Timeline of Earth-1 (1990s to the future)


  • November: On the same date and time every year since 1985, a bouquet of flowers is left on Lamar Hallen's grave. [“Superwoman: A Bad Day”]

22nd Century

23rd Century

  • The Great Wars of the 23rd century occur. [TALES OF LSH #321-323]
  • A group of American Indians leave Earth to settle on the planet Starhaven. [LEGION #305]

25th Century

  • Rimbor is colonized.
  • The Space Museum opens in Metropolis. Among its many exhibits are one of Rip Hunter's Time Bubbles and Brainiac 5's force field belt and flight ring. [STRANGE ADVENTURES #104]

27th Century

  • 2637: A scientist named Dr. Dane Gnorr creates a Superobot (a super-powered android) called Captain Incredible and sends him to the year 1978 to act as Superman's bodyguard, but the time trip causes his programming to make him evil. Learning of his origin, Superman lures Captain Incredible back to the 27th century where he is cured. Dr. Gnorr reprograms Captain Incredible to be this century's greatest super-hero and to never travel through time again. [“Captain Incredible,” Action Comics #354 (September, 1967)]

28th Century

  • Galaxy ravaged by the Great Wars of the 28th century. Many technological discoveries are lost for more than 200 years. [SUPERBOY #210]

29th Century

  • 2857: Graduate student Kristin Wells, specializing in history at Columbia University, travels back in time to the year 1983 to discover the origin of the holiday known as Miracle Monday, which is celebrated on the third Monday in May and is somehow connected to Superman. While there Kristin is possessed by C.W. Saturn, an agent of Hell, who uses her body to cause worldwide havoc and taunting Superman that the only way to stop him is by killing her. After Superman defeats Saturn, he is granted his wish that everything that happened since Saturn's arrival is undone. The lingering memory of this miracle begins the Miracle Monday tradition. Now normal once more, Kristin returns to her own time to write her thesis on the origins of Miracle Monday. Note: This novel is not exactly in continuity, thanks to a few continuity errors, but it essentially takes place as written. [Superman: Miracle Monday (1981 novel by Elliot S. Maggin)]
  • September, 2862: Kristin Wells, now a Columbia University history professor, travels back in time to the year 1984 to discover the identity of Superwoman, only to realize once she arrives that she is Superwoman, given powers by the use of several devices from her own time. She returns to the 29th century shortly after, since Superwoman does not make any appearances again for another year. [“The Last Secret Identity,” DC Comics Annual #2 (1983)]
  • July 4, 2865: Kristin Wells heads back to the year 1985 just after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths to resume her career as Superwoman. While saving Superman from kryptonite poisoning, her body is transformed into that of a Kryptonian by the Sword of Superman. In the 20th century, Kristin becomes a history professor at Metropolis University. [“Welcome to Luthorcon III,” DC Comics Annual #4 (1985); [“Superman Family: Recovery”]
  • ca. December, 2870: Kristin Wells returns from the year 1987 to tell her friend Dr. Barry Elkin that she's engaged to Superman and is planning on remaining in the 20th century for the rest of her life. She returns to 1987 and lives out the career of Superwoman, which lasts many years.

30th Century


  • Mordru makes his first bid for galactic domination. For some unknown reason he abandons his campaign, becoming a humble apprentice wizard on Zerox. [ADVENTURE #369]
  • Mekt Ranzz is born on Winath to Luc and Perla Ranzz. Unlike most of his race, he has no twin.


  • January 28: Gim Allon (Colossal Boy) is born on Earth to Marte Ida Allon and Wynn Allon.
  • April: Craig King, a telenews reporter for the Daily Solar System, is chosen to become a new Superman by four leading Earth scientists using gadgets to duplicate many of the original Superman's powers. Unable to stop a wave of scientific thefts on his own, he summons the help of the original Superman of 1973, who discovers that Dr. Vinson Vail, one of the four scientists responsible for creating the 30th century Superman, is also the man behind the thefts and stops him from conquering the world. [“The Superman of Tomorrow,” Action Comics #215]


  • March 25: Lydia Jath (Night Girl) is born on Kathoon.
  • April 21: Tinya Wazzo (Phantom Girl) is born on Bgztl to Byzjn Wazzo and Winema Tinya Wazzo.
  • September 10: Two Durlan sons are born – Reep Daggle (Chameleon Boy) and Liggt. The father leaves the planet, taking on the human form of Rene Jacques Brande.
  • October 5: Luornu Durgo (Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel) is born on Carggg to Humre and Silvo Durgo.
  • October 22: Thom Kallor (Star Boy) is born on a Xanthu orbital observatory to Fryd and Myra Kallor.
  • December 8: Nura Nal (Dream Girl) is born on Naltor to High Seer Kiwa Nal.


  • February 8: Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad) is born on Bismoll to Rall and Mitz Kem.
  • February 11: Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy) of the planet Braal is born to Hu and Emu Krinn.
  • February 24: Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy), son of industrialist Derek Morgna, is born on Earth.
  • Intermittent conflict begins along the border between the United Planets and the Dominion. [ADVENTURE COMICS #361]
  • After an atomic accident destroys the continent of Antillar on the planet Lallor, five children are born with unusual powers. [ADVENTURE #324]
  • November 19: Lyle Norg (Invisible Kid) born on Earth.
  • November 23: Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) is born on Saturn's moon Titan.


