noted.

Earth-One's Possible Future


  • Earth-One either avoids the Crisis on Infinite Earths, or its participation leaves fewer deaths, as Supergirl remains alive.


  • October 9: World War III begins, putting the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation. Superman and Lex Luthor team up to save the world, beginning the long process of Luthor's reformation. After this moment, the world experiences an unprecedented wave of peace and scientific advancement in every area that leads to a new futuristic era.
  • Superman reveals his secret identity of Clark Kent to Lois Lane and proposes.


  • July 11: Clark Kent and Lois Lane are married. Jimmy Olsen proposes to Lucy Lane at the ceremony.
  • Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are married.


  • April/May: Laurel Kent is born.


  • Linda Danvers (Superwoman) is elected governor of Florida.


  • July 11: Clark Kent and Lois Lane celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Laurie Kent's super-powers finally kick in. Lois learns that she is pregnant, and Clark decides to retire in order to raise their child.
  • Laurie Kent becomes Supergirl II.


  • Jorel Kent is born.


  • Dr. Lex Luthor, the world's greatest humanitarian scientist, goes missing.
  • An accident propels 4-year-old Jorel into a pocket universe where he grows to adulthood, becomes Superman II, gets married, and has an 8-year-old son of his own named Kalel Kent, whom he brings back with him. Returning to the real universe only a short while after his birth, he takes over for Superman, who retires after protecting the world for 50 years. Note: Only time travel or premature aging can explain how Jorel Kent can become Superman and have a son of his own who will become an adult Superman III only 16 years after Jorel's own birth.


  • Kalel Kent becomes Superman III, then kills off his secret identity in order to don a series of new identities. [“The Debut of Superman III,” Superman #354 (December, 1980)]

Atomic Knights


  • October 9: World War III begins.
  • October 29: World War III ends with the destruction of most plant life and animals across the world. All governments collapse.
  • A group of six adventurers – Gardner Grayle, Douglas Herald, Marlene Herald, Wayne Hobard, Hollis Hobard, and Bryndon Smith – each don an ancient suit of armor that had been exposed to radiation over the centuries and made the user impervious to nuclear rays for a limited time. They become the Atomic Knights, based in the small town of Durvale, and seek to restore order to the war-torn world.

