Green Arrow: Back to the Crusades

  • August, 1985: Three weeks after the end of the Crisis, Daily Star editor George Taylor welcomes columnist Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) back to work. [“Green Arrow: Back to the Crusades”]

March, 1986: After attacking a major polluter called Monarch Chemical in his columns, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is left the company by the owner in her will. Oliver vows to find the people responsible for the pollution. An ex-Marine named Peter St. John offers him a flying grappler he developed. Note: The plot threads begun in this story have not been picked up again. Presumably, sometime after this story, Green Arrow discovers the connection between Monarch's pollution problem and Methuselah Enterprises, then Oliver Queen steps down as president of Monarch in order to return to writing columns for the Daily Star. Certainly, Monarch Chemicals is never again referred to in any other story. [“Green Arrow: Back to the Crusades”]

  • March, 1986: Over the past several weeks, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) has focused his newspaper column on the polluting activities of Monarch Chemical, trying to get the company to change. He is awoken by a telephone call the next morning from a lawyer concerning Monarch Chemical. When he meets the lawyer at the law firm representing the company, he is told that the company's owner, Florence Littleton, died last week. Knowing her company was a major polluter but having no time left to do anything about it, she left the company to Oliver in her will. Dinah Lance (Black Canary) convinces Oliver that he can make change from the inside and possibly find ways to influence other polluters to stop polluting. As the new owner, Oliver tours the company facilities and vows in the board room to find out who is responsible for making the decision to pollute the Carlton River. On the third day as president, Oliver meets a middle-aged African-American ex-Marine named Peter St. John, who used to work for Queen Industries. St. John reveals he knows Oliver is Green Arrow and offers him the use of a flying grappler he developed. Studying a ledger, Oliver learns of several shipments to Methuselah Enterprises in Florida, which he believes may be a cover. [“Green Arrow: Back to the Crusades”]
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