Green Lantern: Fury and Sound

May: Green Lantern heads to Central City to talk with the Pied Piper in an attempt to find out what happened to his cousin Air Wave II (Hal Jordan) during the alien invasion in January. He and the Flash II help save the Pied Piper's parents from a storm and battle the villainous Typhoon. [“Green Lantern: Fury and Sound”]

  • May: Green Lantern tells Tom Kalmaku that Doctor Light II disappeared from his ring sometime soon after his battle with her mind-controlled body. Soon after, Green Lantern travels to Central City to discover what happened to his cousin Air Wave II (Hal Jordan) during the alien invasion in January by searching for the reformed Pied Piper there. A large storm begins shortly before he finds the Piper, who is in a hurry and refuses to talk with him. Green Lantern tries to detain him, but after the Pied Piper breaks free, he is forced to knock him down. After the Flash II arrives, the Pied Piper explains that he is heading to a nearby lake where his parents are on a yacht in the middle of the storm. Green Lantern apologizes and offers his help. Together, the three save the Piper's parents, and they discover that the villain called Typhoon is behind the storm. After Green Lantern and the Flash II fail to break through to Typhoon's lost humanity, the Pied Piper uses his music to calm the savage storm. The Piper tells Green Lantern what happened to Air Wave II. [“Green Lantern: Fury and Sound”]
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