  • December 30: Querl Dox (Brainiac Five) is born on the planet Colu. Sometime during his childhood, both his parents die.
  • February 21: Jo Nah (Ultra Boy) is born on Rimbor to Crav and Mytra Nah.
  • Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy) is born on Earth.
  • R.J. Brande forms Brande Industries.
  • Mysa Nal (White Witch) is born on Naltor to High Seer Kiwa Nal.
  • Twins Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad) and Ayla Ranzz (Lightning Lass/Light Lass) are born on Winath to Luc and Perla Ranzz.
  • Dag Wentim (Stone Boy) is born on Zwen.


  • Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet) of Imsk is born to Arn Digby and his wife.
  • Ral Benem (Chlorophyll Kid) is born on Mardru.
  • While fighting as a United Planets Space Fleet captain in border wars with the Dominion, Celebrand becomes disgusted by the brutality of war and begins wandering, leading to the formation of the Wanderers a few years later. [“Secret Origins: Celebrand: Times Past, 2960: Odyssey”]


  • Sussa Paka (Spider Girl) is born on Earth.
  • Staq Mavlen (Fire Lad) is born on Shwar.


  • Brin Londo (Lone Wolf/Timber Wolf) is born on Zuun to Dr. Mar Londo and V'Layla Keely.
  • Jan Arrah (Element Lad) is born on Trom to Arn and Valla Arrah.
  • Val Armorr (Karate Kid) is born in Tokyo to Kirau Nezumi, the notorious Black Dragon, and Valentina Armorr. Sensei kills his father, then adopts the boy when his mother is murdered by Black Dragon's organization.
  • Princess Projectra (Sensor Girl) of Orando is born to King Voxv and his wife.
  • Brek Bannin (Polar Boy) is born on Tharr.


  • Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass) is born on Talok VIII. She is granddaughter to the champion of that world.
  • Drake Burroughs (Wildfire) is born on Earth. An orphan, he is later adopted.
  • Nyuen Chun Ti seizes the Atomic Axe from a man named Wolf Behbach, becomes an underworld enforcer and assassin known as the Persuader.
  • Ulu Vakk (Color Kid) is born on Lupra.


  • Twins Andrew Nolan and (Ferro Lad) Douglas Nolan are born on Earth to holo-vid star Luiza Karamonte and Andrew Douglas Nolan. Hideously disfigured, the boys are raised outside the public eye.
  • Rond Vidar is born. He is son of Vidar, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.
  • R.J. Brande hires Marla Latham to run Brande Industries.


  • Marak Russen (Atmos) is born on Xanthu.
  • Condo Arlik (Chemical King) is born on Phlon, a mutant.
  • Peter Dursin (Porcupine Pete) is born on Earth.
  • Prince Evillo becomes sovereign ruler of Tartarus.
  • Don and Dawn Allen (the Tornado Twins) are born.
  • Troy Stewart (Tyroc) born on the dimension-shifting city of Marzal.


  • Dawnstar is born on Starhaven to Mist-Rider and Moonwalker.
  • Drura Sepht (Infectious Lass) is born on Somahtur.


  • Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid II) is born on Earth.


  • Ganglios (Tellus) is born on Hykraius.
  • Following the death of her mother, Mysa Nal leaves Naltor to study magic on Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. She meets Mordru. [LEGION #315]
  • Pol Krinn (Magnetic Kid) is born on Braal. He is Rokk Krinn's younger brother.


  • Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid) born on Talok VIII. He is cousin to Tasmia Mallor.


  • Bobb Kohan (Crystal Kid) is born on Earth.


  • Rokk Krinn becomes a champion Magno-Ball player. [LEGION #297]
  • Astronomers watch the Sun-Eater devour the uninhabited galaxy 15702. [ADVENTURE #352]


  • Doyle Brande begins making threats on his “cousin” R.J.'s life. [SUPERBOY #147]
  • On Zerox, Mordru transforms Mysa Nal into a Hag, convincing the council that she is really the evil sorceress Xola Aq. She falls in love with Prince Evillo and joins his Devil's Dozen. Mordru takes control of Zerox. [LEGION #315-316]
  • Querl Dox is awarded the coveted title Brainiac, becoming Brainiac 5.
  • On Korbal, the Ranzz siblings are attacked by Lightning Beasts, giving them electrical powers. Mekt soon disappears. Garth decides to go to Earth to enlist aid in the Science Police to locate him. [SUPERBOY #147]
  • Imra Ardeen sets out for Earth to apply for the Science Police Academy. [SUPERBOY #147]
  • Rokk Krinn sets out for Earth to find work to support his destitute family. [SUPERBOY #147]
  • Rokk Krinn meets Imra Ardeen and Garth Ranzz on a space craft to Earth. They rescue R.J. Brande, and he decides to back the teens as the Legion of Super-Heroes is formed. The trio become Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, respectively. Note: At this time the original three Legionnaires very briefly wear the costumes seen in their first appearance in Adventure Comics #247, which have their names written upon them (including Lightning Lad's name misspelled as Lightning Boy), but soon move on to their classic costumes, only using their original costumes once more during their second (and this time successful) attempt to recruit Superboy into the team. In these early formative days, Brande's assistant Marla Latham works closely with the new team as its Senior Advisor. [SUPERBOY #147]


