Timeline of the Crisis on Infinite Earths

This is a timeline of all events that occur before, during, and shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Since it shows the events on all five Earths in the Five Earths Project, it belongs on its own page. See each Earth for a Crisis timeline specifically tailored for that parallel world. This timeline is adapted and expanded from the Crisis flowchart in Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Index #1 of 1.

Events that are widespread (such as red skies or antimatter appearing) are in red. Events that are otherwise important are in blue. Events in italics are not in present time.

April, 1985

  • Three months before the Crisis, the Monitor beams to his satellite Psimon of the Fearsome Five, saving him from being drowned. Psimon remains on the Monitor's satellite for the next three months. [Tales of the Teen Titans #58]

July, 1985

Saturday, July 13, 1985

  • Knowing the Crisis will shortly begin, the Monitor cancels all frequencies to Earth's super-criminals and begins scanning Earth-3. [DC Comics Presents #78]
  • Antimatter destroys Earth-5, a world that has no super-heroes. [Crisis #1]
  • Antimatter destroys Earth-3. [Crisis #1, pp. 4-9]
  • Alexander Luthor sent to Earth-1. [Crisis #1, p. 9]

Sunday, July 14, 1985

  • Wonder Woman encounters a red storm over the Central American nation of Tropidor, foreshadowing red skies over the whole world. She battles the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, who manipulates time and traps her in a repeating loop for several days. [Wonder Woman #327]
  • Red skies and stormy weather appear on Earth-1. [Crisis #1, pp. 10-11; New Teen Titans #13, pp. 3-4; Batman #389, p. 1; Wonder Woman #327, p. 23]
  • Lyla becomes Harbinger. [Crisis #1, pp. 10-13]
  • Harbinger recruits Solovar in Gorilla City on Earth-1. [Crisis #1, pp. 13-14]
  • Harbinger recruits Dawnstar in 30th Century Earth-1. [Crisis #1, pp. 15-16]
  • Harbinger recruits Firebrand II on 1942 Earth-2. [Crisis #1, pp. 16-17; All-Star Squadron #50, pp. 11-35; All-Star Squadron #51, p. 13]
  • Harbinger recruits Blue Beetle III in Hub City on Earth-4. [Crisis #1, pp. 17-19]
  • One of Harbinger's selves 45,000 ago on Earth-1 is corrupted by Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #1, p. 19]
  • Harbinger recruits Psycho-Pirate on Earth-2. [Crisis #1, pp. 20-21]
  • Harbinger recruits Arion 45,000 ago on Earth-1. [Crisis #1, pp. 21-22]
  • Harbinger and Psycho-Pirate recruit Firestorm on Earth-1. [Fury of Firestorm #41]
  • Harbinger, Psycho-Pirate II, and Firestorm recruit Killer Frost II on Earth-1. [Crisis #1, pp. 23-25]
  • Harbinger recruits Obsidian on Earth-2. [Infinity Inc. #18, pp. #19-20]
  • Harbinger and Obsidian recruit Superman of Earth-2.
  • Harbinger recruits Cyborg on Earth-1. [New Teen Titans #13, pp. #13-17]
  • Harbinger and Cyborg recruit Geo-Force on Earth-1.
  • Harbinger recruits Dr. Polaris on Earth-1.
  • Harbinger recruits Green Lantern (John Stewart) on Earth-1. [Green Lantern v2 #194, pp. #1-7, 10]
  • Red skies appear on Earth-2. [Infinity Inc. #19, p. 7]
  • Gathered heroes join together on Monitor's satellite and battle the Anti-Monitor's first wave of shadow demons, then meet the Monitor. [Crisis #1, pp. 26-32]
  • A herd of wooly mammoths travels from Anthro's time to the 30th Century of the Legion of Super-Heroes. [Crisis #2]
  • Batman and Commissioner Gordon learn that Catwoman is back in town. Nightslayer, searching for Nocturna, begins killing members of the False-Face Gang. Catwoman, fearing blame for the murders, begins searching for the killer. [Batman #389, pp. 1-2]

