Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers

April, 1986: Batman arrives in Metropolis to help Superman. Together, the JLA and the Titans discover thanks to Nightwing and Robin II that the Daily Planet building still exists and was shrunken in size. Changeling is transported to the Daily Planet building using the JLA satellite's transporter and sends a signal to the satellite. The JLA arrives and battles Ra's al Ghul and his forces, but the villain and his daughter Talia escape. Superman and Robin II restore the Daily Planet building. Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Bruce Wayne (Batman) reconcile their differences, and Nightwing makes Gotham his home once again. [“Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers”]

  • April, 1986: After witnessing the apparent destruction of the Daily Planet building, Bruce Wayne (Batman) lands his jet in Metropolis and arranges for Robin II (Jason Todd) to contact Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and go to Metropolis via the JLA satellite's transporters. While Alfred brings Nocturna back to Gotham City, Batman arrives in Metropolis. Robin II meets Nightwing at Wayne Manor and tells him about the Daily Planet. Batman finds Superman at the smoking crater where the Daily Planet building used to be and tries to comfort him. Green Lantern, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash II arrive. MadFire dies of a cerebral hemorrhage while in police custody. Ra's al Ghul watches from afar. [“Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers, Chapter 1: Aftermath of Destruction”]
  • On the JLA satellite, the Justice League watches film footage of the Daily Planet building's destruction, searching for clues. Meanwhile, Nightwing and Robin II discover that the teleporter tubes on the Daily Planet building are still active and realize the building was not destroyed after all. The JLAers try to find a way to trace the signal and begin pairing up for eventual transportation to the Daily Planet building. Robin II feeds the film footage into a computer to watch it frame-by-frame and discovers the building was shrunken. He stops the JLAers from transporting through just in time. They bring Changeling up to the satellite, and after being briefed with a plan, he is sent through the transporter while having the form and mass of a dust mite. [“Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers, Chapter 2: Plan of Attack”]
  • Changeling is transported to the shrunken Daily Planet building's rooftop and activates a transmitting beacon. On the JLA satellite, the team learns the building's location from the beacon. Raven transports several JLAers to the location. At Ra's al Ghul's base in or near Turkey, he discovers the approach of the JLA but takes the shrunken Daily Planet hostage when Superman and Batman and the others arrive. In the Daily Planet building, Changeling gives Jimmy Olsen a bottle of gingold, restoring his Elastic Lad powers. While Changeling and Elastic Lad save the Daily Planet building, Elongated Man stops Ra's al Ghul from firing a pistol at it. Ra's al Ghul and Talia escape capture by using Brainiac's shrinking ray on themselves, and while the JLAers discover this, they know they cannot find him. Ra's al Ghul and Talia leave for their base in Tibet in a shrunken flying craft. [“Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers, Chapter 3: The Demon's Last Stand”]
  • Three days after its apparent destruction, Superman announces that the Daily Planet building was not destroyed after all. He gives Robin II the honor of reversing the shrinking ray on the building, restoring it to full size. In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) finally reconcile, and Dick decides to make Gotham his home once more. [“Justice League of America: The Planet Seekers, Epilogue: Return of the Daily Planet”]
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