Timeline of Earth-4 (the future)

21st century


  • A new ice age officially begins. Note: This ice age is a wave of colder weather on Earth, but it is fairly mild and has little effect on civilization. [Charlton Bullseye #5]


  • A man named Zeltan Zamba arrives at the United Nations, warning that Mars is planning to invade Earth. Disbelieved, he finds work as a science fiction artist noted for his realistic and detailed depictions of alien landscapes and technology. Finally, months after his warning at the United Nations, Prof. Glayce of the Space Project for the U.S. government hires him to accompany an expedition to Mars as sketchbook artist. Zamba accepts and reveals Mars' weaknesses during the long voyage, explaining that he is the rightful ruler of Mars until he was deposed by the tyrant Vandar. Using Zamba's knowledge, the Americans cripple Mars' arsenal and restore Zamba to the throne. Note: Zeltan Zamba probably arrives on Earth in 2014 or 2015 at the latest, when he first approaches the United Nations and then several capitols around the world. [“Fugitive from Mars,” Space Adventures #30]
  • A diplomatic party of humans arrive on Mars, which by this time is divided into three nations: Luravia (hostile and tyrannical, planning to invade Earth), Zenoba, and Cloland (both are friendly to Earth), but the Luravians turn them away. A ship believed to be from Luravia lands on Earth in the Rocky Mountains of Montana (near Helena, Montana, where the Martians had a space base from 1931 to 1948), but the ship turns out to be from the invulnerable population of Mercury, who attack Luravia. Afterward, Zenoba and Cloland invade Luravia and transform it into a democracy. The population of Mercury are very advanced and regularly seek out interplanetary aggressors and destroy them with no ambitions to rule themselves. Note: Although the above two stories are unconnected, they each serve to shed more light on the other. For instance, it can be assumed that Zeltan Zamba is the ruler of Zenoba, and that after Vandar was deposed and Zamba returned to the throne, the expedition next visited Luravia, which turn them away, and the rest of the events of this story take place. Although Zenoba under Zamba's rule would have assisted the Americans, they needed more time to rebuild their arsenal, destroyed when Vandar was deposed. It is probable that Luravia is the nation on Mars responsible for the Martian invasion of 1948. Cloland is probably the friendly Martian nation ruled by Queen Thula and visited by Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes in the 1950s. [“The Unexpected Visitor,” Space Adventures #35]


  • Jason Baalragh, owner of Global Oil and the world's wealthiest man, is nearly 80 years old and has a bad heart. Spending a large sum of money, he manages to extend his life by replacing his heart with one made of polystyrene, and he would go on extending his life through such synthetic organ replacements until he reaches 450 years of age. [“Final Operation,” Haunted (Charlton) #18]


  • An expedition led by Commander Pary lands on Ganymede (Jupiter's largest moon), where they are attacked by the native Rock Men there, and only one survivor escaped back to Earth. The Rock Men retreat and are not seen again until the 26th century. Note: This information is related by Rock “Rocketman” Raymond (the Earth-4 version of Spurt Hammond) in the 26th century. Although the Rock Men supposedly live on Jupiter itself, it is more likely that they reside on Jupiter's largest moon, which is more conceivably inhabitable than the gas giant of Jupiter. [Planet Comics #7]


  • A young inventor named Mr. Samson completes a working time machine in the form of a flying capsule after a year of work on it. Testing it, he time travels back to prehistory, but the capsule lands on one of the primary ancestors of modern man, crushing and killing him. Miraculously, as if history is correcting itself, Mr. Samson is reverted into an exact duplicate of his remote ancestor, and he takes his place as one of the primary ancestors of man. History remains unchanged. [“The Time Machine,” Charlton Premiere #4]


  • Rod Page has adventures as the costumed action hero Red Rocket. [Captain Flight Comics #5-11]


  • Using a special process, humans begin harvesting fast-growing, large vegetables and fruits, as well as fish, on the Moon to feed the growing population of Earth. [“Moon Farm,” Out of This World (Charlton) #2 (December, 1956)]


  • Maj. Presto Lane of the Planet Patrol, accompanied by Radio Sgt. Bette Monroe, liberates Neptune from the dictator Helios and installs a new democratic government led by Agmar, who immediately disarms Neptune's arsenals. Afterward, he returns to Earth with the invisibility gas that Helios had used to stay in power. Note: Because of his act, Lane is known as a hero and becomes president of New America some 40 years later. He marries Bette Monroe, and their only child is a daughter named Jane, born in the 2070s. The Planet Patrol is the predecessor of the United Nations Space Patrol. [“Presto Lane of the Planet Patrol,” text story by Waldo Harrison in Fantastic Comics #3]