Monday, July 15, 1985

  • Batman battles Joker and sees Flash disintegrate. [Crisis #2]
  • Harbinger disperses the gathered heroes throughout time to protect the Monitor's vibrational tuning forks. [Crisis #2]
  • Anti-Monitor strikes at the Guardians through the central power battery. [Crisis #2]

Tuesday, July 16, 1985

  • Superman and Batman meet Pariah. [Crisis #2]
  • Superman of Earth-2, Dawnstar, and Solovar travel to Earth-1's future after the Great Disaster and meet Kamandi. [Crisis #2]
  • Harbinger finds Alex Luthor grown to nearly age five. [Crisis #2]
  • Psycho-Pirate II and Obsidian travel with Arion to ancient Earth-1 Atlantis of 45,000 years ago; Pariah appears; Psycho-Pirate abducted by the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #2]

Wednesday, July 17, 1985

  • Monitor examines Alex Luthor. [Crisis #3]
  • Harbinger meets with the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #3]
  • Flash travels from Central City in the 30th Century to the present to avoid being destroyed by antimatter. [Crisis #3]
  • Antimatter appears on Earth-1. Teen Titans and Outsiders team up to battle antimatter on present-day Earth-1. [Crisis #3]
  • Superman and Batman join Titans and Outsiders. [Crisis #3]
  • Flash appears before the combined Titans, Outsiders, Superman, and Batman; Anti-Monitor abducts Flash. [Crisis #3]
  • Brainiac makes plans to abduct Luthor. [Crisis #3]
  • Dr. Polaris, Geo-Force, and Blue Beetle III travel to Earth-1's Markovia during WWII and battle shadow demons alongside Easy Company, the Haunted Tank Crew, and the Losers; Losers die; Flower of Easy Co. dies. [Crisis #3]
  • Blue Beetle III is wounded and returned to present day Earth-4. [Crisis #3]
  • Superman of Earth-2, Dawnstar, and Kamandi battle shadow demons; Solovar is wounded and returned to present-day Gorilla City. [Crisis #3]
  • Psimon, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Firebrand II, and Cyborg travel to 1879 Texas on Earth-1 and battle shadow demons alongside Scalphunter, Bat Lash, Johnny Thunder, Jonah Hex, and Nighthawk; Nighthawk dies. [Crisis #3]
  • Legion battles antimatter in 30th Century Metropolis; Kid Psycho dies. [Crisis #3]
  • Nocturna takes over an old observatory to study the cause of the red skies. [Batman #389, pp. 5-8]
  • Mibrannu, the most peaceful planet in the universe, is destroyed. The warlike planet Kallidrane is destroyed, while its fleet escapes destruction. [Crisis #10, p. 5]

Thursday, July 18, 1985

  • Supergirl meets with Batgirl. [Crisis #4]
  • John Constantine meets with Steve Dayton (Mento); by chance, they meet Batman. [Crisis #4; Swamp Thing #44, pp. 7-8]
  • Pariah watches the antimatter destruction of Earth-6. Lord Volt and Princess Fern die. Pariah leaves and takes Lady Quark. [Crisis #4]
  • Monitor engineers the creation of Dr. Light II. [Crisis #4]
  • Anti-Monitor abducts Red Tornado. [Crisis #4]
  • Firestorm and Killer Frost battle shadow demons alongside the Shining Knight in Earth-2's Camelot. [Crisis #4]
  • Batman asks Catwoman to stop her vigilante actions. [Batman #389]
  • Five thousand citizens of Thanagar die during riots caused by the approaching antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 6]

