The New Titans: Quest

September, 1986: Artemis, Starfire, Kole, and Raven battle pawns of Doctor Psycho while staying at a spa. Raven manages to break through Psycho's deep-rooted hatred of women, and they deliver him to a mental hospital. The New Titans battle a second generation of RECOMbatants and Phantasm, controlled by 14-year-old Danny Chase, whom they arrest. Knockout kidnaps Princess Diana from Paradise Island and brings her to Apokolips. The New Titans with Queen Hippolyta battle the Female Furies on Apokolips and discover Diana is gone. They travel to New Chronus and battle Lord Chaos (Wonder Woman's son from an alternate timeline) and his Seeds (Argent, Prysm, Risk, Joto, Nightrider, and Redwing). The Titans of myth defeat Lord Chaos, and the Seeds are brought to Earth. The New Titans battle the New Olympians at Titans Tower, and the Maxie Zeus' maddened mind is healed. [“The New Titans: Quest”]

  • Raven registers for classes at Manhattan University and displays uncharacteristic outgoing behavior. While photographing model Kory Anders (Koriand'r, alias Starfire), Donna Troy Long (Artemis) noticed Kory behaving uncharacteristically shy. Kole Weathers proposes to Joe Wilson (Jericho), but he wants to wait. At Titans Tower, Raven meets with Roy Harper and plays with little Lian Harper. Artemis muses how both Koriand'r and Raven were in love with Dick Grayson (Nightwing), who was still away from the team in Gotham City, and wonders about both Raven's and Kory's changed personalities. As Starfire joins Victor Stone (Cyborg) for a walk through his old neighborhood, they stop a couple of muggers who robbed an old woman, and Cyborg remarks that Starfire speaks more like Raven than herself. At a New Titans meeting, Lilith Clay reveals that she had a vision of versions of Superman, Batman, and other JLA members attacking the Titans. Lilith also confirms that Raven and Starfire have switched personalities unwillingly. The female New Titans go away for a girls' getaway at the Bloch Spa, where Raven is confronted about her changed personality and how she subconsciously made herself like Starfire (and vice versa) in order to attract Nightwing. She apologizes and reverses personalities once more. Lilith is psychically warned about a woman named Hera. In Gotham City, Maxie Zeus is convinced to attack the New Titans by a woman calling herself Hera. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 1: Switcheroo”]
  • A few female Titans (Artemis, Starfire, Kole, and Raven) are relaxing at the Bloch Spa, when four costumed, super-powered women patterned after JLA members (Tigerwoman, Nightwoman, the Molder, and Swashbuckler) attack them. Raven teleports away to find the source of these villainesses. After the villainesses are defeated, they revert into their original form: staffers at the spa. The female Titans are reunited with Raven, who turns out to be an ectoplasmic duplicate of their friend created by Doctor Psycho, and who knocks them all unconscious. The real Raven is also unconscious and being used to power Psycho's machine. Artemis awakes to find herself battling the original Wonder Woman, while Starfire awakes to find herself battling her sister, Komand'r, and Kole Weathers has a vision in which Jericho recoils from her face, which has become insect-like. Psycho explains to Raven that he has been running the Bloch Spa in order to secretly humiliate powerful women. Raven manages to break through Psycho's longstanding hatred of women and manages to begin healing him. The illusions disappear, and Artemis and Starfire realize they've been battling each other this whole time, while Kole is back to normal. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 2: Girl Power”]
  • The Flash and Arsenal are discussing recent events, when a law enforcement agent named Cherie Chase arrives at Titans Tower asking for help to find her 14-year-old son, Danny Chase, who has stolen secret documents concerning the RECOMbatants and run away. The Flash, Arsenal, Cyborg, Jericho, Lilith, and Azrael travel to Nevada to look into the matter at the Dayton Labs, where the original RECOMbatants had been created. At Dayton Labs, the team battles new versions of the RECOMbatants (Dreadnaught, Pseudos, Topaz, and Aurora). They find Danny Chase and also encounter a figure called Phantasm. Danny claims to have been captured by Phantasm, while Mark Evans (director of Dayton Labs) confesses to the entire scheme. But the Titans guess that Danny Chase has used his telekinetic powers to create Phantasm and is the brains behind the scheme, while Evans is merely a pawn. Danny kills Evans by sending a telekinetic blast to his brain, but he claims innocence as the Titans arrest him. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 3: Phantasms of the Past”]
