Timeline of Earth-2 (1980s to the future)

  • Wonder Woman reveals her secret identity as Diana Prince to the world. [Wonder Woman #300]

July, 1980

  • The Huntress battles Solomon Grundy, whose gang steals a stone statue from a Gotham City museum of art. [“Into Darkness Once More,” Wonder Woman #271 (September, 1980); “The Monster and the Masterpiece,” Wonder Woman #272 (October, 1980); “Girl in a Gilded Cage,” Wonder Woman #273 (November, 1980)]

November, 1980

  • The Huntress and Power Girl battle the Thinker when he tries to blackmail District Attorney Harry Sims into outlawing costumed vigilantes in Gotham City. The Thinker wears an improved version of his thinking cap and a costume, but his muscular and fit physique is likely just an illusion caused by the power of his psionic helmet. Meanwhile, Harry Sims discovers that the Huntress is really lawyer Helena Wayne. [“The Speaker in the Shadows,” Wonder Woman #274 (December, 1980); “The Thinking Man's Crime,” Wonder Woman #275 (January, 1981); “A Friend in Need,” Wonder Woman #276 (February, 1981)]

January, 1981

  • At Blackgate Prison on Gull's Island, the Huntress subdues a prison riot by defeating a physically powerful inmate called Lionmane, who had been one of Catwoman's henchmen in the 1940s before he betrayed her and attempted to take over her gang. The Joker escapes from prison during the riot. Note: Although this story refers to the prison as Gull's Island Prison, it is more commonly known as Blackgate Prison, as mentioned in several 5 Earths Project stories. [“The Lion Roars at Midnight,” Wonder Woman #278 (April, 1981); “Lion Hunt,” Wonder Woman #279 (May, 1981); “Lion at Bay,” Wonder Woman #280 (June, 1981)]
  • The Huntress battles the Joker, only managing to defeat him when Dick Grayson (Robin) briefly dons Batman's costume as a distraction. Charles Bullock, graduate of Brooklyn Law School, joins Cranston, Grayson and Wayne as an associate, specializing in litigation. Note: This Charles Bullock is the older cousin of Charlie Bullock, a teenager who was trained by Wildcat; the older Charles Bullock also received training from Wildcat after his namesake introduced him. [“Always Leave 'Em Laughing,” Wonder Woman #281 (July, 1981); “First Laugh,” Wonder Woman #282 (August, 1981); “Last Laugh,” Wonder Woman #283 (September, 1981)]

June, 1981

  • Robin and Starman investigate a freak storm in Gotham City, but they are struck by electricity, and Starman breaks his right arm, incapacitating him. Prof. Hugo Strange, still alive after four decades, is behind the storm; he steals Starman's cosmic rod and plans to use it to destroy Gotham City. Meanwhile, Batman of Earth-1 is sent to Earth-2 by a freak bolt of lightning. Robin and the Earth-1 Batman team up and are attacked by various mementoes from the Earth-2 Batman's career, including Catwoman's Pantherjet, the Spinner's giant spinning top, and the Batmobile. Kathy Kane Carson becomes Batwoman for the first time in decades and assists them. Finally, in the Batcave, they fight the giant robotic dinosaur and then a Batman robot before meeting Strange himself, now a wizened old man with a misshapen body, thanks to taking a fall during his last confrontation with Batman back in 1940. The Earth-1 Batman battles Prof. Strange until Strange uses the cosmic rod to disintegrate his own body, since he secretly wished for death. Starman, now wearing a sling over his right arm, uses his returned cosmic rod to send Batman back to Earth-1. Note: This story is noted to specifically take place just before World's Finest Comics #271. [“Interlude on Earth-Two,” The Brave and the Bold #182 (January, 1982)]
  • On Earth-1, the coffin containing Atoman, having somehow transferred to Earth-1, is discovered by that world's Superman and Batman. Believing them to his his enemies, the Earth-2 Superman and Batman, he embarks on a campaign of revenge against them, now possessing powers on Earth-1 that he never had on Earth-2. During their final confrontation over Metropolis Stadium, the Earth-1 Superman causes Atoman to vibrate into Earth-2, where he loses his extra powers including flight and falls to the ground, caught in a net by the waiting Robin and the Earth-1 Batman, who easily defeat him. Meanwhile, Superman of Earth-2 rescues the Earth-1 Superman, still weakened by Atoman's kryptonite radiation. Atoman is taken into custody by Superman and Robin on Earth-2, while the Earth-1 Superman and Batman return to Earth-1. [“The Secret Origins of the Superman and Batman Team,” World's Finest Comics #271 (September, 1981)]

