DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution

July, 1986: [“DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution”]

  • July, 1986: Alice White awakes in the middle of the night only to find her husband Perry White looking at old photo albums and regretting his workaholic ways. The next day, at the Daily Planet, a depressed Perry realizes that he has wasted his life. Meg Tempest and Jennifer Owens, as well as all other Planet staffers, are also struck with depression while an unseen being feeds off the emotions. Jimmy Olsen, likewise depressed, wanders into Madame Xanadu's shop. [“DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution, Chapter 1: The Depression Plague”]
  • Madame Xanadu welcomes Jimmy into her shop and immediately recognizes the source of the depression afflicting him. Meanwhile, in the Daily Planet building, Lois Lane is struck by numbing despair as a being called Retribution and his companions approach her. Madame Xanadu discovers that a being is using the anniversary of Jeremiah Odets' death to spiritually claim the Daily Planet. Jimmy summons Superman using his signal watch. Superman saves Percy Bratten's life when the young man leaps out a window. Superman confronts Retribution and his brothers Guilt and Despair and manages to overcome them with the spiritual assistance of Madame Xanadu. The Daily Planet staffers are freed of the depression plague. [“DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution, Chapter 2”]
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