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Welcome to Earth-S's chronology. Originally based on Mikel Midnight's Earth-S timeline, it has been greatly expanded beyond that scope to encompass all major events of history in the Earth-S universe. As we continue to discover more sources of information, we will continue to update this chronology.

  • The Hissmen, a race of sentient, man-like lizards, rule the Earth. [“The Hissing Horror,” The Marvel Family #74 (August, 1952)]
  • Cro-Magnon man exterminates the last of the Beastmen, who had been reigning tyrannically over them. Only the Beastman leader, King Kull, survives in an underground chamber where he lay in suspended animation for thousands of years.
  • Mary Marvel and Georgia Sivana travel through time to visit Professor Chal-Pataun of Atlantis, shortly before the island is submerged. [Marvel Family #10]
  • In Canaan, a young boy named Jebediah is given a magic word, VLAREM, by the gods to become the hero named the Champion, possessing the strength of Voldar, the wisdom of Lumiun, the speed of Arel, the power of Ribalvei, the courage of Elbiam, and the stamina of Marzoah.
  • When Evil, the most dread of gods, appears, able to split into three forms (Terror, Sin, and Wickedness),the gods send Champion to the far future to seek the aid of his successor, Captain Marvel. Together, they defeat Evil and his servants, the Seven Sins. The Champion and Captain Marvel imprison Evil and, in the process, create the Rock of Eternity.
  • For 3,000 years as Jebediah grows older, until the gods he knew were forgotten by all save himself, he becomes a great wizard, taking the name Shazam.
  • A pair of space travelers, Osira and Hefnakhti, are stranded on Earth-2 in prehistoric times. They contribute to the rise of culture in Egypt until a rebellion fomented by a priest named Anankh results in their being captured and mummified alive. In May 1942 Osira is awakened, and bedevils Wonder Woman and the Justice Society before being defeated. [Wonder Woman #231]
  • Captain Marvel visits 1st Dynasty Egypt from 1947 to reveal a thief who robs the pharoah by impersonating the wizard Shazam.
  • During the 12th dynasty, an evil Pharoah, misled by the false priest Mesu, abandons the worship of Osiris and the benevolent gods and makes league with Set. When Prince Amentep speaks out, he is thrown in jail, there receiving from his uncle the Ibistick and becoming Ibis the Invincible. In rebellion against the tyrannical Mesu (now known as the Black Pharoah), Taia is struck by an arrow. Ibis places her and himself into suspended animation.
  • A generation later, an evil magician named Serpenotep conquers the Land of the Nile by imprisoning the benevolent wizard that had protected the people. Serpenotep rules tyrannically until the original Isis, posing as a servant, sneaks past the guards and into the wizard's prison. The wizard explains that she would be unable to free him until Serpenotep was defeated, but that he is able to transfer some of his power into those who are worthy. Using his magic, he causes an amulet necklace to appear around her neck, and an amulet tiara on her head. He tells her that she now possesses the powers of the pyramid – she can soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command the elements of earth and sky. The new heroine then confronts the wicked tyrant. Serpenotep commands his snakes to entwine the young goddess, but she recites an incantation which frees both her and the old wizard. Isis and the wizard combine their power and encase Serpenotep in stone. For years afterwards, Isis guards those in need, until the day finally came that she passes on. She predicts that she would come again, in another form, to battle evil. [Isis #7]
  • The aged wizard Shazam aligns himself with the Pharaohs of Egypt (or returns to align himself, if the wizard who granted powers to Isis is in fact Shazam).
  • Queen Hapshuset (Hatshepsut) rules as Egypt's first and only female pharaoh. Thanks to his powerful magic, the old wizard still lives, and serves as her royal sorcerer. Sensing greatness in her, the wizard presents the Queen with the mystical amulet. He tells Hapshuset that she and her descendants would be endowed by the goddess Isis with great powers. Upon donning the amulet and invoking the name of the goddess, Hapshuset is transformed into an avatar of Isis. After her death, the wizard takes the amulet and hides it, along with a scroll which explains the secrets of Isis. He casts a spell, designed to lure one of the Queen's worthy descendants to the site, so that the power of Isis could be rediscovered in some future era. [Isis #7]
  • Rameses II assumes the throne of Egypt. Shazam, attempted to find a deputy to take his place, chooses Teth-Adam whom he grants the powers of six Egyptian gods, turning him into Mighty Adam. He gifts him with the stamina of Shu, the strength of Hershef (or Harsaphes), the power of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti (or Thoth), the speed of Anpu (or Anubis), and the courage of Menthu (or Mont). [note: post-Crisis the arrangement is slightly different: the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen.]
  • Mighty Adam arranges major peace treaty with Hittites.
  • When Rameses II dies, Shazam leaves Egypt; Mighty Adam carries on. Teth Adam is corrupted by his power, and is renamed Black Adam by Shazam, who exiles him to the farthest reaches of the universe. The wizard resolves to do as the old gods had done, and choose a boy, not a man. Merenptah is made Pharaoh. Shazam journeys to Greece and Rome during their heroic ages, becoming friends with the gods Aurora, Mercury, Minerva, Oggar, Selena, Zephyrus (according to the Akkadian culture of Iraq, thought to be the world's first empire, the wind-gods were androgynes, bearing both male and female aspects) and Zeus; the Titan Atlas; and the heroes Achilles, Ariadne, Hercules, and Hippolyta.
  • Another wizard by the name of Duh journeys to Greece and Rome during their heroic ages, becoming friends with the philosopher Dumbosthenes, the wannabe hero Uloussies, and the extremely lesser god Hopelesscules. [Bizarro Comics]
  • Under the reign of Amenhotep IV, the worship of the gods of Egypt wanes. This leads the gods to turn their attentions elsewhere, leaving the people to follow their own paths. It is at this time that the spacecraft of an alien named Aten is damaged and forced to land on Egypt's sands. All fear him save for the brave king. Amenhotep shows Aten his civilization and evidence of his gods. But Aten sees no sign of the gods themselves. He observes that they had been there, then left, leaving the people to dry up and die. Aten believes he was their salvation. Amenhotep changed his name to Akhenaten in the alien's honor. He and his wife, Queen Nofretete, proclaim Aten their new god – and his fiery ship the Chariot of the Sun. The people still believe in the old gods, but Akhenaten, Nofretete, and Aten maintain the new way. The alien tecahes them much, and they teach him about the power of the ancient gods and their pyramids.
  • Aten remains in Egypt for nearly two decades, until Akhenaten dies. The alien believes that the people will soon revolt in favor of the old gods. Aten knows it is time to leave, but before he does, he plants a signal device to warn him if the gods ever did return. He returns to his home planet, but is surprised when the High Council banishes him for interfering with the development of a primitive world. Remembering the pyramids, from which the Egyptian gods had derived their power, Aten crosses the void back to Earth to seek revenge on those in the Council. He remains in orbit around the planet, until such a time as one of the gods again accesses the power of the pyramids. [Isis #5]
  • Shazam meets with King Solomon of Israel. He has by now taken the name Shazamo.
