Justice League of America: Signs of the Times


March 19, 1986: As four JLAers gather in Central City to honor Barry Allen's birthday, they are attacked by creatures sent by the Key, who wants Zatanna's magic to cure him. Instead, the Flash II cures the Key. Meanwhile, on the planet Angor, a tyrant realizes that the Key has stolen energy from his Zodiac Key weapon. JLA members: Elongated Man, the Flash II, Green Lantern, Zatanna Zatara. Villains: The Key, Zodiac stellar constructs, unnamed tyrant of Angor. [“Justice League of America: Signs of the Times”]

Full summary:

  • March 19, 1986: Four friends of Barry Allen (the Flash) – Wally West (the Flash II), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man), and Zatanna Zatara – gather at a Central City diner on Barry's birthday to remember him. An unknown figure hopes the JLAers can save him. Several figures themed after the Zodiac enter the diner and attack the JLAers, who discover they are stellar energy constructs that fade away. On the planet Angor in deep space, a tyrant plots his revenge on the Key for stealing his weapon's power. [“Justice League of America: Signs of the Times, Chapter 1: Remembering Barry Allen”]
  • Tracing the stellar energy, the JLAers find the Key's laboratory, where they find more Zodiac stellar constructs and the Key, whose figure is shrunken and sickly. The Key lured them there in order to drain Zatanna's magic from her body to cure himself. After the JLAers defeat the Zodiac creatures, the Flash II jump starts the Key's metabolism, curing him of his malady. On Angor, the tyrant realizes that the Key stole his Zodiac Key's power while under the mistaken belief that he was absorbing stellar energy, and he realizes that Earth might hold duplicates of other relics of power on Angor. [“Justice League of America: Signs of the Times, Chapter 2: Zodiac Key”]



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