Friday, July 19, 1985

  • Clark Kent is fired from GBS and the Daily Planet after filing an unsubstantiated story about Superman saving a falling satellite that was, in fact, still orbiting Earth. [Superman #410, pp. 1-14]
  • Jason Todd (Robin II of Earth-1) realizes that Nocturna is using the observatory as her headquarters. [Batman #389, pp. 16-17]
  • Starman (Prince Gavyn) of Earth-1's universe dies trying to protect his empire from the antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 9]

Saturday, July 20, 1985

  • Clark Kent cleans out his desk at GBS; Superman subjects himself to a series to tests, scans, and probes to find out why he remembers rescuing a satellite; Lex Luthor, the man responsible for Superman's false memory, gloats over Clark Kent's firing. [Superman #410, pp. 15-24]
  • In the year 2185, Tommy Tomorrow of the Planeteers rescues the population of 16 planets orbiting NCG-2683 from the antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 11]

Sunday, July 21, 1985

  • Robin II meets Nocturna at the observatory and defends her against Sgt. Harvey Bullock of the GCPD. [Batman #389, pp. 20-23; Detective Comics #556, pp. 2-3]
  • Nocturna becomes the new leader of the False-Face Gang. [Detective Comics #556, pp. 6-7]
  • The Forever People use their powers to protect the citizens of their adopted planet Adon from the antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 12]

Monday, July 22, 1985

  • The sun rises in the west as Earth's axis shifts, then realigns itself by noon. [New Teen Titans v2 #13, p. 21]
  • Alan Scott (Green Lantern of Earth-2) learns that Jade and Obsidian are his children by his first wife, who is revealed to be the Thorn and dies. Alan Scott proposes to Molly Maynne (Harlequin). [Infinity Inc. #20]
  • Batman learns that Nocturna is using the False-Face Gang to steal only from politicians who have cut research funding in order to find out what is causing the red skies and if it can be stopped. [Detective Comics #556, pp. 14-16]
  • Confronting Nocturna, Catwoman fights Batman and Robin II but is struck by lightning and injured. An earthquake isolates Nocturna's observatory. [Batman #390, pp. 13-23]
  • In the otherdimensional Gemworld, the Citadel of Sapphire is destroyed by antimatter. [Crisis #10, p. 13]

Tuesday, July 23, 1985

  • Alan Scott and Molly Maynne are married. During the reception, all super-heroic guests are taken by Harbinger, only to reappear two days later on the Monitor's satellite. [Infinity Inc. Annual #1; Infinity Inc. #21]
  • Powerful storms continue to ravage Earth. Superman investigates strange energy bursts coming from Mongul's containment capsule in deep space. Back on Earth, Superman and Hawkman of Earth-1 battle Kasta, the thrill-killer of Thanagar. [DC Comics Presents #95]
  • Catwoman recovers in the hospital, and Batman confesses his love for her. [Detective Comics #557, pp. 13-16]
  • Nightslayer stabs Nocturna (who probably dies), and Robin II tries to save her by casting her off in a hot air balloon. Batman, Robin II, and Catwoman capture Nightslayer. [Batman #391]
  • Wonder Woman is released from Tezcatlipoca's time spell and discovers the skies have turned red. [Wonder Woman #327, pp. 22-23]
  • Immortal Man seemingly dies while protecting people from the antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 16]

Wednesday, July 24, 1985

  • Outsiders, Titans, Superman, and Batman meet Dr. Light II. [Crisis #4]
  • Shadow demons and Weaponers of Qward attack Paradise Island, and the Amazons fight alongside the gods. Wonder Woman's secret identity of Diana Prince is revealed to her co-workers. Antiope is killed. [Wonder Woman #328; Crisis #10, p. 22]
  • Wonder Woman, as Princess Diana, joins her fellow Amazons in prayer on Paradise Island. [Wonder Woman #328, p. 23; Crisis #4]
  • Swamp Thing protects a deer from the antimatter cloud. [Crisis #10, p. 17-18]

