Hawkman and Hawkwoman: The Bermuda Triangle of Rann

May, 1986: While still on Rann, Hawkman and Hawkwoman investigate strange disappearances and are suddenly transported to Mongolia on Earth, where they are captured by Sanballa, an ancient wizard from Rann. Adam Strange manages to transport himself there as well and meets Black Condor II (Richard Grey, the teenaged Earth-1 version of the Earth-X hero). Together, the heroes defeat Sanballa, who dies of old age. [“Hawkman: The Bermuda Triangle of Rann”]

  • May, 1986: As Hawkman and Hawkwoman are honored for saving Rann from Nekron, they learn of the disappearance of Sardath's pupil, Shanna, in the Forbidden Zone. The Hawks and Adam Strange travel there to investigate old ruins and find only a group of Taral birds. Hawkman and Hawkwoman suddenly disappear, only to find themselves transported to Mongolia on on Earth, where they find the bones of numerous Rannians who have been transported there over many years. A strange, long-lived wizard of Rann named Sanballa appears and claims responsibility for the transportation. [“Hawkman: The Bermuda Triangle of Rann, Chapter 1: The Forbidden Zone”]
  • As the Hawks battle Sanballa's bird-men followers, Hawkman realize that they are Taral birds from Rann that have mutated into humanoid forms. Hawkman and Hawkwoman are captured by Sanballa's minions, who have already captured Shanna. Adam Strange manages to trigger the transportation effect and appears on Earth in Mongolia, where he soon meets an old priest named Father Pierre and his ally, a teenager named Richard Grey, also known as the Black Condor (the Earth-1 version of the Earth-X hero). Together, Adam Strange, Black Condor II, and the Hawks defeat Sanballa (who suddenly dies of old age) and free Shanna. Hawkwoman promises to introduce Black Condor II to Captain Comet. [“Hawkman: The Bermuda Triangle of Rann, Chapter 2: The Black Condor”]
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