Lord Cumulus

Lord Cumulus, also known as David Carson, is the champion of Fen-Ra in the otherdimensional Fifth Plane. [Warp #1, based on the Warp! sci-fi stage plays by Stuart Gordon and Bury St. Edmund]

He was born as David Carson in Central City on Earth. As a young man, Carson spent several years in a psychiatric hospital because of the visions he had of other dimensions. One night, he had a vision of the evil Prince Chaos set loose, and he was cured of his apparent insanity. His psychiatrist, Dr. Vivian, released him. Sometime later, Carson got a job as a bank teller at the Central City Bank and became romantically involved with the bank manager's daughter, Mary Louise Bigelow.

One day, Carson was telepathically contacted by the wizard Lugulbanda of Fen-Ra, who told him he must protect the crystal. Thinking he was going mad, Carson was startled to suddenly find himself transported into the dimension of the Fifth Plane in the presence of an insect queen named Valaria, who told him he was Lord Cumulus. He was soon rescued by Sargon, the mistress of war, who worked for Lugulbanda and delivered Cumulus to him in Fen-Ra. The wizard told him he was the lord of Fen-Ra and that his mission was to protect the Cosmic Crystal from Prince Chaos, who has the power and the will to end everything in existence, including Earth. Sargon then taught Cumulus how to wield his power in battle.

As Lord Cumulus and Sargon left to confront Prince Chaos in his otherdimensional realm, the two were attacked by Valaria, who managed to wound Sargon, forcing her to leave Cumulus to face Chaos alone. Lord Cumulus battled Prince Chaos at the latter's base of operations, Fortress Rottwang, where Chaos revealed that Cumulus and he were brothers and that he was responsible for Carson's insanity. In a last bid to escape defeat, Chaos showed Cumulus a vision of Earth, where Dr. Vivian was attending Carson's body and attempting to move in on his girlfriend Mary Louise. Cumulus agreed to be transported to Earth, but Chaos instead transported him to an unknown place where he met a man called He Who Dreams. This man, secretly Cumulus' father, opened up a gateway to Earth at his request.

Arriving on Earth in spirit form, Lord Cumulus was startled to learn that Prince Chaos has taken possession of David Carson's body at the hospital. Taking over Mary Louise's body, Cumulus battled Chaos, but the villain's servant Symax possessed another body and used it to kill David Carson. Sargon rescued Lord Cumulus and brought him back to Fen-Ra, where Lugulbanda told him that his life on Earth was over.

After Valaria summoned Xander the Unconquerable, a being that had killed all life in the Sixth Plane, Lord Cumulus, Prince Chaos, and Valaria (whom Xander betrayed) were forced to work together to stop it from retrieving the crystal. Cumulus and Chaos being in agreement for the first time enabled the female being of Ego to be formed, who destroyed Xander with pure love before fading away herself.

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