  • Doctor Doom, criminal scientist and mass-murderer, uses several schemes to cause destruction to Earth as part of a revenge for perceived wrongdoings against him. He is stalwartly opposed by the heroic Jan Swift and Wanda. Eventually, Doctor Doom uses time travel to flee over a century into the past, arriving in the year 1940 and followed there by Jan and Wanda. Note: In all but the last two (or possibly three) stories, Doom exists in the future, while in the final stories he exists in the present, as do Jan and Wanda; only time travel can explain why exact doubles of all three could exist in the past. At one point Doom manages to successfully wreak havoc in the United States by causing the Grand Canyon to crack open and spread over many parts of the country, destroying entire cities, while releasing waves of cosmic radiation in the sky to stop a counterattack from the air by government space ships. He also releases a “grey mold” plague that kills most of the populations of New York, Paris, London, and Berlin, as well as many other cities. Although he is eventually stopped, the devastation causes the near-downfall of the U.S. government and other governments around the world, leading to the rise of the rule of city-states (such as the repressive Ultrapolis) until finally a world government is established. [Science Comics #1-7]


  • The Venusian Wars occur as part of the larger conflict of World War III. Androids that look perfectly human are secretly built to serve as soldiers and officers in Earth's armed forces. [“The Exotic Beauty,” Strange Suspense Stories (Charlton) #68]
  • The Prankster, a harlequin-like hero, fights with laughing gas, a rocket-powered hot air balloon, and a magic flute against the repressive dictator Bane in the dour future city of Ultrapolis, where love, laughter, music, art, and every expression of human dignity can be a crime punishable by death. The Prankster is assisted by scientist Hiram Grave, who creates his arsenal. Note: Since the world of Ultrapolis is obviously based on George Orwell's 1984, this series may take place during World War III, which is largely fought throughout the solar system. [Thunderbolt (Charlton) v2 #60]


  • Seeking an inhabitable planet outside the solar system for humans to colonize, five men led by chief scientist Hal Norrel (the Norrel Expedition) begin a 200-year-long trip to the Alpha Centauri system. [“Homecoming,” Space Adventures #10]


  • Space Leader Miles Kenforth is credited for ending the atomic war in space, which began on Earth, spilled out into space, and has been raging for years. In fact, his android double did all the work. Note: This war can be considered World War III, and it probably began in the 2060s on Earth before moving primarily into space in the 2070s and 2080s. [“The Android Maker,” Space Adventures #41]


  • A group of wanted criminals hijack a space liner but are thwarted by its captain, who sets them adrift in a useless rocket launch for the crime of piracy. Note: According to this story, piracy has not been a problem for centuries. If this story is accurate, the age of space piracy has yet to begin at this point. The date given in this story is 2185, but this date must be inaccurate by a century, since Adam Starr, pirate-fighter, exists in the same era of 2185. [“S.O.S.,” The Mysterious Traveler (1943 Mutual Broadcasting System radio series)]


  • The wealthy Jason Baalragh, now 150 years old and suffering from arthritis, has his entire skeleton replaced by a metal one. Over the next four centuries, he has almost all his other organs replaced, effectively becoming a cybernetic superman while retaining his vast wealth. [“Final Operation,” Haunted (Charlton) #18]


  • Capt. Perisphere Payne, captain of a huge space battle rocket ship, leads his crew of fighters into daring adventures keeping the Earth secure. Note: Since there is a reference to New America, this story must take place sometime decades after the downfall of the original U.S. government, which takes place in the mid-21st century. President Presto Lane of New America appears to be the leader of a near-totalitarian state and is called “Excellency.” Although he apparently only rules a city and its surrounding countryside, presenting the possibility that New America is only a city-state, it may merely mean that he has total control over Washington, DC, only, and the nation of New America is a federation of connected but largely independent states. Given that Payne exhibits ruthlessness and xenophobia, and that he cares little for exploration, it is possible he is a captain in a space corps created by a ruthless government for both security of the homeworld and the invasion of other worlds, many of which exist in a hostile relationship with Earth. [Science Comics #1-8, Samson #3]

22nd century


  • Space Smith, interplanetary explorer based out of Mars Observatory, has adventures alongside his girlfriend Dianna keeping peace in the Solar System by fighting space pirates and stopping invasions of Earth. Smith is largely responsible for stopping the last known and largest Martian invasion. Note: The time is never specified, but all the action takes place within the Solar System, placing it relatively early during space exploration. President Weller is the the president of the Federated States of the Earth. Space Smith is probably a descendant of Christopher Smith, the Peacemaker of the 20th century. [Fantastic Comics #1-22]


  • After years of space pirate attacks on defenseless ships throughout the solar system, a young pilot named Adam Starr who uses Jupiter's moon of Io as a headquarters strikes back against the space pirates. Starr eventually tracks down the infamous space pirate Black Michael on Pluto and destroys his base there. Starr then forms the Solar Legion, a special space police force charged with the specific mandate of hunting space pirates. In its first mission, the Solar Legion frees the planet Venus from the thrall of Arthak the space pirate and his horde of Venusian Fish-Men. Note: The Solar Legion is probably an independent force operating with the permission of the United Nations Space Patrol. While the Space Patrol has jurisdiction both within and outside the solar system, the Solar Legion has jurisdiction only within the solar system and specifically targets space pirates, much like the U.S. Border Patrol has the specific mandate of guarding the U.S. border. Since the nature of the organizations are therefore different, there is no redundancy. Eventually, the Solar Legion is likely phased out in favor of the Space Rangers, a more military version of the U.N. Space Patrol. However, it remains in the form of the special Solar Guard detachment at least until the 26th century. The year of 2140 is given in the first story, while a less likely year of 2260 is given in the third story. [Crash Comics #1-5]