30th Century - Earth After Disaster

  • A young Kamandi leaves bunker Command D for the first time as a test designed by his grandfather to prepare the boy for life in the outer world. [KAMANDI #49]
    • Following the murder of his grandfather, Kamandi leaves the huge hidden bunker Command D near the Hudson River and flooded NYC in which he was educated via microfilm, books, and remnants of pre-Disaster culture. Near what was New Jersey he is taken to the Royal City of the Tigers, where he meets Dr. Canus and mutant Ben Boxer along with the legions of Great Caesar, only to depart for exploration of the world. [KAMANDI #1-3]
    • In what was Project Apollo, Kamandi and Ben Boxer battle an electrical based alien and gorillas in Apetown USA near Las Vegas. [KAMANDI #3]
    • Kamandi meets an ally in Great Caesar's son Tuftan only to see the death of a human girl named Flower when they encounter Puma men. [KAMANDI #4-5]
    • Befriended by “animal-rights activist” Sultin and his Lion Rangers, near what was the Boulder Dam, Kamandi is menaced by a giant gorilla called Tiny. [KAMANDI #6-7]
    • High above Central America on Ben's orbital base Tracking Site, Kamandi and Ben Bozer battle fruits of Ben's late father's experiments: the mentally powered dwarf Reject and the sentient germ Morticoccus. They defeat them along with savage Bat men by launching the satellite into space with the villains trapped aboard. [KAMANDI #9-10]
    • Kamandi is enslaved and forced to compete in a great race by the Captain Bli's leopard pirates and their employer the serpent Mr. Sacker who runs a gigantic department store that deals in human trade along with relics from the far past. At Florida's Hialeah Race Track, Kamandi wins his freedom by outracing the savage human Bull Bantam on a mutated insect named Klickklack. He also meets Flower's twin sister Spirit. [KAMANDI #11-15]
    • Kamandi and Ben find the lost “Watergate Tapes” which are used as a sonic weapon by the Apes who live in VA and Washington DC among the rubble of the former national capitol. [KAMANDI #16]
    • Under Ohio, Kamandi befriends the dwarf-like Gopher people as they battle oppressor Apes who lived above ground. [KAMANDI #17-18]
    • Kamandi learns that flooded Chicago has been replaced by an automated amusement park “Chicagoland” which is based upon a Gangbusters- Roaring Twenties theme full of robot cops and robbers. [KAMANDI #19-20]
    • The Last Boy helps friendly Dolphins like Inspector Zeel battle the evil Red Baron and his Killer Whale master- Moby Death near Seaway and Monster Lake. [KAMANDI #21-23]
    • Kamandi and Ben pass the dreaded radiation barrier that separates the former USA from Canada- the Domain of Devils where giant mutated insects roar freely under a tropical climate. They ally with the valiant forces of NATO against Sacker's Department Store raiders who want to pillage the unspoiled environment. [KAMANDI #26-28]
    • Kamandi learns that a group of Apes wait for the promised return of a great champion known as the Mighty One while preserving his red and blue costume in a shrine. Kamandi realizes the costume belongs to Superman - a hero he reveres from seeing on microfilm and video. [KAMANDI #29] Note: SUPERMAN #295 explains how Superman lost the costume and eventually regained it.
    • Kamandi moves from a near encounter with Superman to another World's Finest hero as a time-tossed Batman helps him lead humans from their hiding place beneath Mt. Rushmore to freedom. (BRAVE AND THE BOLD #20].
    • Kamandi battles Ramjam and his gorilla forces with help from Ben Boxer, Dr. Canus, Tuftan and his legions and an alien energy being that comes to be known as Pretty Pyra when Dr. Canus creates a female material body to house her energy form. [KAMANDI #30-34]
    • Kamandi and Pyra fight a mutated Soviet cosmonaut who survived the Great Disaster on a Soyuz spacecraft above the Earth. [KAMANDI #35]
    • In a deserted hotel in what was Acapulco, Kamandi tries to help humans against wolves and crocodiles. [KAMANDI #36]
    • Kamandi and Arna flee from her tribe the Crater People of South America when the rapidly aging but intelligent humans of the Tribe try to drain Kamandi's life force to increase their own shortened five year lifespans. [KAMANDI #37-38]
    • Louis B Mogul, the Coyote studio head of Paramour Pictures, tries to make movie magic by forcing Kamandi to star in a series of “animal” films before the Last Boy escapes with the help of Sultin and his Lion Rangers. [KAMANDI #41-42]
    • Ben Boxer is condemned to death by Great Caesar for helping the gorilla warlord Ramjam escape from the custody of Caesar's son Tuftan. He escapes with help from Kamandi and Arna. [KAMANDI #43]
    • Kamandi and Ben find themselves caught between the greedy agents of Sacker (Rongo the Leopard pirate] and Sacker's mongoose business rival Looter when they meet a race of “Little People” from the Bermuda Triangle.[KAMANDI #44-47]
    • Kamandi and Ben force eccentric Boar Howard Bigelow to fly them to Sacker's Department Store in his antique plane. Once there, they rescue Arna and Spirit from the greedy serpent. Elsewhere, Pyra cures Dr. Canus of a berserker disease that is also affecting Kamandi. [KAMANDI #48]
    • Pyra cures Kamandi of the berserker disease with the help of the ancient satellite Brother Eye who reveals that Kamandi's late grandfather was in fact Buddy Blank the genetically altered hero called OMAC! [KAMANDI #50]
    • Arna dies of old age due to her shortened life span and Kamandi learns that his life force was used to create a “son” named Kamarni who wants to kill him! The “son” turns out to be a robot as are all of the Tribe's “children.”[KAMANDI #51]
    • Kamandi and Spirit try to find a missing and ailing Ben Boxer only to end up caught between savage Bats and Incan Toucans. Kamandi shows the birds how to use a gong to drive away the bats and they reward him with news that Ben Boxer was seen along with his mutant allies Steve and Renzi near the original location of Tracking Site. [KAMANDI #52]
    • Great Caesar, Ramjam, Sacker, Trap, and, oddly enough, the “animal rights advocate” Sultin agree to hire famous sleuth Mylock Bloodstalker to locate Kamandi since they view him as a danger to society due to his intellect. Meanwhile, Kamandi and Spirit continue to trace Ben Boxer while fighting off criminal catnip dealers. [KAMANDI #53]
    • A caterpillar society spins a cocoon around Spirit who emerges with increased intellect and the power to spin her own silky fibers. Kamandi and Pyra face an energy eating Vortex Beast. [KAMANDI #54-55]
    • Surfing crabs trap Kamandi and Karate Kid, a hero from an alternate timeline, in a mock drive in movie until the heroes refuse to act and are released. Ben Boxer and his Nuclear allies Renzi and Steve perform the Evermore Ritual to restore Ben's health and prolong their lives which are linked to a need for proximity to one another. [KAMANDI #56-57]
    • Now, allied with Bloodstalker, Doile, Pyra, Spirit, and Dr. Canus, Kamandi defies Australia's Kangarat Murder Society to pass beyond the Great Western Wall to tap into the Great Vortex beyond which might be able to save Pyra's energy based world from destruction. [KAMANDI #59]
    • Kamandi communes with the Voice of the Great Vortex which tells him there are many parallel Earths and alternate timelines. He is offered life in a timeline in which the Great Disaster never occurred but he chooses to return to help his friends in his own era and world. With the help of the mysterious Sandman, he passes through the Dream Stream and aids Sandman as he frees Ben, Steve, and Renzi from a nightmare in which their sleeping minds created an energy monster. [KAMANDI #60-61 or CANCELLED COMICS CAVALCADE #2]
    • Note: During Kamandi's trip through the Vortex he briefly ends up in Batman's Gotham City where the caped Crusader must free him from a drug that makes the Last Boy into a super strong mob enforcer! He returns to the Vortex soon afterwards. ( BRAVE AND THE BOLD #157]
    • Kamandi and his friends meet members of the Justice League [Crisis In the Earth-After Disaster].
    • Kamandi finds himself in 20th century Metropolis along with Great Caesar's legions when a scientist's experiment brings elements of Kamandi's era to Superman's time. Superman helps restore the eras to separate timelines and bids goodbye to an admiring Kamandi. (DC COMICS PRESENTS #64]

30th Century (Flash)

30th Century (Adult Legion)

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