  • The Legion adopts new, classic costumes and builds its original headquarters in a rocket-shaped clubhouse in Metropolis in the suburban neighborhood that once included Smallville. Cosmic Boy is chosen as first LSH leader by the Legion computer.
  • In their first case, the LSH recover the Quintile Crystal and are deputized by the Science Police. [DC SUPER-STARS #17}
  • Triplicate Girl (Luornu Durgo) and Phantom Girl (Tinya Wazzo) join the LSH. [SUPERBOY #147]
  • The LSH defeat Lucifer-7 and capture his secret weapon, the Concentrator. Afterward, R.J. Brande presents the Legion with a time bubble from the Time Institute and suggests the team uses it to recruit Superboy and Supergirl. [Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1]
  • Chameleon Boy (Reep Daggle), Colossal Boy (Gim Allon), and Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) join the LSH. Upon Reep Daggle's joining the Legion, R.J. Brande steps back a bit from his involvement with the Legion, except from a distance, since Reep is secretly his son. Brainiac Five is present at the induction ceremony as a guest. Invisible Kid is late to the tryouts but is made a member when he appears in the midst of the induction ceremony. [Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1]
  • The LSH battle the Green Lanterns and try to stop one named Vidar (the future Universo) from learning the secrets of the origin of the universe. The team meets Circadia Senius at the Time Institute. Note: The Legion also meets Brainiac Five, who repeats Brande's suggestion that the Legion use a time bubble to recruit Supergirl and Superboy from the 20th century. [LEGION #295]
  • Xenofobe becomes the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. [Superman #295]
  • The LSH decides to try recruiting Supergirl first, and Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad travel to the year 1974 to audition Supergirl. She passes, but exposure to red kryptonite temporarily makes her too old, disqualifying her for membership. Note: It is through Supergirl that the Legion first learns that Superboy is destined to become one of their members; they come up with a ploy to pass themselves off as the children of the original Legion that Superboy knew, though they later confess the truth to Supergirl. The Legion tells Supergirl that they have chosen someone else for membership instead of her, but since there are no new members between this time and her successful second tryout, the Legion must be referring to Superboy himself, explaining why they didn't say his name or introduce him, since they try to recruit him next. [ACTION #267]
  • Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad travel to the 20th century to test Superboy for membership in the LSH, but Superboy flunks his initiation test, disappointing the trio. Note: Saturn Girl removes this incident from Superboy's memories. [Superboy #204]
  • Dirk Morgna gains super-powers after being trapped in an atomic reactor by Prof. Zaxton Regulus. He later takes the name of Sun Boy. [Adventure Comics #348 (September, 1966).]
  • Chuck Taine accidentally swallows a super-plastic fluid that inadvertently gives him super-powers. He later becomes Bouncing Boy. [Adventure Comics #301 (October, 1962).]
  • The LSH gives Supergirl another tryout, and this time Supergirl becomes a LSH member along with Querl Dox, the descendant of Vril Dox, who joins the LSH as Brainiac Five. Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, and Bouncing Boy try out for the Legion but are unsuccessful. [ACTION #276]
  • Salu Digby joins the LSH as Shrinking Violet. [SECRETS OF THE LSH #2]
  • The LSH travels to Superboy's time in the 20th century once more to bury six parts of a dangerous robot called Cyclops to keep it out of the hands of criminals, then returns to the 30th century, while avoiding being detected by Superboy. [Adventure Comics #290]
  • A young time-traveler from the 75th century who witnessed Superboy's failed initiation travels back to the 30th century to apply for membership as Anti-Lad, then manipulates the Legion into thinking that he also traveled back to the 20th century to weaken Superboy so he would fail his initiation test. Anti-Lad uses a posthypnotic command to order the Legion to forget his existence upon his returns to the 75th century, leaving the Legion only with a determination to give Superboy another chance at membership. [Superboy #204]
  • Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad (temporarily calling himself Lightning Boy) – wearing their original costumes – travel back to the 20th century to invite Superboy (who doesn't recall their earlier meeting) to join the team. Superboy appears to flunk out of his initiation once more but is ultimately made a member. Note: Also present in the background of this meeting are Tripicate Girl, Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid, Colossal Boy, Brainiac Five (who temporarily disguises his green skin), and Shrinking Violet. [“The Legion of Super-Heroes,” Adventure Comics #247 (April, 1958).]
  • The LSH travels back to the 20th century to stop Superboy from carrying out what they think is a mindless, destructive rampage. [Adventure Comics #267]


