World of New Krypton: Family Crisis

July, 1986: A joyrider Todra Than-Ol is chasing flees into the Golden Volcano and gains super-powers as Volcanus. Lesla Nim-El is distraught by her father Nim-El's desire to use antimatter bombs on criminals, not knowing he is really the look-alike villain Roz-Em. A villainess named Shyla Kor-Onn and her accomplice Rog-Tah use a Supergirl look-alike to lure Valor, Todra, and Yllura (now called Ultra Girl) in order to steal the latter's super-power outfit. Valor defeats Volcanus, rescues Nim-El and Zor-El, saves Rokyn from Roz-Em's antimatter bomb, and depletes the Ultra Girl outfit Shyla wears. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Family Crisis”]

  • July, 1986: Yllura discovers that people are now calling her Ultra Girl, while a man and a woman scheme to take Yllura's super-power outfit from her. Todra Than-Ol, the Green Lantern of Rokyn, chases after teenaged joyriders, but as they flee, one leaps into the Golden Volcano (where Todra cannot follow) and disappears, and he is changed into a new menace. Valor (Lesla Nim-El) reminisces about her life thus far and wonders what the future will bring. Todra delivers the joyriders to Don-El, the police chief. Don-El's father Nim-El visits and argues with his son over a plan of his to prevent a future disaster from happening. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Family Crisis, Chapter 1: The Loneliness of Ultra Girl”]
  • Shyla Kor-Onn, a Phantom Zone villainess who once fought Supergirl, and her ally Rog-Tah kidnap a Supergirl look-alike named Lilla Ly-Vol. As Lesla becomes a junior member of the Science Council, her father Nim-El bursts in and demands that a temporary dictatorship be enacted so he can use his inventions to wipe out the scourge of crime forever by using antimatter bombs on criminals. Lesla suspects something unusual is wrong with Nim-El. Allura tries to soothe her niece Lesla's worries. Meanwhile, Zor-El confronts his brother Nim-El, who has constructed a sphere with an antimatter core, but Nim-El has robots restrain Zor-El. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Family Crisis, Chapter 2: The Radical of Rokyn”]
  • Yllura (Ultra Girl) spots Lilla Ly-Vol, the Supergirl look-alike, bound in the center of New Kandor and wearing an old Supergirl costume. She and Valor and Todra Than-Ol each go to investigate. Valor quickly guesses that Supergirl is really Lilla and is confronted by Shyla, who has laid an anti-kryptonite trap for Yllura and Todra. Rog-Tah steals Yllura's super-power outfit. Volcanus, the youth transformed by the Golden Volcano, arrives to fight Todra, whose Green Lantern ring is useless against his yellow form. Valor temporarily drains Volcanus of his power, while Shyla arrives in the Ultra Girl outfit, and Nim-El arrives and claims this crime justifies his use of the antimatter bomb and takes it up in a rocket ship. Meanwhile, the bound Zor-El activates a signal device that brings Valor to his location, and she frees him and the real Nim-El, who is also bound. As the false Nim-El drops the antimatter bomb, Valor forces Shyla to give up her Ultra Girl outfit by placing her on the falling bomb, then drains the outfit and throws the bomb into the sun. Nim-El explains that his look-alike Roz-Em was masquerading as him again as he once did on Krypton. Todra imprisons Shyla and Rog-Tah, while Yllura gives up the Ultra Girl outfit, yet retains her sensory powers. [“New Krypton Chronicles: Family Crisis, Chapter 3: Battle of the Look-Alikes”]
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