  • Capt. Wade Holser and Lt. Shaman Mhun of the Intergalactic Patrol sustained damage to their ship while returning to Earth from Pluto. Sending Lt. Mhun out for repairs, Capt. Holser left Mhun to die, saying there wasn't enough oxygen left for both of them. Mhun trailed behind the ship for thousands of miles until he finally suffocated. Holser, returning to the Orbiter III Space Station near Earth, greeted Mhun's fiancee, Dr. Mijani, in her native Pakistani; Mijani realized that the dying Mhun had “reincarnated” into the nearest living host: Holser. [“The Survivor,” Haunted (Charlton) #18]


  • October: Scientists send an experimental time machine they call the Time Skipper back through time 200 years to October, 1959, before bringing it back to their time. Note: The time machine is likely named the Time Skipper because of its function of skipping through time, but it may also be named after Hap Holliday, the pioneering early 1950s time traveler whose nickname was the Time Skipper. [“The Time Skipper,” Strange Suspense Stories (Charlton) #48]


  • The Jetsons – George Jetson, Jane Jetson, and their children Judy Jeston and Elroy Jetson, along with their dog Astro and their robot-maid Rosey – have adventures in Orbit City. Note: The events of this series can only be taken as humorous exaggerations of actual events in the lives of a 22nd century Earth family. The series was supposed to be set 100 years in the future from when it first aired (1962), but in Earth-4's timeline the year 2162 works better. Also, since the 1974 series Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. was originally conceived as an updated Jetsons series, it is probable that the Jetsons lived in roughly the same time period. The Space Patrol seen in this series is actually the United Nations Space Patrol. It is possible that Judy Jetson eventually marries an English musician with the last name of Partridge, producing a child named George Partridge who time travels to the 20th century and has a musically talented family later known as the Partridge Family, but this is mere speculation. [The Jetsons (1962 Hanna-Barbera animated television series); The Jetsons (Charlton) #1-20]


  • A brilliant scientist named Maxim Armen invents the space drive, enabling widespread faster-than-lightspeed travel to other star systems. Note: Armen's invention is actually an independent rediscovery of a form of faster-than-light (FTL) travel that was invented in 1982 by Bruce Barlow. Prior to Armen, all FTL travel either uses Earth ships containing Barlow's interstellar drive (which remains classified) or extraterrestrial ships that contain their own FTL drives. [“Homecoming,” Space Adventures #10]
  • Using an experimental ship called the Superlift X-181, equipped with a space drive enabling travel at three times the speed of light, Capt. Roberts of the United Nations Space Patrol and his crew are the first to visit a planet in another star system. Traveling to Star System 34 of the Y-70 Galactic Quadrant, the Space Patrol officers are lured to the fourth planet, where they inadvertently destroy the galactic scourge of Vando the fourth planet. They then travel to the third planet, Krylon, where they meet a race of telepathic humanoids with pink skin, mohawks, and pointed ears, and they are welcomed because they put an end to the planet Vando's destruction of all spacecraft in the solar system. Note: Since the trip only takes two weeks, then this star system is even closer than the nearest known star, Alpha Centauri. Thus, it is probable that this is a star system that is somehow traveling at a rapid speed and passing by the area. [“The Galactic Scourge,” Space Adventures #33]


  • Pioneer 5, a manned mission, is sent to investigate what happened to the first four Pioneer missions, which were robotic probes. The lone astronaut manning Pioneer 5 is killed by advanced extraterrestrials for violating the borders of their space. On Earth, leaders make plans to war on the mysterious planet responsible for destroying the five Pioneer missions. [“Mission,” Charlton Bullseye v2 #3]

circa 2180s

  • Capt. Cosmic Carson of the Interplanetary Patrol has adventures, accompanied by his space ship's crew. In one adventure, Carson and his crew volunteer to test a huge, building-sized time machine created by Dr. Parten, traveling back to ancient Britain in the first century A.D., where they fight off a Roman invasion. Note: The Interplanetary Patrol is probably the same organization called the United Nations Space Patrol, an organization early in Earth's exploratory history. Carson is shown to have superior strength, possibly indicating that he is a descendant or relative of 20th century super-strong heroes Brett Carson (Mister Muscles) or Fred Carson (Wonder Man). [Science Comics #1-8, Big 3 #1]