Thursday, July 25, 1985

  • On John Constantine's instructions, Swamp Thing travels to San Miguel, California, and saves two people from a bizarre house that is haunted by the historical victims of the Cambridge Repeater (a rifle similar to the Winchester). [Swamp Thing #45]
  • Pariah meets Monitor and the two observe various super-heroes in action against antimatter and demons. [Crisis #4]
  • Harbinger kills Monitor. [Crisis #4]
  • The universes of Earths 1 and 2 are swallowed into the netherverse, ending the red skies and antimatter storms. [Crisis #4]
  • Lyla loses her Harbinger powers; Alex Luthor appears as an adult. [Crisis #5]
  • Psycho-Pirate II tortures the captive Flash. [Crisis #5]
  • Earths 1 and 2 merge in places and both experience a succession of time warps. [Crisis #5]
  • Heroes of Earths 1 and 2 are gathered aboard Monitor's satellite; Alex Luthor explains the Crisis. [Crisis #5]
  • Green Lantern Corps arrives on Oa via spaceship to find the Guardians held captive. [Crisis #5]
  • Heroes return to Earth to witness carnage. [Crisis #5]
  • Anti-Monitor unleashes the Red Tornado and sends him on a rampage across the merged Earths 1 and 2. [Crisis #5]
  • Members from the All-Star Squadron, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Justice League of America, the Outsiders, and Infinity Inc. stop Red Tornado from destroying a city; Wildcat's legs are crushed. [Crisis #5; All-Star Squadron #53, pp. 20-23]
  • Harbinger sends Green Lantern of Earth-2, Power Girl, Johnny Quick of 1942, Star Sapphire of Earth-1, Per Degaton of 1947, and Deathbolt of 1942 on an unknown mission to Earth-2. [All-Star Squadron #53, p. 23]
  • The Tornado Champion, a heroic aspect of the Red Tornado, enters the body of Ma Hunkel (the original Red Tornado) on Earth-Two and imbues her with youthful vitality and wind powers. Note: It is at this point that the Tornado Champion separates itself from the Tornado Tyrant. While the Tornado Champion in Ma Hunkel's body becomes a champion as the Red Tornado of Earth-Two, the Tornado Tyrant remains in the Red Tornado's android body and is unleashed on Earth-One after that body is destroyed in Crisis #8 and JLA Annual #3. [“Junior JSA: Who's Minding the Store?”]

Friday, July 26, 1985

  • Red skies and stormy weather appear on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S, three days before antimatter reaches these Earths.
  • Harbinger and Alex Luthor re-gather a number of heroes from Earths 1 and 2 on the satellite. [Crisis #5]
  • Anti-Monitor controls the heroes of Earth-X, Earth-S, and Earth-4 via Psycho-Pirate II. [Crisis #6]
  • Superman learns that Luthor is behind his false memories and battles him. [Superman #412, 413]
  • Luthor is abducted by Brainiac. [Superman #413; Crisis #6]
  • Clark Kent is re-hired by GBS and the Daily Planet. [Superman #413]
  • Monitor's satellite is destroyed, and the heroes on it disappear, only to appear on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S in three days due to a time flux. [Crisis #6]
  • Yolanda Montez watches Atom of Earth-2 take the crippled Wildcat to safety. [Crisis #6]
  • Swamp Thing learns from John Constantine that, after the Crisis is over, the battle for the spiritual plane will begin, as the Brujeria plan to destroy Heaven, and he must meet the Parliament of Trees next. Swamp Thing returns to Louisiana, while John Constantine leaves to prepare for the coming battle with the Brujeria. [Swamp Thing #46, pp. 14-19]

Saturday, July 27, 1985

  • Firebrand II of Earth-2's 1942 leads a group of heroes of the past, consisting of Don Caballero, the Trigger Twins, Black Pirate and Justin, Miss Liberty, Roving Ranger, Golden Gladiator, Silent Knight, Viking Prince, and Valda the Iron Maiden, to save Cape Canaveral. They battle a large group of Native Americans of the past who are attacking it, including Super-Chief, Strong Bow, and Arak. These two groups join together and stop Ultra-Humanite, who has taken over Cape Canaveral. Cyclotron (Alex Kurtzberger) of 1942 saves his grown-up daughter, Terri-Lynn Rothstein, from Ultra-Humanite, who escapes. [All-Star Squadron #54, pp. 18-23; All-Star Squadron #55, pp. 1-16]