  • An evil magician named Scarab terrorizes Egypt until he is captured and imprisoned in a pyramid, where it was believed he would remain forever. In October 1976 AD, archeologists move the pyramid, enabling the magician to escape. The heroine known as Isis is able to trick Scarab in becoming trapped in the pyramid once again. This time his imprisonment would be permanent. [Isis #1]
  • When Achilles and Solomon are long dead, Shazamo summons their spirits to join Zeus, Mercury, Atlas, Hercules and Oggar to do good in the world. Oggar, the god of magic, rebels and turns evil. Shazamo drives all the bad gods from earth, including Oggar and Satyr. Shazamo defeats Oggar with the help of the gods, banishing him and with one blow striking the “O” from the name on his marble throne, from that moment on referring to himself again as Shazam. As Oggar melts away to nothingness, in his parting words before vanishing completely, he angrily swears that he will return one day to seek revenge against the wizard and the gods. Shazam realises that Oggar was immortal whose strength would eventually renew itself and that one day he would break out of his temporary state of nonexistence. During council with the gods, Shazam sets up an elaborate plan, under which it is decided that each of the gods and heroes would pass their individual powers into one mortal of a distant era, a champion capable of opposing the evil god of magic. [Captain Marvel Adventures #61-66]
  • In August 1940 Hal Carey decides to go on an extended vacation to explore the jungles of South America. This might have ended normally enough but for his being chased into a cavern by a native tribe. Trapped Dr. Carey and his guide, Nero, begin exploring for another exit, only to be catapulted many centuries backwards into the past. When they emerge into what they think is their world they head for civilization only to discover that things are not as they left them. Dr. Carey, renamed Dr. Voodoo by his viking opponents, and Nero have to find the Golden Flask for only it is reputed to have the power to return them to their own time. [Whiz #7]
  • The era of King Arthur and Camelot. Ibis and Taia visit briefly from February, 1952 and battle Sir Karnak. [Whiz #142]
  • A handful of Brooklynites including Butch, his friend Goity (Gertrude?) and poet laureate Hookin-Button travel here from 1942; Butch defeats the evil sorceror Floda Reltin and is dubbed “Sir Butch.” [Gift Comics #1]
  • King Richard the Lion-Hearted is visited by Mark Swift, aboard his Time Retarder. [Slam-Bang #?]
  • In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor. At this time a young slave named John is shot in the leg by his cruel master. Nearly unconscious from pain and bloodloss, John finds refuge with the local wizard. When John recovers, he tells the old man what he overheard: his former master, the Sheriff of Nottingham, has set a death trap for King Richard, returning from the Crusades. John escaped to find Robin Hood and tell him about the trap, but due to his injury, he would never reach the outlaw in time. The wizard finds another messenger in the mists of time: Freddy Freeman. Freddy is told why he was sent for, and becomes Captain Marvel Jr. and flies John to Sherwood, where he can warn Robin about the Sheriff's plan. Robin sees no way to get to the king in time, so Junior tells him and his men to link hands. They do, and the World's Mightiest Boy grabs Robin's and takes off flying to where the king is. They find King Richard being attacked by brigands, and set about dispatching them and defeating the Sheriff. Later, King Richard pardons Robin Hood and his men, and gives young John a reward for saving his life. “I name you a Free Man.” John Freeman is the first known ancestor of Freddy Freeman.
  • William Batson captures the evil witch of Salem, Margaret Crabbetson; she casts a curse upon his descendants as she is burned at the stake, saying that the seventh generation shall perish in flames. Her descendant, a gangster, unknowingly does his best to make it so, but is stopped by Captain Marvel Junior.
  • Edward Teach gains notoriety as the pirate Blackbeard. He encounters Mark Swift aboard his Time Retarder. [Slam-Bang #?]
  • American hero Stephen Decatur chases down a band of pirates who are plundering the Barbary Coast and captures the leader, Abdullah; the remaining pirates flee inland and use black magic to put themselves into suspended animation until they are discovered in 1952.
  • Bram Thirla, a vampire, terrorizes New York City before he is finally tracked down and a stake driven through his heart. He is released from his tomb by Dr. Todd Deevers in 1941. Once active again he wastes no time establishing a new vampire coven. Fortunately, he is killed again with a stake and his remains incinerated by Captain Marvel. [Captain Marvel Adventures #1]
  • In 1874, Hopalong Cassidy has first public case. [Hopalong Cassidy #1]
  • Buck Jones has adventures. [Master #?]
  • William Crane has adventures as a Frontier Marshal. [Master #1]
  • Lucky Lawton has adventures as a cowboy sheriff. [Slam-Bang #1]
  • [speculated] A.J. Raffles has adventures as a gentleman thief. [E. W. Hornung]
  • Thaddeus Bodug Sivana born. [Captain Marvel Adventures #138]
  • A man from the year 1977 invents a time-ship which crashes, killing him in this past era. Among his surviving possessions are a copy of “The Exploits of Captain Marvel”, detailing his career for the year 1946 (when, coincidentally, the book is discovered).
  • The Boer War. [speculated] A.J. Raffles is seriously wounded and presumed dead; in fact he is secretly taken to serve a lengthy sentence in an English prison.
  • El Carim is born. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #24 (March, 1942)]
  • Paul Parsons, just before WWI, invents a non-flammable light-than-air gas of unbelievable lifting power. On a trip across country to test his gas the family was shot down and his son Roger was the sole survivor. Raised in the west by a miner, Roger proves an exceptional individual with an uncanny accuracy with bow and arrow. [Whiz #2]
  • An entrenched Allied battalion is saved from surrender by one man, whom an Allied general nicknames Captain Midnight, due to his ability to always finish missions before the clock strikes twelve.
  • Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, recently widowed and accompanied by his small son Magnificus and his infant daughter Beautia, travels to Venus and befriends a race of froglike beings. Beautia eventually grows to take the title Queen Beautia, Empress of Venus [Whiz #3].
  • Twins Bill and Steve Dale are born in Africa to their parents, Dr. Wilbur Dale and his wife. [Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #1 (May 17, 1940)]
  • A sickly boy named Ron Davis is given a pill called the vitacap by a kindly old doctor, causing him to grow tall and strong, as well as develop super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, and super-hearing. Unknown to Ron, the old doctor is really the old wizard Shazam in disguise, and the pill is magic, rather than scientific in nature. [Master Man, Master Comics #1 (March, 1940); “Captain Marvel: Master Race”]
  • Hostile bushmen slaughter Dr. Wilbur Dale's camp, killing everyone except for a few survivors. A native servant named Moma escapes with two-year-old Bill Dale, but is unable to also carry his twin Steve. Bill is sent back to New York City, where he is placed under the care of the family lawyer, Mr. Brown of Brown & Burton, Attorneys. Meanwhile, two-year-old Steve Dale somehow also survives and thrives in the jungle where he is worshiped as a god called Sti-Vah. [Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #1 (May 17, 1940)]
  • Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd embarks on his criminal career. [On the Spot #1]

