Adventures of the Outsiders #36

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September, 1985: The Outsiders witness the marriage of King Gregor and Princess Ilona and are given funding from the Markovian government. After she receives an offer to join the Outsiders by Halo, Windfall leaves. The Outsiders return to Gotham City and plan to move to Los Angeles, California. Looker officially joins the team after she and her husband separate. [“Agents of Change,” Adventures of the Outsiders #36 (August, 1986)]

  • King Gregor awards the Outsiders with the Markovian medal of honor and asks the Outsiders to become Markovia's unofficial agents of change. Windfall visits the imprisoned Masters of Disaster, her former family, and Halo tells Windfall that the Outsiders can be her family now. The Outsiders attend the wedding of King Gregor and Princess Ilona, who becomes Queen Ilona. The Outsiders decide to accept Gregor's offer, but Looker tells them she is too busy in Gotham City making her marriage to Greg Brooks work, while Windfall disappears, leaving a note behind, and Katana makes a call to Gotham City. The Outsiders, now funded by Markovia, return to Gotham City on a private royal jet. Geo-Force, now the team's leader, considers moving the team to Los Angeles, California. Halo cheers up when her friends throw her a surprise going-away party arranged by Katana. Rex Mason (Metamorpho) and his wife Sapphire Stagg Mason decide to move to California. Brion Markov (Geo-Force) tells Denise Howard he's moving to California, and she reveals that she loves him and that she knows he's Geo-Force. Lia Briggs (Looker) returns home to find that her husband Greg has bought airline tickets to Mont Castelle, Switzerland, where the opening of the tunnel to Abyssia exists, so that the Abyssians can change her back to normal. Lia and Greg realize that they must separate. The Outsiders prepare to leave on a sea voyage to California, and Looker joins them. [“Agents of Change,” Adventures of the Outsiders #36 (August, 1986)]
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