Supergirl: A Hard Act to Follow


April, 1986: Lydia-7, the Supergirl of 502,000 A.D. and Supergirl II of today, auditions as Lydia Lee for the role of Margo Hatton on the Secret Hearts soap opera. [“Supergirl: A Hard Act to Follow”]

Full summary:

  • April, 1986: Lydia-7, the Supergirl of 502,000 A.D., settles into her new small apartment in New York City and decides she needs a job. Seeing an ad for auditions for a soap opera called Secret Hearts, which Linda Lee (Supergirl) had once starred in, she determines to get that role. On her way to the studio, she becomes Supergirl II to save several pedestrians from being struck by a city bus, but instead of receiving thanks, she is jeered by a few people for disrespecting the memory of the original Supergirl. At the studio, Lydia-7 uses her new name of Lydia Lee at the auditions. She is mistaken at first for Linda herself, then given an audition for the role of Linda's character, Margo Hatton. The Secret Hearts producer, Alan Ward, and his two head writers, Mike and Marilyn Silver, agree that Lydia is the best choice for the role. Lydia-7 dreams of how, in her own time of the 5,020th century, the effects of the time-spanning Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed the floating cities, leaving nothing behind. She awakes to find yet another special dedicated to the original Supergirl on TV. [“Supergirl: A Hard Act to Follow”]



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