Green Lantern: Ticket to Ride

April: The Parasite, changed during the Crisis, attacks Ferris Aircraft to lure Green Lantern in order to absorb his ring's energy. After learning that the Parasite simply wants to return to his family on an alien planet, he starts to bring him home but turns back when he hears of the Daily Planet's apparent destruction, and Katma Tui completes the journey with the Parasite. [“Green Lantern: Ticket to Ride”]

  • April: Writing in his Green Lantern Casebook, Tom Kalmaku relates how Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) remains at Ferris Aircraft in order to gather evidence against Mr. Smith and Con-Trol. The next morning, Green Lantern is reminiscing about his old flame Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire) when the Parasite attacks Ferris Aircraft. The Parasite reveals that his body chemistry was changed during the Crisis when he attacked a shadow demon and is now able to absorb energy from weapons such as Green Lantern's power ring. After battling him, Green Lantern learns that the Parasite simply wants enough energy to return to the planet where he has a wife and children, now that he is no longer an energy vampire and can pose no threat to them. Convincing him to let him help, Green Lantern begins transporting the Parasite to that planet when Katma Tui intercepts him and explains that the Daily Planet building has apparently been destroyed, and Superman and the JLA need his help. As Green Lantern returns to Earth, Katma Tui transports the Parasite to the planet. [“Green Lantern: Ticket to Ride”]
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