Green Lantern: Death Before Dishonor


July: Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi returns to Japan. Sinestro fakes the murder of Katma Tui by Star Sapphire, sending John Stewart (Green Lantern II) into a rage until he and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) discover the truth and confront the villain, who escapes. [“Green Lantern: Death Before Dishonor”]

Full summary:

  • July: Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi (Doctor Light II) returns to Japan, and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) returns from a camping trip with Oliver Queen, Ralph Dibny, and Wally West. Spotting a flying John Stewart (Green Lantern II), Green Lantern asks John what's wrong, only to be attacked by John, who explains that Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris) has killed his girlfriend, Katma Tui. At the Green Lantern Corps Headquarters in Los Angeles, Green Lantern inspects her apparently dead body but guesses she is merely in a coma. He and John stage a battle while Sinestro watches from afar. Green Lantern and John Stewart then burst in at Sinestro's hideout on another planet, where he explains that he used null rays from afar to put Katma in a death-like sleep while framing Star Sapphire for the supposed murder. Sinestro escapes by putting the planet at risk in order to keep the Green Lanterns busy, then heads for Korugar to help his old mentor Esmagon, who is on trial for murder. [“Green Lantern: Death Before Dishonor”]



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