  • Cosmic Boy re-elected leader.
  • Jo Nah is swallowed by an ultra-energy beast, giving him super-powers. He later becomes Ultra Boy.
  • Thom Kallor joins the LSH as Star Boy. [flashback in Adventure Comics #282]
  • Lana Lang travels to the 30th century with Superboy and Star Boy, where she meets Star Boy's girlfriend Zynthia. [ADVENTURE COMICS #282]
  • Dirk Morgna joins the LSH as Sun Boy. [flashback in Adventure Comics #290]
  • Star Boy loses his enhanced powers while on a mission to Takron-Galtos, retaining only his gravity powers. He is hospitalized for several months on Xanthu. [Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #306]
  • The LSH conducts a few meetings on Xanthu in order to regularly visit Star Boy in the hospital. A criminal impersonates Sun Boy and uses a stolen time bubble to travel to the 20th century and tricks Superboy into reconstructing the Cyclops robot that the Legion had buried in the past. [Adventure Comics #290.]
  • Chuck Taine joins the LSH as Bouncing Boy. [flashback in Adventure Comics #301]
  • The LSH is drawn back in time to the 20th century by the Brain Globes of Rambat, where they discover animals are immune to their telepathic control. The Legion assembles the Legion of Super-Pets by joining Krypto from Superboy's time with Streaky the Supercat, Super-Monkey, and Comet the Super-Horse from Supergirl's time, and the Super-Pets defeat the Brain-Globes. [“The Legion of Super-Traitors,” Adventure Comics #293 (February, 1962).]
  • Supergirl travels to the 30th century where she saves the Earth from a gigantic creature called the Positive Man and defeats the Chameleon Men who are impersonating the Legion. She also meets Streaky's descendant, Whizzy. [Action Comics #287 (April, 1962).]
  • Ultra Boy applies for Legion membership. As part of his initiation test, he travels to the 20th Century to learn Superboy's secret identity, assisted by adviser Marla Latham. Ultra Boy successfully joins the Legion. Pete Ross is given a coin allowing him entrance to a Legion meeting for his helping to protect Superboy's secret identity. [SUPERBOY #98]
  • Mon-El is temporarily freed from the Phantom Zone by Saturn Girl, and he joins the LSH. Note: The Legion has begun using flight belts by this time, abandoning the cumbersome jet-packs they formerly used to fly. [Adventure Comics #300 (September, 1962).]
  • Tenzil Kem joins the LSH as Matter-Eater Lad. [ADVENTURE COMICS #303]
  • Lightning Lad lapses into a death-like coma. [ADVENTURE COMICS #304]
  • Mon-El permanently freed from the Phantom Zone. [ADVENTURE COMICS #305]
  • Rejects Polar Boy, Night Girl, Stone Boy, Fire Lad and Cholorophyll Kid form the Legion of Substitute Heroes. [ADVENTURE COMICS #306]
  • Jan Arrah works with the LSH as Mystery Lad to defeat the Roxxas gang. He then is accepted to the team as Element Lad. [ADVENTURE COMICS #307]
  • Ayla Ranzz, sister of Garth, joins the LSH as Lightning Lass. [ADVENTURE COMICS #308]
  • Rejected applicant Jungle King attacks. [ADVENTURE COMICS #309]
  • Night Girl reveals her love for Cosmic Boy. [ADVENTURE COMICS #311]
  • The LSH attempts to awaken Lightning Lad. Chameleon Boy's pet Proty sacrifices himself, posed as Saturn Girl. [ADVENTURE COMICS #312]
  • LSH battles Satan Girl, an evil clone of Supergirl. [ADVENTURE COMICS #313]


  • Saturn Girl elected LSH leader.
  • Jimmy Olsen made an honorary member. [JIMMY OLSEN #72]
  • One of the Subs, Stone Boy wins a place in the LSH, but he chooses to stay with the Subs. [ADVENTURE #315]
  • Ultra Boy expelled (briefly) from the LSH when his criminal past is revealed. [ADVENTURE COMICS #316]
  • The LSH faces the Time Trapper for the first time. Ayla Ranzz gains new powers, rejoins the LSH as Light Lass. Nura Nal offered LSH membership but she declines. [ADVENTURE COMICS #317]
  • Jimmy Olsen brought to the 30th Century to perform feats as Elastic Lad. [JIMMY OLSEN #76]
  • Dev-Em seeks the LSH's help. [ADVENTURE COMICS #320]
  • Bouncing Boy loses his powers. Becomes the first reservist. [ADVENTURE COMICS #321]
  • Saturn Girl re-elected leader.
  • Beppo, Comet, Krypto, Streaky and Proty II form a new version of the Legion of Super-Pets. [ADVENTURE COMICS #322]
  • Pete Ross made an honorary member. [ADVENTURE COMICS #323]
  • The LSH battles the heroes of Lallor. [ADVENTURE COMICS #324]
  • Kid Psycho applies for LSH membership but is rejected. [SUPERBOY #125]
  • A young Lex Luthor visits the 30th Century to try to destory the Legion. [ADVENTURE 325]
  • Light Lass falls in love with Lone Wolf (Brin Londo). [ADVENTURE COMICS #327]
  • Brainiac 5 invents the Legion flight ring using Element 152 (invented by Mon-El) as its basis. [Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #267 (September, 1980).]
  • The LSH face a Legion of Bizarros. [ADVENTURE COMICS #329]
  • Mordru attacks Earth, defeated by LSH and entombed. [flashback ADVENTURE #369]
  • Lightning Lad loses his right arm. [ADVENTURE COMICS #332]
  • The LSH battle Starfinger. [ADVENTURE COMICS #335-336]


