Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost

  • August 5-6, 1985: Steve Trevor, refusing to accept that his wife Diana (Wonder Woman) truly died in the Crisis, determines to return to Paradise Island and find a way to bring her back to life. In Washington, D.C, Steve Trevor summons Wonder Woman's invisible robot plane to him and uses it to travel to Paradise Island to bring Diana back. In the airspace over Paradise Island, he and the plane suddenly disappear. [“Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost, Prologue: Odyssey”]

March, 1986: Nubia and Hippolyta realize that Wonder Woman's invisible robot plane, missing since the Crisis, is gone from this world completely (as is Steve Trevor). Donna Troy returns to Paradise Island, only to learn that Hippolyta has recreated the infant Diana from clay. Mars and Callisto, planning to abduct baby Diana, recruit the Crimson Centipede to attack Paradise Island. Donna confronts Nubia on the JLA satellite about her using the name Wonder Woman when they learn of the attack and team up to defeat the villain. Meanwhile, Callisto attempts to abduct baby Diana but is stopped by Knockout of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, disguised as an Amazon. Donna takes the name of Artemis as her superhero name. [“Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost”]

  • March, 1986: Nubia and Hippolyta realize that Wonder Woman's invisible robot plane, missing since the Crisis, is gone from this world completely (as is Steve Trevor). [“Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost, Prologue: Odyssey”]
  • Donna Troy returns to Paradise Island for the first time since the end of the Crisis to ask her mother Queen Hippolyta why she made Nubia the new Wonder Woman. She discovers that Princess Diana (the original Wonder Woman) did not die in the Crisis after all but was reverted to clay and reborn as an infant shortly afterward. Hippolyta wants to protect both Diana and Donna from harm, but Donna refuses to give up her life in man's world and leaves. In another dimension, the god Mars tells Callisto how he kidnapped Nubia as an infant and raised her in the arts of war to eventually attack Paradise Island, only to lose her to Wonder Woman and Hippolyta. Mars plans to kidnap the infant Diana and raise her as the enemy of the Amazons. Donna visits Nubia on the JLA satellite, and the two talk about why Donna was so resentful about Nubia's stepping into the role of Wonder Woman. [“Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost, Chapter 1: From Clay Reborn”]
  • In Africa, Mars retrieves a super-villain he once created called the Crimson Centipede, whose mind is long since gone, to attack the Amazons. As the Crimson Centipede attacks Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta summons Nubia's help at the JLA. On the JLA satellite, the discussion between Donna Troy and Nubia has escalated to the point that they plan to end their dispute by trial of combat, when Black Canary tells them of the situation on Paradise Island. The two are transported to Paradise Island via transporter and battle and defeat the Crimson Centipede together. Meanwhile, as the villain serves as a distraction, Callisto attacks Hippolyta and attempts to abduct the infant Diana. She is stopped by a large redheaded woman who returns Diana to Hippolyta. Later, Hippolyta apologizes to both Donna and Nubia for her thoughtlessness. Donna Troy, the former Wonder Girl, now takes the name Artemis to honor Diana. Meanwhile, the redheaded woman is revealed to be Knockout of the Enchantress' Secret Society of Super-Villains, who has her own plans for the Amazons. [“Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost, Chapter 2: Who Is Artemis?”]
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