July, 1981

  • Lee Travis (Crimson Avenger) sacrifices his life to save New York City, but only a little boy and his mother, who speak only Spanish, know that he died. [“Whatever Happened to the Crimson Avenger?” DC Comics Presents #38 (October, 1981)]
  • Wes Dodds somehow learns of Lee Travis' death and shortly afterwards suffers from a stroke that ages him severely and requires him to be hospitalized several times over the next few years.

January, 1982

  • The Huntress battles Karnage, alias a street punk named Charlie Karnaj who was equipped with high-tech weaponry by a crime boss who would later become the Crimelord. After his encounter with Karnage, Charles Bullock decides to train himself to become a crime-fighter. [“Karnage is the Name,” Wonder Woman #286 (December, 1981); “Karnage Doesn't Kill Here Any More,” Wonder Woman #287 (January, 1982)]
  • The Crimelord (a Mob boss formerly targeted by the Huntress and Robin) discovers the Huntress is Helena Wayne and kidnaps her. Although the Huntress defeats the Crimelord, she must also save Alfred Beagle (now running the New Stratford Repertory Theatre outside Gotham City) from being killed. Harry Sims returns to Gotham City and declares that he loves Helena, and the two begin casually dating, but the relationship does not progress very far or last long. [“Walls of Stone, Chains of Steel,” Wonder Woman #289 (March, 1982); “Death Atop Its High Tower Calls,” Wonder Woman #290 (April, 1982); “By Dusk's Dying Light,” Wonder Woman #294 (August, 1982); “Out of the Darkness,” Wonder Woman #295 (September, 1982)]

October, 1982

  • In Charles Bullock's debut as the crime-fighter called Blackwing, the Huntress is forced to save his life from a street gang, and she learns his identity. Helena Wayne is appointed as the liaison to the District Attorney's office. [“The Huntress is Back in Town,” Wonder Woman #296 (October, 1982); “Go Save the World,” Wonder Woman #297 (November, 1982); “The Squeeze on Gotham,” Wonder Woman #298 (December, 1982); “Stranglehold,” Wonder Woman #299 (January, 1983)]
  • The Justice Society of America team up with the Justice League of America of Earth-1 and the Sentinels of Justice of Earth-4 to stop a plan by the rulers of Earth-2's Fairyland, Earth-1's Magic Land, Earth-4's Land of the Nightshades to conquer all three parallel Earths. At the conclusion of this case, Doctor Fate causes everyone on all three Earths and related dimensions to forget that this case occurred at all. [“Justice Society of America: Times Past, 1982: Crisis on Earth-Four”]

January, 1983

  • The Huntress is publicly framed for the supposed death of a thief called Pat Pending, whose simulated death through a special drug and signed off by the corrupt Dr. Tarr is orchestrated as an escape route by the Undertaker (who later murders Pat Pending). The Huntress stops the Undertaker's operation, but is captured and sent to Arkham Asylum (a private institution) by Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether, who run the asylum as a front for the Mob. The Huntress breaks out with the help of a fellow inmate, a police detective named Gary Minelli, who was illegally imprisoned at the asylum. Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether are arrested, Arkham Asylum is put under state supervision, and the Huntress is publicly cleared of Pat Pending's murder. Due to a campaign against vigilantism headed by politician Terry Marsh, Commissioner O'Hara places Detective Minelli on a special assignment to keep tabs on the Huntress and other vigilantes in Gotham City. Meanwhile, the Huntress uncovers a black market child smuggling operation run by the Earthworm (whose real first name is Herbie), and she soon discovers that Terry Marsh is part of the Earthworm's smuggling operation. But the Earthworm escapes from the Huntress before she can capture him. Note: A newspaper places this story in January, partly on January 26. [“A Little Learning,” Wonder Woman #301 (March, 1983); “Dying to Take You Away,” Wonder Woman #302 (April, 1983); “Undertakings,” Wonder Woman #303 (May, 1983); “Last Rites,” Wonder Woman #304 (June, 1983); “Straitjacket,” Wonder Woman #305 (July, 1983); “It's Madness,” Wonder Woman #306 (August, 1983); “Side Effects,” Wonder Woman #307 (September, 1983); “Pressure,” Wonder Woman #308 (October, 1983); “Black Market,” Wonder Woman #309 (November, 1983); “Avenue XX,” Wonder Woman #310 (December, 1983); “Crocodile Tears,” Wonder Woman #311 (January, 1984); “The Voice of the People,” Wonder Woman #312 (February, 1984); “The Worm Turns,” Wonder Woman #313 (March, 1984)]
  • The Huntress battles the Sea Lion. [“Life is For the Lion-Hearted,” Wonder Woman #314 (April, 1984); “Chasing Rainbows,” Wonder Woman #315 (May, 1984); “The Roar of the Ocean,” Wonder Woman #316 (June, 1984)]