August, 1939

  • The old wizard Shazam contacts Ron Davis, who has grown up to become the strongest man on Earth, also possessing super-speed, invulnerability, and super-hearing, and reveals to him his origins, asking him to be his back-up in case his next champion Captain Marvel turns against him like Black Adam once did. Shazam also gives Davis the amazing Troublescope, which allows him to monitor trouble all around the world. Davis begins constructing his original castle headquarters atop Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and starts monitoring the world a few months before making his first public appearance. [“Captain Marvel: Master Race”; “Super Squad: Times Past, 1960: Origin of the Super Squad, Chapter 9: Two's Company, Three's a Team-Up”]

November, 1939

  • November 8: Billy Batson, orphaned son of Merrill and Jocelyn Batson, gains the identity and powers of Captain Marvel from Shazam. He eventually finds employment at WHIZ Radio in New York City (date from the 1976 Super DC Calendar). [Whiz #2]

January, 1940

  • On Earth-T, Willie Fawcett gains the identity and powers of Captain Thunder from Merokee, last of the great medicine men of the Mohegan tribe. He eventually finds employment at WHAM TV. [Thrill Comics #1/Superman #276]
  • Lee Granger, a genius scientist, inventor, explorer, and adventurer with super-strength, is shot down by Arab slave traders while flying over Africa and befriends a Bantu tribe (pygmies) when he saves their chief from a poison. Granger soon settles down and builds a laboratory for himself in their village. Later, after a lion attacks the pygmy tribe, Granger helps them capture it, and he performs experiments on it in his laboratory, giving the lion rudimentary intelligence and the ability to speak. After the lion vows to be his friend if he's set free, Granger names the talking lion Eric. In his first public case, Lee Granger traps the group of Arab slave traders that shot him down. In gratitude, the Bantu makes him their king, and Lee Granger becomes known as the Jungle King. [Lee Granger, Jungle King, Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • James Dolan, the hard-hitting editor of Daring Detective Magazine, has first public case in which he solves a real-life crime with the help of his secretary Sally Alden and publishes the story in his magazine. [Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Hurricane Hansen, young American sea-adventurer, joins the British Navy when that country declares war on Kazilia. He attains the rank of Captain and is put in command of a sea raider. [Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Jack Lansing becomes Diamond Jack. [Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Mark Swift first uses his Time Retarder. [Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Thomas Sharp, fighter pilot against the Germans, has first public case as the War Bird, captain of the Eagle Squadron. [Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)]

February, 1940

  • Prince Amentep awakens from a 4000-year sleep and becomes Ibis the Invincible. [Whiz #2]
  • Roger Parsons becomes Golden Arrow, “the Robin Hood of the West.” [Whiz #2]
  • Alan Armstrong becomes the Spy Smasher in the state of Virginia. [Whiz #2]
  • Lance O'Casey, sailor of fortune who plies the South Seas aboard his schooner
  • “The Brian Boru”, has first public case. [Whiz #2]
  • Dane Dare, pilot of the future ace private detective, has first public case. [Whiz #2]
  • Scoop Smith, newsman, has first public case. [Whiz #2]
  • Ron Davis, having taken the name of Master Man and donned a blue and red costume, completes a lofty castle made of solid rock at the peak of Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, and uses the castle fortress as a watchtower to scan all the world for evil with his amazing Troublescope. In his first public case, Master Man battles an army of gangsters who have invaded the city of Ecalpon, Alaska, some 200 miles away. Note: The setting indicates that Ecalpon (“no place” backwards), and therefore Master Man's relatively nearby mountain headquarters, are in North America, indicating that Master Man's original fortress is atop the tallest mountain in the United States on Mt. McKinley in Alaska, also placing Ecalpon in that state. The next issue places Master Man's headquarters at least 5,000 miles from France (the distance is likely longer) and requires Master Man to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get there, indicating the mountain must be in North America rather than Eurasia or anywhere else. By the 1950s, when he's become even more reclusive, Master Man has relocated to a new, even larger mountain fortress headquarters he built within Mt. Everest. [Master Man, Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Rick O'Shay, two-fisted American soldier of fortune, has first public case [Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Clarence “Shipwreck” Roberts, freelance salvage diver who makes frequent use of several mini-subs, has first public case. [Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • Streak Sloan, boy newsreel reporter, has first public case [Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • White Rajah, half-Indian heir to the rajahdom of Ramistan (raised in India but educated in England during the rainy season), has first public case as adventurer. [Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • February 2: Ken Wyman, son of bank president Morton Wyman of Carterville's wealthiest family, as well as the star reporter for the Daily Blade (run by city editor Burton), is the mystery-man called the Devil's Dagger. Dressed in a tuxedo and top hat, with a black mask and a red cape, the Devil's Dagger fights crime in the Midwestern city of Carterville armed only with a gun and a series of daggers he leaves as his calling card. He is assisted by the family chauffeur Pat Gleason, ex-prize fighter, who maintains and drives for him the Speed Ghost, a high-powered car equipped with tinted bulletproof windows. The Devil's Dagger's chief enemy is gangster Jeff Marlowe. Wyman's girlfriend is Sandra Cole, daughter of Carterville's Mayor Cole. In his first public case, the Devil's Dagger saves scientist Prof. Simon Craig and his daughter Jean from Marlowe, who wants Prof. Craig's diamond-making machine. Note: The Devil's Dagger is already active and well-known by the time of this story. The date of February 2 is derived by the crescent moon and the on-sale date of this issue. [The Devil's Dagger, Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]
  • El Carim, Master of Magic, is a stage magician whose name is Miracle spelled backwards and who fights crime, equipped with a spectrograph, a magic monocle, and several secret inventions such as invisible paint and the arrestor. The spirit of his mentor Wizzar, the father of all magic, occasionally appears to direct El Carim, but only when some great crime against the dead remains unpunished. El Carim is aided by his beautiful redhead secretary and assistant Gladys Troy. El Carim is nicknamed the Miracle Man of Magic. In his first public case, El Carim solves the kidnapping of multimillionaire Harrington Grey after his daughter Jane Grey asks for his help. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #1 (March, 1940)]

March, 1940

  • Seeing war in France, Master Man travels thousands of miles to the battlefront, where he learns about Adolf Hitler's plans to conquer all of Europe. After rebuilding a wartorn village, Master Man travels to Berlin in the heart of Nazi Germany disguised as a general to confront Hitler himself. After a brief battle, Master Man forces Hitler to capitulate to his demands to end the war. Master Man returns home to his fortress, satisfied that peace has come, if only temporarily. Note: Adolf Hitler is referred to as King Adolfuss, leader of Adolfusstan in this story. The war resumes shortly after this story, after Hitler arranges for better security to fight off powerful mystery-men, but it may explain why Hitler paused before invading the Netherlands and France. [Master Man, Master Comics #2 (April, 1940)]
  • Lee Granger the Jungle King saves Ameera, daughter of a sheik, after her father and her entire caravan are slaughtered by the winged, demonic, green-skinned Djinn who rule the land. Jungle King battles the Djinn in the air with the use of a flying machine but is captured and brought back to the Djinn fortress atop the Forbidden Mountains, where he is tortured to learn his scientific secrets. Ameera and Eric the Talking Lion use a flying machine to rescue the Jungle King, who shoots down and kills the Djinn chieftain in pursuit of them. [Lee Granger, Jungle King, Slam-Bang Comics #2 (April, 1940)]

May, 1940

  • Jim “Bullet” Barr, orphaned son of Police Sgt. Pat Barr, completes his education in criminology and ballistics and attempts to follow in his father's footsteps by joining the Police Department, only to be turned down due to being too physically weak. He soon becomes a civilian laboratory criminologist at the Police Department instead of a police officer, then completes his invention of a Crime Serum or Crime-Cure. Using the Crime Serum on himself to destroy all germs and toxins in his body, Barr is transformed overnight into one of the strongest and smartest men on Earth. When a criminal named Rod Lonigan threatens to blow up City Hospital, Barr uses his enhanced mind to quickly invent a gravity-regulator helmet that enables him to fly swiftly, then dons a costume to become Bulletman in order to capture Lonigan. Soon after Bulletman encounters his first super-criminal foe, Blackmask, whose gang has kidnapped several policemen. Jim Barr's girlfriend is Susan Kent, daughter of Police Sgt. Kent. [“Introducing Bulletman,” Nickel Comics #1 (May 17, 1940)]
  • Bill Dale, now 22 years old, returns to the jungles of Africa to find his long-lost twin brother Steve, having heard rumors about a white jungle god called Sti-Vah with an identical scar on his chest. Accompanied by his faithful pygmy guide Dagoo, Bill travels deep into the jungle to discover a land of giants populated by huge animals and 12-foot-tall Africans who worship Sti-Vah, who is indeed Steve Dale. Although Steve doesn't remember his previous life and sentences Bill and Dagoo to death, he later relents after Bill saves his life when he is shot by Arab slave-traders. Eventually, Bill is able to explain the whole story to Steve and even manages to convince him to visit New York City with him. [Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #1 (May 17, 1940); Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #2 (May 31, 1940); Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #3 (June 14, 1940); Jungle Twins, Nickel Comics #4 (June 28, 1940)]
  • The Red Gaucho, born in South America of Yankee parents, has first public case. [Nickel #1]
  • Warlock the Wizard has first public case [Nickel #1]
  • El Carim battles a costumed villain called the Firehawk, alias a chemist named Zarrow, who uses combustible chemicals and fire as his weapons, when he threatens a movie set in the desert. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #4 (July, 1940)]

