Air Wave (Earth-1)

Lawrence “Larry” Jordan was the Kings County district attorney serving Brooklyn, New York, from June, 1960, until his death in January, 1970.

By 1959, Larry Jordan was an assistant district attorney for Kings County (Brooklyn, New York), working for District Attorney Desmond Cole.

In December, 1959, Larry Jordan becomes Air Wave to save District Attorney Desmond Cole from Snake Scalotti's gang. 1)

In January, 1960, Air Wave battles renegade scientist Professor Gurn, former member of Snake Scalotti's gang. 2)

In April, 1960, Air Wave adopts as his sidekick a parrot he calls Static. 3)

In May, 1960, Air Wave battles Professor Gurn once more, who has donned a robotic suit to become Machine Man. 4)

Larry Jordan's best friend for years was crime reporter Jimmy Pardee, who was framed for the murder of his editor in August, 1960 5). Jimmy later served as Larry's best man, along with groomsmen George Paines and his brother Joe Jordan, when he married Helen.

Another friend of Larry's was George Paines. Larry was George's best man when he married Virginia Owen in November, 1960 6).

Larry was also a friend of Jeff Van Pelt of the wealthy Van Pelt family, before Jeff died in the Battle of Saipan in 1944. 7))

Larry is an ardent boxing fan 8).

In November, 1961, Air Wave helped politician Jim Johnson get elected as Mayor of New York City in order to keep his rival, the crooked Oscar Rainey, from gaining office. Air Wave used his special radio transceiver to broadcast Johnson's pre-election speech to nearly every home in the Five Boroughs despite interference by criminals working for Rainey. Note: This story takes place out of sequence than the others, taking place about two years before it would have taken place. 9)

Larry Jordan went to college with Shortie Long, who is now a science professor at a university in New York City. 10)

Air Wave was once injured by a ricocheting bullet fired by a nervous rookie police officer, but he apparently suffered no serious injuries. 11)

Air Wave had a fan club of youngsters from a Brooklyn slum called the Air Wave Fan Club. 12)

As a young man, Larry Jordan joined the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier to go to the Korean War, but it is possible that he saw no action. While there, he once saw an injured soldier named John Colebaugh receive a silver plate in his skull at the hospital. Note: This story supposedly shows Larry Jordan as a soldier during World War II, but if this were the case for the Earth-2 Larry Jordan, there's no possible way he could have had his career as Air Wave from 1941 all the way into the late 1940s. And the Earth-1 Larry Jordan was too young to fight in World War II, so the Earth-1 Larry Jordan must have fought in the Korean War. 13)

Air Wave's foes were mostly gangsters and small-time criminals, as well as spies from behind the Iron Curtain. Note: In the original stories, all spies were from Nazi Germany, but since Air Wave's adventures take place on Earth-1's compressed timeline during the Cold War, these spies must be from the Soviet Union or from another country behind the Iron Curtain.

Larry Jordan had four brothers: Judge Jeremiah Jordan of Coastville, born in 1906, father of Jerry Jordan, Jr. and grandfather of Steven Jordan (first appearance in Green Lantern #22); Titus Thomas Jordan of Coastville, born in 1908, a millionaire who had no children (first appearance in Green Lantern #44); Joe Jordan, born in 1916, who ran the Jordan Circus, was the father of Douglas Buddy Jordan, and married a woman from Tennessee (first and only appearance in Action Comics #7); and Martin Jordan of Coastville, born in 1920, who was a pilot and the father of Jack Jordan, Hal Jordan, and Jim Jordan. Larry Jordan, born in 1926, was the youngest son in the family.

Larry Jordan had five nephews (Jack, Hal, Jim, Jerry, and Douglas), three grand-nephews (Jason and Howard) and one grand-niece (Jennifer). Jack Jordan, son of Martin Jordan, followed in his uncle Larry's footsteps by becoming the district attorney of Coastville, California; he also married Jan and had a twin son and daughter named Jason Jordan and Jennifer Jordan (first appeared in Green Lantern #22; Jan, Jason, and Jennifer first appeared in Action Comics #488). Hal Jordan, son of Martin Jordan and Larry's favorite nephew, grew up in Coastville to become a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft in Coast City and secretly also the superhero Green Lantern (first appeared in Showcase #22). Jim Jordan, son of Martin Jordan, grew up in Coastville and married Sue Williams and had a son named Howard Jordan (first appeared in Green Lantern #22; Howard Jordan first appeared in Green Lantern #53). Jerry Jordan, Jr., the son of Judge Jeremiah Jordan, was a fan of Air Wave and was married to a dark-haired woman and had a son named Steven Jordan (first and only appearance in Detective Comics #119; Steven Jordan's first and only appearance was in Green Lantern #71). Douglas Buddy Jordan, son of Joe Jordan and nicknamed “Hip” as an adult, lived in the New York City area when he was young but later relocated to Tennessee with his family and grew up with problems, becoming addicted to drugs and adopting a hippie lifestyle, eventually becoming a petty criminal (first appeared in Detective Comics #83; appeared as an adult nicknamed “Hip” in Green Lantern #71).

Larry Jordan married Helen and had a son named Harold Jordan, whom he named after his favorite nephew, Hal Jordan (Harold first appeared in Green Lantern #100, while Helen first appeared in DC Comics Presents #41).

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