July, 1983

  • The remaining Seven Soldiers of Victory (minus Stripesy) hold their own memorial service for the Crimson Avenger on the 2nd anniversary of his death. Sylvester Pemberton (The Star-Spangled Kid) looks up Pat Dugan (Stripesy) and discovers that his crooked cousin stole patents from Dugan, forcing him to get money building armored vehicles for criminals. The Kid clears things up and the two save Stripesy's 6-year-old son Mike who was kidnapped by these criminals, which are captured. Pemberton and Dugan renew their friendship. [Infinity Inc #11]

December, 1983

  • Wesley Dodds is hospitalized after another mild stroke. [Infinity Inc. #1]
  • JSA has meeting on Christmas Eve, and children and heirs storm the meeting, wanting membership in the JSA, but are turned down. [Infinity, Inc. #1]

January, 1984

  • Fury II (Hippolyta Trevor), The Huntress, Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden), Northwind (Norda Cantrell of Feithera), Nuklon (Albert Rothstein), Obsidian (Scott Rice), Power Girl, Silver Scarab (Hector Hall) and Star-Spangled-Kid form Infinity, Inc. Note: After this story and the conclusion of the Generations Saga, the members of Infinity Inc. relocate to Los Angeles, presumably tying up loose ends, such as Jade's possibly transferring from community college to UCLA, before heading out. They spend the next few months tidying up Stellar Studios and possibly fighting crime once in a while. [Roy Thomas & Jerry Ordway] [Infinity, Inc. #3]

May, 1984

  • The Justice Society of America teams up with the Justice League of America of Earth-1 and the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X to stop the Cosmic Tree. [DC Universe: Seeds]

July, 1984

  • Visiting Los Angeles by train, the Huntress battles a martial arts master called the Nightingale, who is supposedly a woman but who is revealed to be a man named Seiji Kato. Note: A diary in this story places it shortly after July 1, 1984. The Huntress probably remains in Los Angeles until after Infinity Inc.'s press conference shortly after. [“On the Trail of the Nightingale,” Wonder Woman #317 (July, 1984); “Knee of the Idol,” Wonder Woman #318 (August, 1984); “The Ozymandias Solution,” Wonder Woman #319 (September, 1984)]
  • Infinity Inc. holds its first press conference, where most of its members reveal their secret identities. Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor reveal that the previous evening they became engaged. Brainwave Junior storms off and quits the team, fearful that the part of himself that is his father might take him over and turn him into a villain. Yolanda Montez is present as a reporter for Rock Stars magazine. [Infinity Inc. #12]

August, 1984

  • Infinity Inc. meets Rose Canton on the isle of Tashmi, where they also encounter the Thorn, unaware that they are the same woman. They bring Rose back to Los Angeles with them. [Infinity Inc. #13]
  • Infinity Inc. encounters the strange alien being called Chroma. Note: The movie Supergirl, which was released on July 18, 1984, places this story and those connected to it in the late summer of 1984, and at least a few days or weeks after the movie's debut, since Marcie Cooper says she's seen the movie five times already. This story takes place two weeks after the press conference in issue #12. This is the first appearance of Marcie Cooper and her sister, Sharon Cooper. [Infinity Inc. #14-15]

November, 1984

  • November 26: The supposed diary of Batman surfaces, claiming that the members of the JSA were traitors who pledged themselves to the Nazi cause during World War II. The JSA is called before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee to learn the truth. The diary turns out to be part of a scheme to discredit the team by Per Degaton, who dies. [America Vs. the JSA #1-4]

