Adventures of the Outsiders #34

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September, 1985: Bedlam creates a clone of Adolf Hitler. [“Against All Odds,” Adventures of the Outsiders #34 (June, 1986)]

  • Halo, imprisoned by Windfall in secret, pleads with Windfall to help her. But Windfall's villainous sister New-Wave had followed her and attacks Halo after her sister leaves. Lia Briggs, traveling through France by rental car, arrives at the Markovian border and uses her persuasive psychic powers to gain entry. Once in the country, she leaves her car behind and searches for the Outsiders as Looker. Baron Bedlam explains to the Good Samaritan that he was severely injured after Geo-Force threw him into the angry crowds after the last Markovian war, but he was brought back to life by Dr. Ovarni, whom he calls Madame Ovary. It was she who was able to clone Hitler. The captured Outsiders struggle but fail to break free of their bonds. Baron Bedlam, the Masters of Disaster, and the Soviet Union's army attack and quickly overwhelm Castle Markovia, taking King Gregor and Joan Lincoln prisoner. Meanwhile, Dr. Ovarni has successfully completed the clone of Adolf Hitler, imbuing him with as much of Hitler's history and personality as possible based on existing texts. Looker tracks down Katana and the Outsiders and attempts to set them free but is attacked by the Masters of Disaster. Baron Bedlam reveals that, as a boy during World War II, when his father was the Nazi regent of Occupied Markovia, Hitler secretly visited the country in 1944 shortly after an assassination attempt and left a weapon there. Bedlam later discovered that Hitler's DNA had been preserved in cell samples and began his plans to restart the Third Reich. Using the cloned Hitler's palm print to gain access to a secret laboratory in Castle Markovia, Baron Bedlam finds the secret weapon. Meanwhile, Looker convinces Windfall to help her defeat the Masters of Disaster, and together they free the Outsiders, who all go to find Halo. Soviet Colonel Metenko, learning of Bedlam's plans, is instantly dissolved by the secret weapon, a proton cloud generator. Madame Ovary delivers a mentally handicapped Jewish girl to serve in Bedlam's experiment. [“Against All Odds,” Adventures of the Outsiders #34 (June, 1986)]
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