  • Using a new relativity ship (R-Ship) that can travel at 10 times the speed of light, a crew led by Space Chief Ogden travel to the Alpha Centauri system in five months (from June to November). There, they discover that the ten planets of the Alpha Centauri star system are cannibal planets that are living and devour passing ships (and cosmic rays, asteroids, meteoroids, and comets). After being telepathically contacted by aliens from invisible planets in the star system, the humans destroy all 10 of the cannibal planets over a week's time. Then 16 previously invisible planets appear. [“The Insatiable Monster Planet,” Space Adventures #34]


  • Humans return to the Alpha Centauri system and establish a colony on the uninhabited second planet, calling it New Earth (later renamed New Terra), Earth's first colony outside the solar system. Note: The name New Terra comes from the Warhünd story in Charlton Bullseye v2 #5, which establishes that New Terra was Earth's first colony. [“Homecoming,” Space Adventures #10]

23rd century


  • The members of the Partridge family (Shirley Partridge and her five children, Keith Partridge, Laurie Partridge, Danny Partridge, Chris Partridge, and Tracy Partridge), along with their agent Reuben Kincaid, are somehow transported from the year 1974 to the year 2200. They quickly adapt to life in the future and even adopt a robot dog named Orbit. The children attend school at Galaxy High School, where they make friends with exchange students Veenie from Venus and Marion Moonglow from Mars. Note: Since the family depicted in this show apparently believe that they are from this time period rather than from the past (Shirley's husband was supposed to have been a spaceball player when he was young), it is probable that their memories were altered in order to help them adjust to this new time period. Since this series was originally conceived as an updated Jetsons series, it is possible that a grown-up Judy Jetson and her own family of five children contributed to the Partridge family's false background memories. An alternative explanation for the reference to Shirley's husband having been a spaceball player is that he was actually a time traveler from the 22nd century who traveled into the 20th century and had a family there before dying (or even faking his death). In this case, the supposed accident transporting the Partridge Family to the year 2200 could be an intentional retrieval. In any case, Shirley's husband was never named, and his origins and specific fate remain unknown. One possibility for his name and identity is George Partridge, the son of Judy Jetson (named after her father George Jetson) and Billy Partridge (a musician also known as Billy Booster, alias Sky Rocker, from the television movie Rockin' With Judy Jetson), but this is mere speculation. [Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. (1974 Hanna-Barbera animated series)]


  • Capt. Roland Simmons of United Nations Space Patrol ship 88 devises and executes a plan to keep a huge meteor from striking Earth. He and several other members of the Space Patrol sacrifice their lives and their ships to destroy the meteor and save the world. [“Juggernaut of Doom,” Space Adventures #31]


  • Capt. Brencher of United Nations Space Patrol ship 90 discover an artificial sun and meet the highly advanced ice men of Orcan. [“The Deadly Cargo of Spaceship 90,” Space Adventures #32]


  • The Great Solar War between Earth and the rogue planet of Ophiuchus (populated by space pirates and ruled by Queen Cleolanthe) begins, fought by the Space Rangers. Note: This planet is named after the constellation Ophiuchus, so it is likely in one of the constellation's nearest stars, such as the stars 70 Ophiuchi (16.6 light years) or 36 Ophiuchi (19.5 light years). [Space Adventures #15]


  • Rocky Jones joins the Space Rangers near the end of the Great Solar War and becomes a space commander. He patrols in the Orbit Jet and adventures with co-pilot Winky Jupiter, navigator/translator Vena Ray, and Junior Space Ranger Bobby. By this time, Earth is a member of the United Worlds of the Solar System. Note: The Space Rangers seen in this series are likely the same organization shown in the Rex Clive and his Space Officers/Rangers series, and at this time they have jurisdiction both within the solar system and without. The Space Rangers may also have originally been known as the United Nations Space Patrol, according to several sci-fi stories in issues of Strange Adventures. [Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (1954 syndicated television show); Space Adventures #15-18]


  • After 120 years of battling space pirates in the solar system, the Solar Legion is officially disbanded. It is replaced by the Solar Guard, whose mission is somewhat different.


  • The Norrel Expedition of five men led by chief scientist Hal Norrel, finally arrive in the Alpha Centauri system after a 200-year-long trip, only to find that humans had colonized it 90 years earlier after discovering the faster-than-lightspeed space drive. [“Homecoming,” Space Adventures #10]

24th century

This century is one of relative peace and prosperity.

  • Rick Evans, adventurer based in Future City, has adventures accompanied by his girlfriend Prof. Astra and his assistant Stringbean, a mechanic. Note: Although no dates are given, the solar system is relatively at a state of peace, thanks to the now-century-long efforts of the United Worlds of the Solar System and the Space Rangers. At this time, Mars is ruled by Princess Mina. The Earth's government is apparently called the United Nations Organization, but this is not necessarily the name of the main governing body, known earlier as the Federated States of the Earth and later as the Federated Government of the World. [Green Mask #11, 13-14, 16, All Good Comics (1944), All Great Comics (1945), All Good Comics #1, Zoot Comics #8]


  • June 20: Maj. Rock Thurston leaves on his voyage to explore the Outer Space Reaches. But once he arrives, he ends up on an other-dimensional planet of giants, where he meets a giant scientist who claims that the universe Thurston knows is merely a model of his own universe, kept in a laboratory for only a hundred of their years. Thurston is returned to his universe, but when he returns to Earth, he discovers that ten years has passed, and it is now 2366. In order to keep the world from learning the truth, he agrees to go along with a cover story claiming that he had defected to an alien world for a decade, and he spends ten years serving a prison sentence before he is released in 2376. [“Defection,” Out of This World (Charlton) #1 (August, 1956).]