July, 1985

  • Following Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor's engagement party, where the team meets Yolanda Montez, Infinity Inc. encounters Helix after that team's leader Mister Bones kidnaps Fury and captures Silver Scarab. Note: Although It's only now, nearly a year later, that Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor have their engagement party, it's evident that much time has passed since Chroma appeared on Earth. [Infinity Inc. #16-18]
  • Commander Steel recruits Infinity Inc. to “save” the Justice League of America on Earth-1. [Infinity Inc. #19; Justice League of America #244]
  • Rick Tyler uses Miraclo for the first time, while Dr. Beth Chapel loses her eyesight. [Infinity Inc. #20]
  • July 22-23: Alan Scott celebrates his purchase of a new TV station in Los Angeles, his first re-entry into broadcasting since losing GBC years ago and being forced to work as an engineer at Jay Garrick's research laboratory in Keystone City since then. Northwind asks Molly Maynne to give his sometime-girlfriend Marcie Cooper a job. Green Lantern learns that his wife Alyx Florin Scott was Rose Canton, alias the Thorn, and that their children are Jade and Obsidian. Green Lantern also learns that his longtime secretary Molly Maynne is the Harlequin, and the two are married the very next day. Brainwave Junior returns to Infinity Inc. Harbinger gathers up the entire membership of the JSA and Infinity Inc. to the Monitor's satellite, but while the teams disappear on July 23, they don't appear on the Monitor's satellite until two days later, on July 25, due to a time delay, whether planned or not. [Infinity Inc. Annual #1; Infinity Inc. #21]
  • July 25: Rick Tyler becomes Hourman II while visiting Dr. Beth Chapel in Orangeburg, South Carolina. After learning she can see in the dark, Beth Chapel becomes Doctor Midnight after some urging from Rick, and her mother sews a costume for her. Note: Beth Chapel is the daughter of a minister and has four brothers: Matthew Chapel, Mark Chapel, Luke Chapel, and John Chapel. [Infinity Inc. #21-22]
  • July 25: On the Monitor's satellite, Star-Spangled Kid meets Jonni Thunder for the first time. [Infinity Inc. #22]
  • July 29: After the original Wildcat's legs are crushed, Yolanda Montez becomes Wildcat II. Jade and Brainwave Junior declare they love each other. Northwind and Brainwave Junior convince the bird-men of Feithera to establish a new colony instead of committing mass suicide, while Jade and Solomon Grundy together save the city of Feithera from being crushed by a glacier just long enough for the bird-men to escape. Feithera is destroyed. New Feithera is founded soon afterward in another location. [Crisis on Infinite Earths #6; Infinity Inc. #23]
  • July 30: The Star-Spangled Kid and Jonni Thunder team up against Knodar the Last Criminal and his time-tossed gang of criminals from 1935. Star-Spangled Kid and Jonni Thunder begin dating. Note: By this time, Stellar Studios has begun its first film since the 1970s, called The All-Star Squadron. As of July, 1985, it was still in pre-production. This is the last issue of Infinity Inc. that takes place on Earth-2. [Infinity Inc. #24]

August, 1985

September, 1985

October, 1985

  • The Green Lantern and the Harlequin enjoy their new-found youth. Also, a Weaponer of Qward finds his way to Earth-2. Introducing the new heroine, Corona. [Green Lantern: EMERALD RENAISSANCE, Parts 5-11]
  • Out of the ashes of tragedy, a new heroine is born in the days following the Crisis. Carrying on a surprising legacy, can Flamebird outhink the devious mind of the Thinker? [Flamebird: AT GRANDMOTHER'S BECK AND CALL… Parts 1-15]
  • While visiting her dying friend Rick Cannon, Libby Lawrence gains a new lease on her heroic life and encounters the Cheetah and Gudra. [Liberty Belle: BELLES OF VALHALLA]
  • Liberty Belle poses as the Cheetah in order to infiltrate a criminal gathering. Can she pull it off, or is someone playing cat and mouse games with her? Guest starring the Gay Ghost and Jonni Thunder. [Liberty Belle: THE FUTURE IS NOW]
  • [Showcase: Insect Queen: THE LAST LAUGH, or COCOON]

