The Forgotten Heroes: The New Guardians

June, 1986: After Gen. Logan makes unreasonable demands of Captain Comet, he and Dolphin quit the Metahuman Rehabilitation Agency, effectively ending the Rehab Squad. Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern help Captain Comet set up a new team of Forgotten Heroes on the island of Vumania. Black Condor II, the Enchantress, Joanie Swift, Nadir, and Robotgirl join the team. Gen. Logan secretly assembles a group of forgotten villains – Black Spider, Decay, the Huntress, the Invisible Destroyer, the Sportsmaster, Star-Man, Star Sapphire II, the Wizard (secretly the Warlock of Ys) – that attacks and is defeated by the new team. [“The Forgotten Heroes: The New Guardians”]

  • June, 1986: Three military leaders who oversee the Meta-Human Rehabilitation Agency (MHRA) and the Rehab Squad – Generals Logan, Castle, and Cable – meet with Captain Comet and ask him to make three major changes to his team. They want him to use Suicide Squad as the name instead of Rehab Squad, they want him to put his team through much higher-risk missions, they wanted fewer female members, and they wanted the team out of the public eye. Captain Comet and Dolphin resign, while the Cheetah II earns a pardon for her crimes, and Col. Rick Flag remains as MHRA director. Shortly afterward, Captain Comet meets with Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern and explains his desire to begin a new team. Batman pledges funding, Green Lantern offers the name of the New Guardians and assistance setting up, and Superman offers the island of Vumania and his original fortress. Captain Comet and Dolphin make plans to begin a new team under the name of the Forgotten Heroes. Meanwhile, at the MHRA, Gen. Logan plots Captain Comet's downfall. [“The Forgotten Heroes: The New Guardians, Prologue: End of the Rehab Squad”]
  • On the tiny South Atlantic island of Vumania, Captain Comet – with the help of Superman, Green Lantern, and Firestorm – has made Superman's original fortress the new headquarters for his team and has installed JLA satellite transporter tubes allowing for instant teleportation to several places around the world. Hawkman arrives and introduces the Black Condor II to Captain Comet as a potential new team member. As Captain Comet gives the two winged heroes a tour of the fortress, Nadir and June Moone (the Enchantress) arrive. As Hawkman leaves, Dolphin thinks sadly about her failed relationship with Starman and wonders if Captain Comet is really the man for her. In Washington, D.C., General Logan recruits the Wizard (the Warlock of Ys possessing the body of W.I. Zard of Earth-1) to create a team to destroy Captain Comet, having already recruited Star Sapphire II (Remoni-Notra). Star Sapphire II recruits the Invisible Destroyer by summoning him out of the body of Dr. Martin Phillips. [“The Forgotten Heroes: The New Guardians, Chapter 1: Viva Vumania”]
  • June Moone is reminiscing about how Nadir saved her from domination by the Warlock of Ys when the team's Vumania fortress is attacked by a group of forgotten super-villains – Black Spider, Decay, the Huntress, the Invisible Destroyer, the Sportsmaster, Star-Man, and Star Sapphire II. The Forgotten Heroes, including Robotgirl, battle and defeat the villains. The Wizard confronts June and reveals himself to be possessed by the Warlock of Ys, but he is defeated as well with the help of Joanie Swift. [“The Forgotten Heroes: The New Guardians, Chapter 2: Wizards and Warlocks”]
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