  • The wealthy Jason Baalragh, now 450 years old, completely ruthless, and almost wholly artificial save for his brain, has it replaced with a 47-ounce cesium crystal brain. The doctor, claiming that now that Baalragh is no longer human in any way and has no legal rights, destroys the artificial body of the ruthless Jason Baalragh with a blaster. Note: This story claims that Baalragh turned 450 in the 25th century, but since he was known to be 80 years old in the year 2017, he actually turned 450 in the 24th century. [“Final Operation,” Haunted (Charlton) #18]

25th century


  • Blast Bennett, space explorer, has adventures accompanied by his companion, Red. Eventually, the two join the Space Patrol. Note: Although the setting in the story in Weird Comics #3 is revealed to be the year 5940, the technology in the Blast Bennett stories is not advanced enough to take place in the far future. Rather, we believe that the year of 5940 is likely fictional. Based on the use of the Space Patrol, this series probably takes place prior to the 26th century, by which time the Space Patrol was phased out by the Space Officers/Rangers. [Weird Comics #1-17]


  • After scientists discover that the Moon's orbit has begun to rapidly decay, causing destruction all over the world, Lt. Commander Bill Bohemund of the Interstellar Air Force (promoted to admiral from the rank of lieutenant commander) proposes a plan to pull the Moon back into its orbit. Promoted to admiral, Bohemund leads an IAF fleet of ships made of gold and equipped with anti-gravitation nullificators to restore the Moon's proper orbit. Half the fleet is lost in the process. Note: At this time, Earth's world government is named the Federated Government of the World, led by President Barnes. The Interstellar Air Force, a military organization, is unaffiliated with the Space Rangers, a police organization. [“The Moon of Destruction,” text story by Dana Tinari in Fantastic Comics #7]

26th century


  • Comm. Rex Clive, space king, and the Space Officers – Adj. Speed Lansing, Jim Jones, Bob Barry, and Stella Dawn of the STARs (the Space Transport Auxiliary Reserve) – have adventures in space as the champions of law and order. They are headquarted in New Minerva, capital of Earth (popularly known as Minerva), and they protect the spaceways of the solar system, flying the flagship Staritania. Note: The Space Officers are at first called the Space Rangers, but it is likely that the Space Officers (which have jurisdiction within the solar system) are a division of the Space Rangers (which have jurisdiction outside the solar system). Space Ranger Jim Jones is probably a descendant of Space Ranger Rocky Jones, who lived 300 years earlier. The United Worlds of the Solar System no longer exists, replaced by two factions often hostile to one another: the Inner Planetary Group and the Outerplanetary Circle. An international police force called the Lunar Squad has patrolled the Moon for centuries in order to ensure that no one nation on Earth controls it and uses it as a base for invasion. Venusia is the capital of Venus, which is ruled by the viceroy Drox. On Pluto, the ruler of the country of Delonia (one of many countries) is a humanoid named Queen Anyana. On Ganymede (Jupiter's largest moon), a dictator named Tyranno rules until his death in battle with the Space Officers. Callisto (Jupiter's second largest moon) is ruled by the caliph Zoq. Each of Saturn's nine largest moons are inhabited. Titan is ruled by Noxor. The element cosmium, which repels gravity, is discovered on Pluto; cosmium can be processed into a pure substance called gravitex. The planet Torro is the Fort Knox of the future. [Space Adventures #1-6, 19]
    • After Halgo – leader of the Outerplanetary Circle – attacks the Earth using the Moon as a base, Clive and the Space Rangers stop him and save New Minerva from destruction. In the process they also restore life on the surface of the Moon.
    • When communications with remote Pluto are reestablished after centuries of silence, Clive and the Space Officers liberate Pluto from a group of space traders who have taken over using a spacefleet of their own.
    • Clive and the Space Officers destroy the space fleet of Tyranno, dictator of Ganymede, after he tries to maroon the Space Officers on the red spot of Jupiter.
    • Clive and the Space Officers stop the plans of Zoq, the caliph of Calisto, to invade the inner planets of the solar system.
    • Clive and the Space Officers discover that the planet Marduk, existing outside the solar system and five times Earth's size, is a hollow world with an artificial satellite at its heart. They defeat and arrest Marduk's secret ruler, Karmud, who uses the planet to plunder passing ships and spaceliners.
    • Clive and the Space Officers stop the plans of Chief Delva, ruler of the humanoid Venusians, to invade the Earth.
    • Clive and the Space Officers defeat a group of space pirates led by Shangor who ransack the Earth-Mars shipping line from a hidden base in the molten side of Mercury.
    • Clive and the Space Officers repel an invasion of the planet Dox from its twin Zod, which both orbit the star Algol. In gratitude, Erda, leader of Dox's galactic expedition, has a ship – with an I.G. motor capable of attaining 100 times lightspeed – built for the Space Officers.
    • Clive and the Space Officers stop the plans of Titans' ruler Noxor to conquer Saturn's eight other inhabited moons.
    • Clive and the Space Officers capture Nucleo, the mad Martian and a master of disguise, when he steals a large amount of gravity-repelling gravitex from a processing plant.
    • Returning to Dox, Clive stops the plans of Choq, devil-master of Zod, to destroy Dox.
    • Clive and the Space Officers stop the Venusian invasion of Earth, led by Drox, viceroy of Venus.
    • Clive and the Space Officers stop the invasion of Earth by extraterrestrials led by Roj, operating from a dark planetoid.