November, 1985

  • [Flamebird: AT GRANDMOTHER'S BECK AND CALL… Parts 16-23]
  • [Arrowette: THE ARCHER'S LEGACY]
  • [Showcase: Kiku: THE SECRET ORIGIN OF KIKU]
  • [Infinity, Inc: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND… Parts 9-11]
  • [Legion of Justice: THE LEGION OF JUSTICE, Prelude and Parts 1-6]
  • [JSA: CRAWLING FROM THE WRECKAGE, Interlude 2, Parts 72-74 and Interlude 3]
  • [Legion of Justice: THE LEGION OF JUSTICE, Part 7]

December, 1985

  • [Suicide Squad: THE PRICE OF REDEMPTION, Parts 1-3 & Interlude]
  • Marcie Cooper makes her move against the Green Lantern family as Green Lantern is called away to a special meeting of the JSA. Guest Starring Jade and Obsidian. [Green Lantern: EMERALD RENAISSANCE, Parts 12-13]
  • The JSA is gone, summoned to battle a threat to the existance of the world, as Shiera Hall, Hawkgirl, is left behind to ponder a potential future without them. Introducing the JSA Reserves! [JSA: CRAWLING FROM THE WRECKAGE: RAGNAROK NOW, Parts 75-77]
  • The Red Tornado is looking out for the Junior JSA, but who's going to look out for her? The team's first outing is interrupted by someone claiming to be the heir to the Wizard's power. [Junior JSA: FIELD TRIP]
  • Two new foes with a hatred for Starman give Belle trouble as she continues her quest to save Jonni Thunder. Guest starring Red Robin. [Liberty Belle: THE STARS ABOVE]
  • [Suicide Squad: THE PRICE OF REDEMPTION, Parts 4-8]
  • Belle brings a forgotten hero out of retirement to help her save Jonni Thunder. [Liberty Belle: DOUBLE TROUBLE]
  • [Showcase: JSA Reserves: ALL THIS AND EARTH-TWO]
  • [Infinity, Inc: ANCIENT PROPHECIES AND MALCONTENTS, Parts 1-4 & Interlude 1]

January, 1986

February, 1986

March, 1986

April, 1986

May, 1986

June, 1986

July, 1986

August, 1986

September, 1986

October, 1986

November, 1986

December, 1986

January, 1987

  • Wildcat meets Whitefox, heroine of France. They battle New Order, mind-controlled college students given super-powers by neo-Nazis. [“Wildcat: Tyrolean Tears”]
  • The blond Sardath of Rann uses forbidden teleportation technology to escape to Earth to avoid his execution, but he discovers an ancient Rannian vessel found by Adam Blake in the 1960s and uses it to teleport himself home. [“Strange Adventures: Return to Rann”]
  • In the course of battling the new Cyclotron, Al Pratt (the Atom) loses his atomic punch and returns to the status of scrappy, non-powered fighter. [“The Atom: Atomic Attraction”]
  • Geri Sloane hires Michael Holt as a computer expert at the Fair Play Club, not knowing that he is the reincarnation of her father, Terry Sloane. [“Miss Terrific: Something New Every Day”]
  • Johnny Quick and Starman II officially become JSA members. [“DC Universe: The Race, Book 2: Parasite”]
  • Zachary Rex Tyler, son of Rick Tyler (Surge) and Beth Chapel Tyler (Midnight), is discovered to have natural super-strength, but only while in the dark. [“Hourman: Ralphie”]

February, 1987

March, 1987

April, 1987

  • Green Lantern, Jade, and Obsidian lose their powers, and the Scott triplets (Sarah, Adam, and Megan) are kidnapped from Earth. [“Green Lantern: Total Eclipse”]
  • Molly Scott realizes that her children are still alive, and she and Alan Scott use the green lantern to find them. Meanwhile, Todd Rice is set up on a blind date with Stephanie Harrigan, daughter of Hop Harrigan. [“Green Lantern: Ascension”]
  • Green Lantern, Harlequin, Jade, Obsidian, Brainwave, Frances Kane, and Stephanie Harrigan are transported to the planet Thanagar, where they help the Guardian (who took the Scott triplets) defeat the Light. The Scotts also discover that Frances was impersonated by an alien being called the Phoenix, who sought to steal the Starheart herself. [“Green Lantern: The Emerald Guardians”]
  • Green Lantern, Jade, and Obsidian discover that the real Frances Kane is not related to them. With the help of the Shade, they defeat Lord Umbra, leader of the Black Shadow Society in the Shadow Realm, who turned Rose Canton into the Thorn. The Shade decides to remain in the realm for a time. The real Frances Kane is found and is made an honorary Scott family member. [“Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame”]
  • As David Knight resumes being Starman, and Jack Knight is officially inducted into Infinity Inc. as the new Star-Spangled Kid, Ted Knight and the Sliders (Prof. Maximillian Arturo, Quinn Mallory, Rembrandt Brown, Wade Welles, and Diana Davis) return to this timeline. [Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 4: Homecoming, Epilogue: Father and Sons]