Sunday, July 28, 1985

  • Hades makes a pact with Ares to destroy Paradise Island and Mount Olympus, while the Anti-Monitor is revealed to be Hades' secret ally to attack Mount Olympus. [Wonder Woman #329, p. 1]
  • Shadow demons attack Mount Olympus, and three gods are killed, while two more receive serious wounds. [Crisis #10, p. 14]

Monday, July 29, 1985

  • Antimatter appears on Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S. [Crisis #5]
  • Dr. Light II, Hawkman of Earth-2, Northwind, Starfire, and Steel II arrive on Earth-X. [Crisis #6]
  • Azrael, Blok, Flash of Earth-2, Katana, and Martian Manhunter arrive on Earth-4. [Crisis #6]
  • Atlantis shifts in time, and Aquaman swims off to find Mera. [Crisis #6]
  • Ocean Master and Black Manta are abducted by Brainiac. [Crisis #6]
  • Black Canary II, Changeling, Kole, Supergirl, Wonder Woman of Earth-1 arrive on Earth-S. [Crisis #6]
  • Earth-X, Earth-4, and Earth-S are drawn into the netherverse, ending the red skies and antimatter storms. [Crisis #6]
  • Green Lantern of Earth-2, Power Girl, and Johnny Quick chase Star Sapphire, Per Degaton, and Deathbolt and lose them when they are abducted by Brainiac. [Crisis #6]
  • Wildcat II (Yolanda Montez) appears. [Crisis #6]
  • Pariah joins Harbinger and Alex Luthor. [Crisis #7]
  • Time warps appear on Earth-4, Earth-S, and Earth-X. [Crisis #7]
  • Sivana and Ibac are abducted by Brainiac. [Crisis #7]
  • Wildcat II eavesdrops on Green Arrow of Earth-2, Atom of Earth-2 and Liberty Belle. [Crisis #7]

Tuesday, July 30, 1985

  • Pariah, Alex Luthor, and Harbinger gather a representative group of super-heroes from each Earth. [Crisis #7]
  • Harbinger explains the origin of the Multiverse. [Crisis #7]
  • Heroes of five Earths discuss the Crisis. [Crisis #7]
  • Harbinger's group of heroes battles the Anti-Monitor; Supergirl dies. [Crisis #7]

Wednesday, July 31, 1985

  • Super-heroes and the people of Earth-1 mourn Supergirl. [Crisis #7]
  • Still mourning Supergirl, Superman is transported to Earth-Prime by the Superman Revenge Squad and meets that world's Superboy. [DC Comics Presents #87]
  • Ares and Hades attack Mount Olympus with an army of dead warriors, including Agamemnon, Achilles, Odysseus, and Ajax. Wonder Woman and the Amazons battle the dead warriors to protect Mount Olympus and the gods. Hades breaks his pact with Anti-Monitor and causes his army to return to death. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are married by Zeus on Mount Olympus [Wonder Woman #329]