27th century


  • Capt. Rock “Rocketman” Raymond, an American space pilot of American Interspace Lines, has adventures flying the space lanes between Earth and other planets in his rocket ship, the Solarbird. As Earth's greatest pilot, Raymond is often called upon during crises. Note: The Rocketman stories are merely edited Rock Raymond stories, which in turn are redrawn Spurt Hammond stories from Planet Comics #1-12; we prefer to say that “Rocketman” is Rock Raymond's nickname, and that Rock Raymond is the Earth-4 version of Spurt Hammond, who may exist on Earth-X. Originally having the rank of lieutenant, Raymond is promoted to captain by the time he evacuates Venus. Although the year is sometimes stated to be 25,000 A.D. (and once 40,000 A.D.), we place this series in the 27th century because of the low technology and the action all taking place within the solar system; also, the year 2018 is stated to be not much more than 500 years ago. Since the events in this series must take place after the events in the Rex Clive series, we place it early in the 27th century. The Moon (inhabitable since the mid-26th century) is now overrun by warlords and chiefly populated by two races: the Lunerzons, female humanoid warriors who control the polar region, and the Mooniacs, grotesque primitive creatures whom the Lunerzons breed for sport. The rulers of Venus are two female humanoids named Queen Amoura (a brunette) and Queen Veloptan (a blonde). The rulers of Mars are Prince Khangiz of the Red Men of Mars, and Kaga (who dies). On Mercury, the ruler of the land of Ferno, populated by the lobster men, is King Murda Thermod, and the rulers of the twilight land of Venus are King Todrax and Princess Zilla (who becomes Queen Merca after Todrax's death). The ruler of Titan is the benevolent King Satius. The ruler of the idiot race of Pluto is King Morono. The ruler of the human colony of Ganymede is an unnamed king. [Planet Comics #1-12; Captain Flight Comics #4-5, 7, 10; Rocketman #1; Strange Fantasy #4; Samson (Ajax-Farrell) #13]
    • Raymond stops the plans of the Lunerzons of the Moon (female humanoid warriors) to conquer the Earth.
    • After Mars declares war on Venus for control of the latter planet's supply of radiatromite, America (and Earth) declares war on Mars and sends a fleet that includes Raymond, who captures Mars' Prince Khangiz and forces him to give up his conquest of Venus, ending the war.
    • Raymond stops the plans of Radgio, prime minister of Mercury who led a coup that ousted the ruler Princess Zilla, and restores the monarchy to the throne.
    • Raymond ends the menace of the bearded, beaked men of Mercury who set themselves up as pirates based on artificial space islands and disrupt shipping lines between Earth and Venus.
    • Raymond rescues Titan's King Satius from Pluto's race of idiots, led by King Morono.
    • Raymond stops King Todrax of Mercury, who uses a ray to steal calcium from Venus, causing sickness in Venusians; after King Todrax's death, Mercury instead takes calcium from Jupiter, which has a large supply.
    • After the atmosphere of Venus somehow begins to burn, threatening to destroy the population, Raymond evacuates the Venusian population. However, Mars' hostile ruler Kaga intercepts the rescue shuttle and enslaves the Venusians. Raymond and a group of Venusians overthrow Kaga, who is killed by a giant Venusian troglosauri, and the two planets sign a peace agreement. Presumably sometime after this story Venus' atmosphere is restored to normal, allowing the Venusians to return to their world.
    • After Baron Burno, prime minister of the land of Ferno on Mercury, overthrows the ruling King Thermod, Raymond enlists the help of the Grubmen (natives of Mercury's dark side) to restore Thermod to the throne.


