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Welcome to 5Earths Who's Who!

This site serves as an encyclopedia for the Pre-Crisis DC Universe, and specifically the continuity used by the Five Earths Project. 5Earths Who's Who is a collaborative effort. If you wish to be a contributor or editor, please join the 5 Earths Forum and introduce yourself.

If you'd like to simply start reading, you may wish to start at the Multiverse page, which will lead you to each of the DC Comics universes involved in the project.

Please note that the information in 5earths Who's Who contains detailed information revealing the events that occur concerning our characters. In some cases, twist endings of stories are revealed here that may detract from your enjoyment of those stories. These spoilers, as they are known, are not labeled as such and are spread throughout this site, since it is meant as an information repository. We apologize in advance.

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