Spookman, whose real name is Aaron Piper, is a time traveler. Piper transforms into the Spookman, a grotesque, white-skinned man with great strength who wears antique clothing, whenever he uses the Moonstone Amulet. Use of the amulet also allows the Spookman to travel through time using time-teleportation. [Charlton Premiere v2 #1]

Aaron Piper was a brilliant young archeologist who had been disillusioned by his failure to decipher Etruscan texts. He opened the Piper Art Galleries in 1957 in an attempt to allay his frustrations, hiring Crispin X. Crispin as his assistant and counselor. Despite his attempt to live a tranquil life, Piper still spent much of his time and energy in pursuit of great artifacts. It was during his expedition to Central America that Piper and Crispin discovered the Moonstone Amulet, a source of unmeasured power. Piper soon discovered that the Moonstone Amulet had the power to transform him into a strange, white-skinned, ugly figure dubbed the Spookman, who has great strength. It also provided for Piper and Crispin a means of time-teleportation, otherwise known as time travel.

By July, 1967, Piper had begun experimenting in time travel using the Moonstone Amulet. His only known trip into the past occurred when the Spookman and Crispin visited Rome in the 1st century A.D., when they purchased a statue from the Emperor Nero by trading a gas lighter for it.

The Spookman's activities since then are unknown. What is known is that he has worked with the Sentinels of Justice at least once.

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