Batman and the Outsiders #30

  • Credits: by Mike W. Barr; drawn by Alan Davis
  • Published:


August, 1985: Emily Briggs receives telepathic and telekinetic abilities. [“The Truth About Looker, Part 3: This Envious Race,” Batman and the Outsiders #30 (February, 1986)]

Full summary:

  • Prince Mardo tells Emily Briggs he wants to make her Abyssia's queen. Prince Mardo tells Abyssia's story, saying that a meteor that fell from Halley's Comet crashed in Switzerland around 4000 years ago and began transforming people, giving a child named Loron born near it amazing psychic powers. Loron grew up to become the ruler of his tribe, using his powers to slay his enemies, but when he tried to build an empire, he overreached himself and was forced to flee within the earth. He and his followers founded Abyssia within a large natural cavern deep underground and fed by underground hot springs. Every time Halley's Comet passed by, it granted greater powers to Loron's descendants, who long planned to conquer the surface world. One descendant was King Ector, who preached peace rather than war, and was hated for it. When he fled with no traces to be found, Mardo and Tamira were forced to become co-regents. Ever since then, each has sought to find Ector's heirs in order to validate their claims to the throne of Abyssia. Emily learns that Ector was her grandfather. Mardo convinces Emily to undergo the transformation giving her the same powers as her ancestor, Loron. The Outsiders, trying to prevent this, rebel against their captors and soon encounter the mind-controlled Halo, Geo-Force, and Metamorpho, agents of the attacking Tamira. Mardo's forces are soon overcome by Tamira's, and the Outsiders watch as Emily Briggs is transformed even as Halley's Comet approaches Earth. [“The Truth About Looker, Part 3: This Envious Race,” Batman and the Outsiders #30 (February, 1986)]



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