Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl

December, 1985: Simon Stagg instructs Crimson Fox to bring down a gang that once tried to abduct his daughter, and she is kidnapped while disguised as Sapphire Stagg Mason. Meanwhile, Jimmy Olsen tracks down the same game in Central City and ends up saving the life of the new hero Argus, and the two are turned into golden statues by Goldface. Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Halo, and Looker of the Outsiders battle the villains Goldface and Rayburn but are defeated and brought to Gorilla City, where they meet the villains' employer, Gorilla Grodd. After Grodd uses an Anti-Green Lantern Corps power ring, Argus escapes, and the heroes battle the villains with the help of Rayburn (a brain-damaged scientist), who explodes in the sky with Grodd in his arms. Back home, Crimson Fox quits Stagg's service. [“Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl”]

  • December, 1985: Vivian d'Aramis (Crimson Fox), forced to work for Simon Stagg, is instructed to bring down a gang that once tried to abduct his daughter Sapphire. Tracking down the same gang using high-tech weapons, Jimmy Olsen guesses its next target is Central City and planned to crack the case. Jimmy soon spots a known gangster named Rex Rinker and follows him, soon discovering that Rinker is following someone else, and Jimmy saves the life of this man. Vivian, disguised as Sapphire Stagg Mason, is kidnapped by the same high-tech gang and taken to Central City. Investigating the man he saved from Rinker, Jimmy discovers he is a mobster named Nick Kovac and tracks him down. He discovers Kovac is an alias for a government agent and new super-hero named Argus, who gained his powers of super-vision and the ability to fade into and out of darkness after being struck by a ray from space. The two head for the gang's headquarters and discover the kidnapped Crimson Fox, and the three fight the gang until the arrival of their leader, Goldface. Jimmy and Argus are hit by rays turning them into golden statues, while Crimson Fox escapes. [“Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl, Chapter 1: Argus and Mr. Action”]
  • Crimson Fox calls the Outsiders for help against Goldface, and Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Halo, and Looker arrive. Together, they return to the gang's hideout and battle Goldface as well as a nuclear man named Rayburn. After they are overcome, they are transported to a base outside Gorilla City, where they find Jimmy Olsen and Argus. Goldface's employer is revealed to be Gorilla Grodd, who has a plan to take over Gorilla City and the world. [“Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl, Chapter 2: Enter the Outsiders”]
  • Gorilla Grodd reveals his secret weapon is an Anti-Green Lantern Corps power ring. When he uses it, plunging the room temporarily into darkness, Argus vanishes into the darkness. Crimson Fox defeats the amorous Goldface, while Argus ties him up and assumes his identity. Jimmy Olsen reveals that Rayburn, a brain-damaged nuclear man infatuated with Halo, is actually a scientist named Raybourne who fought Superman and Firestorm after he was transformed into Rayburn. As Gorilla Grodd prepares to attack Gorilla City, Looker uses her powers to free clear Rayburn's mind. Jimmy frees the Outsiders, while Rayburn grabs Gorilla Grodd and takes him up into the sky with him, where he explodes, seemingly killing them both. Back home, Crimson Fox quits Simon Stagg's service. [“Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl, Chapter 3: Free Your Mind”]
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