  • Brainiac 5 elected leader. [ADVENTURE #337]
  • The LSH battles Glorith, servant of the Time Trapper. [ADVENTURE #338]
  • Kid Psycho granted reserve membership. [SUPERBOY #125]
  • Brainiac 5 creates Computo, who kills one of Triplicate Girl's selves. [ADVENTURE COMICS #340]
  • Star Boy expelled for killing someone in self-defense. He joins the Subs. [ADVENTURE COMICS #342]
  • The LSH battle the Luck Lords. [ADVENTURE COMICS #343]
  • The LSH are imprisoned in the super-stalag of space. [ADVENTURE COMICS #344]
  • Princess Projectra, Nemesis Kid, Ferro Lad (Andrew Nolan) and Karate Kid (Val Armorr) join the LSH. [ADVENTURE COMICS #346]
  • Nemesis Kid is revealed to be a Khund spy and a traitor. [ADVENTURE COMICS #347]
  • Invisible Kid elected leader.
  • The LSH first battles Dr. Regulus. [ADVENTURE COMICS #348]
  • The LSH hunts a mysterious killer. [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Times Past, 2976: Death in Glass”]
  • Universo attacks. His son, Rond Vidar, aids the LSH. [ADVENTURE COMICS #349]
  • Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy and Matter-Eater Lad return to the LSH restored. [ADVENTURE COMICS #351]
  • Mysa Nal returns to Zerox to resume her studies of the mystic arts. [LEGION #316]
  • Projectra, Ferro Lad and Karate Kid defeat Black Mace. [LEGION #31]
  • The threat of the Sun-Eater teams the LSH with the Fatal Five. Ferro Lad sacrifices himself to stop the threat. [ADVENTURE COMICS #352-353]
  • Lana Lang joins the Legion Reserve as Insect Queen. [ADVENTURE COMICS #355]
  • The Hunter (Otto Orion) first stalks the LSH. [ADVENTURE COMICS #358]
  • The LSH is outlawed, with half its members sent to Takron-Galtos. The others must rescue them. First mission of the Legion Espionage Squad. [ADVENTURE COMICS #359-360]
  • LSH forced to protect the Dominators. [ADVENTURE COMICS #361]


  • The Fatal Five returns. [ADVENTURE COMICS #365]
  • Shadow Lass (Tasmia Malor) joins the team. [ADVENTURE COMICS #366]
  • The Dark Circle is defeated, thanks to the Miracle Machine. [ADVENTURE COMICS #367]
  • Ultra Boy elected LSH leader.
  • The LSH faces Mordru the Merciless. [ADVENTURE COMICS #369-370]
  • Timber Wolf (Brin Londo) and Chemical King (Condo Arlik) join the LSH. [ADVENTURE COMICS #372]
  • The LSH meet the Tornado Twins (Don and Dawn Allen), relations of the Flash (Barry Allen). [ADVENTURE COMICS #373]
  • The LSH battles the Wanderers. Shadow Lass shows romantic interest in Mon-El. [ADVENTURE COMICS #375]


  • Chameleon Boy meets Princess Elwinda of Nadir whom he almost marries. [ADVENTURE #376]
  • LSH pretends to go mercenary to defeat Modulus. [ADVENTURE #377]
  • After drinking poisoned kono-juice, Karate Kid tries to fight the Fatal Five alone. [ADVENTURE #378]
  • The poisoned LSH members are healed by the Miracle Machine. [ADVENTURE #379]
  • Light Lass helps Timber Wolf break his addiction to lotus fruit of Oomar. [ACTION #378]
  • Karate Kid is elected LSH leader. [ACTION #382]
  • Chameleon Boy poses as human Dane Roberts to romance Projectra's friend, Janice Warren. He does this in hopes to forget Elwinda. [ACTION #383]
  • To avoid heavy taxation, the LSH is given a 25 member maximum limit by the United Planets. [ACTION #387]
  • Dawnstar goes to work at a freelance space navigator. R.J. Brande persuades her to attend the Legion Academy, for which she is paid a handsome salary. [SUPERBOY #240]


  • Mon-El elected LSH leader. Element Lad is deputy. [ACTION #392]
  • Roxxas escape Takron-Galtos and takes refuge on Trom. [SUPERBOY #211]
  • After brothers clash, Lightning Lord's hair turns white. [SUPERBOY #172]
  • Matter-Eater Lad is framed for treason by his own brother, and must prove his innocence. [SUPERBOY #188]
  • Mon-El re-elected LSH leader. Brainiac 5 is deputy. [SUPERBOY #190]
  • Drake Burroughs applies for the LSH as Erg-1. [SUPERBOY #195]
  • Missing Timber Wolf returns to the LSH with a more feral look. First appearance of Tyr. [SUPERBOY #197]
  • The Fatal Five try to wipe out the LSH future by attacking Superboy in the past. [SUPERBOY #198]
  • Bouncing Boy battles Orion the Hunter, son of the Hunter. [SUPERBOY #199]
  • Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel get married. [SUPERBOY #200]
  • Infectious Lass and Porcupine Pete apply for the LSH but are rejected. First appearance of Molecule Master [SUPERBOY #201]
  • Wildfire (formerly Erg-1) joins the LSH. [SUPERBOY #202]


