The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder

July: Sinestro recruits Batman's help to prove his mentor Esmagon, a Green Lantern Corps member, innocent of the murder of his arch-enemy, Mykarlen. Batman investigates the scene of the crime on the planet Sikazor, and another GLC member named L'nw'n brings him and Sinestro (posing as a prisoner) to Oa, where Esmagon is being held for trial. Esmagon confesses his guilt, and Sinestro escapes. [“The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder”]

  • July: Batman is summoned to Gotham Central Park by Sinestro, who uses a Bat-Signal of his own making. Sinestro asks for Batman's help in proving the innocence of his mentor, a Green Lantern Corps member named Esmagon. Batman agrees to do so in exchange for Sinestro's surrender upon Batman proving Esmagon's innocence. Sinestro transports them to the planet Sikazor in Sector 0471, where the alleged murder took place. [“The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder, Chapter 1: An Innocent Man”]
  • As the two reach Sikazor, Sinestro explains that Esmagon's arch-enemy was a killer named Mykarlen, whom Esmagon is accused of killing. Sinestro takes Batman to the scene of the crime, where they are confronted by a Green Lantern Corps member named L'nw'n. While Batman tries to reason with the Green Lantern, Sinestro puts him to sleep and then presents Batman with the holovid of the supposed murder. The holovid shows Mykarlen having just slaughtered several people in a park when Esmagon arrives. There is a blast of energy between the two men, and when the smoke clears, only Esmagon is standing. Batman says he knows what happened. [“The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder, Chapter 2: Arch-Enemy”]
  • Batman tells Sinestro he must speak with Esmagon, who being held for trial in a sciencell on Oa. Reviving L'nw'n, Batman tells him that he had been under Sinestro's mind-control earlier and has now captured him and has his yellow power ring. L'nw'n brings the two to Oa, where Sinestro finally speaks with Esmagon, who confesses to the murder, explaining he is dying of an incurable disease and could not bear it if Mykarlen continued to kill after he was gone. Sinestro, disappointed in his mentor, reveals he did not give up his yellow power ring after all and escapes. Batman waits for a Green Lantern Corps member to bring him back to Earth. [“The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder, Chapter 3: In Cold Blood”]
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