The New Titans: Animal Instincts

December, 1986: While searching for the missing Amber Jackson, Jericho and Kole discover that Mento once created a super-powered team called the Hybrid (Amber was Pantha), and Changeling vows to find them. [“The New Titans: Animal Instincts”]

  • December, 1986: Adeline Wilson of Searchers Inc. asks Jericho and Kole to look into the disappearance of her employee, Amber Jackson, who went missing while searching for archeologists Angelika and Adonis Bal. Jericho and Kole travel to the Greek isle of Zante, where they visit the site where the Bals had been digging and discover that Steve Dayton was in this part of Greece at the same time. There, Jericho finds a strange icon and is possessed by the spirit of Medusa the Gorgon, and while possessed he tries to attack Kole. At Titans Tower, Arion of Atlantis visits seeking Kole's help and is directed to Greece. In Greece, Arion arrives just in time to save Kole from the possessed Jericho, whom he frees. Arion requests Kole's assistance. Changeling speaks to his stepfather Steve Dayton (Mento), who reveals that, while maddened by his helmet, once tried to recreate a form of the Doom Patrol by using promethium to turn several people into super-powered freaks, which he called the Hybrid, but he doesn't remember what happened to them. Amber Jackson became Pantha, who earlier fought Captain Comet. Changeling vows to find the Hybrid. [“The New Titans: Animal Instincts”]
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