May, 1987

June, 1987

July, 1987

August, 1987

September, 1987

October, 1987

November, 1987

December, 1987

January, 1988

February, 1988

March, 1988

  • [The Brave and the Bold: Damage and Air Wave: A Simple Date]
  • [Red Robin: Passing Bullets]
  • [Junior JSA: Inheriting a Tradition]

April, 1988

May, 1988

  • The Illuminati gets involved in the Presidential campaign and tries to smear Jay Garrick's reputation. Vandal Savage revives from his coma and escapes from Operation Liberty's custody. Three clones – of Alexei Luthor, Superman, and Lois Lane – are freed according to a plan by the long-dead Luthor and take the identities of Alex Holton, Joel Kent, and Marissa Trail, each Secret Service agents; they follow Luthor's plan. Holton becomes Garrick's Secret Service liaison. Marty O'Brien fully regains his stretching powers and as Plasticman II joins Garrick's security detail, along with Americommando (Pat Dugan) and Nemesis (Helena Bertinelli). Courtney Whitmore Dugan, stepdaughter of Pat Dugan and daughter of Pemberton, becomes American Girl. A fake assassination attempt on Garrick's life orchestrated by Holton frames Superman for the crime. [“DC Universe: The Race, Book 3: Dirty Tricks”]
  • Red Robin is injured while fighting a gang of Greek god-themed super-villains. Wayne Manor is attacked by a gang working for criminals, including Franko Morelli. Power Girl is injured battling a magically powered foe. The Spectre physically heals Red Robin and Power Girl. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March”]
  • Dick Grayson and Karen Starr (Red Robin and Power Girl) are married in the European nation of Valonia. [“Batman Family: The Wedding March”]

June, 1988

August, 1988

September, 1988

  • Superman fights the Light and his Light Brigade and discovers that this Light is a former assistant of Alexei Luthor's. Note: Takes place when Mary Kent (born in September, 1986) is two years old. [“Superman: The Man Who Stole the Sunlight”]

October, 1988

  • Superboy meets Superman II, his grown-up self from the future; together they battle the Ultra-Humanite. Note: Takes place immediately before The Wisdom of Youth. [“Superboy: The Encounter”]
  • Superboy battles a teen Kryptonian criminal named R-Ban, the son of U-Ban and a woman from the planet Thoron. Note: Takes place when Mary Kent is two years old. [“Superboy: The Wisdom of Youth”]
  • Superman teams up with Chief Man-of-the-Bats II and Raven II to fight the Black Elk Lodge and the resurrected Black Elk. Note: Takes place concurrently with the epilogue in The Wisdom of Youth. [“DC Comics Presents: Superman and Chief Man-of-the-Bats: Ghost Dance”]

November, 1988

  • November 7: The Gray Ghost, the spirit of an unnamed dead hero, uses his power to temporarily possess people to save the life of Buddy Carter, the chief witness in a corruption scandal. [“Showcase: The Gray Ghost”]
  • November 8: U.S. election night. Stan Gunderson wins the election and becomes the president-elect, with vice-presidential nominee Minerva Schuster. Jay Garrick does not contest the election results, instead bowing out gracefully. [“DC Universe: The Race, Book 4: Endgame”]

December, 1988

January, 1989

  • On Earth-2A, Wonder Woman and Etta Candy take some water from the spring of eternal youth on Paradise Island and isolate the Life Vitamin L-3, which is the substance that keeps the Amazons young. They make L-3 available to everyone on Earth, thus ending aging. Hence they all would stay young throughout the centuries (but it doesn't explain why Diana would be content to stay General Darnell's secretary for 1062 years). There's no reference to exactly when this happened, except to say that it is “many years in the future” from the 1944 date of the story, and Etta's mother is 82 and dying, which is why Etta and WW found L-3. [Wonder Woman #7]

