World of New Krypton: Supergirl and Valor: Homecoming

April, 1986: Lesla-Lar (Valor) and Lydia-7 (Supergirl II) travel to the planet Rokyn (New Krypton), where Lesla learns she is Lesla Nim-El, the daughter of Nim-El (Jor-El's twin brother). They stop a plot by the Lar family to take over Rokyn, and Lesla gains energy powers. Meanwhile, Mr. Mxypltk is separated from Aethyr, the Phantom Zone villains are sent to Rokyn, and Mon-El is sent back to the restored Phantom Zone. Former Phantom Zone prisoners Gen. Dru-Zod and Faora Hu-Ul make plans to gain power on Rokyn, Nam-Ek just wants acceptance, and Zo-Mar begins trying to conquer the planet. Yllura gains a super-power uniform from Zor-El, while Todra Than-Ol becomes the Green Lantern of Rokyn, and they team up with Valor to stop Zo-Mar. Lydia-7 returns to Earth alone, as Valor decides to stay on Rokyn. Meanwhile, Jasma, the young daughter of Kara Zor-El and Salkor, is revealed to exist on the planet Makkor. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming”]

  • April, 1986: Lesla-Lar visits Midvale, recalling Supergirl's memories of the town. She meets Dick Malverne and tells him that Linda Lee Danvers (Supergirl) died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Lesla realizes she must soon meet the current Supergirl, Lydia-7, to settle her past. Meanwhile, Lydia-7 (Supergirl II) is elated after receiving a cash advance from the Secret Hearts soap opera that has just hired her, but she is angered by seeing constant footage of Valor on television. Lesla-Lar returns to her room at the Metahuman Rehabilitation Agency, only to find that Lydia-7 is waiting for her and has destroyed almost all of her replica Supergirl costumes. The two women briefly fight until they realize that they might be family and determine to travel to Rokyn together to find out for sure. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 1: Too Many Supergirls”]
  • Lydia-7 and Lesla-Lar travel to the Fortress of Solitude, where they ask Superman to use the Fortress rocket. Superman agrees, as long as they take the last of the millions of dead citizens of Argo City with them to Rokyn. On the rocket to Rokyn, Lesla shares her knowledge of the El and Lar families of Krypton with Lydia-7 and speculate that Nim-El (Jor-El's twin brother) is Lesla's father. The rocket reaches Rokyn. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 2: History Lesson”]
  • On Rokyn, Van-Zee (Nightwing) greets Lydia-7 and Lesla-Lar and informs Lesla that he will be keeping watch over her because of her past criminal activity. Lesla is reunited with her relative and onetime friend Zora Vi-Lar (Black Flame) and instinctively knows she cannot trust her. Don-El, head of the Rokyn Police, also greets Lesla and Lydia and brings them to meet Supergirl's parents, Zor-El and Allura. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 3: How Times Have Changed”]
  • In the land of Zrfff in the fifth dimension, the imp citizens separate Mr. Mxypltk from the jeweled heart (Aethyr), thereby freeing all the former prisoners of the Phantom Zone and restoring the Zone itself. They send all the Kryptonians to Rokyn, while they send Mon-El back to the Phantom Zone. On Rokyn, Don-El helps Lesla-Lar use a device to probe her earliest memories and sees a woman whom they identify as Nura Nov-Ta. Tracking her down, they discover that the woman is the mother of Lesla herself and that Nim-El is indeed Lesla's father. After giving birth to Lesla, Nura was pressured to give up the child to the Lar family to be used in a revenge scheme against the El family. Lesla-Lar is thus revealed to be Lesla Nim-El and the half-sister of Don-El. Nura's home is suddenly attacked, killing her. Lesla confronts Ro-Lar, the head of the House of Lar, but Zora Vi-Lar confesses to the crime. Lesla and Zora begin to fight. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 4: Heir to the House of El”]
