The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend

  • February 7: The funeral of Ted Kord (the Beetle) is attended by his father, Thomas Kord, his uncle Jarvis, and the members of the JLA and the Conglomerate. [“The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend”]
  • February 9: The members of the Conglomerate and Thomas Kord (who bought some of the Conglomerate's equipment when Max Lord sold it off) attempt to drop the coffin of Ted Kord into the middle of the South Pacific as per his request. Aquaman, having followed them, finds the coffin and has it left on the nearby island of Kooey Kooey Kooey. [“The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend”]
  • February 23: In Paris, France, Catherine Cobert sends a crate of Oreos to J'onn J'onzz, hoping to influence him into accepting her proposal of a Justice League International. She makes plans to seek out and visit the Crimson Fox, Doctor Light II, Mister Miracle, and a member of the Rocket Red Project. [“The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend”]
  • March 23: Maxwell Lord tracks down Guy Gardner's bitter, wheelchair-bound brother Mace Gardner in Gotham City and offers him an opportunity. [“The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend”]
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