July, 1940

  • Zoro the Mystery Man has first public case, carrying a sword cane and accompanied by his pet cheetah. [Zoro the Mystery Man, Slam-Bang Comics #6 (August, 1940)]
  • Lee Granger the Jungle King saves Kate Bond from a group of giant, man-sized ants. Soon after, the Jungle King battles the Queen of the Ant Kingdom, the beautiful human ruler of the ants, but he and Eric the Talking Lion are captured. Kate Bond saves them by freeing them from their bonds and shooting the Queen, causing her and her servants to apparently die. Note: The Queen of the Ant Kingdom may have survived being shot. [Lee Granger, Jungle King, Slam-Bang Comics #6 (August, 1940)]

September, 1940

  • The Devil's Dagger finally takes down gangster Jeff Marlowe, who dies, and sets his sights on Marlowe's boss, underworld kingpin Mr. H. [The Devil's Dagger, Master Comics #7 (October, 1940)]

December, 1940

  • District Attorney Brian Butler becomes Mr. Scarlet. [Wow #1]
  • Atom Blake's father Stuart Blake uses radioactive metal to give Atom super-strength and resilience as well as a brilliant scientific mind, and also gifts him with a “magic” ring made from the same substance. Atom Blake, Boy Wizard (a scientific wizard, not a magical one) has adventures accompanied by his friends Janey Smart and Homer “Dusty” Davis. [Wow #1]
  • Bart Younger becomes Captain Kid. [Captain Marvel Adventures #5]
  • In his last published adventure, Lee Granger the Jungle King and Eric the Talking Lion, along with the Bantu tribe he leads, battle German agents planning to kill him in order to easily take over that part of Africa. [Jungle King, Master Comics #10 (January, 1941)]
  • The tomb of Queen Hapshuset is discovered.
  • Billy Batson and Whitey Murphy accompany the Malcom anthropological expedition together in order to make a movie about Captain Marvel. Note: Since the villain of the film, the Scorpion, returns in a textual format, evidently the movie serial was more of a documentary on Earth-S than anything else. [released as Adventures of Captain Marvel, as reported in Whiz Comics #22]

February, 1941

  • Lt. Jack Weston becomes Minute Man. [Master #11]

April, 1941

  • Susan Kent becomes Bulletgirl. [Master #13]
  • Alan Lanier becomes the Hunchback [Wow #2]

May, 1941

  • May 11: El Carim's ghostly mentor Wizzar summons the magical mystery-man to travel to the distant planet Zaam on Wodan's flaming chariot. There he overthrows the corrupt ruler Rashtala, whom Wizzar fought in the past, and restores the rightful ruler Princess Illean to the throne. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #15 (June, 1941)]

June, 1941

  • June 9: El Carim, the most famous of all magicians, battles his arch-foe Olbaid the Great (“Diablo” spelled backwards), the greatest of all evil magicians. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #16 (July, 1941)]

July, 1941

  • July 7: El Carim battles the Black Hood Gang. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #18 (September, 1941)]
  • July 10: El Carim travels back in time to 1100 A.D. where he retrieves the Sceptre of Eternity for Death itself to save a life. Meanwhile, back in the present, El Carim is briefly thought dead after his meeting with Death, and the newspapers even falsely report his death. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #19 (October, 1941)]

August, 1941

  • August 7: El Carim and Gladys Troy meet Rip Van Winkle and the Catskill Dwarves, alias the Men of the Mountain, who live in underground caverns. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #20 (November, 1941)]
  • August 17: The Devil's Dagger finally unmasks and arrests underworld kingpin Mr. H as Daily Blade police reporter Holfax. His work done, the Devil's Dagger unmasks as reporter Ken Wyman before Daily Blade city editor Burton and retires. [The Devil's Dagger, Master Comics #20 (November, 1941)]
  • August 23: Freddy Freeman becomes Captain Marvel Junior in New York City. Note: The date comes from the 1976 Super DC Calendar. [Captain Marvel, Whiz Comics #25 (December 26, 1941)]
  • August 23: Kit Freeman becomes Kid Eternity after he and his grandfather are killed by Nazis and in “Eternity” they find that he died before his time, still having 75 years of life left to live. Kid Eternity has the ability to summon heroes of legend. Note: The date comes from the 1976 Super DC Calendar. [Hit Comics #25]

September, 1941

  • Tall Billy, Fat Billy, and Hill Billy become the Three Lieutenant Marvels and join Captain Marvel as the Squadron of Justice [Whiz #21]

November, 1941

  • November 4: El Carim battles Fate (alias Death, or the Grim Reaper) and his army of the dead to save a man's life. [El Carim, Master of Magic, Master Comics #24 (March, 1942)]

December, 1941

  • Pinky Butler (?) becomes Pinky, and accompanies Mr. Scarlet as one of the “crimson crusaders of justice”. [Wow #4]
  • Professor (Boston?) Willard is granted permission to come back to Earth after his death so that he might prevent evil, with the ability to occupy a body which nobody is using; he is known in the metaphysical realms as Spooks.
  • December 7: The Japanese fleet attacks Pearl Harbor.
  • December 8: The United States declares war on Germany and Japan, officially entering World War II.
  • Captain Marvel Junior stops a Japanese invasion of Alaska that follows closely on the heels of Pearl Harbor. [“The Case of the Face in the Dark,” Master Comics #25 (April, 1942)]
  • Nyoka Gordon has first case as solo explorer. [Nyoka, Jungle Girl #1]

February, 1942

  • February 6: Mary Bromfield (Batson) becomes Mary Marvel in New York City. Note: The date in the 1976 Super DC Calendar is July 6, but it must take place no later than early February, since Mary Marvel meets the All-Star Squadron in February, 1942. This story likely takes place earlier than others and is published chronologically out of sequence. [“Captain Marvel Introduces Mary Marvel,” Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (December 11, 1942)]
  • On Earth-2, a Nazi scientist named Gootsden, having invented a spatial-displacement ray, trains it on Captain Marvel (having observed him through a viewer for months). On Earth-S, Captain Marvel is struck by some type of energy that causes him to disappear. The wizard Shazam tells Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel he is on another Earth, and the two make their way to Earth-2, only to discover that Captain Marvel has come under Hitler's power. On Earth-2 in Berlin, Captain Marvel and Billy Batson are split into two separate beings. Keeping Billy tied up and gagged, Hitler uses Captain Marvel as a new weapon against the British. [“Lightning in Berlin,” All-Star Squadron #37 (September, 1984); “Thunder Over London,” All-Star Squadron #36 (August, 1984)]
  • On Earth-2, Captain Marvel aids the Luftwaffe in a raid on Britain and injures the Shining Knight. Superman realizes that this super-Nazi looks identical to Captain Marvel from the comics. In Nazi Germany, Hitler, using the Spear of Destiny, is keeping Billy Batson (mystically separated from Captain Marvel) a prisoner. Superman travels to Britain to visit the Shining Knight in the hospital, and he ends up battling Captain Marvel in the skies over London, and Captain Marvel knocks out Superman. The All-Star Squadron battles Captain Marvel, who tries to lure the All-Stars into Nazi-conquered territory, thus placing them under the spell of the Spear of Destiny. Freddy Freeman and Mary Bromfield, having followed the All-Stars from Washington, D.C., turn into Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel. [“Thunder Over London,” All-Star Squadron #36 (August, 1984)]
  • On Earth-2, Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel explain the circumstances that led them to Earth-2. A group of non-magical All-Stars (Batman, Hawkman, Plastic Man, and the Flash) travel to Berlin with Freddy Freeman and Mary Bromfield. There, in Hitler's Reichschancellery, they find Billy Batson gagged and locked away, but they are quickly confronted by Captain Marvel and Adolf Hitler himself. Gootsden uses his spatial-displacement ray to split Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel from Freddy Freeman and Mary Bromfield. Hitler uses Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, and Mary Marvel to deliver a huge bomb toward England. The All-Stars battle the Marvel Family and save Parliament from being blown up. Meanwhile, the All-Stars in Germany escape with Billy, Freddy, and Mary and are shot down in the English Channel, then almost captured by the Germans, until the All-Stars in England and the Marvel Family (now freed, once their alter egos are out from under the Spear of Destiny's influence) rescue them. When all six Earth-S natives speak the magic words Shazam and Captain Marvel, they are instantly transported back to Earth-S, where they are rejoined. [“Lightning in Berlin,” All-Star Squadron #37 (September, 1984)]

