Green Lantern: The Fellowship of Justice

June: After Green Lantern is abducted and forced to serve the wizard Myrwhydden in a microcosmic world, several JLAers – Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Red Tornado – are summoned to rescue him. After the team frees Green Lantern and defeats Myrwhydden, they also free Doctor Light II, who has been trapped there all this time. [“Green Lantern: The Fellowship of Justice, Chapters 1-2”]

  • June: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) is telephoned by Bruce Wayne (Batman), who plans to offer Clay and April Kendall jobs at the Wayne Foundation. While still on the phone, Hal is knocked unconscious by a huge yellow beast, and the two disappear. Batman travels to Hal's apartment to investigate the abduction and brings the power battery with him back to the Batcave. Meanwhile, in Ivy Town, lawyer Jean Loring (ex-wife of the Atom) is contacted by a strange woman who seeks the JLA. On the JLA satellite shortly after, the woman is revealed to be Krystal Kaa, the descendant of the original Krystal Kaa who met the JLA in a microcosmic world years ago, where time passes much more quickly than on Earth. She explains that she needs the JLA's help to overthrow Myrwhydden, who has taken over her microcosmic world and has kidnapped Green Lantern. Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Red Tornado accompany Krystal Kaa to that world. There, an amnesiac Green Lantern acts as Myrwhydden's pawn. The JLAers are greeted in the microcosmic world by Mother Light (formerly Sister Light), and they make plans to rescue Green Lantern and use a mystical staff to restart the world's now-dead sun. [“Green Lantern: The Fellowship of Justice, Chapter 1: Haljor the Ring-Slinger”]
  • The JLA infiltrates Myrwhydden's camp and find Green Lantern there. Capturing him, they force him to charge his power ring with the power battery they brought, which restores Green Lantern's memory and willpower. Defeating Myrwhydden, they learn that he escaped from the Oan sciencell he was imprisoned in by using the power of Doctor Light II (Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi) when she was placed in Green Lantern's ring. The wizard then used the Japanese superheroine as his living sun in the microcosmic world, replacing the old sun. After the JLA frees Doctor Light II and restores the real sun, she vows to complete her light engine project at Ferris Aircraft and then leave the United States forever. The JLA returns to the real world. [“Green Lantern: The Fellowship of Justice, Chapter 2: The Living Sun”]
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