  • Invisible Kid killed by Validus. [SUPERBOY #203]
  • Brainiac 5 creates an android of Supergirl, which he must then destroy. [SUPERBOY #204]
  • Superboy brings Lana to the 30th Century to celebrate her birthday. As Insect Queen, she helps Superboy and Ultra Boy defeat a mastermind who took control of the other LSH members. [SUPERBOY #205]
  • Garth and Mekt Rannz commemorate the one-year anniversary of their parents' deaths. [SUPERBOY #207]
  • Flint Brojj becomes a Legionnaire for one day. [SUPERBOY #209]
  • Karate Kid learns that his Sensei was the one who killed his father. [SUPERBOY #210]
  • The LSH moves to a new headquarters. Gives the old clubhouse to the Subs. Element Lad confronts Roxxas on Trom. [SUPERBOY #211]
  • Six heroes (the Legion of Super-Rejects) from LSH members' homeworlds challenge them for their spots in the LSH. [SUPERBOY #212]


  • The LSH meets Tyroc (Troy Stewart). [SUPERBOY #216]
  • Karate Kid trails Nemesis Kid back to the 20th Century and decides to stay there for awhile. [KARATE KID #1]
  • Superboy meets Laurel Kent, his ancestor. [SUPERBOY #217]
  • Tyroc joins the LSH. [SUPERBOY #218]
  • The LSH battle Grimbor, the chain master. [SUPERBOY #221]
  • Karate Kid back in the future, briefly, to help the LSH battle the Time Trapper and Pulsar Stargrave. [SUPERBOY #223-224]
  • Wildfire elected LSH leader. [SUPERBOY #225]
  • Dawnstar joins the LSH at age 16. [SUPERBOY #226]
  • A group goes back to the 20th Century to surprise Karate Kid. [“Karate Kid: Times Past, 1981: An Old-Fashioned Christmas”]
  • Chemical King dies. The LSH seek Deregon of the Dark Circle for revenge. [SUPERBOY #228-229]


  • Bouncing Boy regains his powers. [SUPERBOY #230]
  • Karate Kid returns to the 30th Century permanently. [after KARATE KID #15 / KAMANDI #58]
  • The LSH faces the Infinite Man. [SUPERBOY #233]
  • Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl get married. [ALL-NEW COLLECTOR'S EDITION #C-55]
  • Ultra Boy's former girl friend from Rimbor is murdered. [SUPERBOY #239]
  • During a huge Earthwar, the LSH must face the Fatal Five, the Dark Circle and Mordru. [SUPERBOY #241-245]
  • Lightning Lad elected LSH leader. Element Lad is deputy. [SUPERBOY #247]
  • An insane Brainiac 5 unleashes the deadly Omega. [SUPERBOY #250-251]
  • The Legion of Super-Assassins strikes. [SUPERBOY #253-254]


  • Superboy leaves active Legion status. [LEGION #259]
  • Tyroc quits the LSH. His home island phases out for 200 years. [LEGION #264]
  • The LSH battles the Dark Man. [LEGION #271]
  • Blok joins the LSH. [LEGION #272]
  • The LSH meet Reflecto, a mystery hero. [LEGION #277]
  • Reflecto's true identity is revealed - he's Superboy. [LEGION #279]
  • The LSH must battle the Time Trapper before he alters the past. [LEGION #281-282]


  • Projectra crowned queen of Orando after her father's death. [LEGION #286]
  • Lightning Lad resigns as leader, moving Element Lad up. [LEGION #287]
  • Jacques Foccart becomes Invisible Kid II. [LEGION ANNUAL #1]
  • The LSH must face Darkseid and his mighty army of Daxamites. [LEGION #290-294]
  • Light Lass resigns. [LEGION #295]
  • Karate Kid proposes to Projecta. [LEGION #296]
  • Cosmic Boy's parents are killed and he seeks revenge. [LEGION #296-297]
  • Duplicate Boy and Colossal Boy battle over Shrinking Violet's affections. Colossal Boy and Violet wed secretly. [LEGION #298]
  • Douglas Nolan dreams of alternate LSH realities. [LEGION #300]
  • Chameleon Boy attempts to recover his Durlan powers with the help of his father, R.J. Brande. [LEGION #301]
  • Karate Kid marries Princess Projectra. [LEGION ANNUAL #2]
  • Colossal Boy learns he married a Durlan (Yera) instead of Shrinking Violet [LEGION #305]