April, 1942

  • April 1: Green Lantern, Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle travel from Earth-2; they encounter Captain Marvel, who enlists the aid of Shazam to send them home. [All-Star Squadron #52]

July, 1942

  • Carter “Chase” Yale, reporter working for the American Broadcasting System, becomes Commando Yank. [Charles Sultan] [Wow #6]
  • Mickey Malone becomes the Phantom Eagle. [Wow #6]

September, 1942

  • “Red” Albright has first public case as superhero Captain Midnight aided by mechanic Ichabod “Ikky” M. Mudd and the junior members of the Secret Squadron, Joyce Ryan and Chuck Ramsey, his teenage wards. [Captain Midnight #1]
  • Aki Amazing, time-traveling agent from the future, disguises herself and becomes a science teacher at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Elementary School for nearly two years in order to foster Tod Drake's (the future Bulletboy/Red Rocket) interest in science. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The Adventures of Aki Amazing, Chapter 2: The New Timeline”]

October, 1942

  • In his last published case, El Carim is assisted by fellow magicians Valdini the Great and his son Balbo the Boy Magician, who help him arrest Madden the Mad Magician after the villain framed El Carim for murder. [“A Date with Madden, the Mad Magician,” Master Comics #32 (November 4, 1942)]

November, 1942

  • Balbo Valdini, accompanied by his younger brother Frankie, has his first public case using his abilities as a stage magician as Balbo the Boy Magician after their father Valdini the Great is murdered. [Master Comics #33]

December, 1942

  • On Funny Animal Land (a world which lies just beyond Planet Carrot), Animalville resident Hoppy (reading an issue of Captain Marvel), is inspired to say the magic word “Shazam” on witnessing a bully trying to steal his girlfriend, and is granted powers by the Bunny Wizard to become Marvel Bunny with all the power of Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone and Monkury. [Fawcett's Funny Animals #1]
  • Don Winslow, a WW1 vet, is assigned to handle the major individual threats to world peace by naval intelligence, accompanied by his sidekick Red Pennington. [Don Winslow #1]
  • Brian Butler is fired as Special Prosecutor due to his alias Mr. Scarlet's success in capturing criminals. [America's Greatest Comics #7]

February, 1943

  • Her Highness and Silk have first public case as confidence trickers when they encounter Kid Eternity. [Hit #27]

August, 1943

  • The Crime Crusaders Club (Minuteman, Captain Marvel Junior, Bulletman and Bulletgirl) have first public case. [Master #41]

October, 1943

  • A man claiming to be Mary Bromfield's Uncle Dudley becomes known as Uncle Marvel. [Wow #18]
  • Slug becomes the Bulletdog

January, 1944

  • A 12-year-old boy named Tod Drake dons a small version of Bulletman's costume and calls himself Bulletboy, also known as Young Bulletman. With the unseen help of Bulletman and Bulletgirl, he captures a group of crooks who tried to rob his home in order to steal his father's tank plans for a Nazi spy named Von Mite. Tod mistakenly believes that he has gained powers from his Bulletman costume. [“The Mimic and the Mite,” Master Comics #48 (March, 1944)]

February, 1944

  • Tod Drake becomes Bulletboy a second time and, with the unseen help of Bulletman and Bulletgirl, saves his kidnapped father from Von Mite and his gang. Sometime later, Tod realizes that he doesn't have any powers, after all, and begins focusing on his newfound interest in science to give him powers artificially. [“The Return of Bulletboy,” Master Comics #49 (April, 1944); “Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The New Adventures of Bulletboy, Chapter 1: Young Bulletman”]

April, 1944

  • Penny Grave, a young W.A.C. assigned a post in England with a quick mind and a talent for finding trouble, has first public case. [Wow #24]

May, 1944

  • Timothy “Pep” Pepper becomes Radar. [Captain Marvel Adventures #35]

June, 1944

July, 1944

  • Phantom Eagle forms the Phoenix Squadron (Sven of Norway, Josef of Poland, Hans of Denmark, Nickolas of Greece, Pierre of France, Hendrik Voorhees of Holland, and their plane designer and female companion Jenny) [Wow Comics #27]

September, 1944

  • Tod Drake completes his science experiment involving levitation through magnets in time for the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Elementary School Fall Science Fair. There he meets Jim Barr once again, who is impressed with the boy's inventive mind and offers to tutor him in more advanced science. Tod begins spelling his name as Todd at this time after his name is misspelled, and he finds he prefers that spelling. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The New Adventures of Bulletboy, Chapter 1: Young Bulletman”]

October, 1944

  • After Jim Barr has been tutoring Todd Drake for a few weeks, Todd accidentally witnesses Barr changing into his Bulletman costume, inadvertently discovering his secret identity. Todd manages to convince Jim Barr and Susan Kent to let him be their partner as Bulletboy, using a smaller version of their gravity regulator helmets to allow him to fly under his own power. Soon afterward, Bulletman introduces Bulletboy to Minute Man, who begins training the boy with the martial arts skills he'd need for fighting bigger criminals. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The New Adventures of Bulletboy, Chapter 1: Young Bulletman”]
  • Aki Amazing, time-traveling agent from the future, returns to 1944 in order to obtain a sample of Jim Barr's anti-crime drug. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The Adventures of Aki Amazing, Chapter 2: The New Timeline”]

December, 1944

  • Todd Drake's career as Bulletboy comes to an end when a gang of juvenile delinquents called the X-Gang breaks his arm before Bulletman and Bulletgirl rescue him. Todd's parents are horrified when they learn his secret, and break off all ties to Jim Barr and Susan Kent, moving the whole family from New York to Chicago. Realzing the boy's strong interest in being a hero, Barr secretly gives Todd a sample of his anti-crime drug after making him promise not to use it until he turns 18 years old. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The New Adventures of Bulletboy, Chapter 1: Young Bulletman”]
  • Aki Amazing, time-traveling agent from the future, replaces Todd Drake's anti-crime drug sample with a placebo, then brings it back to May, 1953, in order to save the life of Tomas Thomas. [“Whiz: Times Past, 1953: The Adventures of Aki Amazing, Chapter 2: The New Timeline”]
  • The White School on the multi-dimensional island of Tourmaline is attacked and bombed by a group of former students turned Nazi mystics from Earth-X, members of the Thule Society who seek to use the Clock Tower to conquer parallel universes and other dimensions. To defend itself, the island disappears into the mystical dimension of Darkworld, causing the Nazi mystics to drown in the ocean. Most of the instructors and students are saved, each returning to his or her world of origin and given partial amnesia about the island and the school. [“America's Greatest: Mary Marvel and Atom Blake: Magic and Demons and Ghouls, Oh My!”]