  • After a strange fungus causes worldwide draught and starvation on Earth, Comm. Mackenzie Smith travels to the small planet where the fungus is believed to have come and brings back to Earth thousands of beetles that feed on the fungus. It takes several months, but the beetles stamp out the fungus, leaving Earth with a beetle problem. Note: The mass starvation and lack of resources on Earth at this time surely play a part in the outbreak of World War V some twenty years later. [“The Last Ship from Earth,” Space Adventures #32]


  • World War V breaks out, nearly causing the destruction of the Earth and narrowly missing the destruction of the solar system itself. After the war's end, a group of nations called the League establishes a ruthless world government and rules for several decades, exiling all dissenters to offworld penal colonies. Note: This is speculation based on a story called “Flower from Pharaoh” in Space Adventures #8, which takes place in an alternate timeline in which World War V resulted in the death of the sun.

28th century

  • The ruthless League, which has ruled the Earth for several decades since the end of World War V, exiles Jason Tolliver, Kathy Carpenter, and other dissenters to Klorath, the green planet, where there is supposedly a colony of dissenters. Tolliver and the others soon discover that the exiled colonists are all dead, and the lush planet is full of deadly dangers, such as deadly giant birds and hostile primitives. Note: At some point after this story, the League is overthrown and replaced by a democratic world government. [The Green Planet #1]
  • Brak has adventures. [Charlton Action: Featuring Static #11]

29th century

  • Cosage, the Cosmic Agent, has adventures. [Questar #1/Charlton Action: Featuring Static #12]

30th century


  • John Malowan, a gawky-looking scientist, is in love with Trina Fergus, who is engaged to the handsome Lt. Randy Morgan of the World Police, Interplanetary Division. After Trina's father, Prof. Fergus, reveals to Malowan that he has been investigating Morgan and has discovered he is a Martian Dream Apple addict and worse, Morgan murders Prof. Fergus on the eve of Malowan's scientific expedition to Ganymede and frames Malowan for the murder. Morgan then tracks down Malowan in the jungles of Ganymede five weeks later, bringing him away on his police ship, intending to feed him Dream Apples until he is an addict to give him a drug-related motive for the murder. When Morgan heads for Calypso to pick up a supply of Dream Apples in order to frame Malowan for drug smuggling, Malowan causes the ship to crash on the moon, and the two men are injured in different ways. Morgan's brain is crushed, but his body is intact, while Malowan's body is badly mangled while his brain is fine. Surgeon Birds on Calypso illegally operate to save Malowan's life by transferring his brain into Morgan's body. Malowan, now Lt. Randy Morgan, returns to Earth to be with Trina Fergus. Note: According to this story, drugs called Martian Dream Apples are more addictive than heroin or cocaine. Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter, has a huge jungle. Calypso, the moon of Jupiter, is one vast swamp full of surgeon birds, called such because of their habit of cutting up space-wrecked humans and sewing them back together in new ways. [“Murder in 2952,” The Mysterious Traveler (1943 Mutual Broadcasting System radio series)]


  • Searching for new colonies for Earth's surplus population, the space ship Futura discovers the planet Jarga near the blue star Sirius. Two officers are Rod Carter (a blonde man) and Ben Damon (a dark-haired man). Note: It is probable that Rod Carter is the father of Michael “Booster” Carter, who became Booster Gold. Probably Rod Carter returned to Earth at least by the late 2950s, although it is also possible that Rod married his wife (a colonist from Earth) on Jarga, and Michael was born there shortly before the family returned to Earth. [Space Adventures #5]


  • A young scientist named Jupiter Jetson “J.J.” Kord invents the stargate technology that enables faster interstellar travel than ever before. [“Solar Legion of Heroes: Prelude”]


  • A 14-year-old girl named Rosemary Bennett uses a time machine to travel back to the year 1984, where she meets E-Man. The two travel to different points in Chicago's history – 1968, 1929, and 1871 – before returning to the 30th century. The Transdimensional Police, Time Division, give E-Man the time machine to return to 1984, knowing he will use it responsibly. Note: Rosemary Bennett ends up becoming a time travel research scientist herself and marries a man named Zarn. Although her last name is not revealed in E-Man #18, we suggest that she is a descendant of spaceman Blast Bennett of the 25th century. [E-Man (First) #18]


  • Michael “Booster” Carter and the security robot Skeets travel back in time from the 30th century (using Hap Holliday's time-yacht) to April, 1986, wearing a power-suit that he modifies in order to become the 20th century action hero Booster Gold. [“Sentinels of Justice: Superpowers, Book Three”]
  • Agent Broderick of the Transdimensional Police, Time Division, goes back in time to apprehend Michael “Booster” Carter, but he allows him to remain in the 20th century for now. [“Sentinels of Justice: Atomic Nightmare”]

31st century


  • The Solar Legion of Heroes is founded by industrialist J.J. Kord, inventor of the stargate technology enabling faster interstellar travel. The founding members are Silver Lass (Arda Starr) of Venus, Magno (Rokky Jones) of Ophiuchus, and Live Wire (Drake Gordon) of Mongo. They are soon joined by Triad (Luna Grant Kord) of Corania, Scarab (Zoe Saugin) of Aleph, and Kid Quantum (Ezekiel Adam) of New Terra. [“Solar Legion of Heroes: Prelude”]