  • Element Lad elected leader, Dream Girl becomes deputy. [LEGION #306]
  • The LSH learn from the Prophet about the Omen. [LEGION #307-310]
  • Brainiac 5 destroys and rebuilds the LSH headquarters. [LEGION #311]
  • The LSH and LSV have an all out battle. [LEGION v.3 #1-5]
  • Saturn Girl delivers her child, Graym Ranzz. [LEGION #3]
  • Karate Kid killed in battle. [LEGION #4]
  • The Legion of Substitute Heroes and Matter-Eater Lad defeat Pulsar Stargrave on the planet Bismoll, after refurbished models of Computo had summoned him there to conquer the planet. [Legion of Substitute Heroes Special #1]
  • The LSH learns that the Dark Circle is actually just five sentients with a multitude of clones of themselves, and the Legion prevents the Dark Circle from using Dev-Em's clones to add an army of Kryptonians to the Dark Circle's power. The Dark Circle ends as every single clone falls dead. [TALES OF LSH #324-325]
  • Element Lad is re-elected leader, while Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy resign as active members of the Legion, taking reservist status. [LEGION #12]
  • Dawnstar is recruited by Harbinger to help the Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the LSH searches for Dawnstar, they encounter a group of woolly mammoths brought to Metropolis through a time warp. Brainiac 5 discovers that antimatter is approaching Earth. Dawnstar (along with Superman of Earth-2 and Solovar of Gorilla City) is sent to the 30th century of the alternate timeline of Earth-1 known as the Great Disaster, where they meet Kamandi and protect the Monitor's machine from shadow demons. Meanwhile, the Legion is attempting to stop the antimatter from reaching Earth. While helping the Legion evacuate part of England, Legion reservist Kid Psycho is killed by antimatter. The antimatter threat ends when Earth-1 is placed along with Earth-2 into a protective netherverse created with the Monitor's death, an event that occurs throughout time. The Legionnaires are amongst the heroes of Earth-1 and Earth-2 gathered into the Monitor's satellite in 1985, where the threat of the Anti-Monitor is explained. The Legion witnesses strange time warps on Earth-1 and Earth-2, and Brainiac 5 realizes that the two universes are coming together as the vibrations separating them slow down, and that if they can't merge them properly, they'll both be destroyed. The Legion agrees to help fight the Anti-Monitor. As part of a mission to bring Earth-4, Earth-S, and Earth-X into the netherverse, Blok is sent to Earth-4, where he meets the Sentinels of Justice, who are manipulated by the Psycho Pirate. Afterward, the Legion returns to the 30th century. Note: As revealed in LSH #18, the Infinite Man has begun absorbing the energies of the Crisis at this time, which causes the Legion and most people of the 30th century to forget that the Crisis is occurring in their time at all. This explains why the Legion returns to their own time and stays for weeks before returning instead of continually remaining in the 20th century to help fight the Anti-Monitor there. [CRISIS #1-7]
  • Timber Wolf and the Sensei travel to the brutal planet Lythyl on a mission as part of a last request of Karate Kid; there, they bring back a young man named Myg. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #13]
  • The Legion of Substitute Heroes is disbanded by Polar Boy. At the first open membership tryouts in years, Quislet, Tellus, Magnetic Kid, Polar Boy, and Sensor Girl join the LSH. During a training mission with Wildfire, the five new Legionnaires are abducted by Doctor Regulus. After a group of Legionnaires come to the new members' rescue, Sun Boy defeats Doctor Regulus. The original LSH Clubhouse, donated by the disbanded Legion of Substitute Heroes, is made a superhero museum. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #14-15]
  • The LSH investigates the recent shooting of Laurel Kent with a kryptonite bullet and learn that the murder attempt is part of a larger pattern of murders of the descendants of the Justice League of America by Prof. Anthony Ivo. [LEGION ANNUAL v2. #1]
  • Mon-El and Wildfire are among the group of powerful superheroes of five Earths who battle the Anti-Monitor on the moon of Qward on July 30, 1985, the day that Supergirl dies saving the five Earths. Brainiac 5 and other Legionnaires attend Supergirl's funeral in Chicago. [CRISIS #7]
  • July 30: On the thousandth anniversary of Supergirl's death, Brainiac 5 mourns Supergirl. Meanwhile, during Graym Ranzz's baby dedication, the newest Legionnaires solve their first case. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #16]
  • The LSH prevents the assassination of R.J. Brande by agents of his rival, Leland McCauley. Brande decides to travel the universe. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #17]
  • Rond Vidar and Brainiac 5 are alarmed to discover that the effects of the Crisis have been causing destruction throughout the galaxy, but no one remembers it. Kid Psycho's last remains are sent to Shanghalla, the cemetery world, but the Legionnaires can't remember how he died. As antimatter destroys Takron-Galtos, the Legionnaires who arrive to help with the evacuation cannot remember where the antimatter comes from or who causes it. While most of its criminal population is evacuated to be held elsewhere, members of the Legion of Super-Villains and the Fatal Five are taken to Brainiac's ship to help conquer Earths 4, X, and S in 1985. Brainiac 5 inadvertently releases the Infinite Man, who has absorbed the energies of the Crisis in the 30th century. The Legion battles him, and the White Witch causes him to return all his power to the source of the Crisis, changing him back into the human Prof. Jaxon Rugarth. With the end of the Infinite Man, the people of the 30th century remember the Crisis again. Note: This story reveals that the whole universe of the 30th century has been struck by disastrous effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths for the past few weeks, yet almost no one remembers it. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #18; “The Monitor Tapes,” Crisis on Infinite Earths #10]
  • The LSH note that the merging of the Earths has stopped after Supergirl's sacrifice, and Brainiac 5 vows to find a way to repair the damage caused by their overlapping. Members of the Legion of Super-Villains and the Fatal Five participate in the Villain War on Earths 4, X, and S in 1985. The Spectre puts a stop to the Villain War, explaining to heroes and villains throughout time (including the LSH in the 30th century) that the Anti-Monitor still lives and has fled to the dawn of time. The LSH are among the heroes who travel to the dawn of time to battle the Anti-Monitor, while the Legion of Super-Villains and the Fatal Five are among the villains who try to stop Krona on Oa of 10 billion years ago from creating the multiverse and the antimatter universe. After a battle with the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time, the LSH and the villains are returned to the 30th century. [CRISIS #8-10; “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War”]
  • September: At the end of time, the real Time Trapper takes a break from his chess game with Brainiac of 1985 to destroy Time Trapper II (the Controller posing as the Time Trapper since shortly before the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl), who was taken from Takron-Galtos as it was destroyed. During a moopsball tournament as Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy), Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad), and Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) are reunited, agents of the Time Trapper kidnap Garth and Imra's son Graym, but the Legionnaires are unable to summon the help of the LSH. The three Legionnaires obtain Rond Vidar's help at the Time Institute to travel to meet the Time Trapper using Vidar's Time Cube, while Lightning Lass (Ayla Ranzz) becomes suspicious over her brother's evasiveness. Arriving at the end of time, the three Legionnaires are captured by the Time Trapper's minions, and Garth is taken away. After three days of captivity, Rokk and Imra escape and find Graym, only to learn the Trapper wanted Garth all along. The Time Trapper tries to cause Garth to slip into madness by subjecting him to visions, then tells him the visions will end once he reveals the Legion's secrets to him. The Time Trapper brings Garth back in time years ago to the moment of his parents' death, which the Trapper causes. Then the Time Trapper's hourglass runs out, and the three Legionnaires with Graym automatically return to their own time. Note: The presence of Brainiac proves that this story takes place in the Earth-1 universe and is canonical. [Legionnaires Three #1-4]
  • October: Five LSH members (Chameleon Boy, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, Ultra Boy) are abducted by a Controller to disable the warlike planet of Tyrraz (Tyr's homeworld), since these Legionnaires earlier destroyed a planet in Limbo where a Sun Eater was being built by a Controller in order to destroy Tyrraz. The five Legionnaires battle Tyr and then disable Tyrraz's star-drive that allows it to move through space, while the Controller remains on Tyrraz to ensure that the planet does not again become a threat. Meanwhile, Invisible Kid II has his teleportation power removed, Brainiac 5 becomes obsessed with learning Sensor Girl's identity, and Dream Girl and White Witch celebrate Halloween with several other Legionnaires. [LEGION #19-20]
  • Brainiac 5 expresses his suspicion of Sensor Girl to Element Lad and is caught snooping through her room; he believes she is Supergirl, although twisted in some way. Several Legionnaires accompany the prison ark containing former prisoners of Takron-Galtos to the new prison planet, Labyrinth. Emerald Empress escapes with a few villains to form a new Fatal Five. Universo is posing as Vid-Gupta, Earth President Desai's aide. The Legionnaires help deliver the former Takron-Galtos prisoners to Labyrinth. The Legion battles a madman in a powerful suit called Restorer, who is secretly a mind-controlled agent of Universo. Rond Vidar is hospitalized. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #21-22]
  • Mon-El becomes immune to Brainiac 5's serum, causing him to experience lead poisoning once again; despite his resistance to the idea, Mon-El is put into the Phantom Zone again, in which he spent more than a thousand years. Cosmic Boy and Night Girl use a time bubble to vacation in the 20th century, while a few Legionnaires use a time bubble to bring Superboy briefly to their own time to help cure Mon-El. Note: After this story, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl delay their vacation in the 20th century for a few months. [Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #23]