April, 1945

  • A relative of the Marvel Family associate Uncle Dudley, named Freckles Dudley, takes to donning the costume of Freckles Marvel (though never claims to have superpowers) [Wow #34]

December, 1945

  • Mystic Moot with his Magic Snoot has first public case. [Ibis #3]
  • Black Adam returns to Earth, and wrecks havoc before being finally defeated by Uncle Marvel. [Marvel Family #1]
  • An infant is left on Billy Batson's doorstep and temporarily adopted by the Marvel Family as Baby Marvel before being returned to his rightful caretakers. [Marvel Family #1]
  • Captain Midnight in his role as “the space sentinel” encounters the evil Jagga of Pluto.

May, 1946

  • Oggar returns. Circe, an evil sorceress to whom Oggar had given the curse of immortality when she had been a beautiful princess in Greece, first assist him (transforming Billy Batson into a goat), but later it is through her help that Oggar is defeated. Circe's immortality rapidly wears away, and she thanks Captain Marvel as she dies and at last finds eternal peace. [Captain Marvel Adventures #61-66]

June, 1946

  • Captain Midnight encounters Xog the evil lord of Saturn. [Captain Midnight #64]
  • The multi-dimensional island of Tourmaline emerges into the physical realm from the Darkworld, appearing as a seemingly new island in the South Pacific simultaneously on Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S, Earth-X, and Earth-4. Gareth Gallowglass, a 12-year-old psychic prodigy from Earth-1, takes up residence on the island, now called Grim Island, after his fellow Sentinels of Magic of Earth-1 are killed protecting the five Earths from being invaded by Hell. [“Showcase: The Sentinels of Magic: Times Past, 1948: Sacrifices Must Be Made”]

June, 1949

  • Living spheres of fire from a distant galaxy destroy all life on Pluto and Neptune. The Marvel Family ally with the Jovians fleet to free Mars, which has fallen to the invaders, and to stop the enemy from attacking Earth. [Marvel Family #36]

September, 1949

  • Kid Eternity has his last known case for several decades, though he is still active in the ensuing decades. [Kid Eternity #18]
  • Victor Torrey, and his girlfriend Laura, encounter a flying saucer from the planet Mercury which has made a forced desert landing; the dying pilot turns his spaceship over to the aviator. [Vic Torrey & His Flying Saucer #1]
  • Captain Marvel Jr. encounters tree creatures on Pluto, rock creatures on Uranus, cave men on Saturn, and plant creatures on Mars. [CM3 #92]
  • Captain Marvel battles a giant green lizard in San Francisco. Bringing it back to where it came from in the South Pacific, Captain Marvel reaches the multi-dimensional Grim Island and meets Doctor Occult of Earth-2, Doctor Mist of Earth-1, Margo the Magician of Earth-X, and Yarko the Great of Earth-4. Together, the mystical heroes of five Earths confront Gareth to stop his island from being a menace to each of their worlds as a gateway to Hell. After a short battle commences, a time-traveling Abby Cable of Earth-1 from 1987 convinces Gareth to allow the other mystics to help him ward off the forces of Hell by founding a new school of magic called the Grimoire Academy to defend five Earths from a demonic invasion. Captain Marvel's mentor Shazam becomes one of the school's founding fathers. Grim Island is renamed Grimoire Island. [“Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers”]

October, 1951

  • The man known as Dr. Death begins his macabre research into the super-natural. [This Magazine Is Haunted #1]
  • The Greek god named Satyr returns, and briefly attempts to replace Captain Marvel. [Marvel Family #90, unpublished; synopsis appears in Best of Alter Ego]
  • In a variant timeline, the Marvel Family and then the universe is destroyed by a visiting Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite of Earth-1. [World's Funnest]

May, 1953

August, 1953

October, 1953

November, 1953

  • November 14: The members of Shazam's Squadron of Justice in 1987 travel back in time to stop Zotan the King of Time from conquering history. Meanwhile, Pinky the Whiz Kid II from 1987 convinces Cherry Wade to join Brian Butler in the Suspendium trap, thereby changing history. [“Shazam's Squadron of Justice: Mystery of the Missing Day”]
  • November 15: The Sivana Family succeed in placing the Marvel Family and a host of other heroes and friends in a bubble of Suspendium in late 1953, only to find themselves victimized by the substance as well. Propelled into space by a rocket ship, the entourage is held un-aging and immobile for twenty years. [“The World's Wickedest Plan,” Shazam! #1 (February, 1973)]
  • A 15-year-old boy in Fawcett City named Martin Martine is given power by the old wizard Shazam to act as Captain Marvel's replacement during his absence. As Shiva, Martine is seven feet tall, with light blue skin, four arms, red hair, and three eyes. Soon after, Martin begins dating a fellow student named Lily Lovelace. [“Shiva: Times Past, 1953: The New Kid”; “Shiva: Times Past, 1958: The Birth of Kali”]

December, 1953

May, 1954

Fall, 1954

February, 1955

Summer, 1955

  • Mike Barnett, “man against crime”, has first public case - Mike Barnett #1

June, 1956

  • Martin Martine and Lily Lovelace graduate from high school in Fawcett City.

Summer, 1956

May, 1958

June, 1958

  • Martin Martine (Shiva) gets a job as a financial auditor at a large company in Fawcett City. After Martin's girlfriend Lily Lovelace discovers that he is secretly the super-hero Shiva, she consults her mentor Mrs. Fuego for help. Mrs. Fuego (secretly the demoness Blaze in disguise) brings Lily to see Shazam (secretly the demon Satanus in disguise), who grants her super-powers akin to Shiva's own when Lily says the word “Rakasha,” transforming her into a tall, four-armed, black-skinned, red-haired figure called Kali, who becomes Shiva's crime-fighting partner. Over the next few years, Blaze and Satanus begin to slowly corrupt Kali to become their own evil agent in order to bring down Shiva. [“Shiva: Times Past, 1958: The Birth of Kali”]

April, 1959

May, 1959

September, 1959

  • In a variant timeline, Earth has colonized the entire solar system. The Sivana Family travel here from the year 1952 to capture the Marvel-less universe, before being captured by the time-traveling Marvel Family. [Marvel Family #75]

May, 1960

Spring, 1960

  • Note: Not yet published. [“Showcase: Palette: Times Past, 1960: Murder in the Evening”]

February, 1961

  • February 24-25: Aliens invade Earth, striking in cities known to have super-heroes. The greatest heroes of the age band together to repel the alien invasion and decide to remain as a team called the Super Squad. The team's founding members are Master Man, Shiva, Kali, Red Rocket, Tom Atomic, Lady Victory, Quadrechaun, Palette, Miss Music, Oxide, and Majique. Note: Takes place the week after a Mardi Gras party that was on February 14th, placing this story near February 21st. [“Super Squad: Times Past, 1961: Origin of the Super Squad”]

August, 1961

January, 1962

April, 1962

  • Note: Not yet published. [“AVant Guard: Times Past, 1962: The Case of the Desert Cat”]
  • Lady Victory battles a many-armed monster at the old abandoned DuPaul Chemical plant. [“Showcase: Lady Victory: Times Past, 1964: Toxic Waste”]
  • The Super Squad battles the J.L.A. (the Jailbirds and Legbreakers Association) on Halloween. [“Super Squad: Times Past, 1964: A Halloween Hullabaloo”]

Summer, 1972

  • The Super Squad is forgotten by everyone, thanks to a magical spell cast by Majique. [“Super Squad: Times Past, 1972: Not With a Bang”]

November, 1972

  • Nelson Rockefeller elected President of the United States of America.

