World of New Krypton: New World Order


June, 1986: On Rokyn, Nam-Ek becomes a superhero known as the Rondor. General Zod, Jax-Ur, and Va-Kox begin cultivating drugs from Earth on Rokyn, which begins a new crime wave. Meanwhile, Faora Hu-Ul goes on a killing spree, attracting the attention of Nightwing II and Flamebird II. Teaming up with the Rondor, the heroes capture Faora and soon learn the location of Zod's operations. Zod and his allies set up elsewhere, and the demand for more drugs grows. [“New Krypton Chronicles: New World Order”]

Full summary:

  • June, 1986: Nam-Ek, the man with the appearance, abilities, and smell of a Rondor beast, is applauded and cheered by the public after saving and healing a construction worker. General Dru-Zod greets Jax-Ur, who has returned from Earth with a supply of various plants, which Va-Kox will grow and cultivate to produce illegal drugs. Fal-Ko, a popular musician, meets and becomes intimately involved with a woman who turns out to be the Phantom Zone criminal and serial killer, Faora Hu-Ul. Nam-Ek learns that he has become renowned as the Rondor, one of Rokyn's new superheroes. [“New Krypton Chronicles: New World Order, Chapter 1: The Rondor”]
  • Van-Zee (Nightwing II) and Ak-Var (Flamebird II) discuss the disfigurement of Fal-Ko and the murders of his guards, which all point to Faora Hu-Ul. Since they know that the Phantom Zone villains are now free on Rokyn, having spoken with Nam-Ek, they speculate that General Zod is making plans to gain power on Rokyn, and that Faora's actions are not part of those plans. Nightwing II and Flamebird II investigate the scene of the murder of Bru-Sri, Rokyn's most well-known master of the martial art of klurkor, who they speculate was killed by Faora for commercializing klurkor. General Zod and Jax-Ur, angered over Faora's lack of subtlety, discuss how to deal with her. Jhun-Kee, a worker at the Ministry of Expansion, becomes a drug addict, and Jax-Ur offers him a discount if he sells to his friends and co-workers. Nightwing II and Flamebird II are alarmed as Rokyn experiences a sudden crime wave committed by people with no criminal records. Spotting a jumper, the heroes are too late to stop him, but the Rondor manages to heal him. Nightwing II tells Flamebird II and the Rondor that there are traces of hallucinogens from Earth in his system, and they wonder how they got there. [“New Krypton Chronicles: New World Order, Chapter 2: A Crime Wave on Rokyn”]
  • As Faora Hu-Ul prepares to kill Var-Sri, the cousin of Bru-Sri who has followed in his footsteps, Var-Sri is revealed to be Nightwing II in disguise. The two battle, and the Rondor charges in and strikes Faora, saving Nightwing II's life, then uses his power to save Faora's life. General Zod, learning of Faora's capture, tells Jax-Ur to leave everything but a few samples behind, and they abandon their drug cultivating operation. Don-El, chief of police, tells Nightwing II that he has used the mind probe to learn the location of Zod's criminal operations. Soon, Don-El and Van-Zee find Zod's abandoned drug growing operation, and instead of destroying the crops, Don-El orders his men to cultivate them so that scientists can study the plants. Elsewhere, General Zod, Jax-Ur, and Va-Kox begin their operations anew. A police officer named Gem-Ar secretly uses cocaine taken from the evidence labs. [“New Krypton Chronicles: New World Order, Chapter 3: This New World”]



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