  • Quickly subduing Zora Vi-Lar, Lesla Nim-El uncovers a plan by the Lar family to kill the El family and take over Rokyn. While Lydia-7 moves to stop Ken-Lar from using a disintegration projector on the Science Council, Lesla uses her previous energy-based powers to save the El family by redirecting energy to Mt. Kil-Gor. She collapses because of the energy depletion, but Zor-El manages to save her life, noting that her body is now a living energy generator. He creates three differently colored uniforms that can regulate her energy. Lesla awakes and tells Lydia-7 that she plans to stay on Rokyn. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 5: The House of Lar Strikes Back”]
  • Lydia-7 cautions Lesla Nim-El not to let Zor-El and Allura turn her into a substitute for their daughter, Kara Zor-El. Meanwhile, elsewhere on Rokyn, the disguised Gen. Dru-Zod and Faora Hu-Ul meet, and Zod tells Faora he plans to give up thoughts of revenge on Superman and instead gain power on Rokyn. Elsewhere, Nam-Ek becomes a hermit in the mountains because of his sin of slaying a Rondor (a healing beast) and gaining a similar appearance because of it. Longing for acceptance, he finds a wounded bird and heals it with his Rondor-based healing power. Lesla tells her aunt Allura a story of Supergirl (see “Supergirl: Times Past, 1982: Emotional Rescue”). [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 6: No Substitute”]
  • Lesla Nim-El is reunited with her father, Nim-El, who explains how he – the black sheep of the El family – has survivor's guilt over surviving the doom of Krypton when his more famous twin brother Jor-El died with their planet. Zo-Mar, whom Superman placed in the Phantom Zone shortly before the Crisis, makes his own plans to conquer Rokyn. Having lured a Lana Lang robot duplicate with his glyph into the Phantom Zone just after the Crisis, he now uses the glyph to take over others' minds. Zo-Mar causes a scientist named Ar-Vor to hurl himself to his death off the Jewel Mountain Monument. Before dying, Ar-Vor tells his wife Yllura that Zo-Mar is responsible for his death and that he is free again. At Van-Zee's laboratory, Lydia-7 learns that the results of her genetic tests cannot indicate who her direct ancestor is, except that it is a member of the El family. On the planet Makkor, Salkor (Supergirl's husband when she was briefly known only as Jasma) watches over their daughter Jasma, who was born from a birthing matrix shortly after Supergirl left his world and lost her memory of her time there. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 7: Survivor's Guilt”]
  • Todra Than-Ol – daughter of the Kandorian scientist Than-Ol who had once caused Kandor to hate Superman and led to his and Jimmy Olsen's adopting the identity of Nightwing and Flamebird – reminisces about the past. She had loyally put herself in the Phantom Zone to be with her father and had grown close to Mon-El. After his sentence was over, Than-Ol was released into Rokyn along with Todra, shortly after Kandor was enlarged on the planet. Now, Todra witnesses the crash of an alien spacecraft and discovers its pilot to be a dying member of the Green Lantern Corps; after his death, she finds his power ring. A new crime wave caused by Zo-Mar erupts on Rokyn. Yllura visits Don-El about her husband Ar-Vor's murder and is taken to see Zor-El. The scientist provides Yllura with a uniform granting her super-powers. Meanwhile, Zo-Mar uses weather-controlling machines to terrorize New Kandor, while the Lana Lang robot watches. As Valor, Lesla Nim-El investigates the strange weather, and Yllura follows her in her super-power uniform. The two spot Zo-Mar and meet Todra Than-Ol, who introduces herself as the Green Lantern of Rokyn. Zo-Mar uses his mind-controlling powers to cause Yllura and Todra to battle Valor. The Lana Lang robot defeats Zo-Mar by taking his glyph away, calling itself the Host, since the robot is possessed by previously unseen wraithlike beings that exist in a side dimension on Rokyn and peacefully allow the Kryptonians to inhabit their planet. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Chapter 8: Super-Women of Rokyn”]
  • Lesla Nim-El visits Lydia-7 to tell her of her triumph over Zo-Mar with other new superheroines of Rokyn, only to learn that Lydia is preparing to return to Earth. The two depart as family and even sisters. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Homecoming, Epilogue: Sisters”]
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