February, 1973

  • February 28: The Sivana's Suspendium casing drifts sufficiently close to the sun for it to have melted, the Marvel Family recovers and returns their friends and the Sivanas safely to Earth, to take up their lives and careers anew. [Shazam! #1]

July, 1973

  • Brian Butler (Mister Scarlet) marries his longtime girlfriend, Cherry Wade. Note: This is retroactive history due to time travel interference and does not apply to any stories taking place before July, 1987. [Shazam's Squadron of Justice: Mystery of the Missing Day]

March, 1974

  • Mailman Herschel Dockles briefly becomes Cape-Man.

June, 1974

  • Jarl 499-642-831, a reporter for the Amalgamated Broadcasting System, visits from the year 2349 to investigate a curious period of inaction in the career of Captain Marvel.

November, 1974

  • Lex Luthor accidentally transports himself from Earth-1. [Shazam! #15]
  • Andrea Thomas is hired as a science teacher in California, where she continues her career as the Mighty Isis. [Isis (1975 Filmation television series)]
  • A coalition of villains incapacitates Shazam, requiring the assistance of the Justice League of Earth-1, the Justice Society of Earth-2, and a new Squadron of Justice comprising Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Ibis, the god Mercury, Spy Smasher, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky. [JLA #137]

January, 1977

  • Dr. Sivana brings back a host of American villains (Blackbeard (Edward Teach), Anne Bonny, Micajah Harpe, Wiley Harpe, Capt. Walter Butler, Simon Girty, Benedict Arnold) from the past to threaten Philadelphia. [Shazam! #27]

June, 1977

  • When the avatar of the goddess Isis accesses the power of the pyramids, Aten attempts to wrest control of the mystical pyramid from her. She has no choice but to destroy the pyramid, which Aten believes is the sole source of her power. So moved is he that she would sacrifice her own power to stop him, that he repents and vows to travel the stars doing penance for his sins. After Aten leaves Earth, Isis used her magic to restore the pyramid to its original state. [Isis #7]
  • After Isis has her final confrontation with Serpenhotep (freeing Rick Mason in the process), the evil Egyptian sorcerer causes Isis and Andrea Thomas to be separated, entombing Isis in her own pyramid and causing Andrea to live through a series of fragmented pocket timelines until she is freed in 1986. [The Mighty Isis: Whatever Happened to Isis?]

August, 1984

October, 1984

July, 1985

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths occurs

August, 1985

September, 1985

  • Mary Bromfield decides to retire as super-heroine Mary Marvel and enrols in her first year at UCLA in California. [Mary Marvel: To Fight No More]
  • Captain Marvel adopts his original military-style costume once more. [Mary Marvel: To Fight No More]

October, 1985

  • Several super-villains band together as Revenge, Inc. as they go after each others' enemies, both from the Squadron of Justice and the Marvel Family. [“DC Universe: The Rock of Eternity, Chapter 1: The Gathering”]
  • Captain Marvel battles a giant robot created by Sivana. [“DC Universe: The Rock of Eternity, Chapter 1: The Gathering”]
  • Mary Bromfield is tempted by the demoness Blaze. [Mary Marvel: To Fight No More]
  • Hoppy the Marvel Bunny is magically summoned to Oz by the Nome King Roquat. He assists Captain Carrot before returning to his own Earth. [Oz-Wonderland War #2]
  • Mr. Scarlet and the Crimson Kid (formerly Pinky) meet Lady Scarlet and soon team up with her, unaware that she is actually a villainess. They also fight Dr. Death. [Mr. Scarlet: REVENGE INC.: Book 1: SCARLET FEVER]

November, 1985

  • [Bulletman and Bulletgirl: FATAL FASHIONS]
  • [Mr. Scarlet: REVENGE INC.: Book 2: SCARLET WOMAN]
  • [Bulletman and Bulletgirl: THE CASTAWAYS]
  • [Bulletman and Bulletgirl: CRUISIN']

December, 1985

  • [Squadron of Justice: REVENGE INC.: Book 4: VOYAGERS]
  • [Captain Marvel: REVENGE INC.: Book 6: MASTER RACE]
  • [Phantom Eagle: FLY LIKE AN EAGLE]
  • [Captain Marvel: SHIVA AND KALI]
  • [Marvel Family: REVENGE INC.: Book 7: CRYING TIME AGAIN]

January, 1986


February, 1986

  • During a battle with Black Adam, Billy Batson falls into the Hudson River and is thereafter kidnapped by Blaze, replaced by a doppelganger who is really the demon Satanus. This Billy Batson doppelganger acts as the real Billy Batson for the next four months, fooling almost everyone for most of this time, though he does not become Captain Marvel at all during this time. [Marvel Family: BLACK ADAM STRIKES BACK]

March, 1986

  • [Showcase: Thunder Girl: The Child of Thunder and Lightning]
  • When the Marvel Family and the world’s greatest heroes vanished in 1953, the monsters and alien invasions they routinely battled continued to menace the world. Stepping into the void was the international monster-fighting organization called the Star Patrol, and they have continued to battle monsters and other menaces ever since with the help of Ultraman, an alien intelligence who shares a body with Dan Hayata of the Star Patrol. But when a menace from the past returns to plague the present, Dan is forced to search through an old case file to find a way for Ultraman to stop it. [Showcase: Ultraman and the Star Patrol]

April, 1986

  • When Willie White Raven finds himself transported from the Mojave Desert to the land of spirit animals, he finds himself in a losing battle with Coyote and Raven against Bear, leading to a showdown with Snake. But while this vision quest results in the birth of a new hero called the Coyote, Willie’s troubles are far from over as he encounters the menaces of Diamond Jill and a group of villains gathered by Snake to finally take him down. Will the Coyote and his new ally, a super-speedster, be able to overcome this ultimate menace? [Showcase: The Coyote Howls]

May, 1986

  • [Showcase: Jade Dragon: Choosing Destinies]
  • [Golden Arrow: How Does One Rebuild a Life?]

June, 1986

  • Mary becomes Mary Marvel once again after a visit by Captain Marvel Junior, and they learn that the real Billy's been kidnapped by Blaze. To free Billy they rely on help from white witches Robyn and Caitlin O'Malley. Caitlin becomes an extended member of the Marvel Family as the White Witch. After this story Billy does not become Captain Marvel for several weeks. [Mary Marvel: TO FLY AGAIN]

July, 1986

  • After the Marvel Family go for a road trip in their civilian identities, they are waylaid by five new superheroes who have been corrupted by Dr. Sivana's Power-Corrupt-O-Scope. Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel again for the first time in public since February. Note: Not yet published. [Super-Team Family: Summer Showdown]

August, 1986

  • The Mighty Isis: Whatever Happened to Isis?
  • Captain Marvel and Caitlin O'Malley defeat Aunt Minerva. [Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel, Prologue: Whatever Happened to Lady Marvel?]
  • Captain Marvel battles Ibac. [Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel, Prologue: Whatever Happened to Lady Marvel?]

