Flip Falcon

Philip “Flip” Falcon, also known as “Flick” Falcon, is an American scientist and adventurer. He is based in a secret laboratory on a mountain outside an unnamed U.S. city. Using his fourth dimension machine, also called the dimenso-machine, Falcon can travel almost anywhere, including other planets, times, and dimensions, while contained in a dimension-sphere that protects him. He has a time control that automatically retracts him back to his laboratory on Earth at a specific time. He can also control the fourth dimension beam using a mechanism on his belt, enabling him to fly through space at will using the beam. He has an assistant named Adele Marguerite “Peggy” Zarn, who sometimes accompanies him in his adventures.

Little is known about this adventurous scientist's past, except that Falcon studied under Professor Stark in college.

In October, 1939, Falcon completed a fourth dimension machine in his laboratory and tested it by throwing a ball through it, noting that it came back inside out. He impulsively made himself the second test subject by leaping into it, and Falcon found himself transported to the planet Mars. Furthermore, his body had been reversed, as if he was a mirror image of himself. On Mars, he encountered a hostile, green-skinned, three-armed, tyrannical species known only as the Three-Arm Tyrants that possessed a fourth dimension machine with time traveling capabilities and were bent on conquering Earth. Battling them, Falcon managed to leap into the time machine's field and send himself into the recent past, where he caught a ride back home on the retreating fourth dimension bolt that had transported him to Mars.

Falcon and Adele went to Washington, D.C., to warn the United States War Department that Mars was planning to invade Earth, but they were met only with disbelief and derision. Receiving no help, Falcon and Adele traveled to Mars using the fourth dimension machine in an attempt to prevent the invasion. They discover from a dwarf-sized Martian species that the Three-Arm Tyrants are not from Mars and have displaced the true Martians from control of the planet. Falcon and Adele assist the dwarfs to fight the invaders and manage to turn the Slave-Giants against them. They escape from Mars using the Three-Arm Tyrants' own fourth dimension machine, only to end up in Earth's far future of 1,001,939 A.D. They encounter there a vastly different human species and are only able to return to Falcon's mountain laboratory by using the time machine they find there.

Over the next two years, Falcon used his fourth dimension machine to travel through the fourth dimension to other planets, times, and dimensions. Falcon made an enemy in the fallen angel Lucifer when he used his fourth dimension beam to stop Lucifer from destroying the Earth at a crucial time. Falcon also fought the Demi-Men, demonic creatures that live in the fourth dimension, and prevented at least two invasion attempts of Earth from the fourth dimension.

Flip Falcon's last known case was in June, 1941. It is not known what became of Falcon after that time.

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