August, 1985

Thursday, August 1, 1985

  • Superman and Superboy of Earth-Prime travel to Earth-1, and Earth-Prime's Superboy disappears into a vortex. [DC Comics Presents #87, pp. 23-24; Superman #414, pp. 7-8]
  • The Superman Revenge Squad captures Superman and takes him to Rokyn. Defeating the Superman Revenge Squad, Superman retrieves Supergirl's body and delivers it to her parents, Zor-El and Allura, on Rokyn. [Superman #414]
  • Anti-Monitor appears in new armor. [Crisis #8]
  • Darkseid and Desaad observe and discuss the Crisis. [Crisis #8]
  • Green Lantern Corps meets with the Guardians of the Universe. [Crisis #8]
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes observes the Crisis from the 30th Century. [Crisis #8]
  • Firehawk joins Cyborg, T.O. Morrow, and the Justice League aboard the JLA satellite as heroes work to repair the Red Tornado. [Crisis #8]
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart) recruits Blue Devil to help repair the Red Tornado. [Crisis #8]
  • Red Tornado and JLA satellite explode; T.O. Morrow is abducted by Brainiac. [Crisis #8]
  • Blue Devil falls into a space-warp and appears on board the ship of the Omega Men. [Crisis #8]
  • Flash escapes imprisonment and sacrifices his life in destroying the antimatter cannon. [Crisis #8]
  • The Challengers of the Unknown listen to the scream of a helpless Spectre. [Crisis #8]
  • Debris from the JLA satellite lands on Earth, and the Justice League members old and new keep a large piece of debris from destroying downtown Detroit. Red Tornado's android body is found in pieces, but Dale Gunn is unable to rebuild him. The weakened Tornado Tyrant that resided in the Red Tornado's android body for years takes over powerful weather satellites to enable him to regain control over his elemental form once again. The Tornado Tyrant threatens to remake the world. The JLA imprisons him, but he breaks loose and leaves with a warning that he will return. [Justice League of America Annual #3]
  • Guy Gardner witnesses the deaths of five Guardians. [Crisis #9]
  • Brainiac gathers villains from five worlds aboard his ship. Brainiac murders Luthor of Earth-2. [Crisis #9]
  • Nightwing, Jericho, and Starfire beam aboard a spaceship bound for Tamaran. [New Teen Titans v2 #13, pp. 22-23; New Teen Titans v2 #14, pp. 5-7; Crisis #9, p. 5]

Friday, August 2, 1985

  • Firehawk and Cyborg join remaining Titans in Manhattan; Wonder Girl and Firehawk go in search of Wonder Girl's husband Terry Long. [Crisis #9; Fury of Firestorm #42]
  • Super-villains conquer Earths X, S, and 4. Brainiac imprisons the three Earths with a dimensional barrier. Earth-4 is subjected to fire, particularly a huge chemical fire on the surface of New York Harbor. Earth-S is subjected to freezing cold. Earth-X is overrun by greenery and out-of-control vegetation. [Crisis #9]
  • Pariah, Harbinger, and Alex Luthor appear at the Earth-1 United Nations. Brainiac issues his challenge to the super-heroes, all on Earth-1 and Earth-2. [Crisis #9]
  • Harbinger and Flash of Earth-2 recruit Kid Flash to help penetrate Brainiac's dimensional barrier. [Crisis #9]

Saturday, August 3, 1985

  • Heroes travel to Earths X, S, and 4 to battle Brainiac's horde of villains. Psimon, Shaggy Man, and Chemo are destroyed. Liberty Belle of Earth-4 is murdered. Hawkman of Earth-2 is injured. [Crisis #9, 10; “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War”]
  • Spectre stops the fighting and explains to everyone the Anti-Monitor's plan to travel to the dawn of time and change history. [Crisis #10]

Sunday, August 4, 1985

  • Heroes and villains gather at Earth-1's Death Valley and break into two groups. [Crisis #10]
  • Aquagirl dies. [Crisis #10]
  • Heroes travel to the dawn of time to face down the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #10]
  • Villains travel to the Oa of 10 billion years ago. Mirror Master, Icicle, and Maaldor are killed by Krona. [Crisis #10]
  • Spectre, fueled by the spirits of the super-heroes, manages to marginally thwart Anti-Monitor's plans to eliminate all universes but the negative-matter universe. [Crisis #10]

