Tales of the Bizarro World: The Last Bizarro


Kltpzyxm saves the Fifth Dimension by imprisoning Mxyzptlk-Aethyr and changes Bizarro No. 1 Jr. into a Kryptonian-human hybrid, sending him to Earth where he is adopted by John and Mary Shakespeare, who name him Kent Shakespeare. [“Tales of the Bizarro World: The Last Bizarro”]

Full summary:

  • November, 1985: The Superman Revenge Squad discovers a rocket containing the unconscious body of Bizarro No. 1 Junior. In the Fifth Dimension, Kltpzyxm (the Bizarro-Mxyzpltk) unwittingly saves the imps from Mxyzpltk-Aethyr's trap when he imprisons the jeweled being in a gold casing; the Fifth Dimension would forever remember that day as Kltpzyxm Day. The Superman Revenge Squad discover that the Bizarro child is healthy. Kltpzyxm is sad to learn that Bizarro World no longer exists but discovers there is one survivor. Kltpzyxm appears in front of the Bizarro child, who recognizes him and befriends him. [“Tales of the Bizarro World: The Last Bizarro, Chapter 1: Kltpzyxm Day”]
  • Remaining invisible, Kltpzyxm amuses himself by baffling the Superman Revenge Squad but he is shocked to learn they plan to dissect the Bizarro child. Kltpzyxm changes the Bizarro child into a normal Kryptonian-human hybrid (who is physically younger than his years) and, realizing he might still be valuable to the Superman Revenge Squad, puts the boy into the rocket ship he was found in and sends it toward Earth. On Earth, John and Mary Shakespeare, who want to have a child, witness the arrival of the rocket ship and discover the little human boy. Since John is a syndicated cartoonist and they live in a remote area, they decide to pass him off as their own son. They name him Kent Shakespeare. Kltpzyxm, now the last Bizarro, recreates the Bizarro World as a tribute to them. [“Tales of the Bizarro World: The Last Bizarro, Chapter 2: Kent Shakespeare”]



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