  • Artemis, Starfire, Kole, and Raven deliver Doctor Psycho to a mental hospital for care. On Paradise Island, Knockout (a member of the Female Furies posing as an Amazon) kidnaps the baby Princess Diana and escapes to Apokolips using a Boom Tube. Queen Hippolyta is informed by an Amazon who is secretly an agent of Mars that an agent of Darkseid has kidnapped the child. Lilith tries and fails to learn Azrael's origin. Arsenal realizes that Raven is attractive and begins considering a relationship with her. Changeling, allowed to be with the New Titans after his grades picked up, receives an alert from Queen Hippolyta about Diana's kidnapping. Artemis vows to bring Diana back, while Lilith leaves for Paradise Island to retrieve Hippolyta for the journey to Apokolips. After Queen Hippolyta arrives at Titans Tower, she along with Artemis, the Flash, Raven, Starfire, Kole, Jericho, Changeling, Cyborg, Lilith, and Azrael leave for Apokolips. Meanwhile, Aqualad and his girlfriend Mermaid (Ulla Påske) oversee shipments from one Atlantean city to another. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 4: Kidnapped from Paradise”]
  • On Apokolips, Knockout delivers Diana to Granny Goodness. The New Titans arrive on Apokolips in Armagetto. While Queen Hippolyta and some of the Titans race to battle the Female Furies, Lilith, Azrael, the Flash, and Arsenal discover the blanket that Diana had been swaddled in. Queen Hippolyta and several Titans battle the Female Furies. Lilith informs the others that Diana is no longer there, and they teleport away. In another realm, the Titans realize that Jericho is not with them. After his signal shows up, they discover that he is on the planet of New Chronus, which Hippolyta reveals to have been created by the Titans centuries ago and left abandoned since then. Unwanted children called Seeds were raised on New Chronus to become powerful heroes, but when the Titans abandoned the planet they left the Seeds in suspended animation. The New Titans head for New Chronus in a Thanagarian ship taken during the alien invasion of January, 1986. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 5: Hell Hath No Fury”]
  • On New Chronus, Jericho (who had possessed the body of Diana herself) learns about the Seeds and how a figure known only as the Master recently revived them. The New Titans arrive on New Chronus and meet the Master, who reveals himself to be Lord Chaos, the maddened son of Wonder Woman from another timeline, who plans to make Diana an adult woman again and mate with her. Lord Chaos reveals that Azrael was one of his Seeds whom he sent to find Diana and bring her there. When Queen Hippolyta demands to have Diana, Lord Chaos flings her back in time to relive her last few weeks. When the New Titans attack Lord Chaos, he sends his Seeds (Argent, Prysm, Risk, Joto, Nightrider, and Redwing) to battle them. Lilith summons the true Titans of myth to end the battle, and they stop Lord Chaos and cloud his mind. Artemis retrieves Diana. The New Titans decide to bring the Seeds back to Earth to live their lives as heroes, with Loren Jupiter as their tutor. The New Titans leave for home. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 6: Seeds of Chaos”]
  • On Earth, Aqualad and Mermaid are visiting Titans Tower when they are attacked by the New Olympians led by Maxie Zeus and Hera. Lilith, Azrael, Arsenal, Artemis, and Cyborg return to Titans Tower and battle the New Olympians. Lilith discovers that Hera is one of her half-sisters, the evil children of Thia known as the Children of the Sun, who seek to restore the mad goddess back to life. The New Titans defeat the New Olympians, and Lilith brings Maxie Zeus out of his madness, reminding him of his lost daughter. Aqualad and Mermaid are found in a locked room and revived. [“The New Titans: Quest, Chapter 7: New Titans Versus New Olympians”]
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