Sunbeam Who's Who Bio
sunbeam.jpg Heroic/Villain ID: Sunbeam
Civilian ID: Carol Clews
Civilian Occupation: Private Investigator
5 Earths Universe: Earth S
Base of Operations: San Diego
Born: ~1919
Aging status: Normal, suspended (magically trapped in suspended animation from 1943 to 1985)
Status: DC Character
Relatives: unnamed parents, sister Daisy (deceased), Jake, brother in law
Associates: Dan Dare, Jim and Susan Barr, Lance O'Casey, Jack Weston
Group Affiliations: The Daring Duo Detective Agency
Enemies: The Spider Sinister, The Pirate King, the Warrior of Wai
Powers: energy storage and control. Flight, force fields, energy constructs, very bright lights. Her energy is yellow. She may store energy from sunlight. She can fly about 300 mph, her energy shield can block small arms fire (at least) and carry at least double her own weight when she flies.
Source of Powers: she breathed a strange combination of gasses in a sinkhole in an underground kingdom.
Knowledge and skills: skilled detective and experienced fighter

Weapons and Gadgets:

History: Carol was once secretary for the Dan Dare Detective Agency, and she traveled widely with her boss, solving impossible cases across the country. In 1943 she and Dan were trapped on the island of Maloana in the South Seas in suspended animation when a spell cast by the island's shaman S’ville misfired. Bulletman, Bulletgirl and Atom Blake visited the island in 1985 and Atom cancelled the time-stop spell, releasing Dan and Carol and several other people, including Lance O'Casey and the shaman S'ville. Some time later, Carol was on a cruise with Lance and she was kidnapped by the Warrior of Wai, ruler of a subterranean kingdom. Somewhere in Wai's cavern, Carol fell into a sinkhole and breathed a combination of gasses that changed her, and eventually gave her powers. Now that she and Dan have returned to San Diego, they are setting up a new detective agency.

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances:

Dan Dare and Carol Clews originally appeared in Whiz Comics #2 - 22.

The Castaways First modern appearance as Carol

Cruisin' Carol gains her powers

Shazam’s Squadron of Justice: Voyagers First appearance as Sunbeam

New Life, Old Foe

Encounter in the Park

Crisis Over Earth S

Crown Quest

Adventure on Founder's Day

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