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Each of the following alternate timelines shares the same past as the main Earth-2 timeline but diverges at some point. Wherever possible, the point of divergence is noted.

  • Tommy Tomorrow (a red-haired pilot) applies at Rocket College, where he is tested for stamina, studies rocket engineering, and masters astronomy. In his first solo flight across the Atlantic, he clocks 2,000 mph in his rocket.
  • Attaining the highest grades in his class, Tommy Tomorrow is by by the U.S. Army for Operation Mars.
  • After a year of training, Tommy Tomorrow blasts off on his historic voyage to Mars, kept safe from acceleration forces in spacious bathtub of water. On Mars, Tomorrow hoists a U.S. flag and spends a week there collecting samples of Martian plant life and photographing fossils of extinct dinosaurs. Upon a safe trip back to Earth, Tomorrow is given a hero's welcome and a ticker-tape parade as the “Columbus of Space.” [“Columbus of Space,” Real Fact Comics #6 (January-February, 1947)]
  • Tommy Tomorrow is married around this time.
  • Tommy Tomorrow II (a blond-haired boy), son of Tommy Tomorrow, is born. Tommy Tomorrow and his wife have at least one more child later on.
  • Col. Tommy Tomorrow is assigned by the U.S. President and the Secretary of Planet Patrol to head a mission called Operation Luna, sending an armada of ten ships to the Moon. The First Lunar Expeditionary Force lands on the Moon in the Sea of Eternity, where they build a domed structure, and begin mining the Moon for uranium. When the miners are struck with moon sickness, which causes their skin to turn blue, they discover the cure when they find a time capsule left behind by a long-dead Lunar race containing a microfilm proclaiming salt to be the cure to moon sickness. Months later, their mission accomplished, Col. Tomorrow leads his crew back to Earth. [“Operation Luna,” Real Fact Comics #8 (May-June, 1947)]
  • Col. Tommy Tomorrow leads an expedition to the planet Venus, a primitive world full of dinosaurs and carnivorous plants. Venus Expedition Number One crew include Morris Levy, who is killed by a pterodactyl-like creature while flying a special balloon on a survey mission, as well as Leslie and Gordon, and one other. Note: No firm time period is established in this story, but it is likely sometime in the early 1970s, given the fact that the Federation of Worlds (including Venus) has been established prior to 1988. [“The Planet of Peril,” Real Fact Comics #13 (March-April, 1948)]
  • Col. Tommy Tomorrow is touring Greater Gotham, capital city of the nine planets, when he is summoned to the Science Bureau, where he is told that Comet Z-489 is on a collision course with the Sun. Col. Tomorrow is placed in charge of a top secret mission, Operation Survival, to destroy the comet within 62 hours before it can cause a cataclysmic explosion that would threaten all life in the Solar System. The mission consists of six spacecraft, sent from Terrapolis, each equipped with atomic missiles meant to fire simultaneously at the comet. Unfortunately, when this tactic does not work, Col. Tomorrow instead decides to ram it with his 100-ton ship. But Corp. Larry Winters forcefully takes his place, reasoning that Tomorrow has a wife and kids, and sacrifices his life to save everyone. Corp. Winters is memorialized on every planet with marble statues as “the man who saved the worlds.” Note: The full name of the Planeteers is the Space Planeteers. This story features the original Tommy Tomorrow, who is likely in his mid-50s by 1988, and whose eldest child is Tommy Tomorrow II, whose adventures span from Action Comics #127-148. [“The Comet Doom,” Real Fact Comics #16 (September-October, 1948)]
  • May: Tommy Tomorrow II graduates from Space Port and joins the Planeteers with the rank of colonel. His first space assignment, given to him by the Science Bureau, is to visit other planets and bring back specimens of marine life to establish the Interplanetary Aquarium. He is accompanied by a crew of five, as well as a reporter, Joan Gordy of the Planetary Radio News. Bringing back specimens from Venus, Ganymede, Titan, and Umbriel, Col. Tomorrow is awarded with the coveted Planeteer Medal. [“The Interplanetary Aquarium,” Action Comics #127 (December, 1948)]
  • Col. Tommy Tomorrow II saves the Earth from inevitable blindness caused by a nova, by seeking out the elusive Element 99, then bringing it back and seeding it into Earth's atmosphere as the cure. [“The Earth Doom,” Action Comics #129 (February, 1949)]
  • Col. Tommy Tomorrow II discovers the Tenth World, populated by survivors of Atlantis, and stops a plot by its leaders to invade Earth. Instead, he convinces them to join the Federation of Worlds as its tenth member. [“The Ambassador of Space,” Action Comics #130 (March, 1949)]

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