Monday, August 5, 1985

  • One positive-matter universe is born. [Crisis #11]
  • Superman of Earth-2 meets Superman of Earth-1 at the Daily Planet; together they meet with Flash of Earth-2 and Kid Flash, who explain that Earth's non-heroes no longer remember the multiple Earths; together they use the Cosmic Treadmill to prove that there are no more parallel worlds. [Crisis #11]
  • Dolphin, Rip Hunter, Animal Man, Atomic Knight, Captain Comet, and Adam Strange travel to Brainiac's ship. [Crisis #11]
  • Remaining heroes gather at Titans Tower; Harbinger briefly explains the new history of the single combined universe. [Crisis #11]
  • Phantom Stranger and Deadman try to revive a comatose Spectre. [Crisis #11]
  • Detectives at a convention find a dead Angle Man. [Crisis #11]
  • Dr. Fate and Dr. Occult save Amethyst from a panicked crowd; Amethyst is blinded by shadow demons. [Crisis #11]
  • Heroes at Titans Tower continue to compare notes. [Crisis #11]
  • The Challengers of the Unknown and Cave Carson's crew witness a giant electrical storm heralding the arrival of the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #11]
  • Anti-Monitor draws the combined Earth into the antimatter universe. [Crisis #11]
  • Heroes aboard Brainiac's ship awaken Brainiac; they leave for Apokolips. [Crisis #12]
  • Harbinger begins gathering heroes to battle Anti-Monitor, starting with Dr. Light II. [Crisis #12]
  • Shadow demons infest Earth, battling heroes around the world. [Crisis #12]
  • Dr. Mist and Phantom Stranger try to revive the Spectre. [Crisis #12]
  • Harbinger sends Earth's most powerful heroes into final battle with the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Brainiac, Rip Hunter, and others arrive on Apokolips. [Crisis #12]
  • Remaining heroes fight shadow demons on Earth; Dove dies. [Crisis #12]
  • Mystical heroes meet and bond their energies together to form a magic-based attack on the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Heroes attack the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Lori Lemaris, Green Arrow of Earth-2, Prince Ra-Man, Clayface II, and Bug-Eyed Bandit die in combat with shadow demons, while Kole, Huntress, and Robin of Earth-2 disappear and are presumed dead. [Crisis #12]
  • Mystical heroes gather and contain the shadows and taint them with magical energy. [Crisis #12]
  • Heroes down the Anti-Monitor for the first time; Anti-Monitor reabsorbs all the shadow demons for extra power. [Crisis #12]
  • Anti-Monitor turns Wonder Woman back into clay. [Crisis #12]
  • Darkseid, through Alex Luthor, downs the Anti-Monitor for a second time. [Crisis #12]
  • Superman of Earth-2 destroys the Anti-Monitor. [Crisis #12]
  • Superman of Earth-2, Lois Lane of Earth-2, and Superboy of Earth-Prime travel with Alex Luthor to safety. [Crisis #12]

Tuesday, August 6, 1985

  • The Crisis over, Shazam separates the combined Earth into five Earths once more: Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S, Earth-X, and Earth-4.
  • Five Monitors are chosen for each Earth: Alexander Luthor for Earth-2, Harbinger for Earth-1, Shazam for Earth-S, Uncle Sam for Earth-X, and Son of Vulcan for Earth-4.
  • Memorial services begin for Earth's fallen heroes. [Crisis #12]
  • Psycho-Pirate is reimprisoned at Arkham Asylum. [Crisis #12]

Wednesday, August 7, 1985

  • Earth-X: With the Freedom Fighters stranded on Earth-2, the Nazis of Earth-X begin a widespread campaign to reconquer the world. Within days, they gain much ground thanks to millions of hypnotically controlled sleeper agents embedded throughout society.
  • Earth-1: Barry Allen's remains are buried. [“The Flash: The Funeral of Barry Allen”]

Thursday, August 8, 1985

  • Earth-1: The Flash's secret identity of Barry Allen is revealed to the world. Wally West becomes the Flash II. [Crisis #12; “The Flash: The Funeral of Barry Allen”]
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