Zephyr Who's Who Bio
zephyr.jpg Heroic/Villain ID: Star Sapphire
Civilian ID: Amanda Martin
Civilian Occupation: student at private high school
Appearance: Average height, blonde with pink highlights, very attractive, purple eyes, athletic figure in good physical condition
5 Earths Universe: Earth 2
Base of Operations: Holiday Academy, an exclusive private academy on the outskirts of Washington, DC.
Born: ~1968
Aging status: Normal (her innate powers might allow her to retard her aging)
Status: Original Character / Creator: Libby Lawrence
Relatives: Bill Martin, father (deceased), Myra Mason Martin, mother, Charles McNider (Dr. Mid-Nite), step-father, Rex Mason, uncle (deceased)
Associates: Etta Darnell, Headmistress of Holiday Academy, Liberty Belle, Jeffrey Pierce, Black Canary, Captain Triumph
Group Affiliations: Jr. Justice Society
Enemies: Kid Gundy, Faust, Candy Davis, (Darkstar), the rest of the Jr. Injustice Society, Alex Davis, (Brainstorm), the second Penguin, Colonel Future, Double X, Killer Moth

Powers: Zephyr displays a vast array of superpowers, usually invoked through incantation of a rhyming couplet. For example, Zephyr can take flight by reciting “O zephyr winds which blow on high / Lift me now so I can fly.” Among her many powers, she exhibits superhuman strength, command of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), and control of the weather. She can control the molecular density of her body and other matter, passing herself through walls, and in one instance, causing a car to pass unharmed through a road grader. She can divine the recent past,[5] which is manifested for the viewer in the jewel of her diadem. Isis can cause living things, including trees and animals, to appear and disappear at will. She can increase local gravity, and stop and reverse the flow of time. As Joanna Andre, she can communicate telepathically with animals, and her amulet has some powers of its own (hypnotic focus, for example).

Source of Powers: a lapis lazuli necklace called 'The Amulet of Isis'

Knowledge and skills: Archaeologist with specialization in mystical artifacts, mainly from Egypt. Can read hieroglyphs.

Weapons and Gadgets:

History: Until she was a grad student, Joanna was shy, dressed to hide her appearance, and was very bookish. She went on an expedition to Egypt with Kent and Inza Nelson, Carter Hall, and a British nobleman named Lord Sennet. Sennet tried to rape her; Inza Nelson saved her, and started to bring the girl out of her shell.

In an ancient temple, the principles of the expedition found a chest with a dire warning on it (Who opens this chest releases Set into the world). Kent Nelson defied the warning and opened the chest, inside of which as a mask, which housed spirit of Set, a Lord of Chaos who had been known as the god Set in ancient Egypt. Lord Sennet stole the mask and became a host for Set, and launched on a campaign to become ruler of the world. The Nelsons and Carter Hall changed to Dr. Fate and Hawkman, and engaged Set in a pitched battle. Joanna escaped into the temple, where she was magically drawn into a timeless place where she met the spirit of her ancestress, Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. Before her death, a might magician had gifted Hatshepsut with a mystical amulet of power, and in their first meeting, the spirit gave the Amulet of Isis to her descendant. When she was returned to reality, Joanna used the Amulet to turn into the heroine Mighty Isis, and it granted her vast magical powers. She helped the heroes defeat Set, and when she turned back to Joanna, she was much more self confident and comfortable being herself.

Some time later, an ancient organization named ISIS (The International Sisterhood of Isis Servants), emboldened by the appearance of their goddess, began raising its public profile. ISIS had begun as a service organization but had grown militant over the centuries. The militants in the ISIS Sisterhood had begun becoming public disturbances. After several public displays, when Joanna turned to Isis, she encountered Hatshepsut again, and her patron slightly changed her costume and bade her call herself Zephyr from then on, until such time as the Sisterhood returned to its roots of service rather than militancy.

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances: (links)

Origin of Isis: The Deeds of the Disturber (origin)

The Return of Vic Valor (Adopts the identity of Zephyr)

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