Locations (Earth-4)

This is a list of locations on Earth-4.

  • Katara [“Little Orphan Airplane,” The Six Million Dollar Man (1974 ABC television series)]
  • Mgunda [“Little Orphan Airplane,” The Six Million Dollar Man (1974 ABC television series)]
  • Cemetery Island: developer Myron Bliss once attempted to turn this island into a resort, devastating its tribal culture, but the medicine man Udanga caused a tidal wave that destroyed the new hotels, and the island returned to its old ways. [“Udanga's Curse,” Haunted (Charlton) #10]
  • Ruxor: a sacred ancient Egyptian city hidden from the outer world and located beneath Giza. [“Yarko the Great,” Wonderworld Comics #18]
  • The Valley of the Moon: a sacred hidden valley once populated by female vampires. [“Yarko the Great,” Wonderworld Comics #6]
  • An unnamed country that had a war in the late 19th century. [“A Grave Mistake,” Beyond the Grave #2]
  • An unnamed Eastern European republic formerly led by the tyrannical President Waleskov and then by President Feodar Galovian, who began as a champion of the downtrodden but became a worse tyrant himself until his death. His successor was a good man. [“Here Comes Shutan,” Haunted (Charlton) #9]
  • Kamkov Island: a former nuclear base now used as a space program base. [“Doomsday, and Counting,” The Six Million Dollar Man (1974 ABC television series)]
  • Melville Manor: a castle in London. [“The Broken Will,” Beyond the Grave #1]
  • Groatsville: a town with a population of 5,284 in 1972 that was established in 1944; it is populated by the Groats, identical people who reproduce by splitting their bodies into two, like cells. [“Like Father, Like Son,” Haunted (Charlton) #10]
  • Hexville: a town in the Allegheny Mountains. [“Yarko the Great, Master of Magic,” Wonder Comics #1]
  • Lake City [“Where Is Cyrus Bull?,” Haunted (Charlton) #23]
  • Redfield, New Hampshire [“When the Hour Strikes,” Haunted (Charlton) #6]
  • Sanctity, Kansas [“The Devil Is in Town,” Haunted (Charlton) #23]
  • Soulbridge, New York [“Incident at Soulbridge,” Beyond the Grave #3]
  • Pago Island
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