  • The Zarn family creates a working time portal in the Aerie and begins traveling through time. Note: This is the ancestral family of Stinson Tempest of the 40th century, whose real name is unknown. It is therefore possible that he is from the same family as 31st century time traveler Zayla Zarn. [Charlton Bullseye #5]
  • Zayla Zarn, daughter of Rosemary Bennett Zarn, uses the time portal in the Aerie to found a team called the League of Infinity, whose members are teenaged heroes from several historical eras in her past. The League of Infinity includes Korg from 70,000 BC, the Great Pharaoh from Egypt in the 31st century BC, Hercules from Greece in the 15th century BC, Hrothelac (future Thane of Bagarth) from Sweden in the 6th century AD, the Golden Archer (Ned) from England in the 12th century AD, Vivienne from France in the 17th century AD, Christopher “Kit” Walker (the first Phantom) from England in the 16th century AD, Jerry Drummer from Revolutionary War America in the 18th century, Buffalo Bill Cody from Old West America in the 19th century, and Sparkington J. Northrup (later named Dr. Daniel Garrett, alias Blue Beetle II) in the 20th century. [speculation]


  • After the Zana'arians smuggle an explosive device into Earth's first Teliport facility and destroy much of the city, a brutal 50-year war begins with the Zana'arian Empire. Lord Malladar is Earth's greatest fighter during this conflict. [Charlton Bullseye v2 #9]


  • Lord Malladar becomes leader of Earth's High Council after the end of the war with the Zana'arians, while a mass wave of new colonization of outer space begins (probably to colonize the now-defeated Zana'arian Empire). Shortly afterward, Malladar is transformed by an accident into the powerful being known as Armageddon, who becomes Earth's tyrant. Note: By this time, the Commonwealth of Federated Planets has begun to transform into the autocratic Terran Empire, whose primary goal is colonization and expansion of territory. [Charlton Bullseye v2 #9]
  • The following year, a Danish warrior from the year 813 A.D. named Bludd is transported to the 31st century, where he has adventures. [Charlton Bullseye v2 #9]

32nd century

  • The Terran Empire is allied with Warlord Salaran of the Taurian star system, where civil war has broken out. Promising help, the Empire sends the Avenger, an Imperial Navy scout ship led by Captain Teeg, whose officers are Executive Officer Commander T'kanan of the Vempath people, Science Officer Burnham, and Gunnery Officer Lt. Egan Hamilton. The Avenger brings Salaran's only heirs, Prince Mak-Lon and Princess Say-Li, to safety. Note: The Terran Empire is led by the Emperor, whose identity is as yet unrevealed. This story seems to be inspired by both Star Wars and Star Trek, with elements of each within it. [“Duel in the Stars,” Charlton Bullseye v2 #3]

40th century

  • Stinson Tempest, descendant of the Zarn family who created the Aerie, is caught in a time disruption along with the Aerie and stranded in the past of the alternate timeline of Doomsday + 1. [Charlton Bullseye #5]
  • Capt. Sub Saunders, a young naval captain in the United States Navy of New America, has adventures in the deep sea interacting with the citizens of the ancient sunken city of Atlantis. By this time, the people of Atlantis have enslaved the frog-men (also known as the fish-men or the gill-men). Saunders rescues Atlantis' Queen Lantida from a power-hungry noble named Naulus, who stirs up the frog-men against Lantida and makes himself supreme dictator of Atlantis until Saunders and the United States Navy overthrows Naulus and restores Lantida to the throne. Saunders (followed later by his fiancee Peg) eventually receives a treatment making him impervious to pressure and giving him the ability to breathe underwater. Saunders' arch-enemy is the Serpent Lady, ruler of an undersea kingdom. Note: By this time, the United States of New America is once more an independent state ruled by a Supreme Council. Although the world is advanced, it is much less advanced than it should be if things progressed unhindered by this time, and humans now seem completely uninterested in space travel, preferring to explore the ocean depths. This may indicate that some great disaster or galactic war has cut Earth off from its outer space colonies, leaving each one to fend for itself. [Fantastic Comics #1-21, Blue Beetle #6]

Far future

  • The Earth colonies are reduced to savage barbarianism, including New Terra, Earth's first colony outside the solar system. The barbarian king Warhünd battles Assassin, who killed his father, and Warhünd learns his father was a war criminal. [Charlton Bullseye v2 #5]

1,000,001 A.D.

  • Hap Holliday, the time skipper, and Prof. Eon Tempus – co-creators of the time-yacht – time travel from the year 1952 to this time. There, they find that the oceans have largely dried up, and sea creatures have adapted to life on land. They also meet Ula, queen of Futuropolis, and help the city's people fight the reptile-men who have taken over. Ula accepts an invitation to travel with them back to the 20th century; it is not known if she ever returns to her own time. [Space Adventures #1]

1,001,939 A.D.

  • Flip Falcon and his companion Adele time travel from the year 1939 to this time, where they find that humans have mutated into a bizarre new form unable to live and move about without the aid of machinery. [Fantastic Comics #4]

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