Star Sapphire Who's Who Bio
star-sapphire-bmp.jpg Heroic/Villain ID: Star Sapphire
Civilian ID: Amanda Martin
Civilian Occupation: student at private high school
Appearance: Average height, blonde with pink highlights, very attractive, purple eyes, athletic figure in good physical condition
5 Earths Universe: Earth 2
Base of Operations: Holiday Academy, an exclusive private academy on the outskirts of Washington, DC.
Born: ~1968
Aging status: Normal (her innate powers might allow her to retard her aging)
Status: Original Character / Creator: Libby Lawrence
Relatives: Bill Martin, father (deceased), Myra Mason Martin, mother, Charles McNider (Dr. Mid-Nite), step-father, Rex Mason, uncle (deceased)
Associates: Etta Darnell, Headmistress of Holiday Academy, Liberty Belle, Jeffrey Pierce, Black Canary, Captain Triumph
Group Affiliations: Jr. Justice Society
Enemies: Kid Gundy, Faust, Candy Davis, (Darkstar), the rest of the Jr. Injustice Society, Alex Davis, (Brainstorm), the second Penguin, Colonel Future, Double X, Killer Moth

Powers: Magical Star Sapphire gemstone allows her to fly, release and control glowing pink/purple energy, create energy constructs, and create pink force fields. Her energy constructs do not have to be pink. She can banish her constructs instantly; if she wills them to continue, they last until the Star is discharged. She doesn't know of any weaknesses, such as the inability to affect yellow or wood. Powerful impacts against her force fields or constructs can cause physical and mental pain to Amanda, to the point of almost killing her. Candy Davis has a similar Star Sapphire; The bearer of either stone is resistant to the energy from the other stone. She can use the gem to change her clothes into her costume. She can create images of herself real enough to fool people. She likes to use mirrored disco balls to break her energy beams up into multiple smaller beams that glitter and are unpredictable and inescapable. The Star Sapphire energy can protect her mind from mental attacks. Amanda also has the innate power to temporarily intervene in the operation of human nervous systems, including her own. Some of her effects include causing pain, spasms, unconsciousness, and enhanced or retarded healing. She can retard or accelerate her own healing.

Source of Powers: Inherent: A mutation induced by her mother's exposure to energy released by the exploding cryotuber give her mental powers. She doesn't multi-task well while using her inborn power. Energy Powers: She wears a gem that looks like a normal star sapphire, a magical stone that may have fallen to Earth as a meteor, perhaps during the reign of the Borgias. Not clear what charges the gem, but when it is discharged it only charges again slowly. Candy Davis wears a similar gem; the bearer of one gem can use it to attract the other, but the bearer of the other can resist.

Knowledge and skills: Trained to fight by Batwing and Dr. Mid-Nite, cheerleader

Weapons and Gadgets: Necklace with the Star Sapphire gem as the pendant.

History: A meteor fell to earth in Italy around 1480. It shattered when it landed, splitting into two pink gems. Leonardo da Vinci recovered the gems, and had one set into a necklace, which he presented to the Borgia family; the other fragment disappeared from history. da Vinci recorded his discovery in his journals in his secret code. Vandal Savage murdered Lucretia Borgia to obtain the gem, then lost interest in it and eventually lost it. In the 1930s, Professor Abraham Davis decoded the journal entry and recorded it in his own journal. In 1985, his granddaughter Candy Davis read Abraham's journal and hired adventurer Rex Mason to find the missing Borgia necklace. Mason did this, split the gem into two, and gave one to his neice Amanda Martin, the other to his employer. She was extremely upset and had Mason assassinated by the second Penguin. Candy and Amanada independently discovered the powers of the gem; Amanda became the heroine Star Sapphire while Candy became the villain Darkstar.

After some independent adventures, Amanda was invited to join the Jr. Justice Society. In one of her first cases with the Jr. JSA, she was almost beaten to death by Kid Grundy. Faust 'saved' her and used the opportunity to insert a magical post-hypnotic command in her brain, planning to control her mentally at some future time. Amanda was clinically dead when she reached the hospital; only the almost-magical skills of Dr. McNider, saved her. She was extremely depressed and unconsciously used her innate power to suppress her healing, but a new friend, Jeff Pierce, convinced her to instead use her powers to accelerate her healing, and this worked. In a later battle with Darkstar, she realized that the Star Sapphire could protect her mind from outside influences, and she overcame the suggestion Faust had implanted.

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances:

Liberty Belle: The Stars Above

Arrowette: Legacies

Junior JSA: The Junior Injustice Society

Darkstar Setting

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