Batman and the Outsiders #32

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September, 1985: The Outsiders return in secret from Abyssia to clean up the gangs, but Geo-Force is angered to learn that Batman kept news of a new war in Markovia from him, and Batman leaves the team. [Batman and the Outsiders #32 (April, 1986), Adventures of the Outsiders #33-36 (May, 1986, to August, 1986)]

  • September, 1985: In Markovia, the Masters of Disaster (working for Baron Bedlam) kidnap Princess Ilona, who is preparing to marry King Gregor, while reporter Joan Lincoln manages to escape unnoticed. Two days later in Gotham City (where there has been a gang war in Batman's absence), crime boss Morgan Jones proposes to unify the gangs while Batman and the Outsiders are seemingly away in Abyssia. Just then, Batman disguised as “Matches” Malone manages to get Jones to confess to robbing a shipment just before the Outsiders arrives to arrest everyone. Now that their return is known, Geo-Force (Prince Brion) breaks radio silence and learns from Dr. Helga Jace that Markovia has been attacked again by the Soviet Union and has been at war for two days. Geo-Force confronts Batman for keeping this a secret from him, and Batman dissolves the team. As he planned, the Outsiders decide to stay together and join Geo-Force to assist Markovia's forces. Meanwhile, Baron Bedlam and the Good Samaritan (who is working as the Kremlin's observer) await Prince Brion's return to Markovia. [“A New War's Winning,” Batman and the Outsiders #32 (April, 1986)]

September, 1985: [“Looker's Body: An Owner's Manual,” Batman and the Outsiders #32 (April, 1986)]

  • Emily Briggs, going on a shopping trip with her husband Greg, delights in her new beauty. Arriving at the Gotham Trust, where she works as a bank teller, she quits her job. She also insists that Greg call her Lia from now on. [“Looker's Body: An Owner's Manual,” Batman and the Outsiders #32 (April, 1986)]
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