September, 1986

  • Freddy Freeman begins his first year in the School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York City.
  • Are the Marvel Family, the Squadron of Justice, and every other hero on Earth-S (and elsewhere) enough to defeat the evil Wizard Mazahs and his Black Adam Family and the Masters of Evil? [DC Universe: Challenge of Shazam]

October, 1986

  • October 4: Fat Billy (Lieutenant Fat Marvel) Batson's memorial. Caitlin O'Malley takes his death harder than anyone. Note: Takes place in the first Saturday of October, 1986. [Marvel Family: Farewell to a Friend; The Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel, Chapter 1: That Old Black Magic]

November, 1986

  • Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, and Cool Marvel battle King Kull. [The Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel, Chapter 2: Tragedy and Triumph]

December, 1986

  • Still broken up over Fat Marvel's death, Caitlin O'Malley begins to withdraw from her friends in the Marvel Family shortly before Christmas. [The Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel, Chapter 2: Tragedy and Triumph]
  • The Marvels try to make Christmas merry in three separate holiday missions! [Marvel Family: A Marvel Family Christmas]

(note: the exact months below are tentative)

January, 1987

  • The Marvel Family goes from Norse to worse as they try to stop a modern Ragnarok! [Marvel Family: Riddle of the Ragnarok Rogues]

February, 1987

  • Captain Marvel's old foe, Slaughter Slade, is rescued from execution by the spirits of Ivan the Terrible, Caligula, Cesare Borgia, and Attila the Hun, who make him into a new Ibac. [Captain Marvel: The Infernal Return of Slaughter Slade]

March, 1987

  • With the help of Shazam, Mary Marvel creates the Lieutenant Mary Marvels. [Mary Marvel: Girl Power]
  • Martin Martine becomes Shiva one last, final time as he and Captain Marvel reveal the truth to his wife about her Kali identity. [Shiva: Representatives]
  • Shazam visits the Grimoire Academy. [The Books of Magic: Changeling Unmasked]
  • Martin and Lily Martine and his wife both retire and go to live on Grimoire Island (see Earth-1's Books of Magic series). [Shiva: Representatives]

April, 1987

  • Slaughter Slade finally strikes as he attempts to turn Mr. Tawny against Captain Marvel, who defeats Slade by using the original Ibac against him. Then Mr. Tawny is married to Gabby Tabby, an evolved cat. [Captain Marvel: The Infernal Return of Slaughter Slade]
  • An old menace threats the future of the heroic Alan Armstrong! [Spy Smasher: From the Ashes]

May, 1987

  • The Monster League of Evil! [Mary Marvel: A League of Monsters]
  • Valley Mary and Mary Belle plan for college. [Mary Marvel: What’s My Future?]

June, 1987

  • Professor Emil Yatz turns 19-year-old Jonny Chambers into the Creeper of Earth-S. [Secret Origins: Beware: The Origin of the Creeper]
  • Caitlin O’Malley gives up the power of Shazam and returns to Ireland, and Cool Marvel gains the ability to use his power independently. Flora arrives in Fawcett City. [Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel]

July, 1987

  • A crossover team-up with over thirty heroes! Can the world's mightiest families of two Earths save Earth-S? [DC Universe: Crisis Over Earth-S]
  • The Hall of Justice, new headquarters for Shazam's Squadron of Justice, is completed and officially opens. At the urging of time traveler Steffi Swift (great-granddaughter of Mark Swift), the team goes back in time to stop Zotan the King of Time from changing history. Pinky II changes history by causing Cherry Wade to join Brian Butler on the day in 1953 when they were trapped in Suspendium, and Cherry retroactively becomes Brian's wife in 1973. [Shazam's Squadron of Justice: Mystery of the Missing Day]

August, 1987

September, 1987

  • Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel team up with Commander Erin Venture (daughter of Captain William Venture and Princess Zyra of Saturn) and time travel to the 25th century to battle alien invaders from alternate hyperverse versions of the planets in the solar system. [“The Marvel Family: Commander Venture and the Hyperspace Invasion”].

October, 1987

  • October 20: Golden Arrow is trapped in a cave during a storm and must find a way to survive. [Golden Arrow: If This You Read]

November, 1987

  • November 11: Billy Batson visits a military base on Veteran's Day. [Captain Marvel: Hero Worship]

December, 1987

  • Black Adam must fulfill a vow he made while he was still Shazam's champion. [Marvel Family: The Vow]
  • Jules Gardener elected President of the United States of America.
  • Captain Video leads the Video Rangers. [Captain Video #1]
  • Minute Man: Future Tales, 1999: Jack Weston, American Champion – Three new heroes and a new villain for the 21st century.
  • Captain Venture, king of space-flyers, reaches Saturn's capital city only to find the inhabitants dead. Discovering Princess Zyra preserved in a suspended animation chamber, he awakes her, and she explains she is the last survivor of a plague that killed her people, colonists from Earth. Discovering Venture's ship, the native Kashas steal it, and Venture and Zyra are taken before Kad, their ruler. When Kad tries to force Zyra to marry him to restore the race, Venture kills him, and they flee together in the ship to explore many more worlds. [Captain Venture and the Planet Princess, Nickle Comics #4 (June 28, 1940)]
  • Shazam’s Squadron of Justice: Future Tales, 2020: The Great Airship Piracy – Can the next generation of heroes stop villains using magitek?
  • Captain Marvel Jr. travels from 1944 and meets himself in the future, at which point the aged hero has retired, crime having been eradicated
  • Mr. Atom is hurled from the year 1953 and finds that everything is run by atomic power. Captain Marvel, warned by the spirit of Shazam, travels to this time to foil the robot's plans to rule the world.
  • Lt. Jon Jarl of the Space Patrol has adventures.
  • Showcase: The New Adventures of Jon Jarl of the Space Patrol – Captain Jon Jarl of the Space Patrol Flies Again!
  • Minute Man: Future Tales, 2450: Poker Night 2450 – A meeting of friends… with changes in the air! Clues to an ancient mystery!
  • Showcase: Eternity Force: Future Tales, 2499: Some Assembly Required – After 300 years of peace, who can defend humanity for the greatest threat ever?
  • Billy Batson meets his descendant in the future, at which time he uses the name Bilbat and uses the magic word 'Shaz' to become Capmarv. Captain Marvel helps him out of a jam when he finds Capmarv is leaving two letters off of SHAZAM, which leaves him without the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury. Cap of the 20th Century puts things to rights for his 30th Century descendant. [Whiz #41-42]
  • Marchmont Morris (descendant of Sterling Morris), has ownership of the “Seven Modern Wonders” (all in one mountain country). In a dispute over proper ownership, Morris and Emil Judd travel back to 1953 AD to witness the creation of the Seven Wonders by the Marvel Family. Emil Judd attempts to transfer ownership to his ancestor, a bandit named Jason Judd, but unsuccessfully. [Marvel Family #90, unpublished; synopsis appears in Best of Alter Ego]
  • Earth is but a distant memory on a far flung colony planet. A young girl accidentally stumbles upon the Rock of Eternity and gains the identity and powers of Cecebeck Marvel (aka Thunder) from William Batson, now Eternity's guardian.
  • Captain Marvel Junior and Sivana Junior travel through time to visit Chass Passum, descendent of Chal-Pataun and of Charles Patterson of 1947, as he successfully raises Atlantis from the depths. [Marvel Family #10]
  • William Batson briefly grants powers to a young boy named Tanist.
  • The tyrant Zotan, who rules the world, is exiled from this time to the primitive year of 1953, where he mounts a successful campaign to conquer all recorded history before being stopped by the Marvel Family. [“The Marvel Family Battles the King of All Time,” The Marvel Family #88 (October, 1953)]
  • Captain Marvel Junior visits from 1951 and encounters small green men who are human descendants. [Captain Marvel Junior #99]
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