  • [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Wedding on Winath”]
  • [“Legion of Substitute Heroes: Color Kid: The Color of Heroism”]
  • [“Legion of Super-Heroes: The Return of the Butcher”]

31st Century


  • Brane Taylor and his nephew Rick Taylor become the Batman and Robin of the year 3051 after perusing historical “micro-films” of Batman's exploits, battling villains including the villainous space pirate Yerxa. Note: Brane Taylor is not to be confused with Brane (Bruce Wayne XX, using an abbreviated version of his name as per the custom of his time) from Batman #26, who is Brane Taylor's counterpart on Earth-2. [“The Lost Legion of Space,” Batman #67 (October-November, 1951)]


  • The original Robin (Dick Grayson) time travels from the year 1972 to assist the future Batman during a time when Rick Taylor has a broken leg. The original Batman impersonates the future Batman to preserve Brane's secret identity. Note: Brane Taylor's appearance in Detective Comics #216 places this story in 3054, but his debut is likely to have happened in 3051. [“The Lost Legion of Space,” Batman #67 (October-November, 1951)]


  • Brane Taylor time travels to the year 1972 to act as Batman, assisting the original Robin during a time when the original Batman has a sprained arm. [“The Batman of Tomorrow,” Detective Comics #216 (February, 1955)]
  • Rick Taylor time travels to the year 1988 to serve as Robin during a time when the original Batman had no Robin. [Young Justice: Beginnings]

Far Future

  • During a time when most species on Earth have gone extinct, but man is still the dominant species, a mutant shapeshifter known only as the Thing is born with the ability to take on not only the shape but also most of the characteristics (such as strength and language) of any object, person, creature, or plant. Feared by mankind, the Thing is sent back in time to the year 1972, where it battles Superman and is ultimately destroyed in a nuclear bomb test on September 26, 1972. [“The Thing from 40,000 A.D.,” Superman #87 (February, 1954)]

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