Wonder Woman: Black and White


June, 1986: Wonder Woman II (Nubia) encounters racism in the South when she is asked to speak at a girls' school graduation. [“Wonder Woman: Black and White”]

Full summary:

  • June, 1986: Nubia (Wonder Woman II) shares her concern with her lover J'onn J'onzz (the Martian Manhunter) about speaking at the commencement ceremony at Wesleyan School for Women in the South. Arriving at the college, Wonder Woman II is met by Carolyn Honeycut (the Dean of Women) and a group of reporters. Nubia notes that almost all of the students are white, and she also notes how she is regarded because of her own skin color. That evening, as Nubia eats dinner at Carolyn's house, she is concerned about how much weight is put upon her race on a news report about her visit to the college. That night, Nubia is alarmed to notice a fire near the house and moves to act. [“Wonder Woman: Black and White, Chapter 1: Comparison”]
  • Wonder Woman II is alarmed to find a burning cross on the front lawn, and she captures the two members of the white supremacist group called the Phantom Empire who left it there. Later, Carolyn tries to explain American racism to Nubia, who ends up pointing out Carolyn's own form of racism. The next morning, Wonder Woman II gives her speech at the commencement ceremony at Wesleyan School for Women. Nubia meets J'onn at the JLA satellite afterward and discusses why racism is still prevalent despite other advancements. [“Wonder Woman: Black and White, Chapter 2: Commencement”]



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