Adventures of the Outsiders #35

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September, 1985: The clone of Adolf Hitler commits suicide. Geo-Force kills Baron Bedlam. [“Sympathy for the Führer,” Adventures of the Outsiders #35 (July, 1986)]

  • The Outsiders, Looker, and Windfall rescue Halo, who is injured but not dead. Black Lightning sparks Metamorpho back to life. Halo and Looker (as well as Windfall, taking Halo's side) begin a rivalry. Hitler's clone is shown film of concentration camps as he is served by the Jewish girl, which is all part of Baron Bedlam's plan to spark Hitler's memories of who he is and what he believes in. Visiting his captives – King Gregor, Princess Ilona, and Joan Lincoln – Bedlam informs them they will be executed (along with the Good Samaritan) in two hours at dawn. Bedlam scolds the Masters of Disaster for allowing the Outsiders to escape and sends them out to destroy them. Hitler's clone chokes on his food, but the Jewish girl saves his life. The Outsiders learn of the planned executions and free all the imprisoned Markovian soldiers. Just before dawn, as the prisoners are about to be executed, the Outsiders and the Markovian forces attack Baron Bedlam's Soviet forces using the captured Soviet tanks and weapons and stop the executions, freeing the prisoners. Bedlam flees to retrieve the proton cloud generator, while the Good Samaritan decides to lay low for a few months. Hitler, watching films of the murder of Jews in concentration camps and realizing the girl who saved his life is Jewish, he picks up a gun and kills himself (Bedlam had left the gun for Hitler to kill the girl). The Outsiders defeat the Masters of Disaster while the Markovians defeat the Soviet invaders. Bedlam attacks Geo-Force with the proton cloud generator and quickly destroys it and decapitates Baron Bedlam. The Outsiders find the Jewish girl weeping over the body of Hitler's clone. [“Sympathy for the Führer,” Adventures of the Outsiders #35 (July, 1986)]
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