Adventures of the Outsiders #33

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September, 1985: The Outsiders go to Markovia and fight the Masters of Disaster and the Soviet forces there, led by Baron Bedlam, but are captured. Looker soon arrives in Markovia and frees them with the help of Windfall. After Bedlam completes his conquest of Markovia, the Outsiders prevent the execution of King Gregor. [“A Tiny, Deadly War,” Adventures of the Outsiders #33 (May, 1986)]

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  • The Outsiders arrive in Markovia by plane and are shot down from the sky by Soviet MiGs. Halo blacks out for a few moments. Dr. Jace is unsuccessful in securing aid from the White House to assist the Markovians against the Soviets. Lia and Greg Briggs have an argument about her new looks and personality, and Lia storms off. Joan Lincoln tells King Gregor that none of the U.S. television networks are interested in covering this minor war. Both King Gregor and Baron Bedlam learn that the Outsiders have been shot down and are probably at large. As the Outsiders sneak into the enemy camp, the Masters of Disaster come out and fight them, and Metamorpho is seemingly killed. Halo tries to convince Windfall to leave her criminal life and join the Outsiders. As Halo faints at the same spot where she first became human, Windfall vows to keep her from harm. The other Outsiders are defeated by the Masters of Disaster. Lia Briggs, trying to find her friend Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana), uses her powers to discover that she and the Outsiders are in trouble in Markovia. Donning her Abyssian costume, she becomes Looker and leaves after telling Greg she loves him. As Baron Bedlam directs the Masters of Disaster to bring in the unconscious Outsiders, the Good Samaritan snoops and discovers the cloned body of Adolf Hitler before being knocked unconscious by Madame Ovary. [“A Tiny, Deadly War,” Adventures of the Outsiders #33 (May, 1986)]



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