February, 2023

  • Rex Cosmos, Professor Shanley, his daughter Joan and the wimpy Axel Yoke become the Super-Police. They travel via an all-purpose vehicle called the hi-lo that could go into space, underwater, etc. Their first foe is Captain Kiddlaw, the wizard-pirate. [New Fun #1] [Ken Fitch & Clem Gretter]
  • Batman & Robin travel from 1950 and assist Gotham City Police Chief Rokej (descendent of the Joker) in exposing Erkham, an industrial saboteur. [Batman #59]
  • A 20th century villain, Prof. Toz, takes over the city of New Metropolo and erases all mention of Wonder Woman, who arrives from 1951 to investigate and takes Toz into custody. [Sensation #103]

September/October, 2150

  • Astra, Girl of the Future has first public case as ace telecaster for Transworld News, often accompanied by her traveling companion Professor Rockwell. [Sensation #99] [Robert Kanigher]
  • In an alternate possible Earth, Gary Concord awakens to find the chemicals draining from his bunker thanks to an earthquake [All-American #8]. With mankind still racked by war, Concord (now enhanced with greater height and muscle due to the foam) returns to his formula for peace. Using derivatives of the foam, bombs strike war-mongering cities and places their inhabitants in suspended animation. Hailed as a man of peace, Concord marries a woman named Leanadra and they have a son, Gary II, in 2214.
  • The Great Wars of the 23rd century occur.
  • In 2227, the new city of Metropolis, which exist over a thousand-year-old ancient European city, is built by Joh Fredersen (the current identity of Vandal Savage). From Metropolis, Fredersen rules the world. After his son Freder is enthralled by Maria, the workers' leader, Joh Fredersen instructs his old rival, the great inventor Rotwang (possible descendant of Alexei Luthor) to build use a robot invented by him called Futura to pose as Maria and discredit her, but Rotwang instead uses Futura to destroy Metropolis, a frustrated Fredersen first sends Futura back to the past of 1942 to prevent Maria from ever being born, then travels back in time to 1986 to gain power from Cthulhu in order to subjugate the world even more. Futura appears in the year 1942, where Robotman dubs her Mekanique. Mekanique persuades members of the All-Star Squadron to complete her task, thus ensuring Joh Fredersen's dominance in the future. However, Mekanique also intervenes in her own past, ensuring that she receives a robotic duplicate of Gloria Giles' brain before she is sent back into time. [“Metropolis”; All-Star Squadron #58-60; The Suicide Squad: Path of the Immortal; “Showcase: Mekanique: The Second Death of Mekanique”]
  • In an alternate possible Earth, Gary Concord dies at the age of 100 (or 324) in 2239 [All-American #9]. Gary Concord II continues his father's good works as Ultra-Man [All-American Comics #9-18] - “High Moderator of the United States of North America, it is the duty of Gary Concord, Ultra-Man, to preserve the peace of the nation” - piloting his strato-racer against such opponents as Lord Criket of Sylvania and the evil scientist Stella Tor. He is assisted by his girlfriend, Carlotta, who is also Earth's chief scientist. [Sheldon Mayer & John Blummer]
  • After Mekanique succeeds in changing history, erasing Joh Fredersen's Metropolis from existence, another timeline comes into being to replace it. In this timeline, General Urbane (the current identity of Vandal Savage) is the secret ruler of the Utopian States of America (also known as Amgov), a totalitarian state; he is also the founder and head of the Legion of Justice, a branch of the Justice Department.
  • By 2285, the Legion of Justice has realized how evil Amgov is and enacts a plan to escape to Knight Base, a base in another star system founded by the great rebel exploratory group called the Wanderers a century earlier. At Knight Base, the Legion of Justice learns that history has been tampered with, and the legacy of their forebears in the JSA will be erased if they don't do something about it. Using time travel, they travel back in time to points in 1985, 1987, 1988, and 2039. They eventually also defeat Vandal Savage and Futura with Mekanique's help. But the history they knew is also erased, and they return to a 23rd century that is unknown to them. [“Showcase: The Legion of Justice”; “The Legion of Justice: On Our Own”] “The Legion of Justice: Saving the Past”]
  • The criminal Tibro travels back to the year 1952, where he becomes known as the Crime Master of Time. [Wonder Woman #53]
  • Scientist Jack Raymond and his wife Sally have adventures on Earth and on other planets. [Flash Comics #5-16]
  • Using Dr. Everson's time ray, the Justice Society of America travels from April 1942 in order to retrieve a Bomb Defense Formula. [All-Star #10]
  • Landor, a thrill-seeker bored of life in the placid future where everyone's needs are met, time travels to 1946 and battles the Justice Society of America. [All-Star #29]
  • Bored with the law-abiding existence where crime has been largely eradicated, Knodar (deemed “The Last Criminal”) seeks other eras to practice his crimes; he travels from here to October 1947 to battle Green Lantern, is defeated and sent back. [Green Lantern #28]
  • Rod Rian of the Sky Police has adventures. [Flash Comics #2-11]
  • Craig King, using scientific gadgetry - including “concealed jet units for flight” and “a concealed degravitator to make heavy things light” - that enables him to simulate, albeit somewhat imperfectly, some of Superman's powers. Donning a costume identical to Superman's he has a brief career as a crimefighter, before summoning the original Superman to his time for help.
  • Brane (whose full, unabbreviated name is Bruce Wayne XX, or Bruce Wayne the 20th) and the teenage Ricky are inspired by time capsule footage of Batman and Robin from 1940 to don similar guises to liberate Earth from domination by the Saturnian warlord Fura. They soon decide to continue acting as the Batman and Robin of the future, even though Brane exposes his identity as Batman to his fellow Earthmen. Brane is engaged to Loral (Lora Hall). Note: Brane is not to be confused with Brane Taylor from Batman #67, who is Brane's counterpart on Earth-1. The time capsule is stated to be from the 1939 New York World's Fair, but it must be from the 1940 World's Fair, since Robin's debut didn't occur until 1940. Ricky's relationship to Brane is not identified in this story. [“The Year 3000,” Batman #26 (December, 1944-January, 1945)]
  • On Earth-2A, The first woman president, Arda Moore, is elected. [Wonder Woman #7]
  • The original Batman and Robin time travel from the year 1951 to assist the future Batman during a time when Ricky has a broken leg. Note: This is an Earth-2 version of this Earth-1 story, and thus some of the details depicted are incorrect; for example, the year in this story is 3051, but it must be 3001. [“The Lost Legion of Space,” Batman #67 (October-November, 1951)]
  • Brane time travels to the year 1955 to act as Batman, assisting the original Robin during a time when the original Batman has a sprained arm. Note: This is an Earth-2 version of this Earth-1 story, and thus some of the details depicted are incorrect; for example, the year in this story is 3055, but it must be 3002. [“The Batman of Tomorrow,” Detective Comics #216 (February, 1955)]
  • On Earth-2A, after four years of Arda Moore's government, a men's party, called the Purple Shirts, is formed by Professor Manly. Manly proposes that in the upcoming election, Steve Trevor should run for President with Manly as vice-president. Despite Diana Prince's warning that she suspects Manly is up to no good, the egotistical Trevor agrees to run. Arda Moore refuses to run against Trevor, so Diana puts herself on the ballot as the woman's party candidate, with Etta Candy as her running mate. When the election results are counted, Manly's Purple Shirts rig the election so that he and Trevor win, and then gets Trevor out of the way so that he can rule as acting president. Diana investigates as Wonder Woman and exposes Manly's fraud. With the ballots recounted, Diana Prince is elected President. [Wonder Woman #7]
  • The JSA travels from January 1951 to save humanity from Knelo and his race of shape-changing “chameleons”. [All-Star #56]
  • The Shining Knight time-travels to 3450, being sent there by an addled Merlin rather than the intended 1950. [Adventure #159]
  • Mister Terrific travels from 1946 to fight Black Barax, ruler of the city state of Kikago (Chicago). [Sensation #28]
  • About 10,000 years after the 20th century, hatred and injustice no longer exist on Earth. There exists a land known as Amerka, where the ruins of a city called Nu Yuk are being excavated, and six ancient jars are found chained up and left buried by the Justice Society, which is believed to be nothing more than a myth at this time. [“The Paintings that Walked the Earth,” All-Star Comics #28 (April-May, 1946)]

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