Titans West: Reunited

August, 1986: The Herald (Mal Duncan), Golden Eagle (Charley Parker), and the Hawk (Hank Hall) battle Crazy-Quilt and his gang at STAR Labs and decide to reform the Titans West. [Titans West: Reunited]

  • August, 1986: At the San Diego International Airport, Kestrel rents a car to track down Hawk. [Titans West: Reunited, Prologue: Kestrel]
  • At the Gabriel's Horn night club in San Francisco, Mal Duncan (the Herald) is talking with Charley Parker (Golden Eagle) and Hank Hall (Hawk) when Karen Duncan (Bumblebee) calls from STAR Labs explaining that Crazy-Quilt and his gang are attacking. From an office window, Karen watches as the gang slowly loads a large piece of equipment into a van and calls the police. At STAR Labs, Crazy-Quilt and his gang are confronted by the Herald, Golden Eagle, and Hawk. During the ensuing battle, Hawk spots a woman dressed in a version of Dove's costume and is angered. Crazy-Quilt takes control of Golden Eagle's mind and uses him against the Herald. [Titans West: Reunited, Chapter 1: Enter Dove]
  • Hawk demands that the woman give up impersonating his dead brother as a new Dove, but she says it isn't his choice and that he needs her. The Herald battles the mind-controlled Golden Eagle and manages to overcome him using his horn. The heroes are unable to find Crazy-Quilt, and they leave the scene before the police arrive. A police officer interviews Karen Duncan, who names the three heroes who fought Crazy-Quilt's gang. Mal Duncan, Charley Parker, and Hank Hall discuss reuniting the Titans West. At the Lowman Building, Mirror Master and Copperhead of the Secret Society of Super-Villains discuss Crazy-Quilt's failure. [Titans West: Reunited, Chapter 2: Just Like Old Times]
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