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This is a timeline of all events affecting Earth-4 that occur before, during, and shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This timeline is adapted and expanded from the Crisis flowchart in Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Index #1 of 1.

Events that are widespread (such as red skies or antimatter appearing) are in red. Events that are otherwise important are in blue. Events in italics are not in present time.

Sunday, July 14, 1985

  • Harbinger recruits Blue Beetle III in Hub City on Earth-4. [Crisis #1, pp. 17-19]
  • Gathered heroes join together on Monitor's satellite and battle the Anti-Monitor's first wave of shadow demons, then meet the Monitor. [Crisis #1, pp. 26-32]

Monday, July 15, 1985

  • Harbinger disperses the gathered heroes throughout time to protect the Monitor's vibrational tuning forks. [Crisis #2]

Wednesday, July 17, 1985

  • Dr. Polaris, Geo-Force, and Blue Beetle III travel to Earth-1's Markovia during WWII and battle shadow demons alongside Easy Company, the Haunted Tank Crew, and the Losers; Losers die; Flower of Easy Co. dies. Blue Beetle III is wounded and returned to present day Earth-4. [Crisis #3]

Friday, July 26, 1985

  • Red skies and stormy weather appear on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S, three days before antimatter reaches these Earths.
  • Anti-Monitor controls the heroes of Earth-X, Earth-S, and Earth-4 via Psycho-Pirate II. [Crisis #6]
  • Monitor's satellite is destroyed, and the heroes on it disappear, only to appear on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S in three days. [Crisis #6]

Saturday, July 27, 1985

  • The gods give Johnny Mann his powers back, and he becomes Son of Vulcan once more. [“Sentinels of Justice: The Calm Before the Storm, Chapter 1: Son of Vulcan”]

Sunday, July 28, 1985

  • David Crandall (the former Nature Boy) regains his memories and becomes Nature Man once more. [“The Natural: Masters of the Elements”]

Monday, July 29, 1985

  • Antimatter appears on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S, followed by time warps that last until the five Earths are combined. [Crisis #5]
  • Stardust the Super-Wizard gathers a group of powerful heroes (including E-Man and Nova Kane, whose powers are restored) to protect the Controllers in the Contollers Dimension. [“The Paragons: Deus Ex Astra, Book 1, Prologue: The Super-Wizard”]
  • The Sentinels of Justice travels to the American West to investigate the antimatter cloud. There, the fear-driven team, along with Judomaster (transported from 1945 to 1985 through a time warp), battles Azrael, Blok, Flash of Earth-2, Katana, and Martian Manhunter. [Crisis #6]
  • Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S are drawn into a protective netherverse, joining Earth-1 and Earth-2. The red skies and antimatter storms end. [Crisis #6]

Tuesday, July 30, 1985

  • Pariah, Alex Luthor, and Harbinger gather a representative group of super-heroes (including Blue Beetle III) from each Earth. Harbinger explains the origin of the Multiverse. [Crisis #7]
  • The Sentinels of Justice discuss the Crisis. [Crisis #7]
  • Harbinger's group of heroes (including Captain Atom) battles the Anti-Monitor; Supergirl dies. [Crisis #7]
  • Stardust the Super-Wizard's group of heroes battle Shadow Demons in the Contollers Dimension; Thunderbunny dies, but his other self Bobby Caswell lives. [“The Paragons: Deus Ex Astra, Book 1, Prologue: The Super-Wizard”]

Wednesday, July 31, 1985

  • Stardust the Super-Wizard returns the heroes to their respective Earths.
  • E-Man and Nova Kane become engaged.
  • Super-heroes (including Blue Beetle III) and the people of Earth-1 mourn Supergirl. [Crisis #7]

Thursday, August 1, 1985

  • Anti-Monitor appears in new armor. [Crisis #8]
  • Brainiac gathers villains from five worlds (including the Banshee, Doctor Spectro, the Image, the Madmen, Major Force, Punch and Jewelee, and the Squids) aboard his ship. [Crisis #9]

Friday, August 2, 1985

  • E-Man and Nova Kane are married and leave Earth for a six-month honeymoon in space.
  • Super-villains conquer Earths X, S, and 4. Brainiac imprisons the three Earths with a dimensional barrier. Earth-4 is subjected to fire, particularly a huge chemical fire on the surface of New York Harbor. [Crisis #9]
  • Pariah, Harbinger, and Alex Luthor appear at the Earth-1 United Nations. Brainiac issues his challenge to the super-heroes, all on Earth-1 and Earth-2. [Crisis #9]
  • Harbinger and Flash of Earth-2 recruit Kid Flash to help penetrate Brainiac's dimensional barrier. [Crisis #9]

Saturday, August 3, 1985

  • Heroes travel to Earths X, S, and 4 to battle Brainiac's horde of villains. The New Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol battle the villains on Earth-4. Shaggy Man and Chemo are destroyed. Liberty Belle of Earth-4 is murdered. [Crisis #9, 10; “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War”]
  • Spectre stops the fighting and explains to everyone the Anti-Monitor's plan to travel to the dawn of time and change history. [Crisis #10]

Sunday, August 4, 1985

  • Heroes (including the Sentinels of Justice and Judomaster) and villains gather at Earth-1's Death Valley and break into two groups. Heroes travel to the dawn of time to face down the Anti-Monitor. Spectre, fueled by the spirits of the super-heroes, manages to marginally thwart Anti-Monitor's plans to eliminate all universes but the negative-matter universe. [Crisis #10]

Monday, August 5, 1985

  • One positive-matter universe is born. [Crisis #11]
  • Superman of Earth-2 meets Superman of Earth-1 at the Daily Planet; together they meet with Flash of Earth-2 and Kid Flash, who explain that Earth's non-heroes no longer remember the multiple Earths; together they use the Cosmic Treadmill to prove that there are no more parallel worlds. [Crisis #11]
  • Remaining heroes (including Blue Beetle III and Peacemaker) gather at Titans Tower; Harbinger briefly explains the new history of the single combined universe. [Crisis #11]
  • Detectives at a convention (including Michael Mauser) find a dead Angle Man. [Crisis #11]
  • Heroes at Titans Tower continue to compare notes. [Crisis #11]
  • The Challengers of the Unknown and Cave Carson's crew witness a giant electrical storm heralding the arrival of the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #11]
  • Anti-Monitor draws the combined Earth into the antimatter universe. [Crisis #11]
  • Harbinger begins gathering heroes to battle Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Shadow demons infest Earth, battling heroes around the world. [Crisis #12]
  • Harbinger sends Earth's most powerful heroes into final battle with the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Remaining heroes fight shadow demons on Earth; Dove dies. [Crisis #12]
  • The Sensational Sentinels reunite one last time before retiring for good and handing their special devices over to Sarge Steel.
  • Mystical heroes meet and bond their energies together to form a magic-based attack on the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Heroes attack the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Mystical heroes gather and contain the shadows and taint them with magical energy. [Crisis #12]
  • Heroes down the Anti-Monitor for the first time; Anti-Monitor reabsorbs all the shadow demons for extra power. [Crisis #12]
  • Superman of Earth-2 destroys the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]

Tuesday, August 6, 1985

  • Memorial services begin for Earth's fallen heroes. [Crisis #12]
  • The Crisis over, Shazam separates the combined Earth into five Earths once more: Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S, Earth-X, and Earth-4.
  • Five Monitors are chosen for each Earth: Alexander Luthor for Earth-2, Harbinger for Earth-1, Shazam for Earth-S, Uncle Sam for Earth-X, and Son of Vulcan for Earth-4.

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