Superman Family: Superwoman: A Bad Day

Superwoman fails to save a little boy's life but is convinced to remain a hero by his mother. [“Superwoman: A Bad Day”]

  • November, 1985: Clark Kent and Kristin Wells meet for breakfast in Metropolis, as they have regularly ever since she arrived in 1985. Superwoman breaks up a fight between two boys arguing over the new Supergirl's right to use that name. Lamar Hallen insists Supergirl II is a faker, and Tim Drake insists she's a great heroine. Superwoman tells them all about how Lydia-7 traveled here from the far future after her own home was destroyed there by effects of the Crisis, and how Superwoman and Supergirl II saved Superman's life by retrieving the Sword of Superman to heal him of kryptonite poisoning. Impressed, Lamar has a picture taken of himself with Tim and Superwoman. [“Superwoman: A Bad Day, Chapter 1”]
  • Superwoman is called away by several disasters that day, one after the next: a monsoon in the Caribbean, an earthquake in Japan, a tidal wave in the Pacific islands, a broken dam in the Netherlands, and a guerilla raid in Africa. Returning to Metropolis, she learns that Lamar was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in her absence. His mother blames Superwoman for not being there to save him, and the crowd starting booing her. She flees into the sky, horrified by the event. Kristin visits Clark, who comforts her. Superwoman later visits Lamar's mother and begs her forgiveness, taking off her mask and telling her she plans to quit being a hero. The mother apologizes for blaming her and tells her how Supergirl once saved Lamar's dog from being run over by a bus. She also reveals that Lamar wasn't the target of the drive-by shooting, and that Lamar died saving the life of his best friend Tim Drake, the real target. She makes Superwoman promise to not quit being a hero. On this same date the next year and every year following until at least the year 2034, a bouquet of flowers is left on Lamar's grave. [“